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I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to people who have
assisted me in various ways throughout my research.
First and above all, to God Almighty, thank you for giving me all this wonderful
opportunities and people to work with. For the strength and grace you blessed my
way every day of my life. Thank you for the endurance and ability to complete
my study.


Mrs. Erna Swanepoel for never turning me away and for helping me
with my study right from the beginning without any delay. For going
out of her way to provide me with answers and make my study go as
smooth as possible.


Prof. A.P. Lotter, for his invaluable, genius help throughout this study,
and especially with the formulation of my products.
Dr. J.L. du Preez, for his friendly assistance with the HPLC.
Dr. W. Liebenberg for her interest in my work.


Suzan May, for her help with the viscosity tests.
Personnel at the Research Institute for Industrial Pharmacy (HPLCLab), for their help, friendship and interest while working in the
My parents, for believing so much in me to give me the opportunity to
study, for encouragement, love, support and a lot of prayers.


My friends, Renchk, Sonique, Nicble and all the M-students of the
RIIP in 2003 for their friendship and encouragement.
Nicble Stieger, for the revision of the grammar and style of the
My fianc6, Johan, for his constant love, support and patience. His
encouragement throughout my study gave me inspiration.