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Nome del file originale: glasgow.pdf

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It’s a clear night in Glasgow,a perfect night for a date. I’m so excited to
go out on a date with you,it’s been months we hang out together but this
is our first real date. I put something pleasant,not really my style but I
want to look good: jeans and white shirt and a jacket.
I knock the door, and I see a wonderful woman greeting me, but she’s
your sister xD
I can hear you shouting “almost readyyy!!” and I see you coming from the
kitchen in a black tight skirt, blue shirt and heels.
I kiss you on the cheek, we hug and we start walking towards the restaurant I booked.
The streets are crowded: families,couples,kids and dogs playing in a
cheerful environment. We chitchat about your new job,my new job,the unbelievable circumstances that made us meet, too unbelievable to
be written here xD
I chose this restaurant cause i love its architecture,and cause a friend of mine told me it’s really really good,not really cheap but, I honestly
hope we will split the bill.
The waiter shows os the way to our table,the place is very cool,you look impressed, I can read it in your joyful eyes.

We do follow the correct order of dishes,and well,no need for words here:

2° dish

1° dish

Dessert, sacher cake

course,a good
red wine..

We eat everything, and, thanks god,we split the bill...xD
We go out and start walking in the park, then I stop, I hold your hands and you smile at me. Despite it’s fall,maybe because of the wine or
maybe because of you, the night seems warm to me. But you dont agree and,saying that you are cold, you hug me very tight and we sit on
a bench.

You lean on me,putting your head on my chest and I start playing with your lovely hair.
In silence,we can hear the sound of the swans in the pond nearby.
I kiss the top of your head,you look at me and give me a nice kiss on my lips. I kiss
you back,moving my hand from your hair to your cheek. We kiss like kids for a while,in
the quiteness of the park. Then we choose to go away from the spotlight and find a
more intimate place,still in the park.
We find it:it’s a nice tree,away from the people,with no light that can spot us. The
place looks a bit scary, but exciting at the same time;)
I gently push you to the tree and we kiss passionately: our tongues touch and rub in
our mouths, you can feel my hand on your back,pulling your body steady toward mine.
You slightly open your legs,so I can be very close to you and you can feel my bulge
pushing on your skirt. You move your hands on my back,you want me even closer
than I already am. So I lift you,using the tree as support and i pull the tight skirt up and
I literally push my jeans on your panties, and of course,I don’t stop kissing. You become very horny, touching my ass and trying to put your tongue as much as possible
inside of my mouth.
I can’t resist. I touch your boobs and i enjoy how soft they are,keeping touching and
then I start unbottoning your shirt until I can see your bra. I kiss and lick your neck
and I come closer to your ear whispering “make me yours” .

I accidentally stop pushing you to the tree and you almost fall down to the
ground. Now you are kinda kneeling in front of me,and you have my bulge in
front of your face. You unzip my jeans and take out my dick. I check nobody is
around us,especially kids,but it seems you don’t care at all. You kiss my tip and
play with my balls. Your hand is very cold in the first time but after a while it’s like
the warmest thing that ever touched me. You lick from the base till the top,giving
me an incredible pleasure,and making me completely hard.
We change position: i lean on the tree and you suck my dick,on your knees,
on the grass. I hold your head, trying to make you suck more, but there’s really nothing I can have more,my dick is already completely stuck in your lovely
Then I lie on the grass and you put your vagina on my face. I move your panties
away and begin kissing innocently. Then,suddenly, I tongue down your clytoris
and you start moaning loud.I keep eating your pussy,squeezing your ass in the
process. You really like my tongue, I see that cause you are getting extremely
soaked,and you cum.
We both want more, and we both want the same thing. Im still lying on the grass
and you start riding my cock,moving up and down with the same rhythm. I help
you with my hands,on your butt, spanking you from time to time.
I make you go slower,i don’t want to cum yet, I make you bend on my chest and
we kiss again. I play with your nipples, tickling them with my fingers, with my
cock still stuck in your pussy.
You can’t wait anymore,and begin humping on me again,making me moan.
I don’t hold it now, and when I feel you coming for the second time I cum too,inside of you.
We quickly get dressed, lucky that nobody found out that we did,maybe ;)

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