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Last update: Q3 2019








Report on previous experience about vaccine shortages and responses of EU countries

Guidelines on procedures to estimate vaccine needs and procurement in the EU
Report on the financial mechanism for joint procurement based on an evaluation of the financing
mechanisms in different countries
Establish a vaccine network with Member States to leverage the sustainability of activities of the joint
action beyond the project.
Develop evidence-based tools and guidance at EU level in order
to support countries to anticipate, pre-empt or respond to crisis

Develop an "integration of outcomes of the joint action into national policies & sustainability" plan to
strive towards a converging vaccine agenda for the most commonly used vaccines at EU level.
Overview of EU-level and national legal and technical frameworks and operational criteria for decisionmaking on vaccination policies and available (EU and national) platforms
Survey on the range of attributable costs used for the most recent MS-National Immunisation Technical
Advisory Groups (NITAGs) evaluations available
Pilot of a technical collaboration to establish an active cooperation structure across NITAGs


Pilots to provide an overview about the evidence-base of national immunisation programmes

Countering online vaccine misinformation, taking into account the Commission Communication on tackling online disinformation
Counter online vaccine misinformation and develop evidencebased information tools and guidance to support Member
States in responding to vaccine hesitancy, in line with the
Commission Communication on tackling online disinformation.
CR 9c and CC

Online and offline promotion of the new
information tools (through social media, search
engine optimisation, specialised media) in
particular towards the sectors of health care,
education, social services, media