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The Illuminati
The Illuminati is the name of many groups, modern and historical, real and fictitious,
verified and alleged. Most commonly, however, The Illuminati refers specifically to the
Bavarian Illuminati, perhaps the least secret of all secret societies in the world, described
below. Most use refers to an alleged shadowy conspiratorial organization which controls
world affairs behind the scenes, usually a modern incarnation or continuation of the
Bavarian Illuminati. Illuminati is sometimes used synonymously with New World

Since Illuminati literally means “enlightened ones” in Latin, it is natural that several
unrelated historical groups have identified themselves as Illuminati. Often, this was due
to claims of possessing gnostic texts or other arcane information not generally available.
The designation illuminati was also in use from the 14th century by the Brethren of the
Free Spirit, and in the 15th century was assumed by other enthusiasts who claimed that
the illuminating light came, not by being communicated from an authoritative but secret
source, but from within, the result of exalted consciousness, or "enlightenment".
Alumbrados of Spain. To the former class belong the alumbrados of Spain. The
historian Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo found the name as early as 1492 (in the form
iluminados, 1498), but traced them to a Gnostic origin, and thought their views were
promoted in Spain through influences from Italy. One of their earliest leaders, born in
Salamanca, a labourer's daughter known as La Beata de Piedrahita, came under the notice
of the Inquisition in 1511, as claiming to hold colloquies with Jesus and the Virgin Mary;
some high patronage saved her from a rigorous denunciation. (Menéndez Pelayo, Los
Heterodoxos Españoles, 1881, vol. V.). Ignatius Loyola (founder of Jesuit
Order) while studying at Salamanca in 1527, was brought before an ecclesiastical
commission on a charge of sympathy with the alumbrados (Spanish Illuminatis), but
escaped with an admonition.

Illuminés Of France
The movement (under the name of Illuminés) seems to have reached France from Seville
in 1623, and attained some following in Picardy when joined (1634) by Pierce Guerin,
curé of Saint-Georges de Roye, whose followers, known as Gurinets, were suppressed in