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Residence in the UAE a look at the situation with the experts of
Trinity Corporate Services
How can you get the Residence VISA in the United Arab Emirates? It is possible to obtain a 2/3-year
VISA simply by registering a new Company; the VISA can be requested both for the investors and
for the employees. Here’s the guide made by the experts of Trinity Corporate Services.

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The 2008 crisis is behind us thanks to a series of responsible actions. It has brought to the Arab
Emirates some new rules and positive changes, aimed to guarantee investors and entrepreneurs in
their activities.
Ten years have gone by, and all the economic sectors, from tourism and services to trading and
manufacturing, have become stronger. The new legislative changes are definitely fostering new
opportunities for foreign investors and for all those who want to register their Company in Dubai
and the UAE. Slim, simple bureaucracy and zero taxes are encouraging Start-Up Companies to
open up their business or multinational entities to open a branch.
Besides its geographical position, which makes exchanges between Europe, the Middle East and
Asia easier, Dubai is a business hub that offers straightforward procedures as well as a welcoming
attitude to foreigners who want to become residents.