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Inside Soap March 31 April 6 2018.pdf

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Issue 13 31 Mar – 6 Apr 2018

ow, have
Walford and
d a personality
wap? In Corrie
e have big,
isssues plots,
schemers and cliffh
hanging drama
– while EastEnders
has changed its fun
etting to maximum,
ass we have Kat and

co involved in some high
jinks over a fake death.
There’s been a lot of
debate about whether

“I’m enjoying the
change in Corrie”
Corrie has become too
dark, or if EastEnders has
lost its edge – but I’m quite
enjoying the change, and
we all know that it isn’t
going to last forever.


Your stars
this week!

Take this week as an
example: in Corrie, we have
some hilarious Mary action,
and Chesney dressed as a
haddock – while EastEnders
sees a shock death (a real
one this time), and the start
of some twisted drama as
Hunter looks set to follow
in his dad’s footsteps.
You don’t know what the
soaps will bring you next,
and I love that. Although I’m
okay for people dressed
up as haddock for the
time being, thank you…
Steven Murphy, Edito


Colson Smith
“Craig panics – he
realises that he
could lose it all!”



Coronation Street

12 Craig suffers as the police call
24 Jude’s job arouses suspicions…
28 Carla hides her feelings for Ali
30 Ches dresses up as a haddock!
48 Shona’s struggles with David


Just shut up
and keep

me again, am
I playing Ronnie
or Roxy?

Fiona Wade

8 Hunter to show his dark side?
10 E20 is open for business!
20 Kat tries to repair the damage
26 Ted’s angry daughter turns up
29 Billy tries to win back Honey
50 You Ask… Danny Walters (Keanu)

...and more!


52 Star watch
54 Blast from the Past with…

4 Robert & Aaron’s kidnap hell!
18 Brenda cracks at last?
28 Daz & Bernice hit the rocks
31 Sly Robert gets Joe arrested!
38 Priya wants to go it alone…

“Priya tells herself
that she doesn’t
need her family”

56 Style watch
92 Who’s Who?
14 Inside Gossip – soap news 94 Puzzles
96 Hot List
32 What Happens When?
98 Hits
34 Soapbox
& Misses
46 10 Facts About…


Anthony Quinlan

former Emmerdale, Corrie
and Family Affairs star
Ken Farrington

Annie Jones


“Jane has absorbed
a lot of Mrs Mangel’s
character traits… ”

I hope I don’t
chicken out of this

22 Scheming Kyle causes havoc
29 Sienna’s lies continue…
31 Tegan wakes up from her coma
40 Alfie hears a voice in his head



28 Rafael to depart for the UK?
31 Mishti told she’s lost her baby
42 Plain Jane Superbrain returns!

Last Laugh
In Vegas

Home and Away

30 Holby City All change at the top
44 Casualty The end for Glen?

British stars
see their name
in lights. Turn
to p57 to find
out more…

Danny Walters

29 Maggie’s cancer caught early…
30 Robbo hunted down by Ash
45 Cop Colby’s secret past revealed?

“There’s a friendship
forming between
Keanu and Jay”