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Inside Soap August 6 12 2016.pdf

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Inside this week’s lnsideSoap

ISSUE 31 6-12AUG2016


Aidan makes
a massive Maria mistake
– will he Eva live it down?
Corrie clears
house! Peter Barlow’s back,
Michael’s out of time, Steve’s
a double babydaddy – and
Maria is the other woman?
24 Phelan seeks Sally’s council
25 Michael is finally a
hit with someone!
26 Beth polices Craig’s dreams
30 Gemma ‘shops’ Rita
38 Nick goes into battle
in the Robert wars


The Inside Soap
Awards 2016 are on their way!
This issue, it’s the Corrie
cast’s turn to play dress up
and tell us why the show
deserves your votes…


Grant Phils
a gap in the Mitchell clan
17 Buster is bowing out
Kush fails to
‘lock’ lips – and Carmel
wants to attend Mas!
Ben and Jay
make a dangerous play?
29 Claudette’s big battle
with bumptious Babe


Zak loves Lisa
– so is Joanie jilting him?
22 David is stunned by a Frank
admission from Tracy’s dad
28 Carly’s Christmas
comes round in April


Andy is all
trialled up as Chrissie
cries crocodile tears

29 Ste is in for a bit of
Barnes storming!

42 Joanne stoops to a
low blow to nab Joe



19 Goldie McQueen:
more like gold-digger!

20 Mercedes wants a wedding
– but Joe wants the truth
21 Myra and her brood
are thick and thieves
26 Ellie and Freddie primed
for a barney over Marnie?

16 Irene’s Outback

odyssey – thanks
to her cuckoo son
30 Marilyn returns home!


28 Brad takes the Lawson
into his own hands

40 Susan might need


to watch the Elly!


57 Your complete guide
to the week’s telly




32 What Happens When?
54 The Inside Gossip
90 7 Days
92 Puzzles
94 Soapbox
95 Request spot
96 Stars
98 Inside…Out!

90 A fabulous selection


of books and DVDs
to give away
92 £250 up for grabs!
94 Cash for letters and
a crazy caption!



Good old Grant,
he ain’t lost his
touch! Just when
we thought his
return would be
all about Mitchell
family feuds (and
possibly his secret son by
Michelle if the rumours are
true!), out comes that old
Grant magic as he seduces
one of the ladies of Walford.
Now that’s more like it,
EastEnders! Who he beds
is a closely guarded secret
– but being Inside Soap, we
take a stab at the identity of
the lucky lady over on p6.
And Grant’s not the only
one in the throes of lust this
week. Corrie’s Maria… what
are you doing? Mind you,
we reckon getting it on with
Aidan is a big step up from
your last dirty deed when you
started stalking Tyrone! Over
in the Dales, however, what
was once the hottest lust
has definitely turned cold, as
scheming Chrissie pushes
forward with her plot to frame
boyfriend Andy. Luckily, life is
rosier for actor Kelvin Fletcher
off screen (see p34)… Enjoy!
Steven Murphy, Edit