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Inside Soap August 6 12 2016.pdf

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rant’s mission to
save his family
doesn’t exactly
go according to
plan this week,
as he and brother Phil end up
at loggerheads – and Sharon
is caught in the middle!
It’s a tense reunion for the
brothers as old wounds are
reopened and fresh feuds
ignited. Will they emerge from
their showdown stronger for it,
or more estranged than ever?
“It was never going to be
a happy reunion for the boys,
given everything they’ve been
through in the past,” explains
our EastEnders insider. “But
with their beloved mother
Peggy having recently been
laid to rest, you’d think they
would have become united.
Typically, though, they’re the
same old Phil and Grant


– and their default setting is
just to lay into each other!”
Sharon is the first person to
see Grant when he rocks up,
and it’s not long before the two
old flames become locked in
a tense heart-to-heart. As they
stare into each other’s eyes
and Grant reaches out to hold
her, flustered Sharon pleads
with him to talk to Phil and sort
out their differences. However,
when the brothers do come
face to face, Grant accuses
Phil of helping Peggy to die!
“Grant left the Square
content in the knowledge that
he and Phil had convinced
Peggy not to end
d her own life,”
our mole reminds
s us. “He can’t
believe that Phil lost control of
the situation, and
d feels terrible
that he wasn’t the
ere to prevent
it from happening
g himself.
Grant blames Phil for it all.”



Is it really curtains between
Sharon and Grant? Or will
passions heat up again?

As his sibling swears blind
that he had nothing to do with
Peggy’s death, Grant brings
up the issue of the money that
Phil still owes him. It was Grant
who loaned Phil the cash to
help Kathy while she was still
on the run, and now Grant is
desperate for his dosh back.
The problem is, Phil doesn’t
have the readies – and having
said that, he orders Grant to

leave. It falls to Sharon to
beg Phil to let Grant stay in
Walford and work out their
problems – and while Phil
mulls her words of wisdom,
she goes on the hunt for her
leather-clad ex. But what
will happen if and when
she comes across him?
“Let’s just say that Grant
ends up in the arms of one
Walford woman,” grins our
source. “He still has the
Mitchell charm, and this
particular Square siren
Sharon confronts Phil, and
is putty in his hands!”

urges him to listen to his
sibling in his time of need


Ding ding, ro nd… well, we’ve
lost count of the number of
fights between these two!
lnsideSoap 5