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Nome del file originale: Inside_Soap_May_12-18_2018.pdf
Titolo: Inside Soap UK - 12 May 2018
Autore: Djack

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12 – 18 MAY 2018 | £1.85



9 770966 849166


A ne



prison hell!

Issue 19 12 - 18 May 2018

here’s so much
packed into
our issues
these days, I often
onder how
e squeeze it
alll in without
the magazine
bursting wide
open in the shop –
sshowering the floor
with pictures of
Mick Carter, while
hock soap secrets
nd silly captions all

roll under the tinned
soup display and the
tannoy rings out: “Could
we have a cleaner to a

“A Liz McDonald
spillage on aisle six”
Liz McDonald spillage
on aisle six, please?”.
Take this week for
example – there’s huge
news from EastEnders
and the Dales, some


Your stars
this week!

great fun chats with James
Bye – aka Walford’s Martin
Fowler – and Tristan Gemmill
(Corrie’s Robert) on their
characters’ latest troubles,
and then we have all the big
plots. There are betrayals,
disasters, proposals,
revelations, plus a
30-foot-high dancing
man and a smashed
royal wedding mug.
Where else in the bloomin’
world would you get
all of that packed into
100 pages?! Enjoy!
Steven Murphy, Edito


Anna Passey

“I love this story – it’s
like being in my own
spin-off horror film!”



Coronation Street

8 The Connors grieve for Aidan
16 David finds it tough behind bars
22 Zeedan has his hopes dashed
26 Flora: likes Adam, hates Sinead
29 Eileen returns to the cab office
31 Tyrone has a tall new friend
50 Robert’s health deteriorates

Well, after Carla
I knew you had a
thing for older women,
Daniel. But this is


d more!

4 Hayley wreaks havoc in Walford!
28 The pressure gets to Robbie
30 Linda mourns her broken mug
38 Martin must make a big decisio


10 Ross is on the hunt for the truth!
18 Dan & Daz: who’s the daddy?
28 Laurel must fix her mistakes
30 Liv fesses up about her drinking!
42 Doug puts his life in jeopardy
54 You Ask… Tony Audenshaw (Bo


20 Sienna’s time finally runs out…
29 Alfie makes a grand gesture
31 Grace is emotionally abused
47 Damon loves his best bud Brod


28 Will Susan be left widowed?
46 Aaron & David get engaged!

James Bye

“Martin isn’t a simple
bloke – he’s actually
quite complex!”

Oh, it’s
definitely Karl’s
jacket. It smells
of Old Spice and



ssip –
e latest soap news
ppens When?
What Hap
4 oapb
4 We caatch up
th P la Lane
(Corrie’s Kylie Platt)
10 Facts About…
mzin Outhwaite
stEnders’ Mel)
56 Star watch
Style watch
Who’s In & Out?
4 Puzzles
The Hot List
8 i s & Misses

Paula Lane

“I’ve kept tabs on the
Platts – I can’t believe
what has happened!”



24 Robbo finds out his real identity
29 Maggie has another setback…
30 Justin is terrified as Ava vanishes!


31 Holby City Fletch makes love
43 Doctors Ayesha makes a difference

The Synths
return for a
third series!
Turn to p59 for
all the goss…


Home and Away


“Robert is still addicted
to exercise…”



First with the week’s

Mick sleeps
with Hayley!





ayley Slater
returns to
Albert Square
this week, and
the locals are
less than pleased to see
her – as she causes a
scandal at every turn!
Fearing her cousin is
intending to get her claws
into Martin again, seething
Stacey is the first to have
her feathers ruffled by
Hayley’s reappearance.
But it soon transpires that
Hayley has bigger fish to fry,
when she ends up spending
the night in Mick’s bed –
and the pair are awoken
by a furious tirade from his
wife Linda! As Linda wastes
no time in hurling Hayley
out on her ear, will the
shameless menace have
the nerve to stick around?
“The front of this woman
– just what the hell does

4 lnsideSoap

she think she’s playing at?”
splutters our EastEnders spy.
“Nobody is happy about
Hayley’s return to Walford, and
she seems to go out of her
way to upset anyone who
crosses her path. But messing
with Mick is a step too far –
and not even Hayley can style
it out after Linda walks in
to find the girl tucked up
in bed with her husband!”

relative’s warning, Hayley has
other problems to deal with
– and brazenly unpacks a pile
of her stock on the ground in
the middle of Bridge Street
Market, hoping to flog them
for a fast buck…
“It’s a brave woman who
crosses the fearsome market
traders!” remarks our sneak.

This scandalous altercation
with the Carters comes at the
end of a week in which Hayley
rubs up more than one Walford
resident the wrong way. The
moment she surfaces again,
Hayley is told to go by Stacey
– who’s still jealous about the
close bond which developed
between Hayley and her
estranged husband Martin.
But rather than heed her

Furious Linda
throws Hayley
out on the street

“They pay good money for
their precious pitches, and
work their socks off in all kinds
of weather to make ends
meet. They’re annoyed that
Hayley has the cheek to just
rock up with no official licence
for selling her stuff – but
she couldn’t care less!”

HOTTEST headlines...

Mick wakes up
with more than
just a hangover
to deal with!

lnsideSoap 5

Ironically, it’s fruit and veg
stallholder Martin who leaps
in to defend Hayley when the
market crew turn on her –
whisking her into the café to
protect her from their wrath.
That’s red rag to a bull for
Stacey, who again makes it
clear to Hayley that she’s not
welcome – but the Slater
newbie is blasé and insists that
Martin is old news because
she has a boyfriend now.
However, something suggests
that Hayley’s life isn’t all as
she makes it out to be…
“If Hayley has another man
on the go, why on earth does
she want to be in Walford?”
questions our insider. “It’s clear
that something isn’t right when
her takings are stolen – and
on her uppers, she waits until
everyone but Jean is out so
that she can give her sob story
and wrap her relative round her
little finger. Of course, it’s no
time at all before gullible Jean

Hayley is rejected by
her family and robbed
by a stranger…

6 lnsideSoap

is inviting Hayley to stay on
– but Kat and Stacey are
having none of it once they
find out, leaving indignant
Hayley out in the cold again.”

While she plots her next move,
Hayley bumps into Stuart –
Halfway’s big brother and Mick’s
childhood mate – who invites
her to join him in the Vic. There,
she causes even more trouble
as she locks horns with Donna,
who’s still miffed about the
chaos Hayley caused on the
market the day before. Robbie
is forced to wade in and break
the warring women apart, but
the night takes another nosedive
when Hayley turns her
attentions to landlord Mick…
“Not surprisingly, it all gets
a bit boozy in the pub,” sighs
our informant. “Mick, Halfway
and Stuart are all downing
drinks – and feeling so happy
about being reunited with his
old pal, Mick gets a bit carried

Kat and Stacey
leave Hayley out
in the cold again!”

…but things start to
look up when Stuart
befriends her

away. The
T landlord ends up
passed out on his bed – and
that Hayley
Stuart suggests
erself in beside him!
tuck he
He’s inttent on making trouble
en Mick and Linda,
and luckily for him, Hayley
takes litttle persuading.”
nclear why he’s so
It’s un
o stir the pot between
keen to
the Carrter pair, but Stuart’s
oes to plan! Linda
ruse go
returns from visiting her
mum Elaine and is spitting
s after she finds her
man in bed with another
woman. Mick doesn’t know
on when he
what’s going
s to his wife letting
ut it’s Hayley who
rip – bu
comes off worse, as Linda
ndles her out of the Vic
akes it clear that if she
and ma
comes back, she’ll regret it.
ever, as Hayley stumbles
e Square with Linda’s
into the
in her ears, will
words ringing
she call it quits and leave – or
take another unsuspecting
local for a ride instead?
Allison Jones

Can Halfway’s big brother be trusted?
Mick couldn’t be more
chuffed to be reunited
with his old mucker Stuart
this week, but he’s unaware
that his mate is trying to
cause trouble for him. Is Stu
just having a laugh, or are
his intentions more sinister?
So far, all we know about
Stuart – played by Ricky
Champ – is that he and
Mick were born and raised
together in the East End.
His appearance in Walford
ties in with Halfway’s
return from military duty,
and the trio waste no time
in catching up. However,
Stuart looks set to scupper
their happy reunion with his
questionable behaviour…
Why he wants to be
messing with Mick and

Linda’s marriage is anyone’s
guess. But after Halfway
drunkenly confesses to his
sibling that he’s been lying
to Mick, Stuart doesn’t offer
his sheepish little brother
any support – and instead
suggests that he get out
of town before Mick finds
out what he’s done!
However, with alcohol
giving him courage to speak
up, Halfway eventually tells
Mick everything. And it’s
Mick’s reaction to the big
announcement which
prompts Stuart to plant
Hayley in Mick’s bed.
But why’s he so keen to
cause trouble? And how will
Mick react when he works
out what his supposedly
great friend has done?

lnsideSoap 7


Only Liz can offer
Johnny the comfort
that he requires


Aidan’s death:
The heartbreak


istraught Johnny
struggles to cope in
the aftermath of
Aidan’s suicide,
leaving those who love him
desperately worried.
Unable to make sense of
why his beloved son would
take his own life, Johnny
insists the family goes to
Aidan’s flat to search for clues
as to his motives. But when
they get inside, Johnny is
overwhelmed by the horror of
the situation and has a panic
attack. His wife Jenny tries to
support him, but she can’t
connect with her heartbroken
husband – who instead turns
to close friend Liz…
“Johnny’s world has been
torn apart, and he’s in a very

dark place,” says our Corrie
insider. “His pain is too much
to handle, and he’s consumed
with anger, lashing out at
Jenny at every turn. Nothing
will ever be the same again,
and Johnny doesn’t know how
to live with what’s happened.
The only person who can get
through to him is Liz.”
Inside Aidan’s flat, there is
plenty to sort out – and it falls
to Michelle and Carla to handle
the difficult task. Like Johnny,
they are distraught and wonder
how Aidan could have felt so
alone, when they all loved him
so much. After they look
through the paperwork in the
flat, Michelle calls the family
together. She hands over a
letter addressed to Johnny,

Johnny doesn’t know how to
live with what’s happened –
only Liz can get through to him”
8 lnsideSoap

who cautiously opens it – and
on seeing his son’s writing and
realising how he must have felt
to write his goodbye, Johnny
breaks down. The next day,
Liz spots him in the pub and
invites him to have a private
chat in the back room of the
Rovers. It’s only then that
Johnny feels able to open up.
“It all comes spilling out,”
shares our Street spy. “He
tells Liz how he hates himself
for failing Aidan and how
Jenny is getting on his nerves.
Sadly, when Johnny gets
home later, Jenny tries to get
him involved in a campaign
young Summer is organising
in memory of Aidan. It leads to
an almighty row, and Johnny
goes off the deep end.”
As the tensions boil over,
Johnny storms out to crash on
Liz’s couch. Can she help him
through this terrible ordeal?
Kate White

were there
While for many Aidan’s suicide came out of the blue,
star Shayne Ward and producer Kate Oates reveal
there were a few indications of his state of mind…

“There was an episode some time ago where, after
discovering that Carla needed a kidney, Aidan went to
Johnny’s house and intercepted a note he had sent,” says
Kate. “Basically, Aidan was planning on doing it that night,
but decided not to, as he felt he had to hang on for Carla’s
sake. There was that letter, and we’ll see that again…”


The fa
amily is upset by his wishes...
Stunned Michelle finds Aidan’s will this
week – and it could change everything!
Shocked, she confides in Robert, who
can’t believe the contents of the papers.
It’s a painful moment when she eventually
shows Carla, Kate and Jenny what Aidan
planned. Of course, Aidan was the sole
owner of Underworld since Carla
signed over her share to him as a
‘thank you’. Reason suggests it
should pass to family, but did Aidan
choose another
option? Might he
have made a change
to his will after realising
little Susie was his daughter?
And how will the Connors
react to the news if he did?

“After the kidney
transplant, Aidan sent Kate
and Johnny home from the
hosptial, and then he
broke down,” says Shane.
“That was the first time
you saw him really cry.
People wondered what
was wrong, and thought
that perhaps something
had gone wrong with
the operation…”

“In Aidan’s flat, we have the unpacked boxes,” says Kate.
“Kate saw them and said to him, ‘When are you ever going
to unpack?’ – but of course, he was never going to unpack,
as he was always going to be in that headspace. So how is
Kate going to look at those boxes now?”

lnsideSoap 9

Ross wants to track
down Simon and
make him pay


Ross demands


engeful Ross renews
his quest to bring
his attacker to
justice this week,
following the recent collapse
of Simon McManus’ trial.
“Ross is feeling incredibly
frustrated,” reckons our
Emmerdale source. “He’d
psyched himself up for the
court case, and was confident
that he would at least have
some closure to this whole
nightmare. But instead, he’s
still looking for answers, and
Simon remains a free man.”
10 lnsideSoap

Ross quizzes Moira about
what she knows about Simon,
but before he can find out
anything particularly useful,
Cain comes into the room and
interrupts their conversation.
However, Cain is worried that
Moira might already have said
too much, and that Ross is
bound to work things out
sooner or later…
“Cain just wants to make
sure that his daughter Debbie
is protected,” reasons our
snitch. “Her involvement in the
acid attack is dangerously

close to going public – and
the more Ross keeps sniffing
around, the more likely it
becomes that Debbie will be
incriminated. So Cain decides
to warn Ross to leave Moira
alone – but this makes Ross
feel even more agitated.”
When Cain confronts Ross,
the pair end up in a heated

argument. During the scuffle,
Ross’ facial conformer mask
is nudged, causing him to cry
out in pain. The commotion
alerts Moira, who wants to
know what’s going on.
“Poor Ross is getting really
suspicious about the way
everyone is acting around
him,” elaborates our sneak.

Ross is getting really
suspicious about how
everyone is acting…”

Will Ross learn the truth
from Moira, or will it
remain a secret?

Cain surprise
es Moira on their fourth anniversary…

“He just wants answers! It’s
becoming painfully obvious
that people are deliberately
trying to keep him in the dark.
Moira feels so torn, as she
knows how much pain Ross
is in. Will she cave in and tell
him what he wants to know?”
Whether or not Moira
buckles, it’s clear that Ross
is not going to give up on
his search for Simon – so is
it only a matter of time before
he discovers the awful truth
about Debbie’s actions?
Tom Spilsbury

Cain and Moira mark their
fourth wedding ann
this week – and Cain
surprises his wife with a
very romantic gesture…
“Despite their troubles,
Cain is determined to
celebrate his and Moira’s
anniversary in style,” says
our Dales spy. “He’s still
deeply in love with her,
and wants to show how
much she means to him.”
It’s been four years of
mixed fortunes for the
couple since they wed.
Although they’ve had son
Isaac together, Moira has
faced an HIV scare, lost
her daughter Holly to a
heroin overdose, and was
responsible for the death
of psycho Emma Barton.

On top of that, Cain had
an affair with Charity, while
Moira filed for divorce
and had a fling with Pete.
“Maybe there have been
more downs than ups!”
chuckles our insider.
“Frankly, it’s quite some
achievement that they’re
still here to tell the tale.”

As the evening
ing of her
and Cain’s anniversary
arrives, Moira is thrilled
when her husband asks
her to exchange rings
again, in order to echo
their original wedding
ceremony. It’s the perfect
romantic night – but how
long can the calm last?
Cain and Moira tied the
knot back in 2014 – and it’s
been non-stop drama since

lnsideSoap 11

Laura-Jayne snoops behind

the big soap headlines…





Walford to mourn Carmel’s boy after he is fatally stabbed…


scenes lie ahead
in Walford when
the residents gather for
murdered Shakil’s funeral.
EastEnders bosses
announced some weeks
ago that the soap is to
tackle the harrowing subject
of knife crime, in a story
that will see Shakil and best
mate Keegan attacked by a
gang of youths. All the signs,
including pictures of his
distraught mother Carmel,
indicated that Shakil
wouldn’t survive the assault
– and now, these sombre
images of Kush alongside
his brother’s coffin surely
confirm the lad’s fate…

12 lnsideSoap

“It feels more important
than ever to raise awareness
of this terrible crime, and how
horrendous it is for teenagers,
their families and communities,”
said Square boss John Yorke
in March, after revealing that
the show would be working
with former EastEnders star
Brooke Kinsella (Kelly Taylor),
who tragically lost her brother
Ben after he was fatally
stabbed in 2008. “These
episodes are powerful,
heartbreaking and dramatic –
while making it clear that knife
crime destroys the lives of
everyone it touches.”
The anguish written across
the faces of the locals attending
Shakil’s funeral is plain to see,

with the likes of Kat, Sharon
and Louise deeply affected by
the shocking events that have
unfolded on their doorstep.
However, no one looks more
ashen than poor Kush – who
faces the unimaginable task of
burying his younger sibling.
There are no clear images of
Carmel but, rather curiously,
Kush is flanked by two mystery
men that some are suggesting
to be his estranged father,
Umar, and brother Darius.
Walford bosses are staying
tight-lipped on that rumour, but
Shakil’s funeral certainly feels
like the right time – sad as it is
– to introduce the lad’s missing
relatives. The story is expected
to unfold later this spring.

Kush looks haunted
at having to say
goodbye to his brother


Boss Kate Oates lifts the lid on the Street’s sizzling summer…

Two very familiar faces are to join
Corrie, when This Morning hosts
Phillip Schofield and Holly
Willoughby make their soap
debut! “It’s a bit of fun as part of
Rosie’s exit storyline,” Kate told “Phil and Holly will
play themselves, and we’re kind of
replaying a trick we’ve used before,
as Rosie has been on TV shows in
the past. It’s great comedy!”

Jim McDonald will return
to Weatherfield with a
right cob on – setting
the stage for an
explosive reunion with
ex-wife Liz and son
Steve! “He is coming
back with a lot of
resentment towards
Steve,” explains Kate. “From
Jim’s point of view, he has been
rotting in prison and no one cares.”

David will find it tough to prove Josh
raped him, but the soap gods will make
sure the attacker gets his just deserts.
“David got rid of all the evidence, so
I believe the perpetrator wouldn’t be
convicted,” says Kate. “David will get
catharsis and some acknowledgement,
but he might not get it
legally. In soap, a lot
of justice often
comes from the

The Square’s
residents pay
their respects


Last but certainly not least, Kate has
hinted that a big comeback could be
on the cards for the Street’s original
blonde bombshell – Bet Lynch!
“I bet Julie [Goodyear, who played
her] would be great on the show,” she
grins. “If the story fitted, why not?
She was definitely considered a
modern day icon, and still is.”




The Grim Reaper claims a fresh victim…


mmerdale will kick
off the summer in
spectacular style
when a disaster strikes
the village – and it will
result in the death of one
of the local residents!
Tragedy strikes this week
after Doug attempts to fix a
structural issue at the B&B
rather than call in an expert
(see p42 for our interview
with Duncan Preston),
setting off a dramatic chain
of events that will change
the village forever…

14 lnsideSoap

“We’re remaining tight-lipped
about exactly what’s going
to happen, so the audience
can watch the drama as it
takes place on screen,” an
Emmerdale spokesperson tells
Inside Soap. “It’s safe to say
that what occurs that day in
the B&B will have ramifications
for some of our characters
for the rest of their lives…”
The identity of the doomed
local is being kept under lock
and key by bosses, but plenty
of our favourite villagers are in
the frame. Of course, the most

likely candidates to be caught
up in the chaos are Doug,
Diane and Pollard, who all
work at the B&B. Meanwhile,
Lachlan and Belle are secretly
planning to open a bar within
the establishment, but their
plan is blown out of the water
when Gerry unwittingly gives
the game away. And with
Gerry having also discovered
the damning voicemail that
incriminates Lachlan in the
White family car crash, there
is definitely a sense that the
fellas are set to collide…

Meanwhile, Chas and
Paddy’s engagement party gets
under way at the Woolpack,
with revellers including Robert
and the Barton brothers. Oddly,
the bride and groom-to-be
have spooked themselves
silly, with Paddy convinced
his relationship with Chas is
cursed. So when Aaron fails to
show up at the bash, Paddy
can’t help but worry as Chas
wonders where her son is.
Surely Aaron isn’t the one
claimed by the horrific events
at the B&B? Tune in to find out!


After playing
mortal enemies
in Corrie, stars
Connor McIntyre
(Phelan) and Les
Dennis (Michael
Rodwell) will play the ugly
sisters in a production of
Cinderella at the Opera House
later this year. Oh yes they will!

Come on in!


We’ll see what happened in her childhood…


he abuse that Charity suffered
as a child is to be explored in
more detail through a special
flashback episode. Emmerdale
bosses have cast actress Mia Proctor
to play young Charity in a special
hour-long instalment of the soap,
when time will rewind and reveal the
pain, heartbreak and confusion that
she felt as a young girl.
“Charity is a character with a
complicated, fascinating and
heartbreaking history – some of
which has previously been
alluded to on screen,” says
Emmerdale’s series producer,
Iain MacLeod. “We wanted to
do one of our signature stylised
episodes to fill in the blanks and
explore the devastating, formative

experiences that she went through as a
vulnerable teenager – adding a massive
surprise for viewers in the process.”
The audience recently learned that
Charity was previously raped by a
policeman, Detective Inspector Bails –
and may have fallen pregnant as a result
of the attack. Charity is adamant that
she doesn’t want to pursue the matter
legally, but will continue to open up to
her supportive girlfriend,
Vanessa. Watch out for
the episode when it
airs on 29 May.

Ziggy gets jiggy!
Scandal will rock Summer
Bay following rumours
that Ziggy will tie the
knot with Brody
– before cheating on
him with Dean! Will
the honeymoon be
over before the ink
has even dried on their
marriage certiicate?

Soap SPY...

Daddy’s home!

We’ll go back in time to
find out what happened
between Charity and Bails

Meanwhile, the Street is
to open its gates to
the public! Tours
of the set are on
sale now and
run on selected
Saturdays from
26 May. Go to
for more details.

Aw! Long-time fans of Neighbours
are going to love this snap of
Ramsay Street legend Alan Dale
– who played one of the show’s
original characters Jim Robinson –
visiting the studios recently and
being reunited with on-screen son
Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul.
It’s brought us so much untold
joy, we can’t tell you!


Shona is determined
to see vile predator
Josh brought to justice


David’s prison
hell – as Shona
investigates Josh!


avid’s stretch in jail
gets off to a terrible
start this week, after
he violently lashes
out at his cellmate!
It’s a bad move on the part
of the tortured fella, who was
sent down after failing to show
up in court following his brutal
assault on Gary. However, the
truth of the matter is that David
is feeling more vulnerable than
ever as he struggles to cope
with life on the inside, while
his rapist Josh walks free…
“The injustice of David’s
imprisonment is crippling for
him,” sympathises our Street
insider. “Sure, his attack on
Gary was inexcusable and
no judge in their right mind

16 lnsideSoap

would ever have allowed
David to go unpunished. But
we as viewers – and thankfully
now Shona – are aware that
David’s actions were fuelled
by his horrific ordeal. The
extenuating circumstances
surrounding his case are
extreme, to say the least.”
However, with David still
refusing to talk to anyone else
about his attack, Shona’s torn
as his solicitor Imran pushes
her for details that might help
the case. David has sworn
Shona to secrecy, so the worst
thing she could do after finally
gaining his trust is to break her
promise. But as Imran piles on
the pressure, will Shona cave
in and reveal what happened?

Meanwhile, David is on edge
as he tries to navigate prison
life. For all he knows, the men
he’s banged up with are as
dangerous as Josh – so when
his cellmate Paul gently tries to
wake David from his slumber,
Gail’s nervous son snaps and
shoves Paul against the wall.
But could his actions cost him
later on down the line if he tries
to appeal his sentence?
“The only thing that David
can do at this point is keep his
head down and nose clean,”

reckons our mole. “But that’s
easier said than done when
battling the sort of demons
keeping him awake at night.”
However, now David has
Shona to confide in, violence
doesn’t have to be the answer.
Shona is there to offer him
support – and as she visits
David in prison, she tries to
persuade him to go on the
record about what Josh did.
The trouble is that David is
still incredibly guarded, so he’s
horrified when Shona admits

The only thing David
can do at this point is
keep his head down”

Gail wants shot of Emma…
Gail has a difficult job on her hands mopping
up David’s mess this week, as his recent fling
Emma continues to live with the Platt family –
despite the fact that David has been sent to jail!
David wasn’t in his right mind when he hooked
up with the salon’s new trainee and invited her to
live with them after five minutes of knowing her.
So, as Gail attempts to suggest it’s time Emma
moved out, will the ditzy lass take the hint?
she has confronted Josh.
When David reels from her
admission and appears more
stressed than ever, has Shona
done more harm than good in
her determination to help him?
Knowing Shona as well as
we do now, she is not the
sort of woman who is easily
deterred. Having previously
helped David’s niece Bethany
through her own sexual abuse
ordeal last year, Shona sets off
on a mission to dig for dirt on
Josh – with the feeling in her
gut that there’s a chance the
predator’s attack on David
wasn’t his first offence.
After swiping Josh’s CV
from the garage, Shona goes
in search of the mechanic’s
former employers and soon
encounters one of Josh’s

David’s cellmate means
no harm, but David
wakes up in a rage

ex-colleagues. When the guy
reveals how Josh was sacked
from his old job, Shona is
intrigued – just as frustrated
Imran tells David that his best
option is to plead guilty in
court for assaulting Gary.
Will Shona manage to find
the evidence against Josh she
needs to save David – and will
her other half agree to let her
help him before it’s too late?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Will Josh’s former coworker provide Shona
with key information?



at war!
Daz and Kerry have
been in cahoots
behind Dan’s back


ll hell breaks
loose for the
Spencers this
week, as Dan
finally learns
that his brother Daz could be
Amelia’s biological father –
and that Daz and Kerry have
secretly organised a paternity
test behind his back!
The idea that the daughter
he’s raised for 11 years might
not be his is crippling for Dan,
who has been doing his best
to support Amelia in the wake
of her mother Ali’s sudden
death. So when he accidentally
stumbles across a letter
containing the damning DNA
results, it’s a total shock –
and Dan’s worst nightmare…
“It really wasn’t a difficult
place for me to go to as an
actor – when you consider
finding out that a kid might
not be
e yours after all this

time, how else are you going
to react?” sighs star Liam Fox,
who plays Dan. “Dan will
always see himself as Amelia’s
dad no matter what – but he
is dreading the results.”
Dan’s discovery is shocking
enough – yet the fact that his
brother Daz is the other fella
in the frame to be Amelia’s dad
serves as the ultimate betrayal,
not to mention that Kerry has
been in on the secret, too.
The sneaky pair went about
arranging a DNA test after
drunken Daz confessed to
sleeping with Ali behind Dan’s
back. This week, the results
arrive, which Kerry and Daz
are forced to track down when
they vanish. However, their
efforts backfire after Pete ends
up with the letter – and hands
it straight to Dan! As the truth
of his brother’s treachery sinks
in, how will Dan respond?
“Dan has always known the
sort of person that Daz is,”
grumbles Liam
“Th ’
m. “They’ve
always had a

Life may never be
the same again for
the Spencer clan

There are fisticuffs
between the
Spencer siblings

love-hate relationship and,
although Dan never suspected
for a second that anything had
gone on between Daz and Ali,
it’s not a complete surprise
that he has ended up doing
something like this.”
Faced with the possibility
that Daz may turn out to be
Amelia’s father, Dan’s initial
response is to chuck the
unopened letter in the bin.
But his emotions soon get
the better of him, and it’s not
long before Dan is retrieving
the results and opening them.
“Dan’s natural instinct is to
stick his head in the sand, as
he doesn’t want it to be bad
news,” explains Liam. “But he
can’t hide from the truth, and
has to hope for the best.”
After Amelia’s paternity is
revealed, Dan unleashes all his
anger on Daz and the brothers
come to blows – just as Amelia
returns home and demands
to know what is going on! Will
her world be turned upside
down as we finally learn who
her biological dad is?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

We look back at some of soap’s best DNA dramas…


After Walford’s Roxy Mitchell
slept with both Sean Slater
and Jack Branning, it wasn’t
just turkey on the menu at the
Vic that Christmas. Her cruel
dad Archie served up DNA
results on a platter to Sean, to
prove Jack was the father of
Roxy’s daughter Amy – which
sent Sean into a rage before he
plunged into an icy lake. Ouch!

When villager Vanessa ordered
a DNA test to determine the
father of baby Johnny, Rakesh
Kotecha doctored the results
to read that Adam Barton was
the dad – when in fact it was his
son Kirin! Both are now on
the run for various crimes and
misdemeanours, while singlemum-turned-lesbian Vanessa
has never been happier.

Hell hath no fury like Corrie’s
David Platt scorned, and boy
did his brother Nick pay for his
one-night stand with sister-inlaw Kylie. David had his revenge
by causing a car crash that left
his sibling brain-damaged but,
as it happens, the paternity
test proved that David was the
father of baby Lily after all. The
truth hurts, some would argue.

lnsideSoap 19


The end
for Sienna?



ienna finds herself
at rock bottom this
week, after her
mysterious stalker’s
sinister email countdown
reaches zero – and she has
no one left to turn to!
She’s lied and cheated her
way through Hollyoaks village
for years, but when the clock
runs out of time, it seems
Sienna is set to pay for her
past mistakes…
“She’s in a very bad place,”
sighs actress Anna Passey,
who plays her. “I think the
audience is quite used to
seeing Sienna concoct these
storylines for herself, but

20 lnsideSoap

this time it’s all legitimate.
She’s really scared.”
The sinister gifts and emails
have been plaguing her for
weeks, and as her fear
intensifies, Sienna decides to
turn detective and investigate.
“She makes a list – it’s quite
pathetic, this little screwed-up
bit of paper!” groans Anna.
“She’s thinking of all the
people who have reason to
hold a grudge… but it would
be quicker for her to make a
list of people that didn’t have
something against her, really!”
Sienna’s paranoia leads her
to the conclusion that her
stalker is Darren Osborne, out

for revenge – a reasonable
theory, given their history!
So he becomes the next target
for her manic behaviour.
“Whenever I film one of
those days, I make sure I’ve
got an extra shot of espresso
in my coffee!” jokes Anna.
“Ashley [Taylor Dawson, who
plays Darren] and I had a
couple of days in Sienna’s
flat together, and it was such
a lot of fun to play.”

What happens between
Sienna and Darren remains
a mystery – but the moment
of truth soon arrives, as the
ticking timer finally hits zero.
Sienna’s heart skips a beat
when she hears a knock at
the door – so is she finally
about to come face to face
with her secret tormentor?
“We see something – I can’t
tell you what!” grins Anna.
“I really love this story, it’s sort

Sienna makes a list
of all the people who
might hold a grudge”

Is the future looking rosy for Sienna?
Should Sienna survive this latest ordeal, we
wondered if Anna would like her character to
enjoy a quieter life
e in the village for a while…
“I’ve always bee
en pitching for Sienna to get
that village florist!” she chuckles. “I want to call
it ‘Sienna’s Stalks’, and I think it would be so
nice. Everyone els
e could have their
drama, and she wo
would just be in the
background with posies.”
Given the numb
er of weddings and
funerals in Hollyoa
ks village, surely a
fortune would be guaranteed
for any
florist setting up s
hop. This could be
Sienna’s most cun
ning plan so far!
Time’s up for Sienna –
will she find out who’s
been stalking her?

of like being in my own spin-off
horror film and I love it.”
Viewers know that there are
lots more twists and turns to
come in this story, as a recent
flash-forward showed Joel,
Cleo and various other
characters attending Sienna’s
funeral. Surely this couldn’t
spell the end for our favourite
long-running soap villain?

“Anything is possible!”
teases Anna, with a twinkle in
her eye. “I’ve had such a big
reaction to those flash-forward
scenes! If you consider
what Sienna’s been through,
everything she’s done, and the
stories she’s covered, it seems
like she’s been there a lifetime!
So maybe her time is up…”
Michael Cregan



hits out!

Sophie offers support
to devastated Kate – but
Zeedan sees it differently



esperate Zeedan
makes a move to win
back Rana this week,
by proving that her
new love Kate is a cheat! But
when his scheme fails to work,
Zeedan is finally forced to
face the truth about his future
– until a violent encounter
changes everything…
The drama begins as the
husband spies Kate hugging
ex-girlfriend Sophie, and
suspects it’s more than just a
friendly embrace. He believes
that this could be his chance
to split up Rana and Kate, and
to convince his estranged wife
to give their marriage another
chance. Will his meddling
manage to persuade her?
“Zeedan is so in love with
Rana – he can’t see anything
else beyond that,” explains
Qasim Akhtar, who plays the
devastated fella. “He thinks,
‘What can I do to make Rana
come back to me and leave
Kate?’. So he starts digging
for information about what
Sophie and Kate are up to, and
that’s when he starts taking
pictures of them together!”
Zeedan follows Sophie and
Kate into town where the pair
have gone for a drink, as Kate
attempts to come to terms with
her brother’s suicide. Zeedan
is trying to capture proof of a
passionate moment to show to
Rana, but little does he realise
that she’s also planning to join
the girls at the bar. Rana can’t

22 lnsideSoap

believe it when she spots
Zeedan snapping pictures
through the window, and gives
him a piece of her mind –
leaving him in no doubt about
the future of their marriage.
“That’s when it starts to hit
home for Zeedan – he’s
heard it from her mouth
now,” sighs Qasim.
“Rana has been
giving him mixed
signals, and
that’s made
Zeedan feel
as if it’s old
times again.
All these
things have
just been
building up
inside – so
when she says
she wants a
divorce, Zeedan
realises he needs
to open his eyes.”
Following this
bombshell, there’s
no hope left for Zeedan and
the night at the bar goes from
bad to worse. The girls are
approached by a gaggle of
drunken lads who try it on with
them, and when they get too
close, Sophie is forced to use
a rape alarm to get rid of them.
Back on the cobbles, Kate and
Rana are having an intimate
moment in the ginnel when
one of the rowdy blokes, Phil,
jumps out and grabs Kate.
On hearing Rana scream,

Will lairy Phil recover
from Zeedan’s attack? It
doesn’t look good!

Zeedan rushes round and
punches Phil unconscious. But
will anyone believe that he was
reacting in the moment, and
not just consumed with rage
due to his failed marriage?

“It’s a reaction to what
happens, but it looks as if
he lashes out,” shares Qasim,
who has already filmed his
final scenes on the Street. “It
will look as though there has

Zeedan is so in love
with Rana – he can’t
see beyond that…”

Qasim is excited
for the future…
He’s had a dramatic few
years in Weatherfield,
but Qasim has decided
to leave the cobbles and
try something new – and
he’s looking forward to
what’s coming next.
“I’ve always been very
ambitious,” says the star.
“I still have that fire in
my belly where I want
to explore and do other
projects. I see so much
more diversity in shows
nowadays – and with the
pressure shows have on
them to introduce more
Asian and black actors,
I feel as if it’s a great time
for me to be out there.”
We know the door will
be left open for Zeedan
– who’ll leave grandma
Yasmeen and sister Alya
behind in Weatherfield
– and Qasim is pleased
’s not
“I am so happy as that
puts you in such a gre
sition as an acto
ins. “I am very grateful,
– ke to believe there
ll always be a place for
ere in the future.
Zee’s orange phone case
was one of many issues
with his spying mission

been this rage stu inside
him for so long, a t t
has ju let it out
the first
perso he thought he could.”
As ate and Rana reel
from t fight an
il lays
uncon cious on t
t t Zeed
it’s cl
find h mself in big rouble.
Will a one believ him,
and w Phil reco


Robbo’s trial!


here’s a shock twist
at Robbo’s murder
trial this week – as
federal agents storm
the courtroom and drag him
away in a police van!
The poor guy is already
confused, as he has no memory
of the brutal crimes he’s being
charged with under the name
of Beckett Reid. But he’s left
more bewildered than ever
when he’s bundled out of court
by a bunch of armed cops…
“Just as the judge is about
to read the verdict, federal
agents come swooping in and
take Robbo away with no
explanation!” gasps Jake
Ryan, who plays the accused.

24 lnsideSoap

“Robbo has no idea what’s
going on, and demands they
tell him – but he doesn’t get
any immediate answers.”
Prior to the dramatic
interruption, Robbo fears he’s
heading for a
jail sentence,
thanks to his
previous life
as a hired
killer. Tori’s
trying her
best to help
him fight the
charges on the grounds of
his mental instability – but
when Ash takes to the stand
in order to testify against
Robbo, all hope seems lost.

“Robbo is shocked and
angry – what Ash says on the
stand makes everything worse
for him,” sighs Jake. “Robbo is
terrified of going to jail – he’d
just started getting his life
together before
Kat died, and
now it’s all
falling apart.
In the heat of
the moment,
he considers
running away.”
Robbo sees sense, and heads
back to court before he ends
up in deeper trouble than he’s
already in. However, he’s
determined to take to the

“Robbo just
wants the jury
to make a

stand to tell the jury his side
of the story, even if his lawyer
doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
“Robbo pleads his case to
the jury – he doesn’t remember
Beckett Reid,” Jake tells us.
“All he remembers is falling
in love with Kat and trying to
protect her. If the jury thinks he
should pay for Beckett Reid’s
crimes, then he will. He just
wants them to make a decision
and end the waiting game.”
But just when it looks as
though Robbo’s fate has been
decided, everything changes
as the federal agents swoop!
What happens next is being
kept a closely guarded secret
– but Jake informs us that he

Your soap story

Wish list!
“I don’t think Sally
Metcalfe would feel fulilled
being merely the mayor
of Weatherield. Surely
she should be preparing
to stand as the local MP at
the next election? And after
that, the sky’s the limit!”
…dreams reader Beth
from Birmingham
“Has Kathy
remembered to ask
Mel how her brother
– and Kathy’s ex –
Alex the vicar is
doing? They should
bring him back.
I used to really fancy
him, especially in
the dog collar.”
…froths reader Sue
from London
“If Chas got pregnant
in January, does she
realise the baby is going
to be born in October,
when Emmerdale’s
biggest disasters
happen? I hope she’s
pre-booked all the
emergency services!”
…warns reader David

Robbo seeks an
end to the awful
situation he’s in

considers this dramatic
plot every actor’s dream.
“I was so excited – I love
action and drama-filled
scripts, and getting to play
out my own court case
was great,” he grins.
“There have been many

theories about Robbo and
who he is for a really long
time – none of the viewers
thought the story would
end here. I like to think
most people know Robbo
is a good, genuine guy.”
Sarah Ellis

“Can we see more
of DS Cassidy in
Hollyoaks, please?
After her recent
shenanigans with
Adam, I’m sure
that she must have
a lot of skeletons
in her closet!”
…suggests reader
Each week, we invite readers to share their dream
soap storylines on our lnsideSoap Facebook page.
Check it out and join in the fun at
insidesoap. Or you can email your idea to us at There’s a £10 prize
for every suggestion we publish in the magazine!
lnsideSoap 25



Flora butters
up Adam!


oody Adam finds
himself bonding
with Flora this
week – despite
him trying to get rid of the
pensioner from his home!
Adam has been sulking ever
since housemate Daniel invited
the old lady to come and live
with them, without consulting
him first.
Although Daniel
stressses that it’s only a

Flora realises that Sinead
wantss rid of her – but
she re
efuses to budge

temporary measure until they
can find a more permanent
solution, Adam orders Daniel
to get rid of her immediately!
“To be fair to Adam, he’s not
quite himself at the moment,”
says our Corrie sneak. “But
it’s no excuse for his rudeness,
and Daniel quickly apologises
to Flora on Adam’s behalf.
She’s not all that bothered,
though. She’s heard far

worse, and she’s just happy
to be out of that care home.”
Daniel then invites his
girlfriend Sinead round to have
dinner with him and Flora, in
an effort to make the OAP feel
more welcome. Unfortunately,
the plan backfires…
“Flora takes an instant
dislike to Sinead,” giggles our
spy. “In fact, she even accuses
the lass of trying to poison her!
The whole situation is very
awkward – but luckily, Daniel
sees the funny side of it. He
might think twice before
planning a dinner party with
the two of them again, though.”

Later on, Flora sidles up
to Adam and asks him about
his day – and an unlikely
friendship begins to blossom…
“In spite of himself, Adam
talks candidly to Flora, and all
his pent-up emotions come
pouring out,” our sleuth tells
us. “He reveals the guilt he
feels about Aidan’s suicide,
and how he fears that their
feud contributed to Aidan’s
decision to take his own life.
Adam finds it easier to admit
his innermost thoughts to
Flora – a stranger – and he’s
touched when the lady offers
him some words of comfort

Flora offers Adam
some words of comfort
and encouragement”


“A chicken
barm please,

“Did you know
that chickens feel emotion?
They recognise human faces
and respond to kindness and
voice... So do you want
mayonnaise with that?”
We love the subtlety with
which Yasmeen puts her
point across.

“I’ve never
sold a motor

and encouragement. In
n return,
he tells Flora that she’s welcome
to stay in their home as
a long
as she likes. He even e
up taking her out for dinner –
it’s quite the turnaroun
Meanwhile, Sinead confides
in Beth, telling her aunt that
she intends to move in
n with
her fella – just as soon as Flora
is out from under their feet. But
it seems as if her plan to be rid
of the pesky pensioner isn’t
going to happen overn
“Flora is a smart coo
reckons our source. “Sh
he’s done
some checking up on Sinead,
and concluded the lass is
playing with Daniel’s feelings.
Flora will be keeping a close
eye on Sinead from here on out.”
It looks as if this feud could
erupt into a full-scale war…
Tom Spilsbury

“It’s easy,
right? It’s like, I dunno,
selling crack. Or your body.
You ain’t got to know about
motors, you just got to know
how to sell ’em.”
It’s brutal stuff, but the Max
and Rainie team-up has been
a real shot in the arm
for EastEnders.

“I organised
a hen party in Ibiza that
lasted four days. It put half the
hens in hospital and left me with
no eyebrows or lady garden.”
We’re glad we’re not Misty’s
friend. It sounds exhausting.
And quite painful.

“Do you
not think
you’re being
a bit picky?”
“I’ve had two
gay husbands, a bisexual
iancé and my ex is on the run.
Oh, and I’ve just been dumped
by a tramp. So no, I wouldn’t
call myself picky.”
Poor Bernice – she just needs
to aim a little higher than
awful Daz!

“Always be
llate on a irst date,
and play a little bit
ha d to get. And don’t be
too en. If he doesn’t ofer
pay, he’s not worth a second
date. Flirt outrageously, but
t let him kiss you this
. It’ll drive him wild!”
W love Rita’s dating
advice. She should
write a book – it’d
bee a best

“Well, Grant sort of
opened me eyes, you know.
He’s like a beached whale, hoovering
up chips. I said to him, ‘You’ve gone
soft, it’s like you’re not Grant Mitchell
any more’. And you know what he
said to me? He said: ‘Don’t ight it.
Because it will come to you an’ all’.”
EastEnders’ brilliant trolling
of Grant Mitchell (now “100 per
cent blubber” apparently) had
us in stitches.



Karl could be a goner…
Channel 5 TUESDAY


t looks as though the
Kennedys are about to
be tragically torn apart
this week, as Susan frets
that she’s lost her soulmate.
Karl is teetering close to
death after being stranded out
in the bush all night. And as
he’s rushed to hospital by
paramedics, Susan must face
the very real possibility that her
husband won’t pull through…
“Karl is in a critical condition,”
explains Jackie Woodburne,
who plays his distressed wife.

“He’s broken his fibula in the
fall, and his DVT has developed
into a pulmonary embolism,
which has left a dangerous
clot inside his lungs. On top
of that, his heart also stops
twice on the way to hospital.”
As Susan waits for news,
she’s furious with her hubby
for putting himself in such a

Xanthe finds Karl and
raises the alarm – but
will it be enough?

perilous situation. But her anger
soon gives way to distress.
“Susan fears the worst for
Karl,” sighs Jackie. “She’s
tired and overwhelmed. And in
her anxiety, she imagines what
life would be like without the
love of her life by her side.”
Is Susan’s nightmare
about to become reality?

Robbie caught out?

up the


here’s a tough time in
store for Laurel this
week, in the wake of
Bob and Brenda’s wedding
day drama. Now that her

28 lnsideSoap

obbie is feeling the
pressure this week,
as Phil tries to force
him to uncover more
information about Max and
Rainie’s business dealings.
However, the hapless fella is
conflicted: should he bow to

secret affair with Bob is
public knowledge, it’s not
just her best pals Bernice
and Nicola who are reeling
in shock. And as she tries
to explain what’s going on
to her bewildered kids in
the most sensitive manner
possible, Laurel feels
desperate and alone. But
can she manage to make
things right and move on?

Phil’s demands, even if it means
betraying his own uncle?
The situation becomes
more awkward for poor Robbie
once Rainie spots the pair
colluding with each other.
Suspecting that Robbie might
be up to no good, she
demands that he return his
keys to the car lot – but
can Robbie keep his job?

Maggie’s agony
Channel 5 MONDAY


here’s more bad news in
store for the Astonis this
week, as Maggie finds
out that Ben isn’t a match
for her stem cell treatment.
When Tori suggests that they
test Ziggy to see if she could

be a potential donor, Maggie
is reluctant to put her daughter
through an operation. However,
Ben thinks Maggie should at
least consider the idea – and
when they put it to Ziggy, she’s
determined to help her mum.
So will Ziggy be a match?
And if so, will Maggie agree to
let her go ahead with the op?

Thanks a bunch!
lfie’s behaviour starts
to cause concern this
week, when Tom and
Damon are left puzzled by
the lad’s bizarre manner.
Oblivious that Alfie is
talking to the voice that he
hears in his head, his close
friends are perturbed –
especially when he starts
ranting about Sienna.

However, there’s a bigger
shock to come as Alfie
bumps into former conquest
Janine. Tom is stunned
to learn that his pal slept
with her, and got arrested
afterwards – but it’s clear
that Alfie regrets his actions
and wants to make amends.
As he surprises Janine
with a beautiful bouquet,
will Alfie win her round and
placate his mates – and
keep the voice at bay?

and Steve’s support
means so much. That’s
not to say that the worst
is over, though, as Eileen
starts to receive silent
phone calls. She’s already
been the victim of nasty

comments online and has
suffered criminal damage to
her car, so her stalker appears
to be upping the ante.
How long will it be before
Eileen is forced to confront
the perpetrator face to face?

Channel 4 TUESDAY


back, Eileen!


ileen’s nightmare is
made a smidge more
bearable this week, as
her good friends Tim and
Steve welcome her back to
Streetcars with a warm hug
– and her favourite biscuits!
The poor woman has
barely left the house since
discovering that her
husband Pat was a serial
killer, and she believes
that she pushed him to
his death in a terrifying
cliff-top showdown.
Despite that, Eileen
is determined to pick
herself up and get her life
back on track, so she
returns to work where Tim

She returns
to work – as
her stalker
watches on…

Steve and Tim know
that Eileen is
innocent in all this

lnsideSoap 29

A royal pain!




xcitement for the royal
wedding reaches fever
pitch in Walford this
week, as the countdown to
Harry and Meghan’s big day
reaches its final stages.
Staunch royalist Linda is
breathless with anticipation,

and determined that everything
will be absolutely perfect for
the festivities in the Queen Vic.
However, the smile is wiped
from her face when Halfway’s
brother Stuart accidentally
breaks her favourite royal mug!
Superstitious Linda fears
it’s a bad omen, and that the
entire day will be ruined. Can
Stuart make amends?

Where’s Ava?
Channel 5 MONDAY


attled Justin faces
every parent’s worst
nightmare this week,
when his young daughter
Ava goes missing!
The worried dad arrives
home from Robbo’s trial to
find that his little girl has

gone – and despite Willow
pointing out that Ava has
run away before, Justin is
convinced she’s been taken.
After going to the police to
report Ava’s disappearance,
Justin quickly jumps to the
conclusion that Dean is
responsible. But does the
River Boy know anything
about Ava’s whereabouts?

Liv’s booze battle

She comes clean to Aaron about her problem…


t seems that troubled Liv
might be about to make
important headway on her
road to recovery this week,
as she reveals the full extent
of her alcohol issues to Aaron.
Since being sentenced for
her part in spiking Lisa’s drink
with ketamine, it has
become clear just
how dependent
on booze Liv
was in the
leading up to
her detention.
But since
her teacher
Steve was

30 lnsideSoap

alerted to the situation thanks
to the cruel taunts of Liv’s
cellmate Tash, he’s been
determined to help her. With
Steve having already notified
Aaron of the issue, it’s now
down to Liv to accept that she
really does have a problem
– and open up to her brother
about how she’s been feeling.
The opportunity arises as
Aaron is called into the
young offender
institution to see his
little sister. So,
after Liv admits
what’s been
going on, can
Aaron help
her get back
on the straight
and narrow?

Mystery woman!
Passion erupts on Darwin ward for Fletch…


his week’s Holby drama
gets off to a saucy start,
as Fletch is revealed to
have spent the night with a
mystery hot blonde!
The episode then rewinds 24
hours to a particularly stressful
shift for Fletch, as we see him
unexpectedly reunited with
Sydney Somers – played by
former Emmerdale star

Gemma Oaten (aka Rachel
Breckle) – who is now in
charge of the nursing agency
that Fletch regularly uses.
While the pair engage in
hospital politics, director of
nursing services Fletch is also
under pressure from Abigail
to come out on top in his
negotiations with Sydney. So
is it sexy Ms Somers with
whom Fletch ends up mixing
business and pleasure? Or
someone else entirely?


& RADIO...

● There’s all manner
of different dramas in
Carrigstown this week!
There’s comedy when
Farrah and Hughie
prank each other,
romance as Farrah
and Jake finally lock
lips, and tragedy as
Kerri-Ann’s murderous
deeds finally catch up
with her. Will life ever
be the same again?


yrone is thrilled to
unveil his new windpowered ‘dancing
man’ to advertise Webster’s
Autos this week – however,
his excitement soon turns to
dismay once he discovers
the contraption has been
deliberately damaged!
While the mechanic soon
has the inflatable novelty up
and flapping, it immediately
proves more trouble than it’s
worth – when neighbour Rita
complains that the yellow
monstrosity keeps knocking
against her window.
Will Tyrone be able to
convince her of its charms,
or is the Street’s newest
resident set for a swift exit?


Fall from Grace
Channel 4 FRIDAY


icked Glenn
continues his
campaign of cruel
abuse against fiancée Grace
this week, as he tells her
she’s pathetic and ugly!
The disgusting bully has
been attempting to assert his
power over Grace ever since
they got together – so when he
rips her to shreds for taking
too long to get ready for work,
poor Grace ends up being
reduced to tears once again.
It’s clear that this is not the
loving relationship that Grace
claims it is – but how long will
it be before she realises the
type of person Glenn really is?

● Everybody reels
this week, following
the recent shock
death in Shieldinch
– but Lou is on hand
to help with some
spiritual intervention.
Meanwhile, Caitlin’s
marriage with Pete
deteriorates, driving
her to lock lips with
Gabriel! Plus, Frankie
voices her fears…

● There are villagers
with big secrets to
get off their chests
this week, as Alistair
stuns Shula with
some home truths,
while Lily unburdens
herself to a loved
one. Across Ambridge,
Jake seems to be
coping well after his
mum’s death, but
Mia doesn’t. Can
Susan support her?
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 31





Mo begins to wow the crowds
with her ‘psychic’ abilities…
● …while Hayley causes trouble
for the local community.
● Keegan and Shakil want to impress
some girls – will they succeed?

● Johnny suffers a panic attack
when he enters Aidan’s flatt.
● Adam finds an unlikely
friend in elderly Flora…
David struggles to cope
with life behind bars!

Pearl manages to mess up big
time at the veterinary surgery!
● Diane notices a huge crack
above a door at the B&B…
● Gerry unwittingly reveals Belle
and Lachlan’s secret plans.





● Donna gets into fierce arguments
with both Hayley and Robbie…
Halfway makes a shocking
confession to brother Stuart!
● Shakil is offered an opportunity to
attend a summer school for music.


The DNA results are in – is Dan
or Daz the father of Amelia?
● Moira and Cain celebrate
their wedding anniversary…
● Laurel becomes certain that
the whole world is against her.
● Ali and Robert bond over Robert’s
upcoming wedding to Michelle.
Proud Yasmeen starts
proceedings for divorce…
● Johnny cracks – screaming EPISODES
at Jenny and crying to Liz.





● Jean takes pity on Hayley
and invites her to No 31…
● …where upset Martin realises that
Hayley and Stacey are related.
The Carters are furious about
Stuart’s manipulative actions!

● Dan goes ballistic and lashes out
at Daz – just as Amelia walks in!
● Paddy and Chas are determined
not to let superstition get to them.
Doug’s life is in jeopardy
when he climbs up a ladder…
● Aaron and Liv have a candid
conversation about her drinking.
There’s a shock death –
but who bites the dust?
● Ross is in agony after his TONIGHT!
facial conformer is moved.


Zeedan defends Kate and
Rana when they’re attacked…


● Smug Carmel gets revenge
on Ian for his duplicity…
Martin has woman worries –
will he pick Stacey or Sonia?
● The Walford residents prepare
for the royal wedding festivities!

● Robert experiences chest pains
– but fails to inform Michelle.
● Eileen returns to work, yet it’s clear
she’s still tormented by Phelan.

● It’s apparent that Ross isn’t
giving up his search for Simon.
● The locals unite to get the
latest news on the tragedy…
…while the boys in blue ask
questions across the village.


● It seems Hayley isn’t done yet
– as she stoops to new lows!
● Will royalist Linda have a ball as
Prince Harry’s wedding unfolds?
● There’s terror in Walford, and life
will never be the same again…

● Which Weatherfield woman is
confronted by an ex-boyfriend?
● Shona continues her quest
to dig up dirt on evil Josh…
● Fiz is green with envy as Tyrone
befriends his colleague Abi!

● Bob and Brenda try to be civil
in front of Cathy and Heath…
● The village teens are worried
when they miss the bus to school!
● There’s smoke coming from
the pirate ship – is it on fire?







● Cleo and Joel cross swords
about her eating habits…

● Someone is watching Justin and
his family from the shadows!

● Damon sells his mum’s beloved
suit so he can afford a holiday.
Dirk is upset when he finds out
Cindy and Theo are together!

Will the rescue helicopter
arrive in time to save Karl?
● Sonya and Toadie try to help Steph,
who feels down on Mother’s Day…
● …while Terese and Piper’s special
day is interrupted by Sheila.

● Zack listens in on Glenn and Adam
talking about gangster business.
● Sienna grows convinced that
Darren is somehow her stalker…
…but it’s too late as her time runs
out. What will happen to her?

Susan breaks down as Karl
undergoes vital surgery…
● Leo and Chloe are in a tight spot
as Brandon blackmails them.
● Steph makes a big decision –
she’s leaving Ramsay Street.

● There’s terror for Justin as Ava goes
missing – where could she be?
The locals are on tenterhooks
as Robbo’s trial begins…
● …where vengeful Ash launches
into a tirade against his enemy.

● Myra and Joel observe that
Sienna has had a tough time of it.
Goldie and Myra pretend that
they have given up alcohol!
● Cleo loses her rag – and rages
about how much she hates Sienna.

● Sheila offers to assist Gary with
managing the Flame Tree Retreat…
● …while Steph makes more
preparations to move away.
Mark comes to the conclusion
that Chloe is romancing Paul!

● Justin accuses Dean of taking Ava
– but Dean protests his innocence.
● There’s chaos at the courthouse
when Robbo is taken by the feds!


Adam threatens Zack and warns
him to keep his mouth shut.

● His daughter’s disappearance
pushes Justin to breaking point.
● Colby reveals that all traces of
Robbo are slowly being erased…
…and later, the police officer
shares a smooch with Jasmine!


● Alfie is getting more confused with
the male voice speaking to him…
● …and Tom realises that something
is seriously wrong with his pal!

● David is reluctant to badger Leo
too much about what he’s hiding.
Amy flips her lid – and screams
at Liam to leave her alone!
● Fay warns Chloe that she’s playing
with fire by sleeping with her boss.

● Glenn gives Grace a hard time and
tells her to pull herself together…
…and he soon reduces the
hard-as-nails lady to tears.
● Glenn also says Grace is pathetic
– will she stand up to the brute?

David and Aaron propose
to each other at the beach!
● Elly spots a familiar face in town
– who is the mysterious woman?
● Jimmy wonders aloud about his
missed opportunity in New York.

● After months of hell, Robbo recalls
everything about his past life…
● Jasmine is shaken after Colby
confides in her about his sister.
The Morgans are bereft as they
realise Ava has been kidnapped!


● Mandy and Darren vow that
their afair is dead and buried!
● Zack’s life is in jeopardy – but
which resident is out to get him?
● Maxine joins the parade of
people trying to destroy Glenn…

● What goes wrong at Aaron and
David’s engagement party?
● Xanthe’s 18th birthday bash
turns into a series of disasters…
● Sheila is pleased with herself
as she hires a hunky gardener!

● Irene makes a new pal – but Olivia
is perturbed by their closeness…
● The ladies of Summer Bay let
their hair down on a night out!
● It’s the moment of truth for
Maggie – will everything be okay?


Alf and Roo are left feeling
let down by Martha…
● Ziggy wholeheartedly agrees to
be a stem cell donor for Maggie.

Ziggy is struck down
with gastroenteritis…





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It’s not even the fact that Jude lied
to his wife about being a marine
biologist that I find so offensive –
just the fact that he’s the dullest
character on the cobbles!
| Lilia, Cambridge
Who’d have thought Adam would
be the one to develop a conscience
and put a stop to proceedings?

Angie didn’t even
fancy Adam, she was just
desperate for a decent plot


I know somebody wrote in last week to say that
they didn’t like the idea of Graham and Megan
together in Emmerdale, but I disagree. Having
seen them in action this week, I think they have
great chemistry! I hope Megan decides to stick
with him rather than getting back with Frank.
| Lloyd, Wymondham

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I’m really disappointed that
Hunter split up with Jennifer in
Home and Away – I thought they
made a great couple, and she was
really good for him. I just hope he
doesn’t venture back into the arms
of Olivia – her betrayal of sleeping
with Axel behind his back was
unforgivable. Don’t give up
on Hunter just yet, Jennifer!
| John, Brighton
I think Hunter needs to take a
break from girls and have a bit
e with Mason instead!
of bro time



EastEnders’ Whitney and Halfway
make the most adorable and cute
couple! Whitney’s been through
some bad times and man-related
disappointments, so naive
Halfway is just the guy to help
her trust again. Is it too much to
hope that just for once, a soap
relationship could work out?
| Debbi, Derby
The best way to make it last is
to get out of Walford sharpish!

Watching A
Alfie in
Hollyoaks reeact to the
voice in hiss head has
breaking –
been heartb
but actor Richard
n the
is superb in
role. He’s made
Alfie’s angu
just seem
so real. I co
watch him all
day long.
| Maria
I loved
it when
gave him a

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Were any other Corrie viewers
yelling at the TV screens and
willing Angie to do the dirty with
hunky Adam Barlow? He’s so
much better than dull old Jude.
34 lnsideSoap

Whitney’s mug is always
Halfway full when her
boyfriend’s around

The foliage within
Lassiters complex was
getting out of control


I am writing to you today as my
brother Gareth, who has Down’s
syndrome, absolutely loves your
magazine, and has done since
he was young. He waits all week
then walks half a mile to our local
Tesco, where everyone knows what
he is going for.
He can’t read,
but looks at all
the pictures.
David Platt
is his very
favourite – if
he is on the
front of the
Gareth races
home to havee a brew and look
through it ba
ack to front. I can’t tell
you the enjoy
yment he gets. Such
a simple thin
ng. The Christmas
just gone, I got him a life-size
d cut-out of David –
well, hiss face was a picture
on Christmas morning when
David Platt was stood in
our frront room. So funny.
He would
love to see his
ure in your mag.
| Mrs
M G Spruce,
at a lovely letter – in
fact, I love it so much
that you can be our joint
£25 w
winner this week!



There were dramatic scenes over in
Corrie as Eva went into labour early
– and Toyah was forced to deliver the
baby on the bathroom loor! But will
Eva really be able to hand over Susie?


I really hope that Jane will come
back to Ramsay Street some
time soon – as someone who has
watched the show since it began,
it was great for me to see one
of my favourite characters from
the old days. Now we know that
she has kids too, wouldn’t it be
great if her whole family moved
back to Erinsborough? And
I definitely detected a spark
between her and old pal Paul!
| Winston
I can’t believe that dear Mrs
Mangel is really dead. She was
a true Neighbours legend!

not going to be around, I do
wonder how it’s all going
to play out. Surely after Eva
realises that he’s taken his
own life, she’ll want her baby
back – given that Susie is
her last link to Aidan?
| Perrie, London
But some of you can see all
sides in this sad story…

I loved the scene where Toyah
had to break through the
bathroom door with an axe
to get to pregnant Eva – it
was like something from The
Shining! I’m surprised little
Susie didn’t take one look at
the scene laying in front of
her and decide that she didn’t
want to come out after all!
| Marjorie
I’ve known from the start
that this whole surrogacy

thing was a bad idea, but after
seeing the look on Eva’s face
when her baby was born, I’m
more sure than ever that it’s
going to end in disaster. There
is no way she will be able to
stand back and watch Toyah
and Peter bring up her girl.
| Josh, High Wycombe
I really thought that Aidan
was going to be the one to
rumble this whole baby plot
– but now I know that he’s

I don’t know who I feel more
sympathy for in this surrogacy
saga – Toyah or Eva. It’s
absolutely heartbreaking for
Toyah that she can’t have her
own baby, and I don’t blame
her for grabbing this chance
with both hands. But you can
just see the agony in Eva’s
eyes as she watches someone
else play mum to her girl.
| Lisa
I feel most sorry for Peter –
he’s completely in the dark.
lnsideSoap 35


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MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM
This week’s question:
What’s been your fave ‘who’s the daddy?’ soap plot?
Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
“Deinitely when Tracy drugged Roy Cropper and he
thought he’d slept with her. Actually, I wish he had
fathered Amy – what a family that would have made!”

Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS

Essie missing
was like a red
Wragg to a bull
for her fans

Can you tell me what’s
happened to Holby’s Essie
please? She seems to have
disappeared after what
happened with Gaskell –
has she left for good?
| Jane
Don’t fret yet, Jane –
star Kaye Wragg has
conirmed on Twitter
that she is merely taking
a break from the show,
and that Essie’s story
is ‘not quite over’…

“I loved the Roxy/Jack/Sean plot, not least because it
gave super-villain Archie a chance to lex his muscles!
Sean’s icy lake revenge was brilliant – as was the fact
Jack had to explain to Ronnie about how he accidentally
impregnated her sister. Classic stuff!”

These days, Huw Edwards
has grey hair and
presents BBC News

Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON
Senior Sub Editor MARK JAMES LOWE
“EastEnders’ Heather Trott and Darren Miller. ’Nuff said”

The guy who played ‘fake
Seth’ in Corrie – forgive
me, I don’t know the
character’s actual name
– seemed really familiar.
I’m sure I recognised his
voice. What might I have
seen him in before?
| Sinead
Actor Richard Elis
played Nigel Kipling –
aka Fake Seth – and you

him from
playing Huw Edwards in
EastEnders between 1996
and 1999. Huw and his
best pal Lenny were a bit
of a comedy duo, who
liked nothing more than
making Ian Beale’s life
a misery. As you can see,
though, he did look a
little diferent back then!


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I’ve never seen her
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38 lnsideSoap


The man of the

With Stacey, Sonia and Hayley on his alter ego’s
radar, Walford’s James Bye admits that
Martin has plenty to mull over…

aving three
women battling
for your attention
would likely
be an exciting
prospect for
most men – but
while Martin has
Sonia, Stacey and Hayley vying for his
favour this week, he’s oblivious to just
how in demand he is! However, as the
reality of his situation becomes clear,
Martin is left with a big dilemma. And
when we grab James Bye – who plays
the lucky bloke – for his take on this
tricky situation, he’s relieved that the
final decision isn’t down to him…

Have you been enjoying this
contest for Martin’s afections?
Ha! I’ve never really thought about it
like that, to be honest. It’s certainly the
first time since I’ve been in the show
that there have been three potential
romantic prospects in Martin’s life. But
it’s too weird to think too much about
it, as I know what the outcome is going
to be. The main thing is trying to do the
story justice for everyone watching.

We know viewers are keen on
Martin being with Stacey. But might
there soon be a sway of opinion?
It’ll be interesting to see if they change
their minds once everything kicks off
in the coming weeks. All of us – the
writers, actors and directors – are trying
really hard to make sure everyone is

backing all the characters
involved. We want viewers to
side with all of them, as no
one is in the wrong here. It’s
about what makes sense for
Martin at this point in time.

Has Martin noticed that
Sonia wants him back?
No! He’s utterly oblivious…

Why do you reckon she’s
been feeling this way?

Slippery customer: Getting back
together with Stacey represents a
potential banana skin for Martin

Because Martin is stable. He
goes to work, earns his money, comes
home. He won’t disappear for the
weekend with his mates, and not tell
her where he’s gone. He’s dependable.

Have you enjoyed Martin and
Sonia spending this time together?
It’s funny – I’ve been in the show for
three-and-a-half years, and have never
done a scene with Martin, Sonia and
Bex around the same table before.
We’re doing that all the time now, and
it’s really good fun. It just feels natural.
Martin’s daughter Bex is first to give
him food for thought about getting
back with Sonia this week. While
he’s initially chuffed about Hayley’s
unexpected return (see p4), Martin’s
put off by all the trouble she ends up in,
and is further thrown by Stacey inviting
him out for a drink. However, following
a chat with Kush, he settles on going
for dinner with Sonia – before a text

“Stacey is like forbidden fruit – she
brings out the worst in Martin…”

from Stacey makes him head over
to the Slater house for a chat…

Has Martin been missing Stacey?
Definitely. I think everyone knows
Martin will always have feelings for
Stacey – but he’s also realised that she’s
not right for him. She’s like forbidden
fruit, and she brings out the worst in
him in terms of their relationship.

Would Max and Stacey make
a better couple than Martin and
Stacey, do you think?
It depends which way you look at it.
Max and Stacey are more similar than
Stacey and Martin – in that Stacey’s
quite impulsive, and so is Max. But
Martin and Stacey balance each other
out. So I think Max and Stacey are fine
for a fling, but not a relationship.

Is Kush the only one who can help
Martin out of his predicament?
He turns to many people for advice,
though it’s great for Martin that Kush
is back. Things get complicated and
Martin will struggle with the dilemmas
thrown at him, but Kush and Martin
have some lovely scenes together.
lnsideSoap 39

him – and it’s obvious their old spark
remains. However, Martin is mortified
when Hayley appears on the stairs, and
the penny drops that they’re related! He
realises that Hayley was working with
Stacey to prevent him getting custody
of the kids – which prompts him to
storm off for dinner with Sonia…

Do you reckon that Hayley could
have been the woman for Martin?


Maybe Martin would be better
of ditching the ladies and making
a go of it with Kush instead?
It might be easier! [laughs]

Is it nice having Davood Ghadami
(Kush) back after the Strictly tour?
Definitely. He’s been away a long time,
doing his thing with his sparkly pants on!

have the stamina he has, though! I’m
just focussing on work at the moment,
but Davood raves about Strictly.

Have you missed having Martin’s
sister Michelle on the Square
since Jenna Russell left the show?
Of course. I loved working with Jenna –
she’s so lovely and an amazing actress.
We were lucky to have some great stuff
together. We’re sad to see her go.

Is it your turn for Strictly next?
Well, Davood had a great time on it,
and I’d never say no to anything. I don’t

Later, we see Martin arrive at Stacey’s,
where she finally admits she still loves

He had no idea of the real reason why
at the time, but when she first arrived
on the Square, she gunned straight for
him – Martin isn’t used to that! Then she
disappeared, and it’s that unpredictability
he was attracted to. However, after
learning her secret, he reacts strongly…

It sounds as if there’s more drama
ahead! Are you excited for it?
Yes, it’s really exciting. Martin will
definitely end up with either Sonia or
Stacey – but it’s about where he goes
from there. I don’t want to say Martin
is a simple bloke, because he isn’t – he’s
quite a complex guy. When it comes to
emotions, though, it’s as simple as he
either loves someone, or he doesn’t!
Allison Jones

MIND UPMartin!
As Martin considers his future,
James can appreciate his
character’s quandary…

“He’s never been in love
with anyone like he has
with Stacey. And along with
their daughter Hope, he
loves Lily and Arthur like
his own. So if there was
a chance, it would be
because of their family…”

But… “I don’t know if
Martin can ever fully trust
Stacey again. Her fling with
Max came out of the blue,
and now Martin thinks
something like that could
happen at any time.”
On Lacey Turner (Stacey):
“Lacey is my best mate. It
doesn’t feel like work when
I’m working with her.”

“Hayley excites and
intrigues Martin, and he
wants to get to know her
better. She’s feisty – and he
likes that, it excites him.”

But… “The reasons he’d
want to be with Hayley are
probably also the reasons
why he shouldn’t! It’s a
double-edged sword. And
Martin inding out her
Slater secret will be pretty
dramatic for him.”
On Katie Jarvis (Hayley):
“Katie is a lovely girl who’s
really found her feet on
the show. She’s funny and
very talented. EastEnders is
lucky to have her!”

“Martin knows he can
trust Sonia – she won’t
break his heart. He’s
enjoying her company, and
they have laugh. Plus, he’s
happy she’s been cooking
his dinner for him!”

But… “I don’t know if
they have the spark that he
has with Stacey. But maybe
he’s getting too old for all of
that stuf to be important
to him now…”
On Natalie Cassidy (Sonia):
“Working with Nat is similar
to working with Lacey.
She’s a fantastic actress,
and she brings our scenes
to life – it’s amazing.”


“Doug’s too
set in his


ccording to
NHS figures,
more than
half a million
people are
injured every year while
gardening or doing DIY at
home – but self-proclaimed
gardening and odd-job
supremo Doug has no time
for such stats this week.
Determined to save a few
quid, he tackles a structural
issue at the B&B with his
own bare hands – with
catastrophic consequences!
And Duncan Preston, who
plays him, is appalled…
“Doug is always confident
in his own ability – and not necessariiily
rightfully so!” he sighs. “If Doug weree a
friend of mine, he’d drive me mad. But he
wouldn’t be my friend! He’s too boring and
set in his ways, with no sense of humour.
It’s ironic, really, as he’s actually quite
funny. Just without knowing it!”
It’ll come as no surprise,
e, then, that
fuddy-duddy Doug is typiccally stubborn
when Diane asks him to call
c a builder to
fix a crack above a door at the B&B – with
no idea of the horror set to
t unfold…
“Doug thinks a builder is a
waste of money, because he
can do the job himself,” la
Duncan. “A bit of filler – tthat’s
all he reckons is needed. H

42 lnsideSoap

Can he fix it?
Yes he can!: Doug
an for the job

“There’d be a law
declaring everyone
must have a goodlooking garden –
Doug’s very into
horticulture! He’d
want them to win
village of the year!”



not concerned by what he’s getting into
– but he’ll be mortified by what happens
next if it turns out to be his fault!”
With Duncan sworn to secrecy about
what ensues, the veteran actor – famed
for roles in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies,
90s sitcom Surgical Spirit and a 2004 run
in Corrie, as Fred Elliott’s golf club pal
Stokes – can’t hide his delight at
spent the past 11 years working
amidst the breathtaking Dales scenery.

“Doug’s Queen

Here’s how
would have to
Doug would make
him laugh.
rule the
Someone like
Dales… Tracy
could help
him rule, because
he’s good fun, and
xtremely funny…”

“The national
anthem would be
Norwegian Wood
by The Beatles.
It’s not actually
about trees, but the
title has gardening




As Doctors supports Mental Health
Awareness Week, Letherbridge star
Laura Rollins explains all…


“The village set is the star of Emmerdale,
as far as I’m concerned,” he grins. “If
I were ever to leave the show, that’s
what I’d miss the most. I sometimes get
on to set early and have a good walk
around. I’ve worked on some beautiful
sets in other shows – those thatched
cottages in Midsomer Murders are very
nice. But nowhere else can compete with
Emmerdale village!”
Allison Jones
“Bob would be
Doug’s court
jester. They’d
have to get over all
the stuff that’s
been going on with
Laurel, but I’m sure
’ll gett th
“Doug would put
Eric Pollard
the sttocks, as
he alw
ways gives
Doug a hard time.
Eric do
oesn’t like
him, full
f stop!”

his week, Doctors screens
on television it’ll be the cure, but
a series of special episodes
we are raising awareness. If it helps
in conjunction with
dispel even a little bit of stigma, or
Mental Health Awareness Week.
helps instruct any of our audience
The subject is set to be explored
to recognise the warning signs, or
through The Mill team’s vital
approach someone who’s struggling,
work on the local outreach bus,
then I think we’ll have done our job.”
offering medical advice to those
Allison Jones
not registered with a GP. And as
Laura Rollins – who plays practice For more information, see www.
nurse Ayesha Lee – reveals, it’s
an important experience for
everyone involved…
“Many of the patients who
use the bus have mental heallth
issues,” she explains. “Wheth
that’s because they’re in a
situation where they’re homeeless,
or they have addiction probleems,
we’ll see how these difficultiees
affect their mental health. Ay
sees a couple of patients who
aren’t in a very good place, an
g with
it’s all about how she – along
the rest of her Mill colleaguess –
deals with these people, without
casting judgement.”
Doctors is well known for
tackling serious issues head-o
and for Laura and her co-stars, it’s
a privilege to be a part of thesse
momentous episodes.
“I’m very proud – we
really band together
and it’s a collaborative
effort,” enthuses the
actress. “We have
a responsibility to
be truthful to our
audience. Because
mental health issues
Take issue: The
episodes will
can affect anyone in
explore mental
any situation at any time,
it’s essential that we’re
highlighting them.
“We’re not presuming thatt
by showing a series of episodes

Crying shame:
Kylie died in
David’s arms


“I’ve got an
absolute corker
of a year
coming up!”
44 lnsideSoap


he death of Kylie Platt was
one of Weatherfield’s most
tragic moments, sending
her widower David into a
spiral of self-destruction.
On screen, Max and Lily were left without
their mother, but off screen actress Paula
Lane took a two-year break to be with
her children. Now Paula’s heading back
to work, appearing in a new play called
#BeMoreMartyn – dedicated to Coronation
Street super-fan and Manchester Arena
bombing victim Martyn Hett. And she’s
excited to get started…
“It’s full steam ahead now – I can’t
wait to jump back in,” grins Paula, who
is mum to three-year-old Arthur, and
Penny, who turns two in July. “It’s been
a crazy couple of years, but the kids
are a joy. I’ve found the time I’ve spent
with them extremely rewarding and
strengthening. We have created some
lovely memories together.”
Paula will play Rachel, one of Martyn
Hett’s close friends, in #BeMoreMartyn.
The piece celebrates the Corrie devotee’s
life, and will be staged to commemorate
the first anniversary of the attack
which claimed the lives of Martyn and
21 other concert-goers on 22 May 2017.
“As soon as I met the team, I knew
I wanted to do this role,” explains Paula.
“I don’t recall meeting Martyn, but
I’m sure I did, given what a huge fan
of the show he was. The great thing
about this piece is that it’s made up of
real-life encounters and memories from
Martyn’s loved ones. It’s more powerful
because it’s real – and I really want to
do justice for Martyn and his family.
This play is a reminder that we don’t
know how long we are here for, and you
have to enjoy the little things in life.”
Coronation Street unveiled a tribute to
Martyn earlier this year in the form of

Shona good time: David’s
new girlfriend has helped
him move on from Kylie


#BeMoreMartyn: Paula’s
new play is dedicated
to the Corrie fanatic

a bench dedicated to him, as part of the
show’s extended set.
“Martyn would be thrilled, wouldn’t
he?” says Paula. “It’ll be a nice place for
the cast to go when they’ve got a break
in filming – a place for reflection.”
Speaking of her former colleagues,
Paula hasn’t had much time to catch up
with them since she and Kylie departed.
However, she has heard that things are
bleak for poor David right now…
“I can’t believe what can happen to
one person in such a short space of
time!” she gasps. “I’ve kept tabs on them,
and Jack [P Shepherd] is doing fabulous
work as David. I know that Max and Lily
have got a new mother figure in Shona,
which is good for them. Little Harry
[McDermott], who plays Max, will be
bigger than Jack and me before long!”
There’s no doubt that Shona is a
worthy successor to Kylie, however the
much-missed Weatherfield bad girl still
has quite a presence in the show.
“My mum rings me to say, ‘They keep
talking about you!’ and I say, ‘Well,
I wish I had a fee every time Kylie gets
a mention!’” jokes Paula. “The audience
likes a girl who’s gone wrong but is trying
to turn it around, like Kylie. I think Julia
[Goulding], who plays Shona, brings
something really fresh to the Street.”
For Paula, her Corrie memories will
never fade, but there’s one particular day
that will live large in her mind forever.
“I can still feel the atmosphere when
we were filming Kylie’s death,” she
shares. “It was really emotional, but
there were planes that kept flying over,
so we had to start again and again!”
Paula also reveals that she has even
more exciting work lined up…
“I’m sworn to secrecy, though I can
tell you there are some very big things
ahead!” she beams. “It won’t be long
until the news is out, but I can tell you
it’s going to be a corker of a year!”
Kate White
#BeMoreMartyn begins on 21 May
in Manchester, before visiting
Brighton and London. For tickets,

Paula’s husband is
back in the Street...
Paula’s moving on,
but her husband,
fellow actor Tom
Shaw, is about
to return to our
screens as Fiz’s
friend Kim. He
recorded a small
guest appearance last
year, and he’s already
shot another stint as the
handsome antique dealer.
“It’s a nice connection
to have,” enthuses Paula.
“Tom’s had a lovely time
being at Corrie, and with
a new producer coming
in, you never know what
might evolve. Tom’s also
going back to Casualty
– it’s a bit of a whirlwind
having two actors living
under the same roof!”
However, Tom and
Paula spend plenty of
time together, as they
jointly run an acting
school – The Lane Shaw
Academy – in their home
town of Hebden Bridge.
“That’s kept us busy
while I’ve been on this
break,” says
Paula. “It’s
doing really
well, and we
love it.”


Beach boys:
David and Aaron
are picking up
good vibrations

with aview!


his is a huge deal for
us, so we’re not taking
it lightly,” says Neighbours
star Matt Wilson, who plays
Aaron, as we quiz him on his
alter ego getting engaged
to boyfriend David this week. “If Aaron
and David are the first gay couple to get
married on Australian TV – and fingers
crossed they are – it would personally
be a huge milestone for me in my career.
It would be such a special thing for me
to celebrate and share with my friends.”
That dream gets one step closer to
becoming a reality this week, as David
intends to pop the question to Aaron – but
as Matt tells us, it doesn’t quite go to plan…

Hi, Matt! Can you talk
us through the proposal?

Does it mean a lot to you and Takaya
(Honda, aka David) to be involved in
Australia’s irst gay TV wedding?
This isn’t your usual wedding – it’s so
much more. Takaya and I are super-proud
to be part of it. It feels as if we have a huge
responsibility to get it right, so we keep
going to the writing team to ask if we can
get involved. We don’t want to stuff this up.

This isn’t
just a normal
wedding –
it’s so much

Well, Aaron and David
have exactly the same idea
to propose at the same
time! Aaron’s is a bit more
spontaneous, whereas
David has been planning
his for a while. David is full of nerves
leading up to the big moment, and just as
he’s about to do it – bam! – Aaron jumps
in and beats him to it! But I don’t think
David can be too upset about that.

Did you know that the proposal was
on the cards, since Australia legalised
same-sex marriage last year?
No, not at all. We literally picked up the
scripts and were like, ‘Oh my God, we get
engaged!’. And they were pretty special
scenes to film – I couldn’t stop thinking
about how I was going to film them.
You invest a lot more into those kinds of
scenes than the run-of-the-mill stuff.

What type of wedding do you think
Aaron and David will have?
46 lnsideSoap

David is quite a conservative guy who
never likes to be the centre of attention,
so he would probably want a small, quick
wedding. Whereas Aaron is all about the
show, and wants it to be as big as possible.
He turns into a bit of a ‘groomzilla’ actually!

You’ve also had a big
change in the Brennan
family, as April Rose
Pengilly has joined as
Chloe. How’s that been?

It’s awesome! April is a
legend – she’s always up
for a laugh, so she fills the
void left by Travis [Burns,
who played Tyler]. April actually snuck
into our Christmas party last year, before
Travis left, so all of the Brennans hung
out together for one night only.

Travis is in LA now – has it
made you think about your
own future plans?
As an actor, it’s always on your
mind. Felix [Mallard, who played
Ben Kirk] has just scored a huge
gig in the States, so when things
like that happen you do get
excited about the possibilities.
But it’s a timing thing, so we’ll
just have to wait and see. I have a
lot of stuff to play out with Aaron
before I can think about that!
Sarah Ellis

Sand in marriage: Aaron
beats David to it and
pops the question


the love of
Damon’s life!”
Hollyoaks’ Jacob Roberts discusses
Damon’s search for a soulmate…


n a village where people
change their romantic
partners more frequently
than they change their
underwear, we’re glad to hear
that there’s one relationship
that’s set to last the distance…
“Brody will always be the love
of Damon’s life!” chuckles Jacob
Roberts, as we join him for a chat
about his alter ego’s romantic
woes. “No one else comes close
to his best mate. I love filming
scenes with Adam [Woodward,
aka Brody] – and with the heavy
stuff that we’ve got coming up,
it’s nice when we get to film
things that aren’t quite so dark.”
Damon and Brody’s bromance
will be put to the test when the
truth about Buster’s abuse of
Brody finally comes to light –
and Jacob tells us he’s gearing up
for his character
to find out the
awful truth.

“We’re having meetings with
Survivors Manchester, because this
will be a huge shock for Damon,”
he laments. “I’m hoping to meet
someone who’s been through this,
as it’s going to be a hard one for
me to play. It’s such a sensitive
subject, and I don’t know exactly
how Damon’s going to react yet.”
For now, Damon is in the dark
about his dad’s abusive behaviour
– and the main thing on his mind is
reuniting with his ex Holly. So will
his latest stunt get her attention?
“They’ve always wanted to go to
Venice, so he uses that as a theme to
win her back,” reveals Jacob. “He’s
gone to a lot of effort – she can’t say
no! But then he and Zack get involved
in a poker game with Glenn…
“I do think he and Holly are
destined to be together, though,” he
adds. “She’s the one for him – they
might even be heading
towards a wedding!”
Sarah Ellis

Smooth sailing:
Will Damon win
back Holly?

totally true


Speaking of her
Italian clan, star
Tamzin has a family
connection to her
close pal, This
Morning host Holly
Willoughby. It transpires that
Holly’s husband, TV producer
Dan Baldwin, is Tamzin’s
cousin and they share a
maternal grandmother, known
as ‘Nonna’ to them all. Holly
caused confusion when she


Tamzin is a true
EastEnder, born
in Ilford, east
London, on
5 Novembe
1970 to parents An
and Colin Outhwaite
The family also
includes her two
brothers Kes and
Jake. Acting was
part of her life from
a young age, as
Tamzin attended
the Sylvia Young
Theatre School,
before going on
to study
y dance
and drama at Londo
Studio Centre.



When Tamzin
appeared on Who Do
You Think You Are?,
she discovered her
mum’s grandfather
Adelmo Santi moved from
his native Italy with eldest
son Pietro, becoming British
citizens in 1957. The Santis
established a thriving icecream business in Fishburn,

48 lnsideSoap

County Durham, and Tamzin
wishes she could speak their
language. “My biggest regret is
not learning Italian,” she admits.
“I have Italian heritage, so I’m
keen to go over for a while
with my daughters and soak
up the culture and the food. I’d
like us to learn Italian together
as a family – it’s something
I’ve been saying for years.”

posted a picture of them
together, calling Tamzin ‘my
cousin’, but cleared it up
when she explained the blood
relationship was through Dan.

The actress launched her
career in 1990 playing
Patty in the stage musical
Grease, which also
included Neighbours actor
Craig McLachlan (Henry Ramsay) as
Danny and pop star Debbie Gibson
as Sandy. She had small roles in
Men Behaving Badly and The Bill
before landing the part of Mel Healy
in EastEnders in 1998. “The very first
job I got was Grease – and I got
about £250 a week, or whatever the
Equity minimum was in 1990,”
recalls Tamzin. “We got
another £90 a week
touring allowance – that
felt like loads of money!”

In 2005, film star
James McAvoy
introduced Tamzin
to his close friend,
actor Tom Ellis,
best known for his work in
Miranda and Lucifer. The
couple married in 2006
and have two daughters
– Florence, nine, and
five-year-old Marnie Mae.
Sadly, Tamzin filed for
divorce in 2013, citing
Tom’s adultery. “I’d have
given anything to keep my
family together,” she said,
“but it wasn’t to be.”



Don’t be
to see
in tow when
Tamzin hangs out with her
best girlfriends. She counts
All Saints stars Natalie and
Nicole Appleton, TV presenter
Kate Thornton, singer Myleene
Klass and actors Amanda
Holden, Tracy-Ann Oberman,
Angela Griffin and Nicola
Stapleton among her
closest pals.

while ago
and have
a brand-new
sewing machine with my name
on it, ready to start tearing
apart the soft furnishings in
my house. I love nice fabrics
and textures like velvet and
silk, and have a special
Moroccan corner in my house
to curl up and read in.”

Her EastEnders
audition was a
experience, and
Tamzin was
convinced that she’d blown
it. “There were 20 boys and
20 girls at the workshop,” she
recalls. “I distinctly remember
wearing pedal pushers. The
boys were up for the character
that Jack Ryder got [Jamie
Mitchell], and the girls were
up for Mel. I remember very
clearly that I was a little late,
and I have a phobia of being
late. I rushed in, and thought,
‘Oh, I’ve messed this up’. A
couple of days later I was
at Tottenham Court Road
station, and my agent told me
that the producer wanted to
speak to me. I remember
shaking, as he said, ‘Where
are you? Are you prepared
for your life to change?’”

Sergeant Jo McDonagh in Red
Cap, Rebecca Mitchell in Hotel
Babylon, Rose Chamberlain in
The Fixer and DCI Sasha Miller
in New Tricks. “My best
friends from New Tricks
have to be my three Ls
– (Denis) Lawson, (Nicholas)
Lyndhurst and (Larry) Lamb,
who let me finish their leftovers
every lunchtime,” she grins.


er leaving
EastEnders in
2002, Tamzin
nt on to
star on
stage and screen,
even filming Wood
Allen movie
Dream with Colin
Farrell and Ewan
McGregor. Her
biggest roles


Life isn’t all glamour
and showbiz for
Tamzin, as she’s a
real home body. Not
only does she single
out her house as h
most prized
n, but
she loves making
things for itt. “I’m
good at tap
and uphols
n. “I did
says Tamzin
an upholsterry
course a little


It looks as
though Tamzin
has found
love again
now that her
boyfriend Tom Child has
moved in with her and her
ttwo daughters. The 26-yearold actor and fitness instructor
was pictured shifting his
belongings into her London
pad and carrying her adorable
Chihuahua and Miniature
Pinscher cross, Chipin. Aww!


lnsideSoap 49

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