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Analytical .pdf

Nome del file originale: Analytical.pdf
Autore: Dmytro Moiseienko

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Introduction Writing Analytical Essay
Welcome to how to write an introduction let's get on with things alright so first thing you need to
do is you need to make sure you're answering the question and you're answering question itself
with text as the evidence as you can see that all right the marker doesn't want to know that
Leishman scene was a dancer and he went here any went there and he did this and he did that
you're using evidence to make whatever point that you make it's very important now before
writing and even coming up with your introduction idea you need to translate the question so
you've got that there we did that in class the other day all right and then you need to get your
plan going okay so you may be one write about culture traditions religion are dancing for
whatever and society government communism employment housing gender roles education
that kind of stuff so you choose from all all that or whatever you want and you have your you
know four or five ideas that you want to write your body paragraphs on and then the introduction
itself you need four things you need a thesis statement you need to tell us what the texts are
you need to see how you need to answer the question then you're going to say how you will
answer the question so for example a thesis statement and - one or two sentences which start
the idea behind your whole essay writing service oxford itself okay so you're trying to say this is
my answer so an example of that might be so to that question we were looking at earlier a
respondent can gain an understanding of other societies and their cultures through an in-depth
look at books which are steeped within that world all right so basically saying you were sort of
answering the question and saying what's important so if we make ourselves a little paragraph
here so you can see here is my statement which is my thesis okay and that comes in first that
says I've read the question I've translated the question I know what I'm talking about this is my
idea for the whole essay okay then we need to move on to introducing the text itself so that we
have there the autobiography Mao's Last Dancer you always underline the title of the book or
the film or whatever you're writing about and many brackets you can put the date that was
composed and then you have the the author okay so the autobiography Mao's Last Dancer
2003 Alicia one Singh introduces the reader to life in China under communist rule and also
juxtaposes. This would life in the USA so what we've done is we've introduced the text and in
that same sentence we've given a little bit of an idea about what the text is about alright alright
and then the last bit we've already sort of answered the question is this is this is answering the
question okay with your thesis statement and this is how we're going to further answer all right
so we're going to talk about the clash of cultures emphasizing cultural and social differences
and so we're going to talk about cultural differences we're going to talk about tradition
superstitions religion and art and within our whole talk about dance opening our eyes to the
differences along with social variations in government gender roles and education so you know
tradition superstitions and religion I'll probably pop that in one paragraph art and dance and the
way that and you know ballet being very European thing was transformed in China and they're
there then definitely talk about you know how different the government is to what we used to
possibly talk about gender roles and and how he saw the change over time and in different
countries how different gender roles were accepted and you know differences in education and
so there's quite a lot to look at in the book and that brings us to the end.

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