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Born in Venice from a shoemaking
family, she came into contact with
the international brands since the
beginning of her working experience.
After graduating in shoes design,
she started to develop collections
for famous Italian brands.
She launched her own CINZIA ARAIA
brand in 2010 to fulfill her
creative passion. Following the
success of the SS 2010 collection,
she launched two different brands:
CINZIA ARAIA (fashion collection)
and CA by CINZIA ARAIA (sport line).

Minimal design with dark inspiration toward gothic: signs that embraces Cinzia Araia
personality and own vision of a
urban style. The contradictory
focus of her work is structure
and deconstruction; she breaks
down styles, but with a very
organic and fluid approach
that perfectly complements the
human anatomy. Her designs are
elegant and tough, engaging with
classic styles yet gritty enough
for a very urban context.
Every season is a new exciting
experiment of composition and
decomposition thriving on the
challenge of taking
that process further to discover new form and structures. All
shoes are made in Italy with the
best leather
quality. From FALL WINTER 2016
Cinzia Araia created her KIDS
line following her knowledge
and passion for shoe design taking the challenge of providing
new shapes into the kids street
style fashion.

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