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13 - 19 AUG 2016












9 770966 849159



Inside this week’s lnsideSoap
ISSUE 32 13-19AUG2016

10 Aidan: how will he solve


his problem of Maria? Will
it end happily Eva after?
Leanne to
leave the cobbles behind?
24 Izzy is in a tizzy over Gary
27 Norris’ new partnerin-crime is a real Gem
28 Alya and Zeedan ring
the sapphire alarm
32 Steve: two women and two
babies is one big disaster!



Aunt Babe
may regret trifling with
the wrong person
12 Pam, Les and Andy all
wave goodbye – while Kat,
Alfie (and Pat?!) are back
19 Courtney in the act!
Linda, Roxy,
Shirley and Ronnie
unite for Dean’s trial
21 Kathy relays some of
her terrible past to Buster
24 Claudette wants to get
her claws into Patrick!
29 Denise: the Foxy lady gets
hot and heavy with Kush


Belle’s hell
with Ellie is finally exposed

The EastEnders
cast feature in the last of our
special photo shoots – and tell
us why Walford’s plots, shocks
and stars should win your votes
at the Inside Soap Awards…


Vanessa and
Tracy’s dad isn’t being
Frank with either of them
Kelvin Fletcher
Andys in his notice?
Charity’s bob is
back! Let’s get wiggy with it
27 Bernice can treat talons
in her salon once again
29 Robert Lachs out
36 Carly is in a quandary –
does she want Marlon
as a mate or mister?

17 McQueen mayhem!
25 Lisa tries to save

28 The Morgan family:
witless protection

the communion whine

57 Your complete guide
to the week’s telly

30 What Happens When?
53 The Inside Gossip
90 7 Days
92 Puzzles
94 Soapbox
95 Request spot
96 Stars
98 Inside…Out!

90 A fabulous selection



a pig’s bacon
26 Ste discovers that
Ryan is a boy in Blue!
38 Nancy: crash and concern

27 Xanthe duped by Cooper
40 Jack has too much of




of books and DVDs
to give away
92 £250 up for grabs!
94 Cash for letters and
a crazy caption!


It’s your final
chance to vote in
the Inside Soap
Awards 2016,
and we’ve got the
EastEnders gang
campaigning for
your votes over on p42, with
some amazing pics and sneak
peeks of what’s coming up.
But there’s tough competition
out there from the other soaps.
We chat to Corrie’s man of the
moment – and Awards nominee
– Simon Gregson about the
uber-fertile Steve McDonald’s
double baby trouble on p32,
while Emmerdale’s Sexiest
Female nominee Gemma
Atkinson gives us the latest on
Carly and Marlon’s ‘will-theywon’t-they-or-even-shouldthey?’ romance over on p36.
Talking of should-they
romances, Neighbours’
Olympia Valance tells all on
Paige’s forbidden love over
on p40, and reveals she’s
already prepared for the Inside
Soap Awards – she even has
her frock sorted out! I’m a bit
worried I might have left it too
late to get mine now. I’d hate
to panic buy and then regret it...
Steven Murphy, Edit





As she crosses the line once more,
someone decides to make her pay…
4 lnsideSoap

unt Babe’s
wicked deeds
come back to
bite her this
week, after one
of her enemies decides that
revenge is a dish best served
cold! As the cook closes up
the Vic kitchen for the night,
a mystery assailant emerges
from the shadows and subjects
her to a chilling attack…
“It doesn’t even cross Babe’s
mind that this sort of thing could
ever happen to her, or that she
wouldn’t see it coming,” shares
actress Annette Badland, who
plays her. “It definitely takes
her by surprise, despite there
being lots of people with a
motive for the assault!”
As it happens, though, Babe
kicks off the week trying to win
friends and not enemies when



Linda and Whitney are
gobsmacked by what
they find in the kitchen
she continues to worm her way
back in with her family. The
Carters know all about the part
that she played in orchestrating
Abi’s fake pregnancy, which led
to the desperate girl’s bunk-up
with Lee behind Whitney’s back!
As a consequence, Mick and
Linda are absolutely disgusted
be’s behaviour, but
with Bab
ot about to give up on
she’s no
mily she’s fought hard
the fam
part of for so long.
to feel p

“Babe isn’t sure where
she stands with them, and is
on very shaky ground at the
moment,” explains Annette.
“She wants to remain at the
Vic with the Carters, and
is thrilled when she thinks
they’re letting her back in the
pub properly. It doesn’t quite
work out that way to begin
with, though, and this is a
very low point for Babe. She
feels like she has nobody.”
As Mick begins to soften
towards her, it’s Linda who
stands her ground and
tells Babe that she has
Linda rushes to Babe’s aid
- but is it too little, too late
a long way to go before
for the conniving cook?
they’re all digging into
her famous trifle again.
With those words, Babe
is planning to leave when
she has a bitter run-in with
new nemesis Claudette –
making Babe determined to
squeeze every last penny
out of Pam and Les…
“I don’t really think Babe
considers how the Cokers
must be feeling – she has her
own motives for blackmailing
them,” reckons Annette. “She
doesn’t have any respect for
them, and is just using Pam
and Les as much as she can
to get what she wants.

lnsideSoap 5

“As for Claudette, it’s thrilling
having them go head to head,”
adds the star. “Babe is fearless
– she will fight to the bitter end!”
It’s not just the Cokers and
Claudette who Babe is hacking
off, as her twisted relationship
with Abi becomes even worse.
“Babe truly regrets what has
happened between her and
Abi, as I think she genuinely
wanted to help her,” Annette
tells us. “But if you cross Babe,
she will get her revenge – and
she doesn’t think for a second
that she can’t win over Abi.”
After another bust-up sees
Abi fired, Babe is locking up
for the night when her attacker
strikes – leaving her out cold
until Linda and Whitney stumble
upon her unconscious body.
Is this really the end for Aunt
Babe? And who is desperate
enough to want to hurt her?





Murderous mum
Claudette isn’t
afraid to get her
hands dirty, given
she’s responsible
for offing her old
man, Henry! She
wouldn’t think
twice about doing
in Aunt Babe.
ODDS 2/1

The undertaker
is surrounded
by cold corpses
every day and,
if Babe snuffs it,
he could certainly
do with the extra
business to help
clear the debt
she’s caused him.
ODDS 10/1

Kind and caring
Whitney wouldn’t
hurt a fly, but
Lee’s betrayal
and Babe’s
scheming has
brought out the
fire in her. She’s
the dark horse to
watch out for…
ODDS 25/1

6 lnsideSoap




psycho Abi
revelled in the
fact that she
“battered” Lucy
Beale, and she
has the death
of dog Tramp on
her hands. She’s
oozing with killer
ODDS 5/1

Les’ desperate wife
lives with the guilt
of helping their son
Laurie to die, so
she knows what
it means to take
a human life. And
after having just
lost grandson Paul,
grieving Pam is a
lady on the edge…
ODDS 2/1

Wild card suspect
Lee is loyal to his
family, but Babe’s
manipulation of
Abi almost cost
him everything.
Will the situation
finally cause
the troubled exsoldier to snap
and lash out?
ODDS 50/1




Vulnerable and missing, is she in terrible danger?

8 lnsideSoap

elle’s life looks set
to dangerously
unravel – when
she runs away
from the village after her
pregnancy lies are exposed.
Our sneak peek pics show
the troubled and exhausted
girl living rough on the streets,
while back in the Dales, her
family are frantically trying to
find her. Belle has fled the
village on the orders of her
imaginary friend Ellie, and with
her mental state so fragile
thanks to Ellie’s influence, she’s
more vulnerable than ever…
“Belle has totally lost herself,”
admits Eden Taylor-Draper, who
plays Belle. “She’s completely
involved with Ellie and can’t
see anything else – she’s been
taken over by this girl. When
Belle suffered psychosis before,
it was dealt with quickly, but
this time it’s so intense – Belle
doesn’t know what to do or
even who she is any more.”
The horror begins this week,
on the day of Belle’s first
baby scan. Dreading
the moment she’ll be
forced to come clean
about not being
pregnant, Belle kicks



The Dingles are frantic
when they realise that
Belle has gone missing

herself for not agreeing to
Charity’s fake miscarriage plot.
“With the scan coming up,
she realises that the lie can’t go
any further – especially since
Bailey is a doctor himself,” says
Eden. “It hits Belle hard, and
she totally freaks out. But then
Charity offers to lend her a scan
of Noah from back in the day,
so she can pretend it’s hers.”
Despite this questionable
favour from Charity, Ellie insists
Belle can still fake a miscarriage.
On the very edge, Belle even
goes as far as teetering at the
top of a flight of steps as she
prepares to jump. But she can’t
do it, and eventually decides
to accept Charity’s lifeline.
The teenager finds Bailey
at the Woolpack and tells him
that he’s missed the scan as
the appointment was brought
forward. He’s in the middle of
arguing with his estranged wife
Angie, but is overjoyed when
Belle pulls out the photo.

“Bailey and the
Dingles are over the
moon,” shares Eden.
“But this just makes
it worse for Belle. She
goes to the toilets to
calm down – only for
Ellie to appear again.”
While Belle is in the
midst of a heated argument
with Ellie, Angie walks in and
is stunned to hear her talk of
a fake pregnancy. Of course,
she wastes no time in telling
Bailey and Belle’s clan in the
pub – prompting Belle to
make her desperate flight.
“Angie blurts it out in front
of everyone,” sighs Eden. “Belle
panics, and Ellie is screaming in
her ear. So Belle starts talking
to her in front of everyone – and
Belle’s family suddenly realise
what’s going on now. The only
thing left for Belle is to run off.”
As the police are called and
the Dingles form a search party,
frightened Belle takes shelter in
a lonely doorway. Can her clan
find her before it’s too late?


Baileying on the
Dales? Belle has to get
away from her lies

Can Belle
be saved?

Young actress Eden reckons
that Belle’s traumatic journey
hasn’t been easy to perform,
but is nevertheless worthwhile.
“It’s great that we’re portraying
psychosis like Belle’s as not
just a one-off thing,” muses the
star. “It’s been a challenge, but
speaking to people who’ve dealt
with mental health issues, and
also meeting with the mental
health charity MIND, has given
me some valuable insights.
“I’ve not been going to work
and being ‘happy Belle’, so I do
hope she gets help. She’s been
through a bad time, and needs
to be with her loving family…”
lnsideSoap 9



idan endures the
double date from
hell this week,
when he and his
girlfriend Eva have dinner with
Luke and Maria – the woman
he drunkenly slept with!
But Aidan soon has bigger
things to worry about after
he spots Maria buying a
pregnancy test in the corner
shop. Could his tipsy mistake
be set to cost him dear?
“Aidan totally freaks out,”
admits Shayne Ward, who plays
the love cheat. “He sees Maria
picking up the test and instantly
thinks, ‘Oh my God, this
cannot be happening – she’s
pregnant!’. Aidan just doesn’t
want to settle down, and he’s


10 lnsideSoap

terrified of the fact that he
cheated being revealed.”
It’s fair to say that Aidan is
feeling more than a little guilty
in the wake of his ill-advised
bunk-up with Maria. He may
have been angry with Eva at the
time, but jumping into bed with
another woman really wasn’t
the way to deal with it! So he
makes clear to Maria that their
night together was a mistake.
“Aidan doesn’t know how to
deal with the situation,” shares
Shayne. “He doesn’t want to
hurt anyone, so when he says
it was a mistake, it’s in the heat
of the moment. Sometimes
he comes out with stuff in the
wrong tone, then wonders why
he didn’t say it more nicely!”

His night with
Maria could
have serious

Despite Aidan’s harsh words,
Maria agrees to keep their
secret. But their cover comes
close to being blown when the
pair have to sit through the most
awkward meal of their lives, as
they share a table at the Bistro
with their oblivious other halves!
“There are no free tables, so
Aidan and Eva are asked to join
Maria and Luke,” says Shayne.


“It all gets very awkward, to the
point where Aidan is waiting for
Eva and Luke to go to the bar,
so that he can ask Maria what
she’s playing at! It’s obvious
there’s a lot of tension between
them, and Eva’s not stupid – she
knows something isn’t right.”
However, things get even
more tense around the table
after Maria’s house guest Caz
stops by to ask Aidan if he’s
seen Liam’s missing toy, since
he popped round the previous
night – which would be all well
and good if he hadn’t lied to
Eva that he was with a mate!
“Caz really drops Aidan in it,”
sighs Shayne. “But they manage
to cover their tracks because
Maria makes up an excuse that


Caz is now stirring
up trouble without
even realising it!

Aidan may be desperate to
keep his dirty little secret,
but it seems Maria has other
ideas – as she ditches Luke!
Her night of passion with
Aidan has obviously made her
re-evaluate her relationship,
prompting Maria to end things
with her boyfriend. But does
she hope to turn her recent
one-night stand into a fullblown cobbles romance?
“Maria dumping Luke makes
Aidan really nervous!” laughs
Shayne. “As long as they were
together, he could close the lid
on what happened – but now
they’ve split up, he doesn’t know
what Maria will do next…”

she was helping him look for
flats for him and Eva. That
causes its own problems
– because Aidan doesn’t
want to live with Eva!”
As frustrated Maria
storms out and the dinner
winds down, Aidan is left
in a very tricky situation.
And worse is yet to come
when he spots Maria with
the pregnancy test…
So, with Eva excited
at the prospect of her
and Aidan finally moving
in together, and Maria
with a potential bun in
the oven, how will the
factory boss talk his
way out of this mess?

lnsideSoap 11


LATEST NEWS | EastEnders

The Cokers are on their way out - but how will they go?
he end is nigh for
undertaker Les
and his wife Pam –
following the news
that the popular duo are to
be written out of EastEnders.
A tabloid newspaper has
claimed that the decision
comes straight from the top,
with executive producer Sean
O’Connor making his first big
call as the soap’s new boss…
“We can confirm that Roger
[Sloman, aka Les] and Lin
[Blakley, who plays Pam] are
leaving the show,” says an
Albert Square spokesperson.
“They have been a pleasure
to work with, and we wish
them all the best for the future.”
The news report goes on to
suggest that the pair are to be
given a big exit after Les’ secret
female alter ego, Christine, is
finally revealed to everyone.


His secret has been
on the verge of being
exposed ever since
wicked Aunt Babe learned
about Christine, and
proceeded to blackmail
the funeral boss. And with
ruthless Babe turning up
the heat this week with
even more demands for
cash (see p4), the Cokers
look set to be pushed to
absolute breaking point…
“There is plenty of drama
still to come before Pam and


Christine has thrown
one hell of a spanner
into the Cokers’ works

12 lnsideSoap

Pam has been
inconsolable since
her beloved Paul died

Les leave Walford,” whispers
our insider. “They’re still
grieving for their grandson
Paul, who recently lost his life
in a vicious homophobic attack
– and their life in the Square is
always going to be a haunting
reminder of that. But who
knows if they’ll leave on a high,
with Les proudly revealing
Christine – and Pam not giving
a monkeys what people think?
It would be lovely if they had a
happy ending after everything
that they’ve been through.”
Show chiefs are keeping
tight-lipped on how Pam and
Les will make their exit, but the
Coker couple are expected
to remain on our screens until
they leave later on in the year.

In the aftermath of Ronnie
discovering his true identity,
Andy Flynn – or Gareth
Jones as we’ve discovered
he is called – is set to leave
Walford any day now.
The builder, who is the
adopted brother of Ronnie’s
daughter, has been secretly
plotting against the Mitchell
ice queen for months, but
tense scenes are set to see
him say a final farewell.
“Andy was created for a
specific storyline, which has
come to an end,” confirms
an EastEnders spokesperson.
Meanwhile, the many fans
of handsome actor Jack

LATEST NEWS | EastEnders

back Square
return! greatswelcome
Kat, Alfie… and Pat?




Derges – who plays Andy
– will be pleased to learn
that he’s going from the
Square to the stage, to star

in the play The Boys In
The Band. The production
will be touring across the
country from next month.

ere is your first look
at the official promo
shot of Walford gems
Kat and Alfie Moon – take
for their upcoming Irish
spin-off series, Redwater!
Stars Jessie Wallace
and Shane Richie, who
play the popular couple,
have completed filming
for the BBC1 drama, which
is due to air next year.
As previously reported
in Inside Soap, Kat and
Alfie will head to Ireland in
search of her long-lost son
– but a horror story awaits
them as her quest for the
truth uncovers some very
dark secrets that the village
of Redwater would rather
like left buried at sea…
Meanwhile, a true Walford
legend is returning to our
screens! Actress Pam St
Clement, who is famous for
her role in EastEnders as Pat
Butcher, is to make a guest
appearance in Casualty’s
30th anniversary episode.
She’ll play a difficult patient,

Pam’s character
causes chaos for
nurse Charlie
lly Hodg
o ll mak
life hell for Charlie Fairhead…
“Put it this way, if Sally were
walking down the same street
as Pat Butcher, Pat would
neatly sidestep on to the
opposite pavement,” jokes
Pam. “She’s an unfortunate
woman really because of
her emotional baggage, and
doesn’t always come across as
being very kind. She was a nice
complicated character to play!”
Casualty’s blockbuster
birthday episode will air
on Saturday 27 August.

lnsideSoap 13


Vanessa wants
nothing more to
do with her dad



As their father Frank is rushed to hospital, the girls have no idea

here is a buried
secret unearthed
in the Dales this
week – when it
transpires that Tracy and
Vanessa are half-sisters!
A confusing turn of events
sees both villagers informed
that their father is in hospital
following a fight in prison.
Neither girl is on good terms
with her dad, so it’s no wonder
they are oblivious to the fact
that they actually share a
parent in recuperating Frank.
He has been serving time
for assault, so it’s with great
reluctance that Vanessa and
Tracy travel to his bedside –
but with their visits coming


14 lnsideSoap

at different times, even now
the penny is yet to drop. How
long will it be before the truth
comes tumbling out – and will
it prompt the ladies to call a
truce on their continuing feud?
“Tracy and Vanessa are in
for a major shock!” exclaims
our Emmerdale insider. “They
have absolutely no idea they’re
related – and why would they?
Although they both have a dad
behind bars, they’ve had no
reason to think he’s one and the
same person. Tracy has had
no contact with Frank for years,
and Vanessa has also done her
best to avoid him at all costs.”
While Tracy’s boyfriend David
secretly visited Frank in prison

– hoping to reunite father and
daughter – Vanessa has been
ignoring her dad’s efforts to get
in touch. When Vanessa and
Tracy each receive a call telling
them Frank has been hurt, they
both refuse to visit – but it’s
not long before they crack…
“David is heading to hospital
himself for his final chemo


session when Tracy gets the
call,” reveals our spy. “Having
met Frank, David encourages
Tracy to go and see him.
Meanwhile, Leyla and Rhona
are trying to persuade Vanessa
to do the same. Again, she
appears stubborn, but it’s clear
her mates have hit a nerve –
so she’s the first to crumble.”
Frank is thrilled when he
finally wakes up and finds
Vanessa waiting by his side.
Unfortunately, her visit is cut
short when, as her dad tries
to make up for lost time with
his daughter, he starts chatting
about a holiday Vanessa never
went on. Even as he passes
out again, outraged Vanessa


they’re related…
requests that his doctors don’t
contact her in the future.
On her way out, she runs
into David and Tracy – who
has likewise been persuaded to
give her father another chance.
“Even at this stage, there’s no
reason for either woman to be
suspicious,” shares our snoop.
“As far as Vanessa is concerned,
Tracy is at the hospital to support
David through his chemo. And
since the girls are barely talking
thanks to Tracy’s disastrous
stint as Vanessa’s housemate,
they don’t give things a second
thought. So as Vanessa leaves,
Tracy heads off to find Frank.”
Tracy is upset to discover
that Frank is in a coma – but

Tracy is conflicted
about her feelings for
her comatose father

surprised when nurses inform
her she’s the second young
lady to visit that day. She insists
that while it’s distressing to see
Frank in a bad way, she’s going
to return and talk things through.
However, he’s still out for
the count when she goes back
later, and Tracy can’t resist
rummaging about in Frank’s

cupboards. She’s stunned to
find a photo of him with a blonde
little girl – so how on earth will
Tracy feel when she realises
she’s had a sister all this time,
and that they’ve been living
under the same roof for months?

lnsideSoap 15


And their meeting
leads Leanne to a
big decision - she’s
going to leave

eanne is in turmoil
this week over her
secret baby, but help
is at hand from an
unlikely source – Liz McDonald.
After a heart-to-heart with
the unborn child’s grandma,
Leanne comes to a momentous
decision – that her baby is now
her number one priority, and
she is going to move away
from Weatherfield forever…
“Who can blame her for
feeling that going away is the
only solution?” asks our Street
insider. “The situation is a total
mess, and so many people are
going to get hurt – Steve,


16 lnsideSoap

Michelle, Nick. Leanne doesn’t
want her baby born into all of
this, and she is sure there’s no
future for them in Weatherfield.
Moving to Liverpool where
her sister Toyah lives looks
like the best option she’s got
– a clean start for everyone,
as much as it will hurt Leanne
to walk away from her home.”
The decision is made all the
more heartbreaking for Leanne
because she’s just realised
she is falling back in love with
her ex-hubby Nick. After she
was forced to reject his advances
last week, embarrassed Nick
apologised to Leanne for

hassling her and promised they
would just be good friends from
now on. But working alongside
Nick in the Bistro, and watching
him flirt with other women in his
attempt to move on really hurts
his ex – and when he tells the
tale of a night out he ended up


on recently, Leanne can
hardly bear to listen.
She’s already highly
emotional when she
pops round to the
Rovers – but when Liz
won’t let her in because
Amy has chicken pox, Leanne
suddenly clicks that Steve’s
mum knows the truth about the
baby. The two women end up
having a meaningful chat, and
Leanne tells Liz that she’s in
terrible pain about rejecting the
man she loves simply because
she’s expecting Steve’s baby.
Liz is saddened when Leanne
announces her plan to leave,

LATEST NEWS | Hollyoaks

McQueen double
wedding shock!
As Mercy
prepares to
marry Joe, is
Celine getting
hitched too?



Never mind Simon how will Nick react
to Leanne leaving?
but the mum-to-be is
adamant. Her only hurdle
now is telling young Simon
they’re moving away…
“Of course, Simon’s not
going to be happy at all,”
sighs our informant. “His
family and friends are all in
Weatherfield. Leanne begs
him to understand, but it’s

a lot for a boy
of his age to take in. Then
there’s also the problem
of telling Nick that she’s
leaving – when it comes to
the crunch will Leanne really
be able to leave behind
the man she loves?”

hurch bells could be
ringing for not one, but
two McQueens if these
snaps are anything to go by!
The Hollyoaks team have
been spotted filming what
looks like bride Mercedes
preparing to get hitched to
Joe. But rather curiously, her
cousin Celine is wearing a
similar long white gown and
is also about to tie the knot!
Who could she be marrying?
“Celine’s had a dalliance
with Liam Donovan, but
interestingly it’s his brother
Jesse who she’s sharing a
tender moment with in these
pictures,” says our Chester
source. “He’s not dressed
for the occasion, though – so
could he be there to prevent
her from exchanging vows
with someone else?”
Meanwhile, Mercedes
looks set to finally have her
happy ending as her brother,
John Paul, drives her to the
church in a spruced-up old
caravan. But with Joanne
determined to drive a wedge
between Mercy and Joe so
that she can have the hunk

Celine seems
to be getting
close to Jesse
all to herself,
will the big day
go off without
a hitch?
“Well, this
is a McQueen
wedding, so
there’s bound to be drama of
some sort,” snorts our snitch.
“And Mercedes doesn’t have
the best record when it comes
to saying ‘I do’. She’ll be hoping
her marriage to Joe will be a
case of fourth time lucky – but
she’s possibly the most cursed
bride in Hollyoaks history!”
The wedding episode is
expected to air later this year.

lnsideSoap 17


ATEST NEWS | Emmerdale
Andy could
spend a long time
locked up for
Lachy’s crime

Speculationis rife over star Kelvin Fletcher’s future in the Dales…

he soap rumour
mill has gone into
overdrive following
reports that Kelvin
Fletcher, who plays Emmerdale
heart-throb Andy Sugden,
is quitting the village after
some 20 years on the show.
Word on the street is that
Kelvin – who’s played Andy since
he was 12 years old – is leaving
the Dales to pursue his dreams
of becoming a pro rally driver!
But while Emmerdale bosses
have declined to comment on


Will Kelvin’s love of
rally driving see him
ditch the Dales?

18 lnsideSoap

Andy’s fate could be
sealed by his scheming
girlfriend Chrissie
the story – so as not to ruin the
outcome of Andy’s upcoming
court trial – the actor himself
has broken his silence with
regards to his rumoured
career move, hinting
that the recent gossip
might not necessarily
be accurate…
Emmerdale to
become a rally
driver? First
I’ve heard of it!”
tweeted Kelvin.
“Although I do
know one thing,
there are some
BIG surprises
coming in


The star’s tweet is cryptic,
to say the least, as it doesn’t
completely quash the rumours
about him leaving. What we do
know, however, is that Kelvin
is due to become a father this
month, as he and wife Liz
Marsland prepare to welcome
their first child. So, perhaps the
timing is right for Andy to hang
up his farming boots for a while…



“I think I have always been
able to visualise a time without
Emmerdale,” admitted Kelvin in
a recent interview. “When you
play a character for 20 years,
regardless of the storylines they
throw at you, there comes a
time when you want to try
something else. My drive and
hunger for acting has never
subsided, but hopefully I’ve
got a few strings to my bow.”
With Andy’s vengeful other
half Chrissie having framed
him for her father Lawrence’s
shooting, Andy faces prison
for a crime he didn’t commit.
Show chiefs are keen to keep
the farmer’s fate a secret until
it airs on screen, but the odds
don’t look good for him. Will it
be Chrissie’s scheming that sees
Andy bow out of the Dales?
“I’ve got an amazing summer
coming up,” enthuses Kelvin.
“Chrissie wants her revenge
and, first and foremost, I think
Andy is the person who pays…”
Viewers can find out what’s
ahead for Andy as the plot plays
out over the coming weeks.

Kelvin has an arrival
to look forward to
before any departure


LATEST NEWS | EastEnders


Actress Alice Nokes
talks about her character’s
shock return to Walford…



rant Mitchell’s big
EastEnders comeback
also saw the return of
his daughter, Courtney. We
caught up with newcomer
Alice Nokes to talk about
joining the iconic family…
How did you react
when you won the role?
I was so excited! I was at
home with my mum having
a cup of coffee when I heard
from my agent, and I just
froze. We’d been waiting
for a call for a while, so we
were over the moon and
couldn’t stop smiling.
And then you had to keep
Courtney’s return a secret!
I told close family and friends,
but I kept it very low-key and
enjoyed waiting for everyone
else to find out. I’m relieved
it’s out there now, and I can’t
wait to see the response.
What is Courtney and
Grant’s relationship like?
She adores her dad, but
I think she wants to hate him
and teach him a lesson at
the same time. She feels like
the adult in the relationship,

and that’s not the greatest thing
for a teenage girl. Because her
mother died, Courtney felt like
she had to up her game and
become the responsible party.
What’s she been up to lately?
Courtney is at university in her
first year. She’s very intelligent
and savvy – she left Portugal
and has made a life for herself.
What’s in store for her now?
Drama follows Courtney
wherever she goes! There are
some juicy storylines coming
up. I’m in the show for a few
episodes, and we’ll have to
see about the future. I had
such a fun time filming there.
What’s it been like working
with the EastEnders cast?
I had a lot of scenes with Ross
Kemp [Grant] to begin with,
and he really helped me feel
comfortable on set. It’s quite
an overwhelming thing to be
thrown into. Ross has taught
me so much about acting. And
I get on really well with Tilly
[Keeper], Jamie [Borthwick]
and Harry [Reid] – the Mitchell
clan. The whole cast were so
lovely and welcoming, though!

lnsideSoap 19



The women of Walford come together for Dean’s trial verdict…
t’s a tense week for
the Mitchells and
the Carters, as Dean
goes on trial for the
attempted rape of his ex Roxy.
He evaded justice following
his brutal rape of sister-in-law
Linda, but Dean has spent the
past few months on remand
following his attack on Roxy.
For her and Linda, the court
case is a chance to see Dean
punished, but it’s also a painful
reminder of what they’ve been
through. It’s heartbreaking for
his mum Shirley, too – as she
must testify against her son
and deal with her own guilt…
“No parent wants to see their
child in the dock, though Shirley
knows that Dean needs to be
stopped,” shares our Square


20 lnsideSoap

insider. “It was difficult for her to
believe the accusations against
Dean, but Shirley knows Linda
and Roxy are telling the truth.
The fact that her son did this
is devastating, and the only
option that Shirley is left with
is to try to do the right thing.”
While Shirley braces herself
to give evidence, Roxy is in
a world of pain. She knows that
Dean’s defence team will try to
discredit her at every turn, and
that seeing him again will be
a terrible ordeal. But when she
discovers Ronnie has written
to Dean and asked him to admit
what he did, she’s not happy
with her sister for once again
trying to control her life.
Of course, there’s no way
wicked Dean will consider

taking responsibility for his
actions, and Ronnie is hurt
when Roxy makes it clear
that she wants to deal with
the court appearance alone.
The next day, it’s Shirley’s
turn to take the stand, and she
bravely stands up against Dean
in the court. She knows it’s the
right thing to do, but Shirley
feels disgusted with herself that
she let things go so far – and


that she wasn’t a better mum
to Dean in the past. And it’s
Denise, not her other half Buster,
to whom Shirley turns as her
emotions overwhelm her.
Having gone through the trial
process, Shirley, Roxy, Linda
and Ronnie end up together
at the Vic as they wait to hear
the verdict from the court.
“It’s an emotional time, and
all of them have been deeply
scarred by what Dean did,”
says our snitch. “To sit and talk
frankly helps the girls. But when
Ronnie insists the only person
to blame in all this is Dean, it’s
hard for Shirley to accept it.”
As the day comes to a close,
the verdict arrives. Will Dean be
found guilty of his evil crimes?



She confides
in Buster the
story of her
rape ordeal…
athy opens up to
Buster about her
traumatic past this
week – as Shirley
continues to push him away.
Although she’s decided to
end their affair, Kathy is there
for Buster when Dean’s trial
gets under way, as he tries
to cope with the emotional
minefield of his son’s actions.
Buster is hurt that Shirley
doesn’t want to share their
collective sadness and guilt
about Dean’s behaviour and
what he did to Linda and Roxy.
However, Kathy sees that he’s
struggling and invites him over
for dinner at the Beales’, where
Jane quickly realises the pair
are more than just friends.
But while Kathy and Buster
have been lovers, their bond
is deeper than just physical
attraction, and it helps


Shirley leans on Mick as
she struggles with what
her other son has done

Kathy and Buster
have an emotional
enormously as they talk about
the situation with Dean. For
Kathy, it’s a horrid reminder
of her own rape ordeal at the
hands of evil James WillmottBrown 30 years ago. Buster is
horrified as Kathy explains what
the slimy bar owner did to her,
and how hard the rape trial was
for her to cope with. It provides
Buster with an insight into what
Dean’s victims are experiencing,
but also a window into the pain
and blame that Shirley must be
going through herself right now.
Taking the lead, Buster
goes to the courtroom to see
the verdict delivered by the jury
– while Shirley remains in the
Square. Will Kathy’s brave
decision to open up about what
happened to her help heal the
rift between Buster and Shirley?

lnsideSoap 21



She tries
her latest
ploy to win
back Cain…

cheming Charity is
up to her old tricks
again this week, as
she tries to lure her
ex Cain into one of her scams.
However, when Cain turns
down the offer, Charity goes
solo – before pretending she’s
being held hostage and needs
Cain’s help! How will Cain react
after he rushes to her side and
realises he’s been duped?
“Charity wants Cain back,
make no mistake!” reveals our
Dales insider. “She knows he’s
in a vulnerable position right
now, and she intends to take
full advantage. Charity thinks
that if she can just lure Cain into
one of her cons, then the thrill
of their illegal dealings will make
him fall into bed with her again.”


22 lnsideSoap

In fact, as the week kicks
off, Cain’s not the least bit
interested in anything Charity
has to say, since he’s too
busy trying to claw back his
marriage! When Moira threatens
him with a divorce, Cain is
devastated – and after he finds
her looking cosy with her ex,
James, he’s convinced that
his wife has already moved
on. Little does he realise that
Moira is actually confessing to
James that she’s still in love
with Cain, and is scared she’ll
take him back if she doesn’t
officially end their marriage.
With nothing left to lose, Cain
decides to take Charity up on
her offer – but when Chas gets
wind of it, she goes straight to
Moira and begs her to help.

After Moira later urges
Cain not to throw everything
away by doing something illegal
with Charity, Cain takes her
words as a sign that she may
still love him. This, coupled
with the news that unstable
Belle has gone missing (see
p8 for more on that story),
motivates Cain to pull out of
the job with Charity – but little
does he realise that she’s


already at the planned location,
lining up her target…
“When Charity’s wig comes
out, you know she’s in full
scamming mode!” chuckles
our snoop. “After flirting up a
storm with a rich guy called
Jared, she invites him up to
her room – then phones Cain
and lies that this guy is holding
her against her will. Of course,
heroic Cain drops everything
and races off to Charity’s side.”
Cain bursts in all guns
blazing, leaving poor Jared
cowering in fear on the
floor! But how will Cain react
when he realises the guy is
no threat at all, and that he’s
been played like a cheap
fiddle by sneaky Charity?


Cain isn’t impressed to
see Moira with James

Corrie viewers can see Carla
Connoronthe cobbles againbut not in the way you think!
Star Alison King has filmed a
special welcome message to
Coronation Street Tour, due
to open in Glasgow shortly.


Charity is
to kill - or at
least to con

Meanwhile, Street stalwart
William Roache, aka Ken, has
spoken about plans to broadcast
a sixth weekly episode of the
soap from next year. “There’s
been a lot of noise about Corrie
going to six days, but they will
be very accommodating,” he
said. “The more, the merrier!”

Former Neighbours actress
Vivean Gray - who played
the legendary Mrs Mangel has passed away at the age
of 92. As one of soap’s most
iconic busybodies, the star
made an enduring name for
herself on Ramsay Street
between 1986 and 1988.

The students of Hollyoaks High
will have another authority
figure to resent when a new
science teacher pitches up at
the school. Scottish actress
Amy Conachan has been cast
to play Courtney Campbell cousinofbadboyCameron-and
will appear later this month.


Poor Jared has to
guns - his inhaler!

Casualty is set to welcome
back another much-loved
character for its big 30th
anniversary. Paramedic
Josh Griffiths, played by Ian
Bleasdale, will join former
colleagues Charlie and Duffy
and ambitious episode yet.
lnsideSoap 23


He tries to let Izzy down gently…
ary struggles to hide
his true feelings from
Izzy this week – and
soon leaves his ex crushed
after he admits that he doesn’t
want a relationship with her.
Guilty Gary made a huge
blunder when he gave Izzy a
comforting kiss before she went
to prison, leading her to believe
that the pair of them were sure
to get back together once she
was released. And although he
confessed to Anna that Izzy
had misread his intentions, he
couldn’t bring himself to tell


her the truth once he saw her
joy at being home again.
This week, however, Izzy
begins to notice all is not as
it seems. While Gary does a
good job of playing the family
man at home, she’s gutted
when Sean asks him the key
to a successful relationship –
and Gary struggles to answer!
Determined to put the spark
back in their apparently rekindled
relationship, Izzy suggests the
two of them go on holiday. That
looks promising at first, and
Gary is on board with the idea,

but Izzy soon realises that he’s
got his wires crossed once he
presents his ideas for a holiday
for the whole family. When
disappointed Izzy explains that
she meant a romantic break for

just them, it’s the last
straw for Gary, who finally
admits that he doesn’t want
a physical relationship.
Although poor Izzy is
understandably crushed, Gary

He’s getting close
to Claudette again…


atrick struggles to
resist the allure of
sexy Claudette this
week, despite knowing that
she’s nothing but trouble.
The former lovers find
themselves thrown together
at Dot’s dinner party after the
veteran matchmaker decides
to set them up. After everything
they’ve been through, Patrick
is initially horrified to
discover that Dot is
attempting to reunite
them. But try as he
might, it’s clear that
where Claudette is
concerned, Patrick
just can’t stay away!
It doesn’t hurt that she’s
looking a million dollars


Claudette has a
secret weapon:
her décolletage!
24 lnsideSoap

HOLLYOAKS | Channel 4 Tuesday

There’s a third wheel in Lisa and Nathan’s relationship…
athan makes a pig’s
ear of romancing
Lisa this week –
and the pair end up in a
furious custody battle over
their hammy new friend!
Although they’ve already
been on a string of dates,
Nathan is exhausted by Lisa’s
diva behaviour, and is clearly
considering knocking the whole
thing on the head. But Cleo
encourages him to stick with it –
and after she works her magic,
the couple are soon having a
whale of a time as they head
off on their latest date.
However, things start to go
trotters up when a live pig is
delivered to the Dog for a hog
roast. While Nathan is keen to
bring home the bacon, Lisa
wants to save the porker from
its fate, and tells Nathan


Gary has to spell
out the difficult
facts for Izzy

makes it clear that he does
want to be friends for the sake
of their son, Jake. But is Izzy
willing to stay pals with the
man who’s broken her heart?

he’s not killing the beast –
which she names Sonia!
All thoughts of romance fly
out the window as the two of
them end up in a bitter standoff over the pig’s future, with
Lisa determined to prevent her
new pal being taken to the
abattoir. But amid all the

bickering, nobody notices
when crafty Zack takes action
and sets the hog free…
As liberated Sonia makes
a run for it, she heads straight
towards Price Slice, where she
runs amok among the frozen
sausages. Can anyone stop
the little oinker before she
totally destroys the shop?

Bacon rashly? Sonia’s
fate is a sticking point
for Nathan and Lisa

when Patrick pitches up,
unaware she’s joining him
and Dot for dinner. She’s
been busy trying to find a
way back into the lives of her
son Vincent and his family,
and while Patrick is aware
of the fact that she killed
Vincent’s father, Claudette
nevertheless hopes there
could be a future for them.
She’s also willing to overlook
the little fact that he was
there when she seemingly
tumbled to her death, and
was prepared to dispose of
her body without telling the
police what happened!
Soapland love can be a
strange thing, and Patrick
and Claudette’s story is
stranger than most. However,
having both been around
the block more than a few
times, they know what a
wonderful thing hindsight is.
So as the drinks flow and
they edge closer on the sofa,
will Patrick and Claudette give
romance another chance?
lnsideSoap 25


HOLLYOAKS | Channel 4 Monday

Duncan James joins Hollyoaks as Amy’s fella…
te’s left red-faced this week, after
he discovers the man he recently
punched is Amy’s new boyfriend,
Ryan – and also a police officer!
Recovering addict Ste was angered
when he spotted the strange man looming
over his daughter Leah, and lashed out in
order to protect her. So he’s mortified to
learn that Ryan was no threat whatsoever
– and Amy is furious that her ex-boyfriend
has put her new man in hospital.
As Amy heads off to visit recovering
Ryan, she leaves the kids with Ste – but
Leah makes it very clear that she doesn’t
want to hang out with her dad. This leaves
Ste even more upset that his kids now
prefer the company of their new father

26 lnsideSoap

Ste’s kids are
precious to him
- so how will he
react to Ryan?

figure Ryan to him, and he can’t help but
feel that Amy’s fella is too good to be true.
So when Ste later spots a bruise on
Leah, he quickly jumps to the conclusion
that Ryan did it – and Leah doesn’t deny
it. This latest development leaves him
deeply worried for his children’s safety,
and Ste confides his fears in sister Tegan.
Meanwhile, Amy and Ryan are in
celebratory mode after he bags a job
with Dee Valley police. So will Ste burst
their bubble by confronting them about
Leah’s bruises – or is he planning to
deal with things in some other way?
Also this week… Scott suggests to
John Paul that they move in together, and
Freddie has a cheeky surprise for Ellie!

ernice is shocked when her
estranged husband Lawrence
offers to sign the salon back over
to her this week. Her beloved business was
snatched by landlord Lawrence in the wake
of his and Bernice’s dramatic split, and she
was devastated to lose her beauty empire.
At first, ruthless and anguished Lawrence
refused to budge, cruelly booting Bernice
and her salon sidekick Kerry out on their
ear. So Bernice is thrilled when Lawrence
changes his mind and signs the papers.
Not so impressed, however, is Chrissie –
who is still secretly raging at Bernice for
sharing a snog with her boyfriend Andy.
So with Chrissie already neck-deep in her
plot against poor oblivious Andy, what
might she now have in store for Bernice?


NEIGHBOURS|Channel 5 Mon
anthe is forced to fend off
the advances of her sleazy
classmate Cooper this week,
after he makes a move on her! The
schoolgirl is still heartbroken following
her break-up with Ben, and has been
hanging out with Cooper to try to make
her ex jealous. After another run-in with
Ben, Xanthe heads to Lassiters, where
she and Cooper are collaborating on a
school film project – but when he leans
in to kiss her, she pushes him away.
Cooper insists the smooch is part of
the project, and refuses to let Xanthe
leave until they get it right! Will Xanthe
escape before any real harm is done?
Also this week… Steph becomes
concerned when Charlie goes missing,
and Elly sets her sights on Ned!


Norris sees helpful Gemma in a brand-new light…
emma’s bid to better herself wins
her an unlikely new fan in Norris
this week, as she continues to
throw her energy into being nominated
for the Good Samaritan Award.
Gemma has already won over Rita, who
is very impressed with the effort the young
lass is going to – bringing her into contact
with Norris, a man notoriously hard to please!
Norris has been forced to endure new
paper girl Gemma’s company at the Kabin,
and she’s there when a woman called
Maureen arrives to take a look at a cabinet


Norris is selling online. When Norris turns
his back, the woman deliberately scratches
it in a bid to force him to reduce the price
– but after Gemma recognises Maureen
and recalls her reputation as a scammer,
she’s quick to expose the rip-off merchant.
When Gemma threatens to phone the
police unless Maureen pays Norris £20 for
the damage, Norris is delighted – and soon
singing Gemma’s praises. Meanwhile, Rita
happily fills out the form to nominate her
for the Good Samaritan prize. So now that
her troubled past is proving to be an asset
in her new life on the Street, what good
deeds can Gemma get up to next?
lnsideSoap 27


he Nazirs are in the mood to
celebrate this week, as Sharif
and Yasmeen’s 45th wedding
anniversary approaches – and their
grandchildren are keen to give them a
party they won’t forget! Typically it falls to
Alya to organise the festivities, and she’s
impressed when Zeedan suggests they
have a blue theme, to represent their
grandparents’ sapphire anniversary. But
it’s no surprise that it was actually his
girlfriend Rana who gave him the idea! As
the excited trio set about organising the
special celebrations, Alya suggests that
Rana should invite her parents to the party,
too. But why does Rana seem so reluctant?
Also this week… Kirk comes up with
the idea of Sean moving in with Norris.


HOME AND AWAY | Channel 5 Tuesday

witness protection…
iewers will finally find out what
the mysterious Morgan family
are hiding this week, when
Mason makes it known that they’re
in the witness protection programme!
Ever since Tori and her three brothers
arrived in the Bay, it’s been clear the clan
are keeping something about their past
from their new neighbours. But when
Mason lets slip their big secret to his
girlfriend Lara, it puts the entire family
in danger – so how will his siblings react
after they find out what he’s done?
“There are a set of rules the Morgans
have to live by, which relate to their secret,”
explains James Stewart, who plays eldest
sibling Justin. “If Justin has to live by
them, then so does the rest of the house!”
Given that the family were supposed to
cut all ties with their old friends when they


28 lnsideSoap

moved to the Bay, Mason knows how
much trouble he’ll be in if his relatives
find out that he’s still secretly seeing Lara.
Meanwhile, Tori has been growing closer
to Dr Nate in recent weeks – and Justin
fears that she may be on the verge of
blowing their secret to her new confidant.
“It doesn’t matter how upset Tori is, it’s
just a ‘no’ to making friends with Nate,”
reckons James. “Justin thinks Nate is going

to follow the crumbs and work out what
they’re hiding – and they don’t want that.”
But with Mason having already revealed
their witness protection secret to Lara,
could the people they’re running from be
one step closer to finding them now?
Also this week… Irene experiences
terrifying flashbacks to her kidnap ordeal,
but finds comfort in Billie – and Evie is left
heartbroken when Josh cuts off all contact.

That’s not
how you read
a text, Lachlan

Robert sets his
sights on Lachlan…

cheming Robert makes a move
to save his brother Andy from
incarceration this week – by
getting to Chrissie through Lachlan.
Robert knows Chrissie would do
anything to protect her boy, and he’s sure
that Lachlan is the key to the truth. Aware
of how dysfunctional the teen’s relationship
is with his father Donny, Robert is intrigued
when he hears from Liv that Lachlan has


been texting his dad again – and so Robert
is soon plotting a way to get Lachy talking.
Meanwhile, Liv is giving Lachlan the
outlet he needs to cope with the horror
unfolding around him. She talks to him
about the bad relationship she had with
her own father – but while Gordon is gone
forever, Lachy’s dad is alive and well.
The boy is shocked when he gets a text
from Donny. However, as Lachy clings to
hope that his dad can come and save him,
is Robert any closer to helping Andy?

t’s the morning after the night
before for Denise and Kush this
week, as the smitten duo deal
with the fact that they’ve ended up in bed
together! It’s Denise who feels especially
mortified, prompting her to tell the fit market
trader that his mother Carmel is too much
of a good friend for them to risk being a
couple. However, as Carmel prepares for
a job interview and makes a toast about
taking chances, Denise grabs the bull
by the horns and invites Kush to her
place for round two of their saucy
shenanigans! But as the pair carry
on hooking up, how long will it be
Kush is in for
before someone learns of their affair?


some lovin’!




● It’s a dramatic time in Carrigstown
this week, as Laura remains in denial
about her drug use. However, she’s
soon forced to face her issues when
Dean confronts her and demands
she choose between their friendship
or steroids – will she make the right
decision? Elsewhere, Decco and
Kerri-Ann agree to move their
wedding forward after they receive
some life-changing news. Also, Carol
and Robbie butt heads over Nora,
Charlotte lashes
out at Rachel for
interfering in her
relationship, and
Jackie and Tommy
continue to pursue
each other…

● Anna is relieved that Helen is
opening up more this week, so
starts planning her move back to
Birmingham. But Carol has got used
to having Anna around, and begs her
to stay in the village until Helen’s trial
is over. Will Anna agree? Meanwhile,
a phone call for Pip awakens the
green-eyed monster in Toby, and
they soon lock horns in a furious
argument – and Phoebe and Josh
ponder the prospect of university as
they await their
A-Level results.
Plus, Rob isn’t
happy that Henry
is going away
with Pat and Tony
– and can’t help
but try his best
to manipulate
his stepson…
lnsideSoap 29





Babe causes more trouble
and strife for everyone…
There is passion for Patrick
as he cosies up to Claudette!
O Denise takes a huge risk – and
gets together with Kush again.

O Gemma saves Norris from being

Cain continues to reel
from Moira’s bombshell.
O David’s latest proposal is halted
by some bad news for Tracy…
O Carly suggests that she shouldn’t
look after April as much any more.





deceived by a wily scam artist.
Maria makes a brave
confession to Luke…
…leaving the mechanic
bereft and heartbroken.

O April lashes out – and Pearl is


the one who incurs her wrath!
Frank recovers from
his attack in prison.
O Teens Lachlan and Liv bond
over their terrible fathers…


O Carmel is ecstatic when she
lands the market inspector job.
Claudette tells the Carters
about Babe’s blackmail…
…while Babe is in peril after
being found in the freezer!




Izzy learns that Gary doesn’t
want to be intimate with her.
O Leanne makes a life-altering
decision after chatting to Liz.
O Desperate Caz pleads with Maria
to give her a second chance…

O Chas is worried that Cain may be
getting in too deep with Charity.
O Robert spots another opportunity
to scheme – but who’s his target?
Ellie tells Belle to throw
herself down some stairs!

O Carly flirts with Pete – but

Shirley prepares to give

does she really fancy him?
All of Belle’s secrets
and lies are exposed!
O Charity cries wolf by claiming
that she’s being held hostage.

evidence against son Dean.
O Jane realises something is going
on between Kathy and Buster…
O Carmel starts to have serious
doubts about her career path.

O Shirley, Linda, Roxy and Ronnie

O Rana isn’t keen on inviting her

have an emotional heart-to-heart…
…as Dean’s fate is revealed
– will he be found guilty?
O After Buster confides in her, Kathy
tells him about her tortured past.

parents to the Nazirs’ party.
O Simon seeks Nick’s help when
Leanne wants them to relocate.
Michelle reveals to Steve
that she is pregnant…

Will Carly admit her
true feelings for Marlon?
O The Dingle family are worried
sick about Belle’s well-being.
O Ronnie decides to back out of
Chrissie’s adventure park job.

O Kathy and Buster play with

O Maria feels wretched when

O Which wicked witch finds

fire – will they be caught?

Eva is really kind to her…

30 lnsideSoap

There is trouble and strife
for Ian at Beale’s restaurant…

O Which fella drops a surprising
bombshell on his girlfriend?


O Who provides a shoulder to
cry on for struggling lad Max?

O It transpires that Sharif has
been hiding a massive secret!

herself in some bother?

O Dan and Nicola continue
to yearn for each other!

O Rhona is rattled when
Pierce offers to help Carly…

















O James and Joanne team up to

O Xanthe finds herself in a terrible

get revenge on womanising Liam.
Marnie goes to extreme
lengths to protect her secret.
O Nathan becomes exhausted after
going on so many dates with Lisa…

position with school pal Cooper…
O Terese plays dirty with Paul in
order to get her hotel chef back.
Jack wakes up bloodied and
bruised – what has he done?

O John Paul is gobsmacked as Scott

O Charlie investigates the snake

suggests they move in together!
O Marnie’s plot begins to crumble
when James confronts her…
A pig is in peril – and Lisa is
the only one who can save it.

Zac hurts for Hunter, who
struggles with his pain…
O Ash puts the garage up as security
for Andy’s bail – what will Kat say?
O Mason cheers up Alf, but then
gets reprimanded by Nate…


mystery – hiss he in danger?
Jack wrestles with his
feelings towards Paige.
O Gary genuinely cares for Terese
– but it may be too little, too late.

Mason finally reveals
the Morgans’ dark secret!
O There is flirtatious banter between
boss Brody and employee Phoebe.
O Kat and Ash remain at loggerheads
over the Barrett brothers bedlam…


O James will do anything to get John

O After her recent troubles, Elly

O Irene suffers crippling flashbacks

Paul right where he wants him…
There is car crash chaos
for several village residents!
O Sonia the pig heads for Price
Slice – and quickly causes havoc.

starts to feel more like herself.
O Ned is adamant that he doesn’t
want his biker mates finding him.
Mark works hard to snare
the snake street stalker!

of her ordeal at the hands of Mick.
The Morgans reel in horror
after Mason’s admission.
O Roo decides to move in with dad
Alf to help him in his recovery…

O The police and paramedics rush

O Paige pines for Jack yet again

to the scene of the car accident.
O Ste promises Amy and Ryan
that he will clean up his act!
Grace rages after finding a
drawing of Sienna by Trevor.

– will she ever give up on him?
Jack receives a shocking
confession from the stalker!
O Mark saves Charlie’s party, which
gives Steph food for thought…

Marilyn and John clash
over their future as parents…
O Alf lashes out when his loved
ones continue to fuss over him.
O There’s light at the end of the tunnel
for Irene as she teams up with Billie.

The village is plunged into
darkness after a power cut.
O Grace heads over to Sienna’s
in search of a showdown…
O Bored Lisa and Nathan play a
revealing game of truth or dare.

O Tom returns to the village –
and Nico isn’t happy about it!

O John Paul grows weary
of Myra and Sally arguing…

O Which woman is in hot
water after being arrested?

Steph admits that she
doesn’t want more kids…
O …but little does she know the
street stalker is gunning for her.
O Paige declares that she’s going to
learn more about Jack’s religion.

O Terese and Paul’s hotel
war spirals out of control…

O Whose singing voice wows
the crowds at the Waterhole?


heart about fostering with Marilyn.
Billie is rushed to the hospital
when she starts bleeding…
O Hunter shuts down – and vows
that he doesn’t care about anything.

dad’s last will and testament?

O Leah is heartbroken when
VJ decides to leave home!

O Gary develops an unexpected

O Marilyn and John welcome

bond – with a racing pigeon!

their new foster-child…


O John begins to have a change of

O Who is left horrified by their





lnsideSoap 31


Two babies on the way,
two women to keep
happy and a massive
secret that could explode
at any time - Simon
Gregson is predicting a
rocky future for Steve…

he can

it’s going to
32 lnsideSoap



atching Steve
McDonald trying
to sort out another
mess that he’s
got himself into
is one of the
most entertaining things on television. So
while we’re publicly shaking our heads
at Steve hiding Leanne’s pregnancy from
wife Michelle, we’re privately delighted –
because it wouldn’t be half as much fun
to watch if he fessed up straight away!
This week, the situation gets more
complicated as Steve discovers Michelle
is expecting a baby by him, too! But don’t
worry, as actor Simon Gregson reveals
that the new twist has only left Steve more
determined than ever not to come clean…
“In Steve’s mind, if he doesn’t say
anything, then everything will be fine,”
laughs the star, who has played soapland’s
most fertile fella since 1990. “That’s how
he thinks of the world. It’s like a dog who
believes that if they don’t look at someone,
they won’t be seen! For the moment, Steve
is under the illusion that he will be able
to handle it – but I’m sure when the time
comes, things are going to explode.”
Right now, Steve knows that Leanne
Battersby is walking around with his baby
growing inside her, and wife Michelle is
begging him to get her pregnant, too. Steve
may not be the sharpest tool in the shed
sometimes, but even he knows that he
can’t go round knocking everyone up – so
prepares to tell Michelle that he doesn’t
want them to have a baby together right
now. The trouble is, she’s already expecting!
“Steve feels like an idiot because he’s
the one who always wanted another baby
and refused to have a vasectomy when

Where there’s a Will, there’s
a way: Michelle resisted the
temptation to sleep with her ex

’Chelle of a secret: Steve’s
wife has no idea that he slept
with her friend and neighbour!

Michelle asked him to,” explains Simon.
“He thinks it would be mad to have a baby
– so he tells Michelle and she’s devastated.
Then to make matters worse, she tells
him she’s already pregnant, and Steve
just feels terrible. He’s really worried about
how this is going to affect his marriage.”
Say what you like about Steve, but he
is devoted to his wife. The bunk-up with

Leanne was a drunken mistake when he
thought he’d lost Michelle forever. Now,
with a baby bombshell that could blow
their world to smithereens, Steve has got
plenty to fear regarding how long his
marriage is going to last if it all comes out.
“Steve and Michelle are very much like
Ross and Rachel from Friends – the audience
wants them to be together, but he always
manages to mess it up!” chuckles Simon.
“Seriously, he doesn’t want anything to
do with Leanne’s child because the most
important thing to him is that he has to
keep Michelle. She stuck by him through
his fight with depression, and it was their
love that brought him out of where he was
and got him better. After everything that
happened with Becky, he just feels like he
can’t do this to his wife, and he can’t let her
down. Steve knows she’ll go if he tells her.”
We wouldn’t be surprised if what
happens next is Steve rushing around
Weatherfield trying desperately to put
out fires and keep the sordid truth under
wraps! So, are we pretty much right?
“Yes, I’m going to have to go back to
the gym and get in training!” says Simon.
“Steve in trouble always seems to involve
him running around like that. Even though
it’s quite a dramatic thing, there’s a lot of
scope for comedy with this story as well
– which is really good. You know there is
going to be a big eruption at some point.”
That’s for certain, and we wouldn’t
like to be in Steve’s shoes when this
twisted situation blows up in his face!
But does Simon have any words of
wisdom to offer his hapless alter ego?
“Steve should leave the country and
start again somewhere else!” jokes the
actor. “He’s going to be a lucky man if
he walks away from this one unscathed.

lnsideSoap 33


“I hope this isn’t the end for him and
Michelle – because Kym [Marsh, who plays
her] and I will be sad,” adds Simon. “We
have a laugh, and that’s the best thing to
have at work. But getting Leanne pregnant
might be a step too far for Michelle.”
Whatever happens, we know that at
some point next year, Steve McDonald
is likely to have two newborn babies and
two cross women. It’s going to be bedlam!
“I’ve already got three kids at home, and
now I’m going to have two babies at work,
too,” exclaims 41-year-old Simon, who
has a trio of sons. “It depends on what
the babies are like because some are okay
and really chilled, whereas others aren’t
because the boom microphones we use
in the studio look like dinosaurs to them!
My baby son is calm, so maybe I should
bring him in – like I have done with
my dog, who plays Steve’s dog Rover.”
Simon has lots to prepare for as Steve’s
life goes bananas, and he’s bracing himself
for fiery scenes with his co-star Kym.
“Kym has got this look, which is
actually terrifying,” shares Simon. “Steve
is petrified of Michelle finding out, and
so am I. I think he’s going to wish he
had the snip when he had the chance!”


delighted with the latest drama
to befall the McDonalds
s – althoug
she is surprised by one aspect…

“With Steve being so fertile, I’m not sure how
Michelle hasn’t got preg
gnant before now,” grins
the actress. “Steve only
y has to throw his undies
on the bed, and that’s itt, everyone’s pregnant!
I have no idea why, but Michelle does love Steve
and thinks that this bab
by will be the making of
their relationship. She’s 40 – it’s her last chance.”
And Michelle’s baby news
means Kym is going
to be walking around with a bump soon…
“I’ve never had to
o wear one before, so
it’ll be quite bizarre,” she reveals. “I’ve
been told they are quite comfortable.”
We’re alrea
ady worried for Steve’s
safety when Michelle finds out about
Leanne, as
a Kym thinks it’ll be ugly.
“Michelle may perform a
vasectomy on Steve – with
o house bricks!” she
laughs. “She’s not the most
orgiving person. Steve
should be very afraid!”

34 lnsideSoap

“Carly is confused
by everything – it’s
one big mess!”
Will true love triumph in the Dales? Gemma
Atkinson is keeping her fingers crossed…


arly and Marlon have turned a
potential romance into a right old
muddle. Following their recent
kiss, Carly thinks Marlon isn’t
interested, Marlon thinks it’s Carly who isn’t
interested – and now Carly’s pretending to
be interested in Pete to make herself feel
better! Actress Gemma Atkinson sums it
up for us as she sits down to chat about
her alter ego’s convoluted love life…
“It’s all one big mess, isn’t it?” laughs
the star. “I think Carly is really confused
by everything that’s happened. She likes
Marlon, but she’s scared of being knocked
back by him because she thinks he’s
not that keen. Carly is also frightened
their friendship might be ruined.”
That seems sillier still because their
friendship is already in tatters since
they’re too embarrassed to look each
other in the eye. So Carly decides to put
some space between them by resigning
as April’s babysitter – not the best
move when you have in the equation a
young child with abandonment issues.
“April wants to know what she’s done
wrong,” sighs Gemma. “Of course, it’s
nothing to do with her, just the fact Carly
can’t be around Marlon because she’s

April showers: Carly
tries to make her sad
charge feel better
36 lnsideSoap

got such strong feelings for him. She
thinks it’s best for them all that she’s not
around any more, but Marlon is terribly
disappointed that it’s come to this.”
If Marlon feels miffed now, just wait till
he finds out that Carly has found another
way to treat her nasty dose of heartbreak!
Her solution? A flirt-a-thon with sexy Pete –
which ends in them agreeing to go on a date.
“Don’t forget, Carly thinks Marlon has
given her the knockback – which he hasn’t,”
shares Gemma. “When you’re heartbroken,
you do anything to distract yourself. So
Carly uses Pete to distract her from Marlon.
She wants to prove to herself that there
are other guys who still find her attractive,
and that she can get over Marlon.”
That doesn’t sound like a winning
strategy, and it’s certainly not one that

Gemma would employ! She recently revealed
she’s single again after her romance with
personal trainer Olly Foster came to an end,
but is not out looking for love again.
“I haven’t even thought about dating,”
she insists. “I’ll give it a few months. I’m
one of those people who likes their own
company – I don’t need someone.”
Despite having put an end to their
relationship, Gemma and Olly remain good
pals, and he is still her personal trainer.
“We’ll always be in each other’s lives,
but just as friends,” the star tells us. “We
went on a road trip together the other week
– and now I can’t get away with ditching
sessions because he’s more strict with me!
I’m happy being single. I’ve got my dogs,
and it’s nice to be on my own for a bit.”

So long, Marlon?: Will
Carly and her potential
beau ever get it
However, Gemma doesn’t want Carly to
be single – she’s rooting for a relationship
with Marlon. And there is a breakthrough
when her character ditches a date with
Pete to help Marlon look for missing Belle.
“As they’re searching, Marlon falls over
and pulls his groin, and can’t walk,” grins
Gemma. “Carly has to literally carry him
home! It breaks the ice and gets them
laughing again. The moment helps them
to rekindle their friendship – but I want
them to get together. I love that Marlon is
different from every other guy Carly has
been with. He will be able to take care of
Carly in ways she’s never experienced.
I think they make a nice, genuine couple.”
If we do finally see them get together
this week, it will mean more on-screen
kissing for Gemma and cast mate Mark
Charnock. So the glamorous actress will
have to be more attentive to the meals
she devours before romantic scenes…
“Before we filmed our first kiss, I had
this chilli chicken burger, but Mark was just
eating crisps,” chuckles Gemma. “I told
him that he’d be starving later on and
asked why he wasn’t eating a proper meal.
He said, ‘Because I’m going to be kissing
you this afternoon!’. All I could do was say
sorry and offer him some of my food!”




Marlon may be on the brink of a new romance, but
there will always be three people in his budding
relationship – the other one being his pal Paddy.
The lovelorn vet is soon set to return to discover his
estranged wife Rhona shacked up with Pierce – the
husband of his late mistress Tess – and it will fall to
Marlon to support him. How will Carly cope with it?
“Paddy means well, but he’ll always be in the
way,” sniffs Gemma. “Every time Carly and
Marlon talk about something or might be
about to share a moment, he walks in!
It's not his fault, but he’s always there.”
However, Gemma promises that
fiery Carly will keep her cool this time.
“She realises how much Paddy
needs Marlon,” she reveals. “But
it means Carly has to step back.
In the past, she would have
kicked off – but since it’s
Marlon, she accepts it.”

lnsideSoap 37

HOLLYOAKS | Channel 4 Wednesday

As the Osbornes
square up to Warren,
actress Jessica Fox
reckons they’re more
than a match for him…

Nancy and
Darren could
be heading
down a

Long Armstrong of the
law: Nancy and Darren
are surprised by the fuzz

very darkp


ancy and Darren are the very
last people in Hollyoaks we
would have expected to go to
the dark side. Sure, they’ve
been through their fair share
of drama during their time in the village,
but they’ve always come out the other end
laughing – and we never dreamed we’d see
them involved in a murder cover-up!
Yet just recently they’ve been forced to
bury Patrick Blake’s body in the woods – and
now they’re planning to take out gangster
Warren Fox! It’s no wonder we needed a
sit-down with star Jessica Fox, who plays
one half of the dastardly duo, to find out
what on earth the Osbornes are playing at…
“Darren and Nancy are quite ordinary
characters, so when you put them in these
extreme circumstances, it’s actually very
38 lnsideSoap

entertaining,” enthuses the
actress, who first appeared on screen as
Nancy in 2005. “So when I found out about
this storyline, I thought it was hilarious!
The characters have so much backstory to
play with and such great chemistry – which
is why when they’re dragging a body through
the woods, they can be discussing where
they should go on holiday afterwards!”
It was one thing to see them accidentally
get pulled into the sorry saga of Patrick’s
murder, but it’s another entirely to witness
Nancy and Darren actively plotting to get
Warren out of the village. And Jess tells us
that what they’re planning is extreme.
“Darren gets hold of a gun from Grace
– which Nancy thinks is a step too far,”
she says. “They may bury dead bodies in
the woods, but they don’t shoot people!


“Warren coming back has opened up a
whole can of worms for them, especially
after Maxine went and blabbed to him
about Patrick’s death. Nancy thinks she’s
invincible – she’s not frightened of Warren
at all! She thinks she can take him.”
Given that Warren has just completed a
stretch behind bars for murder, we reckon
the Osbornes may have bitten off more
than they can chew this time. And they’re
in grave danger of being rumbled when


The star
dishes the
dirt on her
“Working with Ashley
Taylor Dawson [aka
Darren] every day is an
absolute joy. He brings
so much to every scene –
he just wants to make it the
best it can be. He’s always
enthusiastic, and hopefully
that rubs off on me.”
“Anna Passey [who plays
Sienna] really makes me
laugh. She set me off
today and I giggled for
15 minutes – and I’m not
even sure what it was
about. We’re good friends
outside of work, though
people are surprised that we
like each other in real life!”

Murder most scowl: How
long can the Osbornes get
away with their scheme?


DS Armstrong sneaks up on them
while Darren is showing Nancy the firearm!
“Darren has just told Nancy he’s got
a gun, and she’s telling him they have
to get rid of it,” explains Jess. “So when
DS Armstrong appears, they’re thrown into
a bit of a panic. They mutter something
about Nancy having to go to Pilates, then
leave – but they’re not terribly subtle about
it, given how how nervous they are.
“Nancy is freaked out about the whole
situation – plus she’s sitting on a gun!”
continues the actress. “She reverses the
car at high speed, but as she tries to turn
it around, something weird happens to
her body and she just can’t seem to brake
– which causes her to hit someone.”
The identity of the Osbornes’ latest victim
is a mystery at this stage, but they could

“I’d love to work more with
Kieron Richardson [who
plays Ste]. He started
on the show a couple of
months after me, but our
characters have never
really crossed paths. He’s
fantastic – another one who
puts so much effort into it.”

well have another body on their hands.
Somehow we can’t picture them becoming
the village’s next serial killers – though
Jess reckons we shouldn’t rule it out…
“I think there’s always the potential
for that,” she teases. “But I think whatever
they do, if they go down a darker path,
they will definitely be giggling about
it – and they’ll always have a very strong
justification for how they’re acting.
“I think they’ll go as far as they need to
in order to defend themselves. Especially
Nancy – she’s a bit more ruthless, because
she wants to protect her kids at all costs.
She’s also got a real beef with Sienna that’s
never been properly dealt with. So if the
opportunity arises to throw Sienna under
a bus, Nancy’s not going to miss it!”


“Patrick was such a
fantastic character,
and Jeremy Sheffield
was brilliant at playing
him. He was a baddy that
you loved to hate, and
that’s very hard to pull off.
I think they should bring
back Jeremy as Patrick’s
twin or something!”
“Jess Ellis [Tegan]
throws the best parties
at Hollyoaks! She’s very
good at organising things,
but she does it in a way
that’s so relaxed that
nobody really knows it’s
happening. Everyone just
has a really lovely time.”
lnsideSoap 39


e 5 T u da

like a real hussy
Her character’s in love with a priest - but
Neighbours star Olympia Valance reveals that
Paige is dealing with it in a very ungodly manner…


e’re used to the hunky men
of Ramsay Street walking
around topless, so the fact
that Father Jack spends his
time trussed up in his shirt and dog collar is
taking some getting used to! But while it’s
difficult for us to adjust to, it’s even harder
for Paige to get her head around the person
she’s in love with being a man of God.
Since Jack made his decision to return to
the priesthood, Paige has been distracting
herself with some steamy sessions with
Tyler – upsetting not only Jack, but Tyler’s
ex-girlfriend Piper, too! Paige’s naughty
behaviour has left viewers outraged, and as
we sit down for a chat with actress Olympia
Valance – who plays her – she agrees that
her alter ego is bang out of order…
“Paige is being a little hussy right now!”
giggles the star, as she joins us on the
phone from her home in Melbourne.
“I think she’s being selfish. She’s just been
hooking up with Tyler as a distraction from
Jack – they’ve got great chemistry, but she
knows they’re only friends. Jack’s the one
she loves, and she knows Tyler loves Piper.
“I think that they’re both distracting
themselves from the people they really

Gospel truth: Paige tells
Jack how she really feels
in the confessional booth
40 lnsideSoap

want to be with,” continues Olympia. “Paige
is enjoying having someone want her, and
not being rejected. It’s easy and it’s fun.”
It’s certainly not fun for Jack this week,
after he witnesses Paige and Tyler playing
tonsil tennis right in front of him. He’s
so upset by what he sees that he goes on
a drinking binge, and wakes up the next
morning beside Lassiters lake, with no
recollection of the night before!
“Paige knows that Jack is completely in
love with her too,” explains Olympia. “And
that’s what makes it even more frustrating

for her – she just doesn’t understand how
anyone can live a lifetime where they’re
not allowed to love someone. She’s never
been in that situation before.”
In order to try to understand a bit more
about Jack’s vocation, Paige heads off to
church to listen to him preach. And after
witnessing his moving speech, she ducks
into the confessional booth to remind the
priest of how she really feels about him.
“That’s actually a really lovely scene,”
grins Olympia. “She pours her heart out
to him, and it’s quite emotional. She lays
all her cards on the table and tells Jack
that she loves him – you can see on his face
that he’s hurting just as much as she is.”
Right now, with Jack showing no signs
of leaving the priesthood, we can’t possibly
imagine a way that this love story can
have a happy ending. However, Olympia

Muddying the waters:
Paige has been flirting with
Tyler as a distraction
is rooting for the pair to find a way to make
it work – and she’s not the only one…
“Everyone really wants them to be
together!” she reckons. “That said, the
viewers are hoping the storyline doesn’t
drag out for too long, either. I guess we’ll
just have to wait and see what happens, but
I think if they did end up together it would
be a challenge for both of them. Paige is not
religious at all, and she’d have to change
her ways. They do love each other, though.”
As well as fighting her feelings for Jack,
Paige has also been fighting for real as she’s
taken up boxing recently. And Olympia
tells us that the story was prompted by
her real-life love of the sport.
“When the storyline first came up I was
like, ‘How do the writers know that I can
box?’” she says. “Then I found out they
stalk our Instagram and Facebook pages to
get inspiration! But it’s been so much fun
to play out, and there’s a scene coming up
where we go to a full-scale boxing ring!”
It’s clear there are big things ahead for
Paige – and Olympia has some exciting plans
in the pipeline herself! She’s visiting the UK
in the autumn, and will attend the Inside
Soap Awards for the first time in October.
“I’m so excited about that!” gushes
the actress, who’s nominated in the Best
Daytime Star category. “I’m getting my
dress made as we speak – it’s going to be so
pretty. I can’t wait to meet everyone. And
if Neighbours picks up some awards on the
night, that would be the icing on the cake!”


Olympia knows how Paige
would rule Erinsborough…

“Choosing a king
would be hard,
because Paige loves
so many people.
Right now it would
have to be Jack, but I loved her
with Mark – and I also think that
Tyler would be a fun king. She’d
have all of them! They could fan
her down and feed her grapes.”
“The first law she
would pass is that
Jack could continue
to love God, but still
love her at the same
time, too! He doesn’t have to be
a priest – he could just worship
God in some other way.”
“Alan Fletcher [aka
Karl] would be my
court jester. He’s
the funniest guy
in the world, and
it’s almost impossible to shoot
a scene with him because he’s
constantly laughing. He always
has to get a tissue to wipe away
his tears, he laughs so much!”


“I’d throw Paul
Robinson in the
stocks, because
he’s mean to Paige.
In fact, he’s really
mean to everyone! I think my
loyal subjects would be totally
behind me on that decision.”
“Paige’s national
anthem would be
Run The World (Girls)
by Beyoncé – as
Paige is confident,
strong, and gets what she wants!”
lnsideSoap 41


As the voting in
the Inside Soap
Awards closes,
the stars of
Albert Square
want your




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Voting closes on
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“Whenever I see
Pauline and Arthur,
I think, ‘That’s my
mum and dad’!”


t’s not easy taking over
the role of a popular
soap character, but
James Bye’s portrayal
of Martin has won over the
nation – and the nod for our
coveted Best Actor Award! It’s
also Martin’s devotion to wife
Stacey that has contributed
to them becoming one of
Walford’s best-loved couples,
hence why the pair are up
for Best Partnership…
Are you relieved that your
take on Martin has been
a hit with viewers?
I’ve had a lot of people say
that to me, and I think it’s
just a testament to the writers.
They’ve linked me with iconic
characters such as Sonia and
Stacey, and hopefully that’s
helped the audience buy into
the new face of one of the first
characters born on the show.
A lot of viewers would
argue that you have sexed
up Martin! How do you deal
with that sort of attention?
I don’t know about that,
because James Alexandrou
[who previously played Martin]
is a good-looking boy! It’s
flattering when people say

44 lnsideSoap

that, but I don’t get it. I’m
open about my private life in
that I’m married with kids, and
I think people respect that.
After the dramatic year
Martin has endured, you
must be delighted with
your nominations…
It’s lovely. To be put in the
Best Actor category with the
likes of Danny [Dyer, aka Mick]
and Steve McFadden [who
plays Phil] – especially Steve,
who has had an unbelievable
year – is an honour. It’s just a
privilege to have the opportunity.
What is it about your
relationship with Lacey
Turner (Stacey) that helps
create the on-screen
chemistry you both share?
We’re like brother and sister,
to be honest with you! We
get in each other’s faces
quite a lot, but in a friendly
way. People say that we’re
like a real married couple!
Tell us what it was like
filming the scenes between
Martin and Stacey on the
roof of the Queen Vic?
They were amazing scenes to
shoot! The roof was decked

out really safely, so they were
never going to let us fall over
the edge – particularly Lacey,
aka ‘the money’, they would
definitely not want to lose
her! It was great to be up
there, especially at night. The
Square looked so beautiful.
Martin found out that he
wasn’t baby Arthur’s father,
and helped Stacey through
her postpartum psychosis.
Which of those stories was
more challenging to film?
I think Martin finding out that
Arthur wasn’t his son, and
him coming to terms with it,
was harder. When we filmed
the scenes where Stacey was
sectioned, it was all Lacey’s
performance, and I didn’t
really need to act because
she was so good. EastEnders
is very lucky to have her.
Do you have funny moments
on set when you’re not
busy filming some of those
big, dramatic scenes?
Oh yes, daily! We had a great
storyline where Martin and
Stacey were messing about
with stolen toilets before their
wedding, so that became an
on-going joke between us all.

If there was an opportunity
to have our pictures taken
while sat on a loo, we took it!
If you could present a funny
award to any fellow cast
member, who would get it?
I would have to honour Scott
Maslen, who plays Jack, for
being the craziest human
being I have ever met in my
life! He’s just 100-miles-anhour all the time. It’s like being
around a cockney Jim Carrey!
We hear you’re good mates
with Greg Finnegan, who
plays James Nightingale
in Hollyoaks. How do you
know one another?
We know each other through
mutual friends. I spoke to
[Hollyoaks’ executive producer]
Bryan Kirkwood at this year’s
National Television Awards
and said, “You’ve got a good
one there”. Greg is wonderfully
talented, and I think he’ll
be massive for Hollyoaks.
How do you find being a
dad both on and off screen?
It’s great! Working with my
on-screen daughter Jasmine
Armfield [who plays Bex] is
like a view of things to come.

I have two boys myself in real
life, and baby Arthur is only
a few months older than my
youngest. His dad is quite
happy to hand him over to
me, and Lacey is really good
with him as well. It’s like free
babysitting for his parents!
Would you liked to have
met the original actors who
played the Fowler family?
Of course! Whenever I see
clips of Pauline and Arthur,
I just think to myself, ‘That’s
my mum and dad’!
Why do you think EastEnders
should win Best Soap?
Well, just look at the year we’ve
had. The storylines have been
amazing, and there’s been such
a variety of stuff going on.

Sneak preview!
“All I can tell you is that Martin is
putting down some roots in the
Square, and I’ve filmed scenes with
some characters that I haven’t
worked with at all before,” shares
James. “As for Martin and Stacey,
they’re in a good place right now,
and the trust between them is
solid. It’s actually quite nice to
play a happily married couple!”
lnsideSoap 45



alford’s Kim has
earned herself a
reputation as the
queen of comedy, but over
the past year we’ve also seen
her embrace motherhood,
and fight hard to hold on
to her husband, Vincent.
Despite that, bubbly actress
Tameka has again been
nominated for Funniest
Female, and is hoping
to retain her crown as
the reigning champ…


You look the picture of
Hollywood glamour in
this dress, Tameka!
The gold works, I love it!
I do enjoy Inside Soap photo
shoots, I have to say. I love
the glitz and the glam, and
the photographer always
gives me a good workout.
Each year I tell myself I’m
going to be more supple!
If you’re victorious this
year, it’ll be the fifth
time that you’ve scooped
the comedy prize…
I know, and I really am so
honoured to be nominated
again. It would be nice to
add another one to the
collection – especially as
it’s from Inside Soap!
What have you enjoyed
most about Kim’s year?
I love that Kim’s daughter,
Pearl, is her mini-me, and
that they wear matching
outfits. And art imitates life
because I actually do a little
bit of that with my own
daughter – but not quite
to the same extent as Kim!

“Kim would be speechless
if she found out about
Denise and Phil!”
46 lnsideSoap

Have you had any funny
moments on set when
filming Kim’s scenes?
Yes, when Kim was on the
bouncy castle during Pearl’s
birthday party – and Claudette
pierced it! Someone from
the crew bounced up and
down on it a few times before
I did, and she warned me that
when they cut the air it would
deflate quickly, and I would
have to be careful about how
I landed. But when they shut
off the air, I was up in the
air, so I came down on to the
ground in the Albert Square
gardens. I lived to tell the
tale, though, and the comedy
was there for the nation!
Kim hasn’t had it easy
with Claudette, has she?
Oh yes, the mother-in-law!
Ellen Thomas [aka Claudette]
and I have a lot of banter off
screen, but when we get into
Kim and Claudette mode, it’s
handbags and heels at dawn!
And how about Kim and her
husband Vincent? They’ve
weathered a few storms…
The ordeal with Donna
wanting to have Vincent’s
baby was so hard for Kim to
process. It was her husband
potentially having another
child with his foster-sister,
and for Kim that was too
close to home. She was never
going to be totally okay with
it, but she also had to support
her man. I do enjoy comedy,
but I love the drama, too!
How do you think Kim will
react if she finds out that
Denise slept with Phil?
I think she’d be shocked!
The nation would see Kim
speechless for the first time
since she’s been in the show.
I don’t think she’d believe it!

Sneak preview!
“Kim has a rocky road ahead of
her with a story coming up in the
autumn,” reveals Tameka. “It’s
going to be hard to play, as in real
life I’m very good at the thing Kim
is going to be doing - but Kim is
not! I’m hoping the nation will be
behind her new journey, because
while it will be emotional for her,
the audience might find it funny…”

way, with our punch-ups!
I think there’s a redeemable
friendship there now.



fter a year off loss
and heartbre
for poor Kush
we’re hoping foxy
Denise will finally
bring him happiness
– because she’s
certainly taken with
the Walford fitness guru!
And apparently so arre the
viewers, as actor Dav
has been nominated in this
year’s Sexiest Male ca

The viewers appear to
have enjoyed it, too, as
you’re in the running
for Sexiest Male!
I don’t think I’m everybody’s
cup of tea, so this isn’t really
something I was rooting for.
And I have zero expectations
knowing that I’m up against
the likes of Danny [Dyer, aka
Mick] – he’s even sexier in real
life! He would get my vote.

Kush has had a rollercoaster year, but wh
been your highlight?
I never expected to bee part
of something as important as
Shabnam’s stillbirth, and was
honoured to be workiing with
Rakhee [Thakrar, aka Shabnam
Kazemi], who is one of the best
actresses I’ve ever met. The
story affected so many
y people,
and we wanted to sho
ow truth.
I think we achieved th


It hasn’t been all doom and
gloom this year, though –
you had a great stag do!
That was so much fun. All
the strange drunken nudity
blurred together as if it were
a real stag do! It ended with
me being tied to the railings
in my pants, and I still wonder
how it got to that point. It’s
almost as if Kush enjoys it…

Who among the cast
are you hoping to work
with more in future?
I’ve always wanted to work
with Jake [Wood, who plays
Max Branning], but lost that
opportunity when he took
time off. He’s back soon, so
fingers crossed! I also want
to explore as much of the
Kazemi family as possible –
rooting them in Walford and
creating their own history.

And then we found
out that Arthur was
Kush’s! Were you
worried this could
shatter Kush and
Martin’s bromance?
I was, and James [Bye,,
who plays Martin] and
I have that bromance in
real life! A selfish part
of me was gutted thatt
we may work togetheer
less, but we ended up
filming in a different

What do you make of the
recent flirting between
Kush and Denise?
I think that as a pair, they
make sense. After everything
Kush has been through, a
woman like Denise is exactly
what he needs. Denise is
very alluring and young at
heart, so she could mother
him, but I reckon they’d have
a lot of fun together, too!

“Danny Dyer is
even sexier in
real life – I’d
vote for him!”

Sneak preview!
“There’s a lot more to come out of
Kush and Denise’s relationship,”
teases Davood. “And in typical
Walford fashion, there are some
huge ups and downs along the
way. I reckon they’re a lot more
compatible than they may seem
at first glance - although I really
can’t imagine that Carmel would
be able to see it that way!”
lnsideSoap 47


eisty, mischievous,
and cheeky, Louise
has certainly lived up
to the Mitchell family
name since moving to Albert
Square to live with dad Phil.
In the short time she’s been at
EastEnders, 18-year-old actress
Tilly has shared the screen
with a host of Walford greats,
and is hoping to join their
ranks after her nomination
for Best Newcomer…
Congratulations, Tilly!
Where were you when you
were told the good news?
I found out at work when I was
with Harry [Reid, aka Ben], and
I remember feeling so excited!
I share the same email address
with my mum, so she’d already
seen the message about the
nomination – and we texted
one another at the
same time!

48 lnsideSoap

How has the audience
reacted to Louise?
I think the viewers find her
quite funny – they like her
sassiness! A lot of young girls
tell me they love Louise and
want to be exactly like her,
but I say to them, “No, don’t
be like Louise – be nice”!
We can tell
you’re a lot
nicer than
she is!
I like

that I’m very different from
Louise, but I do love playing
her bitchy side! It’d be boring
if she was lovely all the time.
Was it daunting working
with lots of iconic characters
so soon after joining?
I didn’t know the part was
for Louise Mitchell until two
days before I stepped on to the
set, as it was top secret that
she was coming back. I didn’t
really have time to be fazed by
it, and then on my second day
I was in a room with the likes
of Steve McFadden [who plays
Phil], Adam [Woodyatt, aka
Ian], Letitia Dean [Sharon], and
Gillian Taylforth [who plays
Kathy]. Everyone is so normal,
though, so I settled in quickly.
like having
What is it lik
ur TV dad?
Steve as you
He is a legend
d, and it is an
ork with him.
honour to wo
Playing his daughter is just
a blessing to me, so I do gush
about it! It feeels very much
like a family unit when we’re
on set, and Steve is very
protective off us and really
wants to help
p us all out.
e cast were you
Who in the
of when
most in awe
you firrst met them?
Sam Womack, who
plays Ronnie.
Growing up

I loved watching Ronnie and
Jack, and always used to root
for them. When Louise started
appearing regularly on the
show, someone tweeted me
saying, “Mini-Ronnie is back”
– and that really pleased me!
You were one of the few
characters who shared a
scene with Barbara Windsor
[who played Peggy Mitchell]
before she left the show.
What was that like?
I felt so lucky. I was reading
through the scripts hoping
that I was going to work with
her, and Harry and I were
counting how many scenes
we each had with her!
What did you love most
about Peggy’s exit?
The scene where she was on
the boat with Phil, and Moon
River was playing – that was
beautiful. And Peggy’s exit
line, “Straight back, head high
like a queen”, just summed
up the character completely.
We know from those
episodes that Louise
doesn’t like peas. But
do you eat your greens?
It’s funny because that has
become a bit of a thing! I was
in the canteen eating peas
as part of my lunch recently,
and one of the writers said,
“I thought you didn’t eat

peas?”! It was such a sweet
moment between Louise and
Peggy on screen, so I like the
fact everyone brings it up now.
Who else in the EastEnders
cast do you think has really
stood out this year?
I thought Jamie Borthwick
[who plays Jay] did such an
amazing job with the Jay and
Linzi plot. I couldn’t help but
cry when Jay received his
sentence from the judge!
What have you enjoyed
watching in the other
soaps over the past year?
Kylie’s death in Coronation
Street was fantastic. I was on
holiday when she was killed
off. We were having dinner,
and I was trying to live stream
the episode on my phone.
I didn’t want her to die!

Sneak preview!
“Paul’s death is going to continue
to take its toll on Ben,” explains
Tilly. “And although Louise doesn’t
like to show it, she really does care
for her brother. With that in mind,
she’s going to really stick by the
family, while also attempting to
make things a bit lighter and easier
for them. We will see a bit more
of Louise’s caring side, but she’s
never going to be a saint…”

“I’m very different
from Louise – but
I love playing
her bitchy
lnsideSoap 49


How would you sum up your
Walford experience so far?
EastEnders has changed my
life completely for the better.
To grasp such a meaty and
fun character who people
like to watch has been great
for me. To be nominated for
Best Newcomer is an honour,
and to be part of one of the
show’s most iconic families
is amazing. I just feel blessed
to be here every day.

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