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contratto rent e bike .pdf

Nome del file originale: contratto rent e-bike.pdf

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REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. For renting an electric bike the user must provide to Velotour a valid identity card or passport. The store
manager will make a copy of that.
PHYSICAL FITNESS. For using the e-bike the user must have the required physical fitness and technical skill and he has to state it in
this agreement without reserve.
RENTAL CONDITIONS. During the rental period the user takes responsibility for any potential damage to himself, to the bike, to
other people or to other objects because he does not have any insurance for himself and any public liability insurance for the bike.
DEPOSIT. The user must give to Velotour a deposit of €______________ that it will be refunded, returning the bike.
E-BIKE KIT. Renting the e-bike, you get the following items: a bike helmet (optional) , a padlock, a pump and a tyre repair spray.
E-BIKE LOAN POLICY. For hiring the e-bike, the user and the store manager must check the functionality of the bike and the user will
be told how to use the e-bike properly. The duration of the e-bike battery depends on the model of the e-bike, on the speed
selected, on the weight carried and on the slope of the street. The e-bike can carry only one person. Children under 22 kilos can be
put in the child seat, if available, at the price of € 5,00.
LOST/DAMMAGED ACCESSORIES. If the user loses or damages the keys or other provided accessories, he will pay the required
amount according to the price list of the vendors, (tyre repair spray: € 5,00; keys: € 8,00; pump: € 5,00; bike chain: € 20,00; bike
kickstand: € 15,00; bike helmet € 15,00; bike saddle: € 20,00; cyclocomputer: € 20,00; child bike seat: € 30,00; battery: € 200,00).
BIKE THEFT. In case of theft of the e-bike, the user must provide to the store manager a copy of the police report and pay for the
bike. If the police finds the e-bike, the store manager will refund the user according to the bike condition. The amount to pay to the
store is: € 300,00, tyre 26” (price list: € 699,00), € 450,00, tyre 28” (price list: € 999,00).
E-BIKE MALFUNCTION. If the bike does not work properly, the store manager will repair it or change it with a new one.
E-BIKE RETURN POLICY. The user must return the bike to the store where he rented it: Velotour, via F.sco Crispi 86, Palermo,
according to the opening hours.
MISSING E-BIKES. If the user does not return the bike to the store or does not inform the store of a late return, the store manager
will contact the police.
STORE MANAGER RIGHTS. Velotour can refuse to rent the electric bike to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (according
to the section 186-187 of the road traffic law), or for other reasons. If the user does not respect the road traffic law, the store
manager will be not responsible of that and the user will not ask for any refund. (section 1341, paragraph 2 of the civil code).
The e-bike can be used by people over eighteen years old or by people under eighteen accompanied by an adult aged eighteen
years and over. The adult will be responsible for the people under eighteen and their actions.
COMPLIANCE OF THE BIKE. The store manager declares that all the rental bikes are in compliance with the section 50 of the civil
FALSE STATEMENTS. The user declares to be aware of the penalties in case of false statements, (section 38 and 47 of the
presidential decree 28.12.2000 number 445).
COMPETENT COURT. The relationship between the two parties, user and store manager, is regulated by the civil code. In case of
litigation, the competent court is the court of Palermo.

Palermo, on the
The user

The store manager


I, undersigned ____________________________________________________________________________
Born in _________________________________ on the_______________________________________________
Living in____________________________________________________________________________
Phone number______________________________________ e-mail address_____________________________________
ID number ______________________________________________________________________________

I hereby declare, that the above information are true and accept to rent the e-bike __________________from_____:_____ on the
___________ until ____ :_____ on the ______

For myself
For a person under eighteen years old ________________________________ born in___________________________

on the_________________________________

I consent to the use of personal data, legislative decree 30.06.2003 number 196 (“Italian personal data protection code”)
I declare also to have read and understood all the terms and conditions as described above

Palermo, on the ___________


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