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I am parched hey guys it's me so in case you didn't know I got into Princeton which like
literally feels like a fever dream like every time I talk about I'm like what do you mean I was
not expecting it um yeah and so on my reaction video a few people had like asked for me to
talk about you know my extracurriculars like how much I thought GPA mattered and like my
stats which is like something that a lot of people asked for once like you know you put these
reaction videos up and so I've been watching college videos since I was like 12 so I just
actually contribute to the community that had given me so much entertainment throughout
the years and to give my stats when I was applying to college and even like when I was
thinking about college so there's literally since I was like 12 I've been watching these videos
to kind of like see the type of students like these top schools or like the schools and I were
looking was so that I was looking into like scores and students like they were accepting and
a lot of them weren't me so but now I get to do them not like bragging this was asked for this
is requested and it's like to kind of I don't know some people find it interesting I do too so I'm
just gonna preface this by saying my scores are like high but they're not you know perfect
and they're not in like the highest range that they could possibly be for like students who
have even like gone and rejected or like differed from Princeton like there are people who
literally got deferred who have like saved the world so stats the numbers the things you can't
change so I took the SAT twice and I took no I did not take the a CT I'd signed up to take the
a CT but I decided the day before that I had not looked at an a CT and I didn't want to so I
didn't take it but my super score is a 15:30 which is 760 in verbal and a 70s and then essay I
forgot what I got I'd retake in it just so I could get higher in the essay and see if I got higher in
verbal which I got higher like ten points on verbal which is why my super scores the 1530 but
yeah so it's like high like I'm not complaining like it's good score but like there are people
who who got yeah there are people who have like sixteen hundreds then didn't get it it's like
crazy you know and in terms of subject house I didn't submit any I taken three and I did not
even hit seven hundred for any of them like math one math two and lit and you're probably
like how did you not hit seven hundred for math two like your second point I'm good man I'm
good at math you know math is like one of my stronger suits even though I don't want to go
into STEM like I enjoy math class I love math I do well like how did I not hit 700 in math to
like that curve blesses you like how did you not and I'm like good question but I'm also not
planning on going into stem so take that as you will I like at least when I was like looking into
certain schools like they'd be like oh we suggest you take like the subject test if you're
planning on like going into this major or like this specific like school and the like University
and usually they have like specific subject tests for the stem majors so like engineering
would have like some of the sciences and like Matthew and like business what I'd like
Matthew but like if you were going into like your Social Sciences or like humanities they
wouldn't even like suggest white or US history or like world history they'd just be like just take
any yeah so take that as you will I kind of just accepted that subject house we're gonna be
like the weak part of my application and like you know whatever the school doesn't want me
simply because I didn't submit a subject show so I'm like okay why do they care that much
so there's that and in terms of GPA I don't know how much it will help you because my
school doesn't officially do GPA and we don't officially do rankings so even though like I
know my ranking it like Princeton probably didn't see it then someone else asked about my
extracurriculars and so I'm gonna give you the nine activities that I put on my own app and if
you see me looking at past you it's cuz you are leaning against my computer and that's

where my common app is so the first one that I had put is that I'm a peer trainer with the
Citizens Committee for children I've been a peer trainer since 10th grade number two is that
I'm also part of college readiness program called legal outreach and we do like various
things and legal outreach like so many but one of the parts is like debate illegal are each
starts summer before freshman year so if you are in New York City and you're in eighth
grade like bug until Eagle are each helped OD okay action be number three which makes
me laugh is I'm a YouTube content creator um I mean at least I didn't put social-media
influencer the number four is that I was secretary of my French club at school since 10th
grade I think I've been secretary since F grade but like I've been part of French club since
ninth grade yeah number five is that I'm a writer on the school newspaper I've been doing
that since 10th grade and then activity number six is that I sing on my church's worship team
and I've been doing that since like I was eight years old but I had like put nine through twelve
cuz you could I'm pretty sure you can only put like starting freshman year just they only really
care about number seven is that my school does has this like mentorship program it only
started this year because the few girls in my grade had like started this program and so it's
called like big subs and Mike Lowell subs and so like I'm a bake set and number eight is that
I'm a member of Junior and Senior Council I'm one of the few people who like have access
to our great Instagram and like we promote events so I didn't like say that I'm like a social
media director because like that doesn't exist and like I'm not really but I mentioned how like
I promote like our events on our Instagram page and then activity number nine is that I go to
Saturday writing class so every other Saturday since freshman year this was a part of legal
outreach so freshman year we did grammar sophomore and junior year we did like essay
writing senior year first semester we did like ​princeton supplemental essays​and then second
semester we're doing a research paper I have a lot more activities like than this but I kind of
like had to be like which ones are most important to me and which ones like a kind of paint
me as an applicant and so the way that I had at least gone about it with the schools like the
Ivy's they asked us how many questions like I mean I have a stand for Richard under this
and like the Ivy's cannot compare to Stanford like Stanford is question central but there are
so many opportunities to kind of like paint you as an applicant and so you know whole myth
of like the well-rounded student like yeah they want a well-rounded student but they want
well-rounded students who have like certain passions like specific things to be like Oh what
can they bring to the campus and so the three things that I wanted to focus on in my
application at least were like my love for books slash writing which is like evident in my
personal statement because I read about the library and then the second one is like my love
for musical theater music singing like that type of stuff and so I'd written one of my subs
about theater and I had also submitted like a theater arts supplement if you want me to post
that video um just I can post it and then like politics law government that type of stuff
because that's like my intended major and like what I want to say so those were the three
things that I kind of want to showcase and the activity that I chose all like put like kind of fit
into one of them or like connected dots between them and like the essay is kind of like
rounded me out you know like I'm a real person next section I guess is recommenders so the
two wrecks like teacher X that I chosen where in my math teacher and my history teacher
from junior so my math teacher he's my teacher this year and my teacher last year I have
gotten a really good grade on a math expiration last year yen so I had written about like
theater for my math expiration so that like checked off one of the boxes and also like what
had saved me in that paper was that it was just well-written like all my internals husbands for

like stab and stuff they're just like it's well-written it's just like the actual math and camp arts
or just like not there but it's well-written so that's like my love for books and writing so even
though I'm not like a stem person I can still do stuff in stem also I've met so whatever my
second rec was my history teacher in ninth grade and 11th grade so he taught me in global
and US history and he told me he had like really focused or like really drove in the point that
like I'm a writer so we're connecting the points and also from it if you're familiar with IB I can
do like IB videos too but like if you're familiar with IB I do like we have the extended essay
and so I chosen my extended essay in history and I written about like eugenics in America
and like how that connected to like bodily autonomy in the law and stuff if you let me talk
about makes image I say like I well whatever I'm a nerd so law that stuff and he was my
advisor for the extended essay and I'd read also written about the rover versus Simmons
case for my history investigation in his class so I was like okay solid choice like duh like I
was definitely gonna choose him anyway like even after like ninth grade I was like oh
probably one of my wrecks yeah so there's that Oh interviews the next part my interview was
so bad like it was just poor planning on my part because my Princeton app was like the first
one that I had submitted with like a nice upside submitted a few just that didn't have
supplements but like oh my god and then it was my first interview like ever and so don't do
that like don't make your first interview like in November don't make your first interview like
your top school because you're not gonna know what to do my interviewer like works for
New York Times she was a science reporter and like apparently like he really came through
because you know I got it and like I get then my intended major is like politics I'm like
government so I'm supposed to be like well-informed okay so for Princeton I want to study at
the Woodrow Wilson School for like International and public affairs and so I told him that and
he was like how do you feel about that like being named after would you are Wilson because
because you know like racism and I was like so I don't even remember how I answered it
cuz it was so bad and then like we also mentioned like the Harvard Law sued and I was like
what is going on they were just such a bad interview and it was just like really awkward
because like I'm I guess I mean a little overbearing sometimes because like I'm an extrovert
so like I guess my personality just like and perhaps my interviewer wasn't as extroverted as
me so he looked a little like nervous and like I wasn't even there is like I was nervous on the
inside but like he looked more nervous than me on the outside but we have like some good
conversation so I'm probably it's like just gassing the bad parts but like so bad but apparently
he came through cuz like I got it so yeah this video is getting super long if you want me to
like make another video talking about like my specific answers to essays like if you want me
to like read my common FSA or like talk more about like the supplements and stuff I'll make
that video this is just like the general stats and extracurriculars and stuff yeah so hope you
like this video subscribe for my content I was planning on making a singing video after this
but I've spoken so much and I'm so marched at my birth so I don't think I can say yeah so
this video is so what are we but yeah those are my stats I hope you like this I can't do outros
but please comment like subscribe tell me if you want me to do with the SI video because
they definitely will or like if you have any questions I'll answer and do my best so yeah peace

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