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Inside Soap March 31 April 6 2018 .pdf

Nome del file originale: Inside_Soap_March_31_-_April_6_2018.pdf
Titolo: Inside Soap UK - 31 March 2018
Autore: Djack

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The truth!







Ted’s grief:
Joyce dead!

9 770966 849166




31 MAR
– 6 APR

Issue 13 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2018

ow, have
Walford and
d a personality
wap? In Corrie
e have big,
isssues plots,
schemers and cliffh
hanging drama
– while EastEnders
has changed its fun
etting to maximum,
ass we have Kat and

co involved in some high
jinks over a fake death.
There’s been a lot of
debate about whether

“I’m enjoying the
change in Corrie”
Corrie has become too
dark, or if EastEnders has
lost its edge – but I’m quite
enjoying the change, and
we all know that it isn’t
going to last forever.


Your stars
this week!

Take this week as an
example: in Corrie, we have
some hilarious Mary action,
and Chesney dressed as a
haddock – while EastEnders
sees a shock death (a real
one this time), and the start
of some twisted drama as
Hunter looks set to follow
in his dad’s footsteps.
You don’t know what the
soaps will bring you next,
and I love that. Although I’m
okay for people dressed
up as haddock for the
time being, thank you…
Steven Murphy, Edito


Colson Smith
“Craig panics – he
realises that he
could lose it all!”



Coronation Street

12 Craig suffers as the police call
24 Jude’s job arouses suspicions…
28 Carla hides her feelings for Ali
30 Ches dresses up as a haddock!
48 Shona’s struggles with David


Just shut up
and keep

me again, am
I playing Ronnie
or Roxy?

Fiona Wade

8 Hunter to show his dark side?
10 E20 is open for business!
20 Kat tries to repair the damage
26 Ted’s angry daughter turns up
29 Billy tries to win back Honey
50 You Ask… Danny Walters (Keanu)

...and more!


52 Star watch
54 Blast from the Past with…

4 Robert & Aaron’s kidnap hell!
18 Brenda cracks at last?
28 Daz & Bernice hit the rocks
31 Sly Robert gets Joe arrested!
38 Priya wants to go it alone…

“Priya tells herself
that she doesn’t
need her family”

56 Style watch
92 Who’s Who?
14 Inside Gossip – soap news 94 Puzzles
96 Hot List
32 What Happens When?
98 Hits
34 Soapbox
& Misses
46 10 Facts About…


Anthony Quinlan

former Emmerdale, Corrie
and Family Affairs star
Ken Farrington

Annie Jones


“Jane has absorbed
a lot of Mrs Mangel’s
character traits… ”

I hope I don’t
chicken out of this

22 Scheming Kyle causes havoc
29 Sienna’s lies continue…
31 Tegan wakes up from her coma
40 Alfie hears a voice in his head



28 Rafael to depart for the UK?
31 Mishti told she’s lost her baby
42 Plain Jane Superbrain returns!

Last Laugh
In Vegas

Home and Away

30 Holby City All change at the top
44 Casualty The end for Glen?

British stars
see their name
in lights. Turn
to p57 to find
out more…

Danny Walters

29 Maggie’s cancer caught early…
30 Robbo hunted down by Ash
45 Cop Colby’s secret past revealed?

“There’s a friendship
forming between
Keanu and Jay”



First with the week’s HOTTEST headlines...



Robert &

What does
desperate Syd
have in store
for Seb?



obert’s world is
turned upside down
this week, after an
escaped prisoner
snatches baby Seb – before
turning on Aaron and taking
the stunned fella hostage!
Robert and Aaron’s nightmare
unfolds as they celebrate
getting one over on Joe,
having joined forces with

4 lnsideSoap

Jimmy to hit the Home Farm
supremo where it hurts (see
p31). But Aaron’s joy turns to
pure horror when he chances
upon the dangerous escapee
cradling Seb in his home…
“You can imagine all the
terrible thoughts that race
through Aaron’s mind as this
extremely volatile situation
develops before his eyes,”

shares our Dales informant.
“For all he knows, this guy is
armed and intends to hurt Seb.
One wrong move and that
could be it for both of them.”
What Aaron quickly comes
to realise, though, is that the
criminal who’s broken into
his house isn’t a stranger, but
rather someone with whom
he’s already had dealings.

Emmerdale viewers should
cast their minds back to the
end of last year, when Aaron
and Cain helped Adam Barton
escape from the prison van
transporting him to court.
Travelling with him in the
vehicle was another inmate,
Syd, whom Cain and Aaron
freed from the truck to make it
look as if he was the jailbird


they were helping to abscond
– and that Adam’s getaway
was merely an opportunistic
move made on the back of
Syd’s bid for freedom.
However, that decision
comes back to haunt them
as angry Syd reappears and
demands £100,000 – or else!
“Syd has been on the run for
all these months and is clearly

very desperate,” explains
our source. “When we
first met him, his jovial
manner made him seem
relatively harmless as
convicts go. But the fact
that he is willing to threaten
a young baby just goes to
show that Syd shouldn’t
be underestimated…”

Syd puts the frighteners
on Robert and Aaron –
will they give him cash?

Unfortunately, that’s the mistake
Aaron ends up making after he relays
Syd’s demands to Robert. Together they
plan to meet Syd without any intention
of handing over the money, and Robert
is left uneasy when Aaron and Cain
suggest violence is the only language
a lowlife like Syd will understand to
convince him to back off.
With that, the trio meet him at the
scrapyard, and between the three of
them give Syd a good pasting – before
locking him inside one of the metal
cages. However, it’s a move that comes
back to haunt them in spectacular
fashion when Robert receives a live
video call from Aaron, who is gagged
and bound to a chair!
“In the space of a few days, Robert
faces losing his son and his true love,”
despairs our mole. “It’s taken so long
for them to get to a point where they
are blissfully happy again, and now
there is every chance it will be ripped
away. Poor Robert is beside himself.”
As Robert realises the situation has
spiralled disastrously out of control,

he faces a race against time to
settle up with Syd and ensure
Aaron’s safe return home. Can
he come up with a foolproof plan
to rescue his fella from a terrible
fate – or are Robert and Aaron set
to be torn apart for good this time?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Robert’s blood is
chilled when he
receives the video
call from Aaron



hile Robert deals with
eal prospect
the very re
of losing his partner,
s on the verg
confused Rebecca is
of regaining her mem
mory – and
her nephew,
finally realising that h
ble for the
Lachlan, is responsib
deaths of her family!
sn’t been
Poor Rebecca has
able to recall the moment
that saw Lachlan gra
the wheel of the car tthe
Whites were travellin
in, crashing the vehic
and killing his granda
Lawrence and mothe
Chrissie. Her memorry
lapses have also see
her unintentionally put
herself and son Seb in
some very precarious

6 lnsideSoap

uations – so this wee
ek Rebecca is
dettermined to do some
ething about
and hopes a hypnoth
it, a
herapist could
be the answer to her prroblems.
when Lachlan gets
nd of Rebecca’s plan
n, he insists
on going with her – bec
cause he
ars that the treatmentt will help her
o unlock incriminating
g reminders
of his deadly tre
As his aunt h
heads in to
her appointtment and
Lachlan w
waits outside
y, the last
g members of
the White clan seem
d for an epic
clash. Is
s Rebecca
set to find closure –
and is itt the end of
the line for Lachlan?

Louise is smitten –
but is Hunter just
as keen on her?


What does Hunter
have in store for
the Mitchells?


ad boy Hunter puts
pressure on Louise
to sleep with him this
week – but could she
live to regret getting involved
with the troubled teen?
Square newcomer Charlie
Winter, who plays Hunter, warns
us that his unruly alter ego is
on a mission – and doesn’t
care who will be hurt as long
as he get what he wants…
“He’s slightly psychotic!”
chuckles the star. “Hunter has
deep-rooted issues with his
mum Mel, because since he

8 lnsideSoap

arrived in the Square he’s found
out all these things about his
dad Steve that he didn’t know.
People around him are making
these little comments, and it’s
pushing him to find out more
and more. However, the way
he goes about that is vicious!”
Viewers will know that Steve
was left to die by Phil Mitchell
following a terrifying car crash
(see box) – but Hunter has
remained oblivious so far. In
fact, it’s been all wine and
roses between the Mitchells
and the Owens since Phil

came to Hunter’s rescue with
some good advice. Will all that
love extend to Hunter making
a play for Phil’s daughter?
At the start of the week,
Sharon and Louise take the
initiative and invite Hunter
over for a family dinner –
but the atmosphere is ruined
when worried Mel barges in

and demands that her son
leave immediately. And after
drunk Sharon bites back, it
would seem that this meal
is going to leave a sour taste
in everyone’s mouths.
“Their mothers may have
been best mates, but Hunter
and Louise’s fathers hated
each other,” says our insider.

People around Hunter
are making comments
about Steve Owen”

The history behind their rivalry…
Steve was never fond
of the Mitchell clan,
starting a feud with
Phil’s brother Grant. But
it wasn’t until Phil slept
with Steve’s fiancée Mel
– and Steve later found
out about it – that things
turned really nasty.

Steve was a suspect in
the case of ‘Who Shot
Phil?’ as he had motive
and access to a gun.
When Mel was later
kidnapped, Phil saved
her – before she set
light to E20 after being
told of Steve’s antics.

Phil and Steve’s rift
deepened when he told
the Mitchell hard man
that he and Sharon had
a fling while they were
together. Phil attacked
Steve, who had him
done for assault – and
set about seducing Phil’s
sister Sam in revenge.


“What would
Hunter do if
he discovered
Steve and
Mel isn’t at all
Phil’s history
impressed by
Hunter bonding
with Phil
Mel’s boy has
too much of his
finds her son hanging out with
dad in him. Take note, Phil!”
Phil again, and Hunter has to
Hunter later seizes the
work hard to convince her all
opportunity to join Phil at
is okay between them. While it
the Arches – and as the
takes a lot of persuading, his
hard man shows Hunter
mum is eventually reassured
the ropes, the lad appears
– though Hunter’s next move
genuinely interested. But
will shock both her and Phil!
Mel is furious when she

Steve and Phil were
involved in a car chase
after Phil found out
Steve was taking Lisa
and Louise to the US.
When the pursuit ended
in a crash, Phil saved
Louise – but left Steve
to die in the flames.

They’ve only just become
romantically involved, but
Hunter is keen to bed Louise.
Despite being besotted, Louise
feels they’re rushing things
– yet after chatting with best
mate Bex, she comes to the
decision to go for it.

The question is: is Hunter’s
interest in her genuine? Given
what star Charlie has told us,
we’re worried Louise could be
headed for a fall – or something
far worse if Hunter’s psychotic
tendencies take over…
Kate White
lnsideSoap 9


of the

Mel and Sharon certainly
aren’t a little green when
it comes to running a club


od rest their souls,
but the Mitchell
sisters are old news
when it comes to
the East End club scene – as
blonde beauties Sharon and
Mel join forces this week to
relaunch Walford’s E20!
The glam pair are all smiles
as they welcome the local
residents to enjoy an evening
out down the disco, with a few
surprises to entice them on to
the dance floor. But as ever
with the Square’s ill-fated
night spot, there are a few
hiccups along the way…

10 lnsideSoap

“If you
consider the
history of this
dive, things were
never going to run smoothly,”
scoffs our EastEnders insider.
“We’re talking about the same
building that Mel once set
alight in a fit of rage, and
where Dirty Den Watts’ made
a shock return from the grave.
Frankly, it’s a wonder Mel and
Sharon are so breezy about
reviving a nightclub that has
caused them both so much

pain in the past. But someone
had to put the spice back into
the Square – and these two
ladies are the ones to do it!”
While Phil owns the club,
Sharon decided it was time to
put it back on the map again,
and hired Mel as her manager.
They’ve had their differences,
but their shared flair for glitz
and glamour is something
they agree on, as preparations
for a swanky launch bash get
under way. However, a major
spanner is thrown in the works

Given the history of
E20, things were never
going to run smoothly”

after thieves break into the
club, helping themselves to
booze and Mel’s handbag
while they’re at it!
With that, the ladies and
their staff are forced to work
twice as hard – and it’s all
hands on deck to ensure E20
is ready to open its doors in
time for the big reveal. Luckily
Sharon and Mel pull it off, and
their friends and neighbours
arrive to be greeted by some
very handsome waiters!
As the dynamic duo survey
the results of their hard work,
is E20 back to its best? Or is
it only a matter of time before
the venue becomes a magnet
for deadly drama again?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself…
Mel and Sharon should count themselves lucky
they only have thieves to deal with – because the
last time E20 opened in Walford, it was murder!
Valentine’s Day 1999 saw bloody mayhem when
club owner Steve Owen was attacked by his
crazy ex Saskia Duncan. He fought off the raging
minx and dealt her a fatal blow – before burying
her body deep in Epping Forest! Meanwhile, club
DJ Matthew Rose was rewarded for his help by
being framed by ruthless Steve for the killing…

Mel has a big
task on her
hands getting
the club ready
for its reopening

Billy misses the memo on
the collars-but-no-shirt
policy for the relaunch

lnsideSoap 11

No one knows what
to think after Craig
barricades himself in




raig’s OCD threatens
to overwhelm him
this week, as he
barricades himself in
his flat and refuses to leave!
The meltdown comes after
Craig breaks the news to
Bethany that disgraced officer
Neil Clifton is appealing his
conviction for raping her.
Telling Bethany what has
happened breaks police rules,
and leaves Craig in hot water
with his bosses – pushing
the already-troubled young
copper right to the edge…
“Craig is just trying to look
out for Bethany,” insists star
Colson Smith, defending his
alter ego’s actions. “He’s

12 lnsideSoap

broken the rules for her before,
so why not do it again? I think
it’s a knee-jerk reaction. When
he hears that Neil wants to
get his conviction overturned,
it’s the worst news possible
in his current mindset, so he
goes straight to the Platts’
to tell Bethany. It’s spur-ofthe-moment – he doesn’t
think of the consequences.”
After DC Leigh discovers
that Craig has divulged the
sensitive information, she
suggests that he take a break
from his special constable
work. Later, as Craig is
performing his OCD rituals
at home, the police arrive
to search the flat, as it was

the last known address of
murdered Andy Carver. But
the unexpected intrusion
sends poor Craig into a frenzy,
so he bolts the door and
refuses to allow anyone in!
“He panics, because the
only thing he wants is to be a
police officer, and he realises
he could lose it all,” explains
Colson. “Also, he doesn’t want
to be distracted while he’s
doing his rituals. So when
there’s banging on the door

and the buzzer going off, and
people shouting outside, Craig
is close to a breakdown!”
Fortunately, while all the
commotion is going on,
Bethany manages to get
into the flat via the balcony
fire door. She’s horrified to
discover a very distressed
and tearful Craig – just as
the police burst in.
“Craig keeps doing his
rituals in front of Bethany, but
he can see that he’s scaring

With all the banging
and shouting, Craig is
close to a breakdown”

Bethany takes Craig
home with her to try to
calm down her friend

sighs Colson. “He starts
worrying that Leigh will have
told everyone, and that they’re
all laughing at him. He can’t
see that Bethany was trying
to help him, as everything is
clouded by his OCD.”
His mother Beth tries to
calm Craig down, reassuring

Something’s cooking at the curry house…

Leigh to try to explain Craig’s
actions, and begs his superior
to be lenient with him for telling
her about Neil’s appeal.
“Craig wants to make it as
a police officer by himself, so
after he finds out that Bethany
has gone behind his back, he’s
instantly anxious and upset,”

Corrie boss Kate Oates recently hinted that there
could be even more anxiety ahead for troubled
Craig, after a newcomer arrives on the cobbles…
“We have someone called Kayla,” explained
the series producer, while chatting about the newly
extended Victoria Street set. “She’s working at
[new restaurant] Speed Daal – and she’s going
to create problems for Bethany and Craig.”
Whatever can it mean? Craig has long held a
torch for Bethany, and all of his recent actions
have been motivated by the fact that she is clearly
the most important woman in his life. But could
newcomer Kayla – who’s set to be played by
actress Mollie Winnard – supplant Bethany in the
young special constable’s affections?

lnsideSoap 13


her,” shares
Colson. “Once
he’s finished
his rituals, he
calms down
and Bethany
is shocked
takes him
after walking
home with her.
in on Craig
Craig is so
his rituals
confused by
what’s going
on in his head, and when
he realises everyone thinks
there’s something wrong
with him, he feels worse than
ever. After he sees a doctor
and gets an OCD diagnosis,
it’s almost a relief.”
Bethany then takes it
upon herself to speak to DC

him that Bethany meant no
harm and was just looking out
for his well-being. But with
his career in the police force
hanging in the balance and his
reputation potentially in tatters,
is Craig in the right frame of
mind to listen to anyone?
Tom Spilsbu

Laura-Jayne snoops behi

Albert Square…


here’s a huge cast
shake-up under way
at EastEnders –
with the news that three
big names are due to
leave the soap this spring.
In what is perhaps a
controversial exit, actress
Jenna Russell is waving
goodbye to Michelle Fowler,
after she was brought in
to play the iconic role
that was originally made
famous by Susan Tully.
The decision to recast
Michelle in 2016 received
a mixed reaction from fans,
with stories such as her
illicit affair with 17-year-old
student Preston Cooper –
and bother with stalker Tom
Bailey – among the most
memorable. Michelle has
had very little screen time of
late, but Walford bosses and
Jenna insist it was a mutual
decision to write her out.
“Just for clarity, I wasn’t
‘axed’ – just fancied doing
something else,” the star
posted on social media,
before going on to confirm
that “nothing else” has
brought about her exit,
as she signed off with
the hashtag #actorslife.

14 lnsideSoap

Meanwhile, Square chiefs
have announced that Richard
Blackwood will be bidding
farewell, after three years of
playing Kim’s husband Vincent.
“I have loved every minute
of my time at EastEnders and,
although I will be sad to say
goodbye, it feels like the right
time to leave,” says the actor.
“I have been truly blessed with
some great storylines since the a much more dramatic
departure on the cards?
moment I joined, but when
Finally, pop star Lee Ryan
I was presented with my last
is signing off as bar manager
story, I knew it was time for
Harry ‘Woody’ Woodward.
Vincent to depart Walford.”
Whitney’s ex-fiancé will be
The former gangster turned
back on screen next week –
police informant made his
sparking an awkward reunion
East End debut during the
for the pair – but is destined to
show’s ‘Live Week’ to mark
depart again once Lee reaches
its 30th birthday in 2015. His
most recent storylines resulted the end of his contract. Sorry
to see you all go, guys!
in trouble with wife Kim and
him losing his
bar The Albert
Things have been
to evil Aidan
fraught between Vincent
Maguire –
and Kim for months
so with his
business gone
and marriage
on the rocks,
will Vincent
decide there is
simply nothing
left for him in
Walford? Or is

Preston and
afair raised


As doors close
in Walford,


t sounds as though Kat
and Alfie will be forced to
confront their marriage
troubles face to face, with
the news that Shane Richie
is returning to EastEnders!
Reports suggest the star –
who has made no secret of his
desire to head home to Walford
– will return to the set within
weeks to begin filming again…
“My wife wants me to get
back to work,” confessed
Shane in a recent interview.
“She’s desperate for me to do
EastEnders, so I will. I’ve had
two years off and I think that
was enough for me. I’m ready
to go back if they’ll have me.
It’s the best gig on TV.”
When Kat landed back in
Albert Square, she admitted
to Stacey that she and Alfie
were on a break in the wake
of the drama they’ve been

What’s next
for the

through together over the
past three years. He’s still
in Spain with their children,
having found some work in
another bar – but judging
by Kat’s raucous return to
the East End, she doesn’t
appear keen on a reunion
with her estranged hubby
any time soon. Will her
reluctance to confront their
many problems force Alfie’s
hand and bring him home
to Albert Square?
EastEnders bosses are
staying tight-lipped on
whether the gossip is true,
but the rumour is that we’ll
be seeing Alfie for a brief
period during the spring.
Watch this space!

lnsideSoap 15

Michelle could
be the next Street
serial killer, if starr
Kym Marsh
has her way! “I’d
actually like more
psychopath stuf,”
she confesses.


Not guilty!

Two famous faces are
heading back to the Street…



Meanwhile, both
Corrie and Emmerdale
are in the clear after
complaints were
made against Phelan’s
killer antics and the
recent acid attack on
Ross Barton. Broadcast
regulator Ofcom ruled
that neither story
breached the rules
that govern TV drama.

upposed psychic
Rosemary is currently
spooking Gail and Audrey
with tales of their dead exMax Branning fans
husbands, but there is one
rejoice! The Square
former flame who romanced
bad boy will be
both mother and daughter and
back on our screens
is very much alive – and he’s on
soon with another
his way back to Weatherfield
huge story, according
to cause the pair more drama!
to star Jake Wood.
Lewis is both
It’s reported that con man
“I hope Max finds some
a charmer and
a scoundrel
Lewis Archer – played by Nigel
happiness and stability this
Havers – will reappear on the
year – but knowing him, it’s
cobbles, after two previous stints
unlikely!” chuckles the actor.
saw him dupe both Audrey and Gail.
“I do owe Gail 40 grand and, as an
honourable man, I’d like to pay that
back!” joked Nigel, in an interview for
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. “It was
wonderful doing the show.”
However, Lewis isn’t the only blast
from the past that Audrey will have to
contend with. Salon owner Claudia
Colby was the old pal who introduced
We’re pretty sure the Rovers adheres
her to Lewis in the first place – and with
to an over-18s policy – but an exception
star Rula Lenska due to reprise her role
was made recently for star Shayne
in a separate story, it will be interesting
Ward’s baby daughter Willow, who
to see why she’s returned to the Street.
joined her father at work. “Okay,
So, are Gail and Audrey set to have
daddy, just the one…” was the
their hearts broken and purses lightened
adorable caption that accompanied
by Lewis again? Or has life on the run
the snap taken by Shayne’s missus,
led to the fraudster changing his ways?
ex-Hollyoaks star Sophie Austin
(Lindsey Roscoe). Aw, so cute!

Back with
a bang

Soap SPY...


Daddy day care!




etrayed Brenda is
heartbroken this
week, as her plan
for a trip away for
her and Bob is ruined.
Despite everything she
knows has gone on, Brenda
is determined not to give up
on her relationship with Bob,
and she’s hoping that a family
trip away from the village will
help the pair reconnect. But
when Bob doesn’t make it to
the excursion, Brenda is left
stranded in Whitby with his kids
Heath and Cathy. Meanwhile
in the village, Bob and Laurel
fall into bed together – and it’s
the last straw for Brenda…
“Brenda isn’t cruel, but she
has a temper, and she can

lose it,” admits Lesley Dunlop,
who plays the cheated wife-tobe. “She’s planned this family
trip to Whitby with the children
– who aren’t even Brenda’s,
might I add! It’s just something
that she wants all of them to
do together. But it ends in
bitter disappointment.”
Brenda’s heartbreak comes
as Bob and Laurel finally
realise the true depth of their
feelings for each other. It’s
a random moment in the
Woolpack which sparks the
change of pace for the duo,
after Laurel gets chatted up by
a handsome man at the bar.
Seething with jealousy, Bob is
back at the café venting when
he ends up whacking a water
pipe out of frustration, sending
water shooting everywhere!
He’s drenched and fuming
by the time that Laurel turns
up to help with the mess –
but outrage soon turns into
passion, and the sodden
couple fall back into one

Brenda has disguised
the fact that she knows
about Laurel’s betrayal

18 lnsideSoap

another’s arms. Meanwhile,
poor Brenda is still stranded
by the seaside in Whitby,
oblivious to the fact that her
errant partner is on the verge
of spending yet another
surreptitious night at Mulberry
Cottage with Laurel.

I’m hoping that Brenda
won’t end up holding a
gun to Laurel’s head!”

The village
Ashley as
his headstone
is erected…

Laurel and Bob have
struggled to stay away
from one another

However, when Laurel’s son
Arthur finds Bob’s jacket at
home and returns it to Brenda
the following day, it doesn’t
take long for the penny drop
– and for Brenda to begin
plotting for revenge.
“She’s distraught to realise
what’s been going on, but she
can’t let on she knows,” sighs
Lesley. “I don’t think she’s
really that aware of what she’s
doing – she’s just treading
water. She finds Laurel’s wallet

on a table, but she’s not
actually planning anything at
that point. While she picks it
up, she’s struggling with what
to do with it – and then she
has a bottle of wine…”
The following day, Laurel
tells Bob that her bank card
has been stolen, with no idea
that Brenda is the thief. So is
Brenda about to make Laurel
pay – quite literally?
“Brenda is very desperate,”
Lesley tells us. “She loved

While Laurel is sneaking
about with Bob, Harriet
tells her that Ashley’s
headstone is about to be
delivered to the village.
It’s an emotional
moment for Laurel who,
despite her burgeoning
relationship with Bob,
still misses her dearly
departed husband. Now
more than ever she’s
likely to be craving the
support of someone as
close to her as Bob
currently is – but when
the village gathers to
once again remember
its beloved vicar as his
headstone is installed,
it’s unclear if he’ll be able
to reach out to her.
With Brenda watching
Laurel’s every move, will
she be forced to endure
her sorrow alone?

Laurel, and her husband
Ashley, so it’s hard for her to
hate Laurel. But seeing Bob
and her friend like this is also
very difficult for Brenda –
although I don’t think she’s
intending to be malicious.
“Maybe she will just end
up locking Laurel in a barn or
something?” continues the
actress. “I’m hoping that she
won’t be holding a gun to
Laurel’s head or anything!”
Allison Jones
lnsideSoap 19


Back in


ash-strapped Kat
comes up with a plan
to make money this
week – by launching
the Slater cleaning company.
Thanks to Mo’s debts and
the scam over her fake death,
the family owe many creditors
and need to start paying up.
While Big Mo has explored all

the dodgy avenues she can to
get her hands on some readies,
Kat decides that if they’re going
to live in Walford, they need to
play it straight. So she comes
up with the bright idea of
starting a cleaning company…
“Kat isn’t afraid of hard work,
and it’s something they can
all do together,” reasons our

Will Denise ofer Kat
a sympathetic ear?

Square mole. “Given that she
was a millionaire just a short
time ago, it must be a bump
down to earth for Kat – but she
won’t give up. She knows that
her family need her, especially
Stacey. The only way to start
fixing this mess
is to get their
hands dirty.”
The problem
is, their angry
neighbours in
Walford are not
ready to forgive
and forget what the Slaters
did. They are appalled by Mo’s
plot to raise money by faking
Kat’s death and then trying
to flog the donated coffin.
It’s tawdry stuff, so when Kat
starts handing out flyers and
trying to get people to help

them with the cleaning
company, no one is interested
– and she begins to realise that
glossing over what happened
just isn’t going to work.
Only Karen Taylor will give
Kat the time of day as she
battles her
The two women
laugh together in
the launderette,
as Karen knows
exactly what it’s
like to be public
enemy number one. However,
after Kat starts pitching to
Karen’s customers, the budding
friendship sours – and soon
she is back to square one,
without buyers for her services.
“Kat must wonder how it all
went so wrong,” sighs our spy.

“Kat must
wonder how
it all went so

“What’s the betting
that Eva wants to
hang on to her baby
after she gives birth,
and that Toyah
is going to lose
any lingering grip
she has on reality?
Mark my words –
they’ll ind her up
on the factory roof
with that baby!”
…reckons reader
“Instead of dull old
Alfie Moon coming back to
EastEnders for the umpteenth
time, how about giving Kat
a new man in her life? Max
Branning is at a bit of a loose
end at the moment – and
he’s got form when it comes
to the Slater women!”
…teases reader Chrissy
from Edinburgh
“There’s not enough oldies in
Emmerdale now. I think they
should bring some famous
faces back to TV. My choice
would be Hyacinth Bucket
from Keeping Up Appearances.
She’d be brilliant in the Dales.”
…pleads reader Ann
“If UK actors are
crossing over to
Neeighbours, I’d like
o see Hollyoaks’
Danny Mac as
tthe Brennans’
English cousin.
e’s certainly got
tthe abs for it!”
…suggests reader
nda from London

“The last time she left town,
she was heading off for a
wonderful new life in Spain
with Alfie and the kids. They
were minted, too, thanks
to the lottery win. Now she
can’t even get people to
let her scrub their toilets.”
Mind you, it’s Stacey
who’s suffering the most.
She’s been tarnished by
what Big Mo and Kat did,

despite being unaware of
the scam. Given the trauma
of her marriage break-up
and now this, Stacey needs
love and support from her
family. However, when they
head over to the Vic for a
drink, the locals are ready
to give them a piece of their
mind. Is there any way
back for the Slaters now?
Kate White


Mick feels like he’s
already been taken to
the cleaners by Kat

Each week, we invite readers to share their dream
soap storylines on our lnsideSoap Facebook page.
Check it out and join in the fun at
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lnsideSoap 21




yle finds himself torn
between James and
Sami this week, as he
continues to play the
pair off against each other!
Having agreed to help
Sami with his revenge plan
against James, Kyle is trying
desperately to get James to
fall in love with him. The only
problem is, Kyle is starting
to fall for James for real…
“Initially Kyle saw this as an
easy job, because he quite
fancies James – so he was
getting paid to do something

22 lnsideSoap

he enjoys,” chuckles actor
Adam Rickitt, who plays Kyle.
“However, he starts to develop
proper feelings for James,
and that’s when the task gets
harder and harder for him.”
Having been offered a large
amount of money to help Sami
with his wicked scheme, Kyle
is desperate to do a good job
– since he needs the cash to
pay for stem-cell treatment in
Mexico to help ease his MS
symptoms. He’s been lying to
Sami that the plan is going
well, when in fact it’s failing

miserably – and the stress of
the situation pushes poorly
Kyle into a relapse this week.
“Kyle has relapsing-remitting
MS, and it tends to affect his
muscles,” explains Adam. “So
unfortunately he does have a
bit of an episode – but Sami
is there for him. The way this
storyline has been set up,

there’s no goody or baddy,
as both Sami and Kyle have
their reasons for doing what
they’re doing. And I think once
the two of them find out what
those reasons are, they form
quite a nice emotional bond.”
Kyle’s loyalties are put
to the test, though, when he
gatecrashes a party designed

There’s no goody or
baddy – they both
have their reasons”

James is determined
to cause trouble at his
family’s gathering

[Finnegan, aka James] – it was
an entire day’s filming, and he
was absolutely on it all day.”
Thanks to Kyle’s meddling,
it doesn’t sound as though
the bitter feud between these
families will be put to bed any

to bring the
warring Maalik
and Nightingale
clans together.
And all hell
Kyle has agreed
breaks loose
to help Sami with
after James
his nefarious plot
causes a scene
annoyed at Marnie for not
to push people’s buttons…
standing by her son.
“James isn’t invited to
“Those scenes are some
the party, but Kyle eggs him
of the funniest I’ve ever seen
on to go and cause a stir
on Hollyoaks, and filming them
anyway,” grins Adam. “He’s
was absolutely awesome,”
very much on James’ side
adds the star. “Hats off to Greg
in all of this, and genuinely

time soon! But will he end the
week one step closer to making
James fall in love with him? Or
will Sami ramp up the pressure
as he tries to bring down his
nemesis once and for all?
Sarah Ellis

Who will Kyle pledge his allegiance to?
As this twisted triangle is bent further out of shape,
Kyle may be forced to decide where his loyalties
lie. So would he pick James or Sami?
“If it was a straight choice between the two of
them, he’d pick James every time,” reckons Adam.
“But the real choice is between James and the stemcell treatment. Even though Kyle has fallen for him
big time, James treats him pretty badly! So as much
as he loves James, is it worth risking his health for
an infatuation which may never be reciprocated?”

lnsideSoap 23




here’s a shock in
store for Mary this
week – when she
discovers the truth
about Jude’s working life.
Until recently, the marine
biologist and his clan were
struggling for money. What’s
strange is that Jude didn’t
seem in a hurry to get back to
work – and even tried to dodge
an interview for a job in his
field. But while Mary and Angie
were delighted when he landed
a role back in the industry,
why is Jude being so cagey?

“Jude has already explained
that he was in a more senior
position in South Africa, so this
job isn’t ideal,” sighs our Corrie
insider. “But at least it’s not
a million miles away from
what he loves, and it’ll bring
in some money. Mary thought
this might be a turning point
for her son, and she’s just
desperate to be supportive.
After all, the success of this
job could decide whether Jude
and his family stay in the area.”
As Jude arrives home from
work, Mary makes a big effort

Mary thought this
might be a turning
point for her son…”
24 lnsideSoap

to chat about his day and
to give him a chance to tell
her about it. But instead of
confiding in her, Jude is keen
to move the conversation along.
Mary worries that the reason
he’s so closed about it is that
her son is ashamed of her and
doesn’t want her involved in
his professional life. So she
resolves to bridge the gap by
studying up on marine biology
so that she can prove to Jude
that she’s capable of learning.
As usual, Mary goes over
the top on her quest and boss
Tracy is driven half-mad by her
prattling on about the subject.
But after Tracy spies Jude
buying magazines about
marine biology at the Kabin,
she’s intrigued and reckons

Mary is about to
discover that all
is not as it seems

something isn’t quite right. So
when Mary later reveals that
she and Angie plan to surprise
Jude at work, Tracy can’t
resist the chance to tag along.
“Tracy is certain there’s
something fishy going on
here!” jokes our punning mole.
“Jude is acting odd, and Tracy
wants to know why. When she
and Mary get there, Tracy can’t

You can say

that again!
“Auntie Kat, well…
She’s going to be coming here
soon, but not like that. You know
Arthur’s robot that he loves? You know
when he runs out of batteries, he stops
moving and all his lights go of? Well,
Auntie Kat… She’s stopped moving and
all her lights aren’t working any more.”
It’s a beautiful metaphor. Happily,
Kat is anything but inanimate – and,
especially in that new bra, her
lights are on full beam.

“Practice my birth
position? I’ll be lat on my
back, thank you. Gas and air
in one hand, curling tongs in
the other, bubbles chilling at
me feet. Preferably pink. Put
that in your action plan.”
We look forward to seeing
Eva screaming out “Oh! God!
No!” between swigs of
Rosé Frizzante.

Angie is grateful
that her husband
finally has a job

“Megan’s coming
over. She’s had a tip-of about
Meghan Markle’s frock and
d reckonss
she can get me a dead ring
ger. She’s
got insider knowledge intto Prince
Harry’s pants as well.”
We really don’t want to thinnk about
Bob Hope getting into P
Harry’ss p

“I’m not the only
one who will be impressed
by the new, butch Ch
I’m sure the ladie
will soon come

“How do
you work that
one out?”

wait to confront Jude and
hear what he has to say – bu
nothing can prepare Mary for
what she sees when she com
face-to-face with her son.”
With Angie on her way to
join them, what will Mary,
Tracy and Jude do now that
the truth about Jude’s job
is out in the open?
Kate Wh

“As a reward for
your virtue, a little trip:
yacht shopping for me. She’s
called Violet. I want you to
head over to Anglesey and
bid on her.”

“Well, every
woman loves a
bad boy. How else
do you explain my
success over the years?”
We’ll bet that the only
edgy thing Brian has
ever done is to not
sort his mixed
recycling properly.

“I thought
only medieval
kings punished
people with

“A trip to Snowdonia,
how will you live with the shame?”
We don’t know who the Emmerdale
writers are hanging out with if
they think real people
speak like this!

lnsideSoap 25

…while Bernadette is
taken aback by how
badly Ted is coping

Judith gives Ted short
shrift when she arrives
in the Square…


Ted is devastated
by Joyce’s death!

eartbroken Ted is
overcome with grief
this week, following
the sudden death
of his beloved wife Joyce.
“Ted is just completely
numb with shock, and can’t
bring himself to think about
anything,” sighs our Walford
mole. “His brain simply can’t
process what’s happened – it’s
understandable given that he
had been married to Joyce
since they were both 21 years
old, and the pair were due to
celebrate their 60th wedding
anniversary this year. He can’t
imagine life without her.”
A few days after Joyce’s
death, Bernadette takes it upon
herself to check in on Ted to
see how he is coping – but she
is alarmed to witness her good
friend in such a terrible state.
And Ted is forced to admit that

26 lnsideSoap

he hasn’t even plucked up the
courage to tell his children
about what’s happened…
“Bernie’s heart melts when
she sees her chess pal so
utterly devastated,” sniffles
our spy. “She soon realises
that Ted is going to need a lot
of practical help in terms of
registering the death and
organising the funeral. She
also gently persuades him that
he has to get in touch with his
children and grandchildren.”
But when Ted’s daughter
Judith arrives in Albert Square,
she acts very coldly towards
her father. She hasn’t brought
his grandkids with her, either,

which only upsets Ted further
as he was looking forward to
seeing them again.
“There’s clearly a bit of a rift
between Judith and her dad,”
suggets our informant. “She is
understandably distressed by
her mother’s death, but she’s
even more hurt by the fact that
her father kept the news to

Judith accuses her
dad of being a terrible
husband to Joyce…”

himself for several days. She
refuses to let him comfort her,
and won’t open up to him
about her feelings. When Ted
finally apologises to her, years
of pent-up emotions come
flooding out, and she accuses
her dad of being a terrible
husband to her mum, which
wounds him even more.”
Eventually things start to
calm down, and father and
daughter try to reconcile their
differences by agreeing to
meet up at the café. However,
when they end up bumping

Joyce’s funeral arrangements
cause even more upset…

With poor Joyce waiting at the
undertakers’ to be buried, her
funeral soon becomes another
bone of contention between
warring pair Ted and Judith.
Ted has a very firm idea of what
he wants his beloved to be wearing in
her coffin – but when Judith finds out, she
deliberately goes against her dad’s wishes, just
to spite him! When Bernie discovers what’s going
on, she decides to take matters into her own
hands, and goes to see Judith and try to make her
see sense. But her intervention only serves to
make the tense situation even worse, and Judith
hurls abuse at the well-meaning youngster!
Undeterred, Bernie hatches a devious plan
to calm things down. Will it do the trick?

into Bernadette, Ted and
Judith are soon having yet
another argument.
“Judith can’t understand
why Ted seems to have more
affection for Bernie than he
does his own family,” says our
snitch. “So when he starts
playing a game of chess with
Bernie instead of giving his
daughter the support that she
clearly needs, Judith sees red.
She angrily attacks her dad for
neglecting his own flesh and
blood, and even accuses him
of trying to ruin her wedding

Judith is clearly
harbouring resentment
towards Ted…

day! Following Joyce’s death,
emotions are running high for
the whole family, but Judith
makes a fateful decision that
will irreparably damage her
relationship with Ted…”
Judith furiously flounces out
of the café in order to make
a phone call that will change
Ted’s life forever – but who is
it that she’s speaking to?
Tom Spilsbury

…as she storms
out of her meeting
with him in the café
lnsideSoap 27



Is Robert on to Carla
and Ali’s romance?


arla continues to hide
her feelings for Ali this
week – but as she keeps
best mate Michelle in the
dark, has Robert worked out
that something is going on?
It’s a tricky situation for
them all, especially as Michelle
sent in Carla to try to fix the
fragile relationship between
her and her estranged son.
Instead, Carla discovered that
Ali has a crush on her – and
the pair ended up in bed!

Since then, Carla and Ali
have kept their romance under
wraps, but secrets like this
have a habit of being exposed.
So when they join Michelle
and Robert for the unveiling of
the new name for the Bistro,
Robert soon suspects that
something is going on.

The next day, after he and
Michelle have toasted the
renaming of the ‘Viaduct
Bistro’, Robert speculates that
Ali fancies Carla. His stunned
fiancée laughs it off – but how
will Michelle react when she
finds out that Robert has in
fact got it spot on?

Raf road ahead
Channel 5 EASTER MON


here’s bad news for
David this week, when
he finds out his boyfriend
Rafael is returning to the UK.
After David shows Raf
evidence that Paul couldn’t
have started the fire which



az and Bernice’s
relationship is on
shaky ground this
week, after she discovers
that he chose to enjoy a
boozy night out with the

28 lnsideSoap

boys instead of going on
a date with her! The couple
have had teething problems
thanks to the interference of
Bernice’s teenage daughter
Gabby, so the last thing that
they need is more trouble.
However, Bernice is not a
woman to be messed with
– and she’s on the warpath
when she discovers that
Daz picked his mates over
her! Can he make it up to
her and prove he’s sorry?

killed his mum, he expects
him to be happy. However,
Rafael still needs to know what
happened to his mother, and
drops the bombshell that he’s
heading back to the UK in
order to track down Dakota!
So, does this development
spell the end for David and
Raf’s budding romance?

A family united
Channel 5 THURSDAY


aggie receives the
results of her PET
scan this week – and
she’s relieved to hear that her
cancer has been caught early.
However, the doctors stress
that this form of the disease is

particularly aggressive, so
chemotherapy will have to
get under way immediately.
Maggie is feeling down
as she’s taken in for her first
session – but she’s buoyed
when Ben, Ziggy and Coco
arrive to give her some muchneeded support. Can her
family’s love get her through?

Big little lies!
Channel 4 TUESDAY


ienna ups her plan to
keep boyfriend Joel
by her side this week
– by lying that her cancer
has spread! Viewers are
aware that the single mum
isn’t actually sick, and that
she only lied that her cancer
had returned to stop Joel
leaving her and going back
to his ex, Cleo. But what

Will Billy b
to win back his ex?


esperate Billy launches
a campaign to reunite
with Honey this week
– by getting her drunk!
The Mitchell fella wants to
resume his relationship with
his partner, who chucked him
out for sleeping with Tina
behind her back. But as Tina
comes up with the dodgy idea
of Billy plying Honey with drinks
at the launch of E20 to aid his
charm offensive, will it work?
Having been encouraged to
attend the event by pal Jack,
who is looking to make Mel
jealous, Honey is reluctantly

tagging along. However, as
Billy sends drinks her way, her
mood lifts – and she’s full of
fun as she enjoys her night
out. But the problem is that
instead of making eyes at Billy,
Honey is flirting with Jack!

While Jack is keen on
Mel, it looks as if Billy has
managed to push H
into another man’s a
So, should Billy give
e up
– or is there still hop
for reconciliation?

she doesn’t realise is that
while Joel pledged to stand
by her, he’s actually been
seeing Cleo behind her
back! As he and Cleo meet
up in secret, Joel makes it
clear that she’s the one he
wants to be with, and he
vows to end things with
Sienna. So, how will he react
when Sienna drops the
bombshell that her cancer
has spread and she needs
him now more than ever?

Nice to sea you!


hesney feels like a fish
out of water this week,
after Dev makes him
dress up as a haddock!
Dev wants the poor fella
to promote the chip shop –

but Ches quite rightly feels
he’s been stitched up like a
kipper. And when unwitting
Dev accidentally breaks the
zip on the comedy costume,
Ches is trapped in the suit!
As Gina attempts to free
Chesney, will it be sink or swim
for Dev’s furious employee?

The end
for Robbo?


engeful Ash finally
catches up with
Robbo this week –
and the pair face off in a
furious confrontation on the
headland! Determined to
make Robbo pay for Kat’s

death, Ash chases the
wounded fella all through
town, and eventually corners
him on the edge of a cliff.
The River Boys manage to
hold off the cops as Ash
prepares to inflict his revenge
on Robbo – but will he finish
the job and ensure Robbo
joins Kat six feet under?

Who’s the boss?
It’s all change at the top at Holby…


t’s the dawn of a new
era for the team at Holby
City Hospital this week,
as Hanssen steps down
from the role of CEO, and
his replacement Abigail
Tate takes the reins.

Abi wastes no time
in making her mark

30 lnsideSoap

Plucky Abi is old friends with
Serena, but she soon ruffles a
few feathers when Ric returns
to work following his acquittal,
and is informed that he is on
restricted duties. However, as
Ric oversteps his boundaries
while treating a patient, does
he risk violating Abigail’s terms?
Meanwhile, Fletch continues
to struggle
without Jac –
and accuses Abi
of compromising
a patient to put
herself on the
map. As Abi
sternly defends
her position, will
she have a staff
revolt to deal with
on her first day?

Joe under arrest!

His nemesis Robert sets him up for a fall...


he police arrest Joe this
week – and it turns out
Robert is responsible!
Joe ends up in handcuffs
thanks to a paperwork scam
that his rival has masterminded
with the help of his haulage
partner Jimmy. Robert has
been looking for a means to
punish Joe, who has quickly
become his sworn enemy –
and knows the best way to get
under Joe’s skin is to double-

cross him. And Jimmy is the
perfect foil – as well as working
at the haulage firm, Jimmy is
Joe’s skivvy too, so Robert
uses that to his advantage.
After Jimmy persuades Joe
to sign some incriminating
paperwork, Robert is delighted
as he calls the cops, who
drag outraged Joe down to
the station. He’s furious, but
the evidence is conclusive,
leaving Joe with quite a bit
of explaining to do – so as
Robert celebrates his win,
what will Joe’s next move be?


& RADIO...

● Carrigstown is still
reeling this week, after
shock recent events.
And it’s clear that life
will never be the same
again… There’s drama
elsewhere as Kerri-Ann
hopes that she and
Decco will reunite,
but she’s in for a rude
awakening. Plus,
Mariam kick-starts an
elaborate scheme…

Channel 5 TUESDAY


ishti receives
some devastating
news this week, as
doctors tell her that she’s
lost her baby. Although she
wasn’t sure about being a
mum at first, Mishti came
round to the idea of having
a child. However, after an
argument with Leo, she vents
to David about it – and it’s
then that she’s gripped with
terrible pain, so David rushes
her to hospital. When Leo
finds out, he’s heartbroken
– but Mishti rejects his
support. Will their terrible
loss tear the couple apart?


Tegan is awake!


egan finally comes
round from her coma
this week – but will she
reveal the truth about Ryan?
on has been
Tegan’s medication
reduced in a bid to wake her,
yed as
and Leela is overjoy
er finger.
her sister moves he
However, there’s an
blow when medics reveal
she has a level of brain
damage, leaving Le
inconsolable. While
Tegan’s loved oness are
anxious to learn the
state she’s in, will she
remember that Rya
was the one who le
her in this condition

● Gabriel gets more
than he bargains for
this week – when he
piles on the charm for
Angus’ cousin, Lou!
Meanwhile, Scarlett
reaches out to her
son, but Theresa
wants Bob to turn
his back on his mum.
Also, Annie is forced
to take drastic action
to save her family.

● Tensions are rising
at Grange Farm this
week, as Emma finds
herself at the end of
her tether. Can she
devise a way to cope?
Across the village,
Helen’s new cheese
business hits a snag,
but Ian offers some
advice. Finally, Adam
feels out of his depth
as the battle lines are
drawn at Home Farm.
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 31




Ted is devastated following
Joyce’s unexpected death.
● Kat suggests that she and her
family start a cleaning business.
● The claws are out as Sharon
and Mel have a war of words…

● David secretly relates to
Bethany’s latest plight… EPISODES
● Craig lashes out and blames
Bethany for recent events.
Everybody reels following
the sorry saga at the seaside.







● Ted’s daughter Judith arrives –
and she’s soon screaming at him!
Kat gets acquainted with Karen
– will they be friends or foes?
● Mel is baffled when Hunter gets
pally with Phil at the garage.





● Louise admits that she’s not
ready to have sex with Hunter.
● The Slaters continue to get a frosty
reception from the community!
Bernadette hates watching
Ted in so much distress…
● Honey has too much to drink
– and flirts with surprised Jack!
Hunter makes Phil question
the level of security at E20…
● …but as the club reopens, what will
the locals make of the new venue?
● One unlucky local gets
mugged in broad daylight!
● Which Walford resident claims
to have psychic abilities?
● Whitney gets a shock when
Woody shows his face again…

Joe is angry and confused
when the police arrest him!
● Priya gets frustrated after her
job search proves to be tricky.
● Bob and Laurel end up in
each other’s arms again…
Brenda’s stealing continues
as she nabs Laurel’s wallet.
● Belle and Lachlan show of the
logo design for their new business.
● Jimmy and Nicola agree to save
money instead of spending it…

● David oversteps the mark when he
tries to show his passion for Shona.
Chesney gets trapped
in a giant fish costume!
● There’s terror for Craig as TONIGHT!
barricades himself in his flat.




● Malicious Kerry takes advantage
of Rebecca in the pub…
● Megan panics after she finds
more bruising on Eliza’s arms.
A face from the past comes
back to haunt poor Aaron!
● Bernice rages at Daz for going
out with the lads instead of her.
How will Rebecca fare at
a hypnotherapy session?
● It’s a race against time for TONIGHT!
Robert to rescue abducted Aaron.


Tracy and Mary make a huge
discovery about Jude…
● David’s heart sinks after he spots
Josh befriending oblivious Ches!
● Michelle and Robert rename the
restaurant as the Viaduct Bistro.
● Who is at rock bottom when they
steal someone’s urine sample?
● Zeedan is overjoyed when
he looks after poorly Rana…
● It’s the boxing match fight
night – and there will be blood!

● Brenda follows Bob when he slopes
of without so much as a word…
● …but what is he up to? And will
Brenda finally confront him?
Laurel and Harriet prepare
for Ashley’s memorial.
● Painkiller addict Rhona worries
Ross has the same problem…
● Jimmy takes inspiration from
Rodney – and gets some Viagra!
● Will alcoholic Laurel be tempted
to hit the bottle again?







● Sienna surprises Joel with rosary
beads and a new lipstick…

Xanthe feels like a spare part
when she visits Ben in Oakey.

● Hunter gets his wires crossed
when Jennifer invites him out.
Ash and Robbo come to blows
in a cliff-top showdown…



● Glenn and Grace butt heads
in a furious confrontation.
Leela is sickened when Ste
sides with Ryan over her!

● Rafael leaves town – and David is
left wondering what could’ve been.
● Terese is not impressed as she’s
forced to take time of from work.

● Myra finds out that Joel is
cheating on Sienna with Cleo.
● Farrah frets as she informs Grace
that Glenn is no good for her.
Sami takes Kyle to the doctor
after he has an MS relapse…

Mishti suffers awful pain –
and is rushed to the hospital.
● Holly stuns Karl and Susan with
news that she’s going to China!
● Terese takes the plunge and
tries a t’ai chi session with Piper.

● Tegan wakes from her coma – but
Ryan wants to put her back to sleep!
Tensions rise between the
Maaliks and the Nightingales.
● Kyle doesn’t seem able to
capture James’ attention…

● Karl and Susan have an honest
chat about their marriage…
● A vicious row breaks out between
Elly and Amy over a game of pool!
Steph burns some sage in an
attempt to cleanse her spirit.

● Jasmine and Leah are grateful for
all the help that Colby has provided.
● Justin feels terrible as Mason and
Brody struggle with his deceit…


Ryan rips up some leaflets
intended to help Tegan!

● Olivia seeks inspiration for new
designs, but she’s stuck in a rut.
● Roo and Alf’s relationship lies in
tatters – can they ever repair it?
Maggie collapses following
her chemotherapy.


● Alfie is petrified when he
begins to hear strange voices…
● A nasty comment makes Kyle
realise he has nothing left to lose.

● Terese is determined to get Piper
a job working as Leo’s assistant.
Gary blows his top when
he spots Terese with Paul!
● Can Amy and Elly find a way to
repair their rift? Or is it too late?

● Diane is worried sick about
daughter Dee Dee’s behaviour.
Ellie plans to go on a picnic and
do some stargazing with Alfie…
● …but she’s unaware the voices
are telling him to steer clear.

After decades away, Plain
Jane Superbrain returns!
● Tentative Sheila receives her
results – does she have dementia?
● Piper becomes enamoured
with a mysterious book-lover…

● Jasmine is terrified when her
stalker David tracks her down…
● It’s agony for the Astonis as
Maggie is treated by medics.
Hunter and Jennifer lock lips
in a passionate embrace!


● Tony entertains a YouTube
vlogger in the restaurant!
● Which villager amuses themselves
by building a house out of tins?
● Blissfully happy Mandy and
Luke return from Florida…

● Jane snoops around No 32 –
but what is she looking for?
● Sonya is back with some
surprising news for Toadie…
● Xanthe comes to a startling
realisation about her and Ben!

● Ash goes above and beyond
to help a friend in need…
● Young Hunter and Jennifer’s
romance continues to blossom!
● Which resident risks Alf’s wrath
by trying to cheer him up?


● Dean and Colby share a heated
exchange outside the gym.
● After avoiding her dad, Roo relents
and demands answers from Alf.
Colby’s secret is revealed
– but what could it be?
● Ash is livid when he discovers
that Tori and Justin betrayed him.
Alf’s lies are too hard to
swallow – so Roo disowns him.




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This week’s EastEnders has been so much
better than the misery of the last few months,
and the best bit was Karen belting out Cool For
Cats at Kat’s wake in the Vic. She rocked and
was word perfect! She should release it as a
single, as that’s a record I would deinitely buy.
| Johnnie, Milton Keynes

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My favourite soap is Corrie, but
I have noticed that there are no
long-term relationships any more
as characters chop and change
partners. Gone are the days of
couples like Stan and Hilda Ogden
or Jack and Vera Duckworth. Is
this what producers think is a true
reflection of today’s society?
| Mrs Denise Turner-Marsh
With actors constantly coming
and going from the show, I guess
it’s often difficult to keep couples
together for very long.

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Tori in Home and Away is such
a hypocrite. While she’s busy
condemning Ash’s behaviour
34 lnsideSoap

This is a photo of
Sinead and Daniel
in 50 years’ time

towards Robbo, she is breaking
all the professional boundaries
by blatantly discussing poor
Jasmine’s progress with Leah – a
complete stranger – while she’s
unconscious. As a doctor, Tori
should be facing disciplinary
action for such a blatant breach
of patient confidentiality.
| Beckie
I’m not sure normal doctorpatient rules apply in soapland!

Tori had
always looked
up to Ash

Does anyone else shout at their TV
as much as I shout at Coronation
Street? Recently, I’ve given Eileen
Grimshaw a proper talking-to,
telling her to open her eyes to
Phelan. This week, I was shouting
at Fiz to tell Tyrone the truth
about Hope and Ruby. If my
neighbours can hear me, Lord
knows what they must think!
| Jessie, Fleetwood
It’s a good question! Do other
Inside Soap readers yell abuse
at their TVs? If so, write in an
tell us about it!

Didn’t EastEnderss’ Kat
win a million qu
on a scratch card
So why on earth
would Stacey
have to pay for
her funeral?
| Irene
The Moons’
big win was
three years
ago – so maybe
they’ve burned
through the lot!!

Debbie reckoned even
she could grow a better
beard than that

I’m completely creeped out by the
way that Joe in Emmerdale is forcing
Debbie to be his girlfriend. Does
he really think that she’ll fall in
love with him that way? He’s such
a horrible man. He may be proper
fit, but he makes my skin crawl!
| Jasmine, Oldham
I can’t igure out what Joe’s
motivation is – does he really
love Debbie, or is it all just
about gaining power?


I’m so gutted that Izzy has left
Ramsay Street already. I was rea
enjoying her mischievouss
antics, and although
her presence wasn’t
good news for Karl and
Susan, it was certainly
great for us viewers!
With Holly staying
in Erinsborough,
though, I hope
there will be a
chance for Izzy
to return in
the future.
| Mindy
Maybe she
can team up
with Fake De



Weatherield newcomer Josh Tucker
is a proper laugh, one of the lads –
everyone’s best friend. But not to us
viewers, because we know the terrible
truth about what he did to David Platt…
It’s a horrific storyline,
and I can understand why
there have been so many
complaints about it – but
it’s so important for soaps
to cover issues like this. If
you featured male rape in
9pm drama on BBC1 or ITV,
then that’s all very well,
but characters in a new
drama series are effectively
strangers. Characters in a
soap are people we know
well – we’ve known David

Platt since he was born –
and it helps to show that
terrible things like this can
also happen to our friends
and neighbours.
| Richard, Guernsey
Actor Ryan Clayton is brilliant
at playing sleazy Josh. He’ll
be a great replacement for
Phelan. It’s the same sort of
thing, isn’t it? The viewers
know the truth, and are left
to watch in horror as he runs


I actually feel a bit sorry for Cindy
in Hollyoaks. I know she’s done
things, like
from her
Tom and sleeping with her
daughter’s boyfriend – but I don’t
think she does these things to be
malicious. She was genuinely hurt
when Dirk cheated on her with
Myra, so I think she really just
needs a decent man to love her.
| Sally, Salisbury
I’m not sure anyone in Hollyoaks
is brave enough for that job!

rings around everyone.
Meanwhile, poor David is
trapped by his own silence.
| Charlene
Does Josh even know that he’s
done something wrong by
drugging and raping David?
Does he think what happened
was consensual? It seems that
he’s a proper psychopath.
| Ed
Yes, I think he knows
what he did. But he’s
trusting that David will
be too embarrassed to
speak up. Let’s hope he’s
underestimated his victim.
I get the feeling that Josh
has done this before. But
will he do it to someone
else on Coronation Street?
I fear the worst.
| Lance, London
lnsideSoap 35


Request SPOT

MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM
This week’s question:
What past soap establishment would you bring back?
Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
“Bring back Pollard’s Antiques Barn! Eric needs
a place to wheel and deal – not a bloomin’ B&B!”

Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS

Maria is used
to women
telling her “Get
of my man!”

In Corrie recently, Maria
was wearing a really nice
jumper that said ‘Get off
my cloud!’. I thought it
was dead funny – do you
know where it’s from?
| Claire, Carlisle
Maria’s blue Mickey
Get Of My Cloud slogan
jumper is from www. – and
it’s currently in the sale
for £35. What a bargain!

“Mandy’s Munchbox in Emmerdale. It had such
character, served great grub and got into scrapes
all by itself. Obvs Mandy isn’t around, so perhaps
it could become Marlon’s Munchbox instead?”

Damon still needed
a hand with this
palm reading lark

In Hollyoaks when Holly
turned down Damon’s
proposal, she said that she
had one failed marriage
behind her already – but
I don’t remember that.
Who was she hitched to?
| Lana
Holly married her teen
sweetheart Jason Roscoe
back in February 2016
– but their union lasted

a matter
of hours!
Not long after
they’d said “I do”, Jason
discovered that his new
missus had been having
an afair with his twin
brother Robbie, and
ended their marriage. But
stars Amanda Clapham
and Alie Browne-Sykes
(Holly and Jason) are
still a real-life couple.

Production Editor/Chief Sub PETER GRIFFITHS
Deputy Chief Sub Editor BEN WHISSON
Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Designer (maternity) DAISY GREENAWAY
Picture Editor JAY DYNAN
Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE

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“Priya is desperate
to stand on her
own two feet!”
As Priya rejects the family firm and goes job-hunting,
Fiona Wade is backing her lonely alter ego all the way...
here’s humiliation
in store for Priya
this week – as she’s
forced to dress up
as a chicken in a
desperate bid to
find a new career!
Having fallen fowl of her family when
they accused her of hurting her young
niece Eliza, the one-time factory
boss is determined to prove that she
doesn’t need them. But after another
incident with Eliza sees Megan and
Jai dashing to the hospital once more,
it seems the facts about the little one’s
injuries are set to be revealed.
What will they make of the truth?
And what will it mean for Priya’s future
in the family? We sat down with actress
Fiona Wade, who plays Priya, for a chat
about her character’s predicament…

Poor Priya – she’s really going
through the mill! How did you feel
when you found out that she’d be
accused of hurting Eliza?
I was surprised – I thought to
myself, ‘Oh my goodness, this
is something very different
and quite sensitive’. I was a bit
worried, too, because I didn’t
want to scream and shout in
front of the actors who play
Priya and Jai’s children. But it’s
another great little storyline,
and something very different
38 lnsideSoap

to what Priya’s been through before.
So it was good to get my teeth into it.

Priya has denied any wrongdoing
when it comes to Eliza, so it’ll be
interesting to see what transpires
this week. Do you feel protective
of Priya through these bad times?
Yes, I’m quite defensive of her, because
I love her and I love playing the
character. At the moment she’s feeling
betrayed by her family, and is hurt and
disappointed by how they’ve treated
her. They’re just not considering what
she’s been through. She does understand
what they’re experiencing, but she’s
very angry with Jai and Rishi. She feels
alienated from her family – that’s why
she’s trying to find a new job.

She’s feeling pretty isolated at
the moment, isn’t she?
She is, yes. Priya doesn’t have many
girlfriends – Leyla was her best friend,
and they’ve fallen out over Priya’s

affair with Pete. She doesn’t have
her guy. She’s a single mother.
She’s a career woman as well, so
she’s juggling so many things. I think
she just feels very low. Everyone else
has moved on – and she especially
sees Pete moving on with Rhona.

Is Priya jealous of them?
I don’t think it’s so much jealousy –
more a symptom of the fact that she’s
on her own and has lost so much.

What about her bond with David?
David is Amba’s father, and Priya
would consider him one of her best
friends. He’s there for her, actually.
But she’s stuck in the middle of Tracy
and David, and the problems they’re
having. Someone’s always blaming
Priya for something, and she does
have a bit of a record. She’s a good
person, though! She’s just a bit lost.

How does this current plot compare
with the steamy scenes
between Priya and Pete?
A hundred and

hen per cent: Priya
will try anything to
make it on her own

Do you know, I really enjoyed
doing that storyline and
I loved working with Anthony
[Quinlan, who plays Pete]. This
current storyline is a bit more
isolating. It’s great to work
with Matthew [Wolfenden, aka
David] again, though, because
we hadn’t properly for a while.

Priya’s yoga trump was
a breath of fresh air…
When Priya let out a little parp
while stretching into a yoga pose
recently, we weren’t the only
ones taken aback! And Fiona was
delighted by the response…
“I was a little bit shocked
when I first read it!” chuckles the
actress, who’s just celebrated
her 39th birthday. “I was thinking,
‘Was this written for someone
else?’. But you know, sometimes
you just have to do these
things. It was a lighter
note for Priya, and
it got quite a lot of
attention – there
was stuff on Twitter.
It was actually
very funny…”

Might there be a new man on
the cards for Priya?
I’m sure there will be, because Priya
likes having her family unit. I think
she feels complete when she has a
guy – but I don’t know who that might
be yet. When they put Pete and Priya
together, I thought it came out of
nowhere, but actually it worked. So
you never know! I’ve just done some
scenes with Andrew Scarborough
and Ned Porteous, who play Graham
and Joe, and they’re fantastic!

Do you think Priya can cope on
her own in the meantime?
Well, you’ll have to wait and see –
but at the moment she’s not coping.
She’s hurting. She tells herself that
she doesn’t need her family, and that’s
why she’s going out on her own. Priya
has always had her brother and her
dad helping her, but now she’s really
trying to stand on her own two feet…
Allison Jones
lnsideSoap 39


The voice of



ollyoaks has never shied
away from the big issues,
and this week the soap
kicks off a high-profile
mental health story as
young Alfie begins to hear voices – and
eventually we’ll see him diagnosed with
schizoaffective disorder. Actor Richard
Linnell has the daunting task of taking
on this storyline, but he’s had support
from a man whose own story pushed
mental health into the public eye.
Jonny Benjamin was the man who
campaigned via social media to find
the Good Samaritan who talked him
down from jumping off a London
bridge in 2008 – an experience he
later documented in the Channel 4
film The Stranger On The Bridge. And
Richard, who admits he was nervous
about the challenge of the story, was
delighted to have Jonny’s input…
“He is such an incredible man,
and speaks so amazingly about the
experience he had,” enthuses the 20year-old actor. “Jonny was so open to
answering questions about it, ensuring
that we had all of the little details right.
He’s so lovely and friendly, and just
brilliant to talk to. It was incredible to
meet him. After having those meetings
with [mental health charity] MIND and
talking to Jonny, I felt much happier,
understood the condition, and was
excited to get on with it.”
Although fans may not have realised
it, we’ve already witnessed the start of
this new plot for Alfie in recent episodes.
“What we’ve seen is a period of
mania where he was building Jadebot,”
Richard tells us. “That was the first
time he heard the voice, and initially
he thought it was the robot talking

40 lnsideSoap

Helping hand: Jonny
(right) supported
Richard with
the story

Can’t hear himself think:
Distraught Alfie realises that
the voice is inside his own head

to him. In his state of grief for Jade,
he thought, ‘The robot’s working, it’s
talking’. As it all progresses, he begins
to realise that the voice is not coming
from the robot – it’s in his own head,
which is deeply troubling at that point.
It’s a stark realisation that will be
quite upsetting to watch.”
The voice won’t just be in Alfie’s
head, however. Viewers will be able to
hear it as well, giving them an insight
into the lad’s experience.
“Initially, it’s a calm, soothing, rather
inviting voice,” reveals Richard. “Then
it starts feeding into the paranoia that
Alfie is developing, to not trust his
family, to think they’re lying to him –
which ironically they are, because as

Jade in Heaven: Alfie lost his
girlfriend to cancer, but recovered
from the disease himself

scared of, it’s nothing wrong, it’s not
weakness, and there is help out there.
We live in a world where it is treatable
and it’s okay to talk about.”
After the huge cancer storyline with
Jade, this is another heavy plot for
Richard. Would he prefer to do some
lighter stories one day?
“Of course you go, ‘Oh, I’d just like
to come into work and have a laugh’,”
he admits. “But that’s nowhere near
as rewarding as this type of work.”
Michael Cregan

“It was one
of the most
surreal days
of my life!”
Richard hit Westminster…

get your body pumping and try to get
out all the tension.”
Richard hopes that this story will
help promote a discussion about mental
health, and points out
how important soaps
can be in that process.
“What we really
want is to inspire
conversations in living
rooms,” he explains. “We
want people to watch it,
relate to it, and then if
we can inspire conversations between
families at teatime, and have people
talk about things and maybe look at
it from different perspectives – that’s
our whole goal there. Mental health
does affect people. It’s nothing to be

The voice
in his head
starts to feed
into Alie’s


you know, the Nightingale family is
crammed full of secrets!”
It’s clear that such a demanding plot
can take its toll on an actor, especially
one as dedicated as
Richard – so how does
he manage to put his
work behind him at
the end of the day?
“You try your best to
leave it at work, come
home and chill out,”
he shares. “I’ve found
meditation to be a huge help with
that. I’ve been meditating for the
last year or so, because I’m quite an
anxious person, and I find it helps to
calm me down and reset my mind.
Exercise is great, too, just to physically

Richard and other Hollyoaks cast
members made a memorable
visit to Parliament in January to
promote mental health issues.
“Ross Adams [Scott], Lauren
McQueen [Lily] and I represented
the show because of our mental
health storylines,” recalls the actor.
“You’ve had Ross’ depressionsuicide attempt, Lauren’s self-harm
and my upcoming story, which at
that point I wasn’t allowed to talk
about! There were mental health
and media organisations there to
discuss the issues with MPs, too.
“Afterwards we got a tour from
Luciana Berger, our local MP at
Hollyoaks. It was incredible. The
Houses of Parliament are so big –
you can tell they’ve been designed
to evoke awe in people!”

lnsideSoap 41




here were squeals
of excitement up and
down Inside Soap Towers
when we heard the
news that Plain Jane
Superbrain was on her way back to
Neighbours after nearly 30 years. As
Charlene’s best friend, she was one
of our favourite characters from the
show’s 80s heyday – not to mention
the fact that she’s the granddaughter
of the legendary Mrs Mangel!
It seems that sweet-natured Jane
has changed a little since we last met
her, though – and according to Annie
Jones, who reprises her classic role
this week, Jane has begun to morph
into her fearsome nan…

How did your return to Neighbours
come about, Annie?
I was just craving working solidly – I’ve
done a lot of guest roles over the years,
but I was feeling a little bit unsatisfied.
I really wanted to do something that
I could spend a good month working
on and sharpen my skills, and I thought
what better place to do that than on
Neighbours? So I approached the producers
with my ideas, and thankfully they
were thrilled to have me back.

What can you tell us about Jane’s
big return to the programme?
She’s spent the past 28 years in London
looking after Mrs Mangel, who is now

Past meets present:
Jane encounters Chloe
Brennan on her return

“It’s always
tourists who
stop me to
talk about

Jane used to work at Lassiters
– so will she get involved with
the hotel while she’s back?
Yes, she runs into Paul, who used to be
her old boss, so she does get involved
with some fun things there. And she
also stays at the hotel while she’s in
town. It was really interesting to see
how things have changed, because in
the old days the only props we had
to play with were the filing cabinets
– whereas now there are computers
and all sorts of modern things!

Younger days: Jane and
Mike were one of Ramsay
Street’s iconic couples

What was it like for you to step
back on to the Neighbours set
after so many years away?

very elderly and frail. And there’s
some unfinished business of Mrs
Mangel’s that she wants Jane to
come back and fix. So she returns
with a hidden
agenda – which
may lead to a
flashback or two!
It’s all going swimmingly:
Jane supported Mike in
his aquatic endeavours

How much has
Jane changed
since the 80s?

It was a strange combination of
familiarity, almost like I was coming
home, and the sense that a lot of
things have changed.
It’s a very slick operation
now – they’ve got the
best cameras and
lighting, and the sets
have improved. We
get to do many scenes
outside now, too, because
of the improvements
to the outdoor sets.
The whole show looks beautiful.

Being back
on set felt
almost like
I was coming

Well, because
she’s been looking after
her grandmother for such a long time,
Jane has absorbed a lot of Mrs Mangel’s
character traits, a lot of her views and
attitudes. She’s also become a history
teacher since she’s been in London. So
she’s quite an interesting character.

How is the show diferent from
when you played Jane the irst
time around?
The whole show is much faster now,
so it’s really full on! You can’t have
an off day, and you’ve got to be on the
ball the whole time. You get through
your scripts for the week and you
think, ‘Yep, I know what I’m doing’
– but before you know it, you’ve got
next week’s scripts to
learn as well. I say that
with a smile, though,
because I loved being
so busy. It was a really
good workout.

Her kinda GUY!

Jane was such a
popular character back
in the golden era of
Neighbours. Do you
still get stopped by
fans who want to talk about her?

Come Fly with me: Annie joined
pal Guy for his music video

Irish charm: The actress
guested on Guy’s Aussie series


It may have been three decades ago
that Jane and her boyfriend Mike
Young were the hottest couple on
Ramsay Street, but Annie tells us
that she and former cast mate Guy
Pearce – who played Mike – are
still the best of friends…
“There are a few people I keep
in touch with, including Guy,” she
grins. “He actually did an album a
couple of years ago, and he texted
me asking if I’d like to be in the
video for one of the singles [Fly All
The Way] – and of course I said yes!
“That was great fun, and we got to
play around doing that. I also filmed a
guest role on a series he does called
Jack Irish. Working on Neighbours
is such an intense job that you’re
bound to form bonds for life.”

Funnily enough, it’s often British
tourists who stop by and want to talk
about it – you guys must really love
Neighbours! It’s usually people who are
travelling through who stop me and
go, “Oh, your face is really familiar”.
But it’s great that they do – a little bit
embarrassing, but also really lovely.
Sarah Ellis
lnsideSoap 43


Driven to

The end for Glen?:
Robyn’s hubby is
in a bad way

reveals actress
Amanda Henderson,
who plays her.
“She’s hit her head
pretty hard, so she’s
concussed and has a major nosebleed. But
once she comes round and remembers
that Glen has had a seizure, all her focus is
on him – her injuries don’t even matter.”
As the newly-weds
are taken into the ED,
Robyn refuses to even be
checked over, and instead
refers to a checklist she’s
written of things that
need to happen to ensure
Glen is looked after.
However, the news isn’t
good, and the pair are devastated to hear
that Glen doesn’t have long left to live.
“There is an operation Glen can have to
make him more comfortable and stop the
seizures,” says Amanda. “But it wouldn’t

Crash the wedding: The
smash happened following
Robyn and Glen’s nuptials


f like us you’re still reeling from
the end of last Saturday’s Casualty
episode – which saw Robyn and
Glen involved in a devastating car
crash just moments
after their wedding – then
you’d better brace yourself
for more trauma this week!
As we pick up on the
‘happy couple’ in the
immediate aftermath of
the accident, it’s clear
that the honeymoon is
well and truly over when the ambulance
crew arrives to assess the damage. And it
doesn’t look good for the bride or groom…
“Robyn’s taken the brunt of the impact
as the van crashes into the driver’s side,”

44 lnsideSoap

Robyn is
badly hurt
– but all her
focus is on

give him much longer, and everyone is
reluctant to do it as the last thing they
want is a death on the operating table.
“At this point, Robyn is going through
every emotion possible,” she adds. “She
wants what’s best for Glen, but she wants
what’s best for her as well. She doesn’t
want her brand-new husband to die.”
We wouldn’t like to spoil this episode
for viewers by revealing whether or not
Glen goes ahead with the op – though we
can tell you that it’s an emotional watch.

Left holding the baby: Dufy
takes care of her colleagues’
daughter Charlotte


Law and

Tim Franklin talks Colby’s secret past…


eing a law enforcer in
Summer Bay is no easy
task, especially now
those pesky River Boys are
back in town! But new cop on
the block Colby seems to be
taking it all in his stride – as is
Home and Away’s latest recruit
Tim Franklin, who plays him…

Can you tell us about Colby?
Luckily for Amanda, she had a trusted friend
to guide her through filming…
“Amanda Mealing [Connie] was directing,
and she was amazing,” grins the star. “I love
working with her as I trust her as an actor,
and I trust what she’s asking me to do. It was
just little things she did, like not putting a big
emotional scene at the end of the day so we
wouldn’t have to rush filming it. She gave me
the time to get into the state I needed to be in.”
Shooting the tear-jerking scenes took four
weeks in total, and spending that long crying
took its toll on frazzled Amanda. So how did
she switch off after a long, hard day at work?
“Is it wrong to say with a large glass of
wine?” she chuckles. “It takes over your life
while you’re filming it. As much as I tried
to go home and relax, I then had to start
learning scripts for the next day, so I was
constantly working. The only time I switched
off was when my head hit the pillow – I’ve
never slept so well, that’s for sure!”
Sarah Ellis

Colby has had a very turbulent
upbringing, and the trauma,
heartache and loss has shaped
him into a very stoic guy. He’s
g to be a better man than
the ex
xample he was given. He’s
loyal beyond doubt, and he’s
ys keen for a laugh
– but something from
his pa
ast prevents him
from truly connecting
with people.

We get an inkling that he has
history with River Boy Dean –
what can you tell us?
Let’s just say the audience won’t
know where Colby’s loyalties lie! He
wants to help people, as he doesn’t
want what happened to him in the
past to happen again. And if he can
help these people in the Bay, he
might be able to forgive himself for
something that went on in his life…

How’s it been playing
p y g a cop?
It was quite daunting at first, b
it’s become truly engag
to find the human bey
the uniform. It is any k
dream job – pretending
g to
d guys!
be a cop and chase bad

What else is
coming up??

Is Co
olby good
at hiss job?
He is very
d at
what he
He ha
a keen
eye, h

bad with cuffs and he’s a good shot –
he’ll be using these skills in the Bay!

Colby pity:
What is the
Bay cop’s
sad past?

Colby is try
to solve a case
he’s carried
around ssince
he joineed
the forcce
– and itt’s
ah Ellis
lnsideSoap 45

totally true



We all remember the
catastrophic chopper
crash in Emmerdale
a few years ago, but
Anthony remembers
it for all the wrong reasons!
As the dramatic scenes were
recorded, the star endured a
small accident in the trouser
department… “My pants split!”
he revealed. “Rescuing Debbie
from the rubble, I bent down
and m
It was quite revealing!”

Anthony was born in
April 1985 and came
to our attention as
Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Roach
– a man the actor
described as “a pushover”
– in Hollyoaks from 2005 to
2011. Anthony was nominated
for Sexiest Male at the 2010
Inside Soap Awards – clearly
on account of his rock-star


Anthony made his
Emmerdale debut in
December 2013 as
Pete, the eldest son
of James Barton. Pete
arrived with younger brother Finn
(Joe Gill) in tow, and together
they joined middle brother Ross
(Michael Parr), who had turned up
earlier in the year. The family unit
was completed in 2015, when
the three brothers were joined by
their crazy mum Emma (Gillian
Kearney). But within three years,
the Barton family had been ripped
Finn a
all finishing up six feet under.


After leaving Hollyoaks but
before joining Emmerdale,
Anthony spent some time
working as a delivery
driver for online shoppers.
“Yeah, I was out of work for a while,”
shares the actor. “I had bills and a
mortgage to pay. I was going stircrazy anyway, so I took a job as a
driver, delivering all sorts. I’d turn up
to people’s houses and they’d be like,
‘Didn’t you used to be in Hollyoaks?
Why are you doing this now?’”

46 lnsideSoap

he playe
City fan
Gilly in
Hollyoaks, in rea
life Anthony is a
diehard Ma
United fan. Awks!


Anthony qualified
as a personal
trainer when he
was just 18 years
old and worked at
a gym in Manchester. More
recently, he’s put his sportiness
to good use by raising money
for cancer charities. Last year
he took part in a CrossFit comp
called Battle Cancer 2017 and
the Stoke-on-Trent City Of Sport




swimming and running.
Ant ony is goo
friends with his
tw on-screen
b hers
M ae
d Joe, a
the trio o e
move in geth
to form a ds’
use! However, the
group eve tually decided
ainst it because, as
they expl ined to the ose
Women t m, “it would have
en cha !. We’d never
havve sho
up for work!”

As a lover of a
healthy lifestyle,
Anthony’s favourite
drink is Popeye
juice, containing a
mix of broccoli, celery, spinach,
kale and mint, with a squeeze
of lemon. In fact, he even
claims to prefer to snack on
broccoli during the day rather
than eating chocolate bars!
We’re sure it’s more healthy,
but it doesn’t sound like the
tastiest teatime treat to us…

In 2010, Anthony
appeared on an
edition of Derren
Brown Investigates
– but it wasn’t a great
success. Anthony was quizzed
y self-proclaimed psychic
Joe Power, who kicked off his
by asking the
actor if he was one of three
siblings. Or even, perhaps,
one of two? Only-child
Anthony was forced to admit
that he wasn’t. Unfazed,
Joe went on to ask Anthony if
there’d been an accident, or
even an incident with a bike,
when he was 14 years old?
It turned out that there hadn’t
been… and the session
pretty much went
downhill from there.

Anthony once
claimed to be as
unlucky in love
as Pete Barton
himself, despite
previously romancing Corrie star
Michelle eegan (Tina McIntyre). He
e Sun in 2015: “Of course, I’d
love to meet the
e right person, and
entually I’d like to get married
art a fam
mily, but there’s no
sh Fate see
ems to have been
kind r recently, though, as he
arked on a relationship
Strictly professional
Di nne Buswell after
ing introduced by
-Dales cast mate
mma Atkin
arly Hope).
w – now we
st need Pete
find his own
erfect woma
lnsideSoap 47




avid Platt’s life has been
changed forever by the
rape he suffered at the
hands of evil Josh. He’s
devastated by what
happened, and like many victims of
rape feels unable to tell his loved ones
that he was attacked. Instead, David has
internalised his pain and is full of rage,
lashing out at those who love him most.
For his worried girlfriend Shona it’s a
terrible time – and as her real-life alter
ego Julia Goulding explains, it’s mostly
because she thinks David has simply
fallen out of love with her…
“David has become very distant
with Shona – he’s snappy, angry and
short-tempered,” says the star. “He’s
not engaging with anything, but she’s
focusing on him not engaging with
her. She doesn’t see the bigger picture
and that he’s like this with his kids,
with Gail and at work.”
They’ve overcome many hurdles in
order to be together, not least the fact
that Shona’s son Clayton
murdered David’s wife,
Kylie. Shona thought
they were blissfully
happy together, but the
combination of David’s
behaviour and the
couple not having been
intimate for a while has
made her doubt their feelings.
“Shona thinks she’s the problem and
that David doesn’t want to be with her
any more, but he’s just not telling her,”
shares Julia. “They were very lovedup over Christmas, and it has literally
changed overnight. She can’t, for the

Coming to a head:
Is this the end for
David and Shona?

life of her, think of a reason why – so
she assumes it must be to do with her.”
Fed up, Shona confronts David about
why they haven’t been together for
a while and asks him
to join her in bed. He
agrees, though after she
goes upstairs, he grabs
his coat and leaves. It’s
heartbreaking for Shona,
who tells David to stop
messing her around. In
a desperate bid to make
things right, David takes Shona to bed,
but she knows something is really off.
“One minute David is snapping back
at Shona, saying there is nothing wrong,
and the next he is getting aggressively
sexual with her – so she doesn’t know
whether she is here or there,” bemoans

David is
very distant
with Shona –
he’s snappy
and angry…

48 lnsideSoap

Bottling it up: David
is struggling in the
wake of Josh’s sexual
assault on him

Julia. “Shona is com
mpletely at a loss
about what to do with
w him. She’s so
hurt and says she ffeels as if he is just
going through the motions. David says
that maybe it’s best for her to leave, and
he tells her that he doesn’t love her!”
The tragedy is that David needs
Shona’s love and su
upport now more
than ever. But shattered by his harsh
words, she feels tha
at she has to go…

“It’s gut-wrenching for her,” sighs
Julia. “She saves face in front of him
because she is so shocked, she can’t
possibly believe this is what he is saying
to her. Shona loves him with all of her
being, but he’s said that he doesn’t
love her – she’s adamant that this is
the end. She feels really stupid.”
Having pushed Shona away, David
is more alone than ever – however,
things are only going to get worse.
Coronation Street has worked closely with
Survivors Manchester, a charity that
supports men and boys affected by
sexual abuse and rape. It’s been crucial
to everyone to get this story right.
“It’s an important issue and a very
brave issue for Corrie to tackle,” Julia
tells us. “I had every faith, I didn’t
question it in any way as hard subjects
are done with such sensitivity and
proper justice. It’s the aftermath that
is the important story: the way David
deals with what’s happened and his
mental health. I feel privileged to have
been trusted with this storyline.”
Kate White



Fresh horror for David…
His break-up with Sho
ona is sadly the
least of David’s worries this week, as
wicked Josh continues to torment him.
Standing by his tw
wisted fabrication that
what happened to
vid was consensual,
o Dav
Josh corners his v
m in the Rovers
backyard and con
nfronts him about his
split from Shona – and
d has the nerve to
order him to pull himse
elf together!
As David reels from
relentless efforts to
t inttimidate
him, will his rapist’s brazen deni l
of the truth finally cause Dav d
to snap? Or will bu
ully b
Josh succeed in sham
s ming
his broken victim into
maintaining his silence

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