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Avoid static and dynamic overpressure exceeding the specified overload
pressure by taking appropriate measures.
The indicated bursting pressure must not be exceeded.
Even if the bursting pressure is exceeded only for a short time, the unit
may be destroyed. ATTENTION: Risk of injury!
The units are vacuum resistant. With a nominal pressure range ≤
300 mbar observe the specifications in the data sheet!
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED):
The units comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive and are designed
and manufactured for group 2 fluids in accordance with the sound
engineering practice.
Use of group 1 fluids on request!

4  Function
• The unit displays the current system pressure.
• It generates output signals according to the operating mode and the parameter
• It moreover provides the process data via IO-Link.
• The unit is laid out for fully bidirectional communication. So, the following
options are possible:
-- Remote display: reading and display of the current system pressure.
-- Remote parameter setting: reading and changing the current parameter
-- IO-Link parameter setting → 4.4.
4.1  Communication, parameter setting, evaluation
OUT1 (pin 4)
OUT2 (pin 2)


• Switching signal for system pressure limit value
• Communication via IO-Link
• Switching signal for system pressure limit value
• Analogue signal 4...20 mA / 0...10 V