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1  Preliminary note
1.1  Symbols used

Reaction, result
Designation of keys, buttons or indications
Important note
Non-compliance may result in malfunction or interference
Supplementary note

2  Safety instructions
• Please read this document prior to set-up of the unit. Ensure that the product is
suitable for your application without any restrictions.
• If the operating instructions or the technical data are not adhered to, personal
injury and/or damage to property can occur.
• Check the compatibility of the product materials with the media to be measured
in all applications.
• Correct condition of the device for the operating time can only be guaranteed if
the device is only used for media to which the wetted materials are sufficiently
resistant → 3.1 Applications.
• If the devices are used in gas applications with pressures > 25 bar the notes in
chapter 3.1 for devices with the marking **), must be absolutely observed!
The responsibility whether the measurement device is suitable for the
respective application lies with the operator. The manufacturer assumes
no liability for consequences of misuse by the operator. Improper
installation and use of the devices result in a loss of the warranty claims.

3  Functions and features
The device monitors the system pressure of machines and installations.