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papers for sale .pdf

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papers for sale
so more and more detail as you go on in the paragraph and although this teacher discusses
alluvion Gorge this could be a professor that only knows the student in the context of this class
and that's okay if you don't have an extremely close relationship with your recommender you
don't want to pretend and make up something that you do you don't want to just say I really love
this applicant she excels in everything she does she's motivational because it doesn't sound
genuine it doesn't sound realistic but real concrete facts and details such as these show the
reader that the author is focusing on specific accomplishments of the student okay major skills
major qualities and anecdotes anecdotes in the fourth paragraph they discuss another trait so
we'll go into personal details at a personal level Jane is well disciplined industrious student with
a pleasant personality how does she demonstrate this well she went well beyond the course
requirements and the quantity and quality of her project putting in a lot of extra research and
attending off Sowers so this doesn't necessarily pertain to the GPA the test scores the quality
the quality of her work but it shows that she has the drive the discipline and the other high-level
personality traits that it takes to excel in graduate school so this is a very important paragraph
too and it also shows that this author knows Jane a little bit more than maybe just a typical
professor might know a student in this final paragraph we have the call to action why this
student will fit in with this program so you'll see that the author the recommender shows that she
he or she understands the program that the student is applying for Jane is unquestioningly
unquestionably an exceptional candidate for graduate study this this line is repeated a little bit
it's it's a little changed changed a little bit throughout the p
​ apers for sale​ ​but that's okay this is sort
of a reiteration just a reminder that the this letter is for the purpose of recommending you for a
program so she's unquestionably it can't in questionably exceptional candidate for graduate
study in this specific program her work in this course whatever the course is suggests that she
would greatly benefit from the opportunities for development provided by a sustained period of
graduate study so she's mentioned the author's mentioned the course that she was in charge of
and how Jane would benefit from this course she's also showing that her her qualities would
make her a good student and therefore help build the program in the school that she's applying
for she has perseverance initiative and intellectual creativity she's a good fit for the program and
the program is will help the student as well and then finally in a separate line we have if the
closing if I can be of any further assistance or provide you with further information do not
hesitate to contact me this is template stuff you could copy and paste this this doesn't really
change much from letter to letter okay so you'll see in the next the next essay that we look at
that it has the similar structure but it might be a little bit shorter or a little bit lower on details but it
has all of the parts there but first let's look at some useful template phrases that you can plug in
to your recommendation letter use these template phrases to clearly and naturally express your
support so I've broken these down by section the first section is introducing yourself and these
are just some of the ways to do it you don't have to use these but as I have mentioned there are
a limited number of phrases that you see in these kind of letters my name is author's name and I
have been a professor of math at my university since date so immediately establishing yourself

your credentials you could also write I want I write to you today to proudly express my support
for the student in applying to your prestigious University and note that in every paragraph
especially the first time you mentioned the student's name you should use their full name

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