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Titolo: sence_of_high_school

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Does it make sense to finish high school in the CIS to continue to act in a foreign university?
What are the prospects for graduates of our universities in the EU?
Such questions often asked by our customers traveling to or emigration educational programs.
Very often we hear from immigrants in Germany, that German firms are reluctant to take the
professionals who have degrees in other countries, even Russia or the United States.
Why not? Because the German education, as well as German cars, is considered the best in
the world. Students who are studying there have a lot of homework but there are top websites to pay for a paper which help students with homework.
Because Western employers appreciate their diplomas, certificates, and most importantly, the
recommendations received on probation at the time of study.
Since Soviet times our education was considered one of the most powerful in the world.
Universities were given an excellent base for training. And the diplomas of the USSR
unequivocally accepted in many countries around the world.
What is the situation now?
Unfortunately, despite the fact that many Ukrainian universities give diplomas of international
standard, expect for the future of our professionals abroad is not necessary.
In order for the documents quoted in the formation of one or another country, you must have
appropriate arrangements at the state level.
To date, Ukraine has agreed with only some CIS countries – Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia,
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia. And also with countries such as Estonia, Bulgaria, China,
Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.
For employment and recognition of Ukrainian diplomas in these countries do not need any other
evidence, no need to take additional examinations of aptitude, need only document the
qualifications of the expert.
But in order to recognize our diploma and a career in Europe or elsewhere in the world, you
need to go through the process nostrification in the country.
This procedure is different in each country.
Diploma is assessed by special commissions, which analyze the curriculum and qualified
graduates. The process is long term and not always, unfortunately, ends with a positive result.

As practice shows, recognized diplomas obtained in only a few universities in Ukraine. And not
because the name of the universities of Ukraine about anything do not say western employers,
but simply because employers have no idea about the level of training of Ukrainian specialists.
For example, many subjects taught in our universities, not in Western universities, or at best,
only close to these areas.
If you decide to still prove their aptitude, you will need:
A. translated into the language of the diploma of the country where you want to work
Two. notarized translation
Three. send the document to the Ministry of Education or the Chamber of Commerce.
After a while you get the answer. In the worst case, you will receive a paper about what your
qualifications are not recognized and is not sufficient for employment in this country.
At best, your education recognized and you will get the coveted document.
Unfortunately, very often the recognition of education and training is only a formal character, and
besides, many countries understate the level of qualification. Thus, obtaining a diploma, you can
often get a Bachelor qualification.
Even after passing the recognition of educational documents, applicants for employment do not
have enough basic knowledge to be gained in high school and an internship while studying
It is also often poor language skills.
Applicants simply can not understand what they require from the boss.
Thus, often can not find work technicians, ie, in an area where there is no need to compete with
native speakers.
Employers are always carefully study the documents of prospective employees, and if your
place there is a graduate of the university in Germany, for example, the preference will be given
to him naturally.
If you want to make a career in Europe, today think about it.
That’s all you can get, the European graduating high school.
In this case, “better fewer – but better.”

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