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in love
Decision time
forBrenda & Bob! for real!




to Shona!



...for her




The baby
scheme begins!


Terror strikes

9 770966 849166



for Josh?

Issue 18 5 – 11 May 2018

e tune in to
the soaps
to see
at drama befalls
our favourite
haracters –
ut soaps are
more than just
nogs, slaps
and secrets. They
become part of
our lives; a friend
we look forward to
atching up with;
a cosy, familiar

escape from our own
personal worries. That’s
why, when soaps pull the
rug out from under us, they

Your stars
this week!

life, and the effects it has
on his friends and family.
The questions about why
Aidan does what he does
will reverberate through the
Street, but more crucially,
they’ll also reverberate
through our living rooms.
There are 84 men a week
who take their own lives
in the UK – and if this
story can get us opening
up about this taboo topic,
then our time watching
these episodes is an
investment in our futures
Steven Murphy, Editor


“Soaps can become
part of our lives…”
can be the most important
and powerful dramas on TV.
This week’s Corrie won’t
be cosy viewing, as we
see the events leading up
to Aidan taking his own

Coronation Street

4 Aidan takes his own life
16 David reveals his rape ordeal
26 Daniel wants to help elderly Flora
34 Bethany goes green with envy!
46 Shayne Ward talks Aidan’s exit

Emma Atkins

“Charity is extremely
split with her emotional
state of mind…”

I’ve finished the
crossword except for
one clue: ‘TV soap opera
beloved by millions.’
Ten letters.



Shayne Ward



10 Charity struggles to keep shtum
24 Debbie returns to Joe’s arms!
25 Ross: mission impossible
31 Gerry is suspicious of Lachlan!
35 Will Lisa decide to stay or go?
42 Bob’s wedding woes


22 Alan Carr visits the village!
33 Kyle steps up his revenge plan
35 Milo tries to avoid his brother
52 Karma is catching up with Ryan
56 You Ask… Adam Rickitt (Kyle)


30 Karl & Susan: both in peril!
32 Chloe & Leo: caught in the act!

...and more! 48

The latest soap news
Corrie’s Michelle shot?
EastEnders’ Dot stays!
36 What Happens When?
38 Soapbox
50 10 Facts
About… Beverley
Want to know
Callard (Corrie’s
how I keep my
Liz McDonald)
hair so glossy and
54 Star watch with
Sally, Gemma and co!
58 Style watch
92 Who’s In? Who’s Out?
94 Puzzles
96 The Hot List
98 Hits & Misses

33 Roo meets her mum Martha!
34 Willow takes her eye off the ball
33 Holby City Pressure for Gaskell
35 Doctors Panic for Zara
48 Casualty Passion for Rash?

“Rash and Gem’s
romance will be a slow
burn – it’ll be worth it!”


Peter Kay’s
Car Share

Home and Away

Neet Mohan

The hit sitcom
returns with an
special! Turn to
p59 for more…


8 Rainie sees a sucker in Robbie
20 Sonia & Stacey both want Martin!
28 Mel is spooked by a sinister car
32 Halfway begins acting strangely
34 Ingrid goes as she lived: quietly

“Aidan is an ‘everyman’
figure that men
can identify with”

Adam Rickitt

“You’ll see a lot more
of Kyle and who he
is as a person!”

First with
i h the
h week’s

The Street
– as Aidan
takes his
own life



he residents of Coronation
Street are left in shock and
utterly devastated this week,
after Johnny discovers Aidan’s
lifeless body – and realises
that his son has taken his own life.
For Aidan’s loved ones and Corrie
viewers alike, his death comes as a
complete bolt from the blue. But as
departing Weatherfield star Shayne

4 lnsideSoap

Ward explains, Aidan has been struggling
to cope with life – and it’s a story that has
been in the works for months, carefully
plotted by Street bosses to highlight
the important issue of male suicide.
“Everybody is going to be thinking
and asking themselves, ‘Were there any
telltale signs that Aidan was suicidal?’”
shares the actor. “You can’t pin it down
to one thing that has happened to him

S h

over the years. He has cheated, he
has lost people their jobs, and he has
had a hard relationship with his father.
But it isn’t always easy to spot that a
person is struggling to cope.”
Prior to his death, viewers will see that
factory boss Aidan clearly has something
on his mind as he sits alone, deep in
thought. However, with his dad Johnny
having finally set the wheels in motion
to make his move to Spain with Jenny,
there’s a leaving do in full swing at the
Rovers that Aidan has to attend…


Corrie boss Kate Oates explains why
she felt compelled to tell Aidan’s story…
Every week in the UK, 84
men take their own lives –
with suicide the biggest killer
of males under 45. Meanwhile,
only 55 per cent of men who
have experienced depression
will tell anyone about it, hence
why Corrie has teamed up
with mental health charities
Samaritans and CALM to
encourage people suffering
from depression and suicidal
thoughts to speak out.
“With 84 men taking their
lives each week, we can’t
afford not to talk about it,”

As the locals raise a toast,
Aidan hands Johnny a farewell
gift – and while his family and
friends are ignorant of the fact
that Aidan’s mind is made up,
he has decided in himself that
this will be the last time he
ever sees them. But just when
Aidan thinks he is ready to say
goodbye, life throws him an
unexpected curve ball as it

Aidan says an emotional
goodbye to Eva before
returning to the Street

says Street boss Kate Oates.
“Aidan’s story, bravely and
brilliantly tackled by Shayne
Ward, is designed to give
people who hide their feelings
of desperation the chance to
start a conversation – letting
someone know what they
are going through. We want
to tell people that, however
bleak they are feeling, there
is always another way.”
For more information,
support or advice, visit or
dawns on him that he is
the father of Eva’s baby.
“Toyah has been acting
awkward around Aidan with
regards to Susie [whom Eva
has secretly given birth to and
given to Toyah],” shares Shayne.
“He knows that Eva has gone
away to have a baby that he
believes to be Adam’s, so as
far as Aidan is concerned, that
door is shut. However, when

Susie arrives, Toyah starts
acting weirdly around him. He
can’t work out why, but there
is a moment when he tells Toyah
the baby is beautiful, and she
gives him a strange look.
“Aidan thinks that’s a bit odd,
then there’s a scene in the pub
when someone goes to pass
Susie to him, and Toyah steps
in to break up the exchange,”
continues the star. “That’s the
second time she has acted
weirdly around him with the
baby, and when she returns
to the bar, there is a moment
when their eyes lock, and it’s so
revealing. The truth dawns on
Aidan that Susie is his child.”
With so many conflicting
emotions whirring around in
his mind, Aidan battles to make
sense of the situation. He is
compelled to reach for Susie,
whom he cradles in his arms
while piecing together the
jigsaw of Eva and Toyah’s ruse.
“He feels the need to find
out if he senses a connection
to Susie, and it’s heartbreaking
when he holds her,” sighs
Shayne. “She is the most
beautiful thing in the world, but
you see the sadness in Aidan’s
eyes as he realises that he
can’t be there for her. He loves
his daughter, though ultimately
he doesn’t want to let her
down. In his mind, Aidan has
let everyone else down and he
doesn’t want to do the same
again. He feels that everyone,
including this child, would be
better off without him.”
In light of his realisation,
Aidan feels compelled to seek
out Eva and say
his goodbyes.
So even as he’s
still struggling to
make sense of
things, Aidan
secretly swipes
the details of her hideaway
cottage from Toyah’s handbag,
and heads there to see his
former fiancée one last time.
“Eva doesn’t know why Aidan
is there, but it’s not so he can
have it out with her – he just
wants to see her,” says Shayne.
“She’s confused, and when
he tells her he has seen Susie,
Eva panics and apologises

– but Aidan insists she has
nothing to apologise for.
“Aidan knows that Eva did
everything she did because of
how he treated her, and as she
breaks down, he tells her she is
doing the right thing,” he adds.
“Johnny breaks the moment
between them by
ringing Aidan, so
he tells Eva he
loves her and
says goodbye.”
After Aidan
leaves, Eva is
confused when she realises he
has left behind her engagement
ring. She hopes it’s a sign he
wants to give their relationship
another try, but her optimism
couldn’t be more misplaced.
“Aidan heads back to the pub
where we see him completely
numb while sat with his family,
who are unaware of his state
of mind,” reveals Shayne.

“We see
Aidan numb
while sat with
his family”

“The last time we see him is
when he is back at his flat
alone, where he breaks down.”
No element of Aidan’s suicide
is to be shown on screen. The
next morning, when he doesn’t
arrive to open the factory,
Johnny assumes Aidan
has slept in and goes
to his son’s flat. Once
inside, he finds a note
in Aidan’s handwriting
– then makes a heartwrenching discovery.
After paramedics
arrive and confirm that
Aidan has died from
suicide, the Connors
are awash with grief,
unable to comprehend
what prompted his
actions. As the family
falls apart, each
blaming themselves for
not spotting that he was
struggling to cope with life,
how will they ever come to
terms with their terrible loss?
Laura-Jayne Tyler
Turn to p46 for our chat with
Shayne, as he reflects on his
own final journey with Aidan
and leaving
g the Street…

my girl!


fter word spreads of
Aidan’s death, Eva
returns to the cobbles –
but as she reunites with Susie,
how will she feel now the baby
is her only link to her ex?
Making out she is back from
her beauty course in the US,
Eva arrives at the Rovers and
cradles her daughter for the
first time since handing her over
to Toyah. The joy she feels upon
holding Susie is plain to see,

prompting sympathetic Toya
to remark that the little girl
bears a likeness to Aidan.
But the resemblance is of no
comfort to Eva, when Johnn
calls to quiz her on Aidan’s
movements on the evening
of his death. While Eva’s guiilt
consumes her, will she choo
to confess to Johnny the truth
of Susie’s parentage? And
is Eva still prepared to let
Toyah raise her daughter?




here are tense scenes
at the car lot this
week, as Rainie tries
to use Robbie as a
quick way to get cash – but
there’s more intrigue to come
when Rainie isn’t alone in
trying to get one over on Max!
Rainie and Max have been
maintaining the pretence that
they’re now happily married,
in the hope of adopting baby
Abi – but as they put their
plan into action this week,
it’s increasingly clear all is
not well behind closed doors.
Desperate for cash, Rainie
asks Max to help her out, but
he fobs her off, telling her that
if she wants money then she’ll
have to start working – by
selling cars on the car lot…
“Max and Rainie are a match
made in hell!” grins our Walford
spy. “It suits them both – for
now – to keep up this sham
marriage, but it’s an accident
waiting to happen. Rainie’s
priority is to get cash to fund
her drug habit, while Max is
trying a more sophisticated

Max needs Rainie’s help
to give him the best
chance at adopting Abi

approach to adopting his own
granddaughter and making a
success of his new car-sales
company. But how long can
their alliance actually last?”
Resigned to working at
Maximum Motors, Rainie hears
hungover Robbie moaning
about his job – so she takes
the opportunity to offer him a
commission-only trial selling
cars. And much to the surprise
of everyone, he turns out to
be a massive success!
“Robbie’s not quite the idiot
that people think he is,” points
out our mole. “He’s actually a
decent salesman – and as far

Phil realises he has the
perfect chance to get
one over on his enemy”
8 lnsideSoap

as he’s concerned, this is a
chance for him to go up in
the world. Unfortunately for
Robbie, Rainie doesn’t have
his best interests at heart…”
Sure enough, Rainie begins
flirting with Robbie, and is
soon offering him another way
to get his ‘commission’. Taken
aback by her brazenness,
Robbie turns her down and
opts for the cash. However,
when Phil spots him working
for Max’s business, he decides
to ask Robbie for a favour.
“Phil is still irked by Max’s
continued presence on the
Square, and he’s looking for
anything he might be able to
use against him,” reasons our
snitch. “So when he notices
Robbie, he realises that he has
the perfect chance to get one
over on his enemy. He asks

Robbie agrees
to help Phil –
but does it all
go to plan?

Tanya Franks isn’t surprised Max
and her alter ego have teamed up…
While viewers were shocked by the identity of
Max’s bride, Tanya Franks – who returns to the role
of Rainie – reckons the pair have a lot in common.
“Nobody in the world wants either of them,
but both have to look to a new pathway,” she
says. “They are two people who absolutely loathe
each other, but actually there’s similarity
between them for different reasons.”
Off screen, meanwhile, Tanya is loving
her new partnership with long-time
EastEnder Jake Wood, who plays Max.
“We do find ourselves laughing a lot
on set, myself and Jake,” explains the
star. “We would never have thought of
this idea so it is really fun for us to play,
and we are having a good time with it.
I think Max and Rainie are working very well
together – the chemistry and the dynamic is
something that has taken us all by surprise

Robbie to sneak into the car
lot when no one is there, to see
what info he can dig up on the
new business. Robbie agrees
to help Phil, but Max returns to
his office at the very moment
Robbie is sneaking around!”

Rainie makes Robbie
an ofer that he’s more
than happy to refuse

Later, Max gets a call from
a social worker in connection
with the proposed adoption,
who informs him that their
meeting has been brought
forward to that day. Realising
that he has hardly any time
to prepare, Max panics and
begs Rainie to join him so
they can keep up their facade
for the benefit of the social
worker. But with so much
scheming going on behind
the scenes, can the pair pull
off their audacious plan?
Tom Spilsbury
lnsideSoap 9

Vanessa and Charity
bite their tongues when
the police come calling


Will Charity
expose Bails?


nguished rape victim
Charity is focused
on bringing down
her attacker this
week – but as the police warn
her off, will she finally crack
and expose what DI Bails did
to her all those years ago?
Ever since the evil copper
came back into her life, Charity
has been plagued by intense
emotions – especially since
she’s had to watch from afar as
Tracy has fallen under his spell.
While she sits outside Bails’
house in her car, Charity tries
to pluck up the courage to
knock on his front door – but
what’s going on in her mind?
10 lnsideSoap

“Charity doesn’t quite know
why she’s there – it’s like a
morbid fascination,” reckons
star Emma Atkins, who plays
the tortured woman. “She’s
obsessed with this man, who
did awful things to her years
ago. How can he be acting
so normal with this wonderful
family set-up? He’s going along
as if nothing ever happened,
and she feels absolutely
shattered by it. She thinks,
‘I could so easily ruin your
perfect life by speaking out’.”
When Charity sees Bails
staring angrily out of the
window at her, she speeds
away in her car. She admits

to her girlfriend Vanessa that
she’s been to Bails’ house
again – and then the police
arrive to warn her to stay away
from him! Unable to tell the
truth, and urged by Vanessa to
stop stirring things up, Charity
agrees to leave him alone.
“Vanessa has been the first
person who Charity has felt
that she can truly trust, without
there being any fallout,” explains
Emma. “She’s not telling

anyone else the whole story,
and Vanessa feels caught
between the devil and the
deep blue sea! She can’t blow
Charity’s secret, but she’s also
full of anxiety for the fact that
her sister Tracy is meeting
Bails for coffee. Vanessa knows
he’s a monster, and she’s
got to be careful how much
contact Tracy has with him.”
The next day, Bails spots
Charity putting out the bins,

Is Charity going to say
something – or is she
going to keep quiet?”

“This story
has spoken
to people
Emma has been
taken aback by
the reaction…
Charity’s story came out
of the blue for viewers, as
her normally hard exterior
cracked – allowing her
to open up to Vanessa.
And Emma has been
moved by the reaction
from the audience.
“People have been so
kind, and I’m overwhelmed
by the feedback,” she
tells us. “The plot has
spoken to a lot of those
who have been subject
to some form of abuse
throughout their life and
had to keep quiet. So to
even begin to imagine
that this is somehow
reaching out to members
of the public, making
them more courageous
and able to talk about
what they’ve gone
through, something
they haven’t until now…
well, it’s just an amazing
thing that we’ve done.”

Bails confronts
Charity, who gives as
good as she gets

and takes pleasure in backing
her into a corner and gloating.
He then heads to a conference
centre, where he’s speaking as
part of his campaign against
sexual exploitation – and while
the conference gets under way,
Charity is alone in the Woolpack,
staring at the hush money
that was given to her by Bails.
“She wants to fight him –
but then she doesn’t,” sighs
Emma. “She’s extremely split

with her emotional state of
mind. She just thinks, ‘How
can I win against this man?’ –
and at least she can use the
money for family and friends.
It’s not the best way of looking
at it, but it makes perfect
sense to her at the time.”
Making a snap decision,
Charity goes out, and arrives
at the conference centre just
in time to see Tracy giving
Bails an affectionate hug. As

by what she
Charity is repulsed b
ent finally
sees, has the mome
arrived when she tells all?
ut to
“He’s speaking ou
an audience, being fiercely
protective of these a
women – when he himself
has been an abuser!”
cries Emma. “So
Charity rocks up,
stands at the back
of the hall and watches
it all play out. It will
be a brilliant momen
for the audience:
is she going to say
something, or is she
going to keep quiet?
Tom Spilsbury

Laura-Jayne snoops behind


the big soap headlines…

Will she become
Phelan’s next


n what could be the most shocking
rumour to emerge from the cobbles
this year, we hear that killer Phelan
will crash Robert and Michelle’s
wedding – and gun down the bride!
The Street super-villain is presumed
dead following his cliff-top showdown
with wife Eileen, while viewers know
that he is alive and in hiding as he
plots his next move. Meanwhile,
Michelle and Robert are planning to
tie the knot – but is their fairy-tale big
day doomed to end in bloodshed?
“Phelan will return to Weatherfield
just in time to crash Michelle and
Robert’s nuptials,” reports a tabloid
newspaper. “In all the carnage, she
will end up being shot, with Robert
desperately trying to save her life
before she bleeds out. Inevitably, the
other guests will be involved in the
madness when he shoots her.”

Will Robert and
Michelle become
man and wife?

The gossip comes after Corrie star
Connor McIntyre, who plays the builder,
hinted that Phelan’s next victim would be
someone whom we might not expect –
and Michelle certainly fits the bill, having
had very little to do with the madman
compared with others who’ve crossed him.
So what on earth would prompt Phelan
to pull the trigger on Michelle? Could
it be that she is simply caught in the
crossfire as he takes his final revenge?
A show spokesperson has stressed to
Inside Soap that they never comment on
storyline speculation, so viewers will need
to tune in to find out if the reports are true.
However, word on the street is that the

explosive scenes will play out in a postwatershed 9pm time slot, which the
soap has occupied in the past following
the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.
Previous storylines to have aired in
that particular week – usually at the end
of May – include the Underworld siege
when Tony Gordon took Carla hostage,
the Victoria Court fire caused by Tracy,
and Bethany’s horrific grooming ordeal.
So, if these rumours turn out to be
true and Phelan’s revenge really is as
blockbuster as some of the plots detailed
above, it’s certainly going to be a week
of Coronation Street that you’re not
going to want to miss…

Ben Price is returning
to the Street…


arla’s love life looks
set to become more
complicated than ever,
when her ex-husband Nick
Tilsley makes a return to
Weatherfield later this year!
Star Ben Price is reprising
the role just one year on
from his dramatic exit…
“Nick walked out on
Leanne after struggling to
accept that she’d had a
baby with Steve,” our Corrie
source reminds us. “But it’s
not just Leanne who bears
the scars of losing him: Carla
fled following their disastrous
wedding day, on which Nick
learned that she’d cheated
with Robert. Expect plenty
of fireworks all round!”
Interestingly, reports
suggest that Carla’s other
ex Peter will soon learn the
truth of Toyah’s baby lie and
quit the Rovers – so could it
pave the way for a reunion
between Carla and Peter,
just as Nick returns to the
frame? We do hope so!

ow here’s a sight viewers have
been crying out to see – David’s
rapist Josh surrounded by cops!
Our spies recently sighted star Ryan
Clayton, who plays Josh, filming scenes
on location that suggest his vile alter
ego could finally feel the full force of
the law following his assault on David.

This week David will
break his silence and
confess the truth of the
traumatic events to his
ex-girlfriend Shona (see p16)
– so could these scenes be
the pay-off to him finding the
courage to speak out?


Is he finally set to pay for his attack on David?


June Brown
to stay in


oh, we say – this is good
news! EastEnders legend
June Brown is reported to
have signed a new deal with the
soap to keep Dot in Walford for
at least another 12 months.
“I’m delighted that EastEnders
has allowed me to keep playing
Dot, while also accommodating
me to take on some other work
opportunities,” says the 91-yearold, who has been in the role since
the show’s first episode in 1985.
Well, that does come as a relief,
because Dot has been noticeably
absent from the Square drama of
late – and we didn’t believe for a
second that she would willingly
leave Karen Taylor in charge of the
launderette by herself for too long!
As it happens, June was busy
filming for ITV earlier on in the
year, participating in reality series
100 Years Younger In 21 Days –
which saw her and several other
celebrities take part in a challenge
to transform their bodies by

Youthful star June
attempted to defy her
age in the ITV show

undergoing a whole series
of bizarre treatments.
It’s not the first occasion that
June has had some time off
from EastEnders, having taken a
six-month break in 2012 to pen
her autobiography Before The
Year Dot. But she stressed last
year that she never wants to stop
playing her Square alter ego.
“I haven’t got much now, but
I find that when I arrive on set
my energy comes,” confessed
the actress. “It keeps me alive.”

Hannah Spearritt to return as Kandice


aren Taylor probably thought sh
seen the last of her wealthy sistter
Kandice following their bust-up
p in the
Square last year – but the women are
e set to
lock horns again when Hannah Spearrritt
reprises the role for another guest stin

14 lnsideSoap

We first met Kandice when
Karren went to visit her sibling cap
in h
hand to save her family from the
bailliffs,” recalls our EastEnders
insider. “Kandice was reluctant
to b
bail out her sister, though she
entually gave in. But what is it
at brings her back this time?”
Hannah – who is best known
for singing in the band S Club
7 and playing Abby Maitland
in dinosaur drama Primeval
– will appear in a handful of
episodes later this year.

It’s all change at the top…


here has been big drama behind
the scenes of both Coronation
Street and Emmerdale, with the
announcement that Corrie boss Kate
Oates is leaving her role as producer.
She leaves Weatherfield to produce
ITV crime drama Bancroft, while Dales
boss Iain MacLeod will take charge of
the cobbles. As for the village, Jane
Hudson is to be the show’s executive
producer, supported by producers
Kate Brooks and Laura Shaw. The
changes will take effect from June.


Meet the newest
member of the
Osborne family…

The Dales’ Michelle
Hardwick would
love the soap to
mirror a former
Brookside plot, as
Vanessa vows to
bring bent policeman
Bails to justice. “She’ll
do anything that she can in
order to stop him,” insists the
actress. “Can you imagine an
‘under the patio’ type job?”

Tough love!
Amy Conachan,
who plays Chester’s
Courtney Campbell,
has let slip that
Janette Tough
– aka Jimmy Krankie
– almost played her
gran in the sh , e ore
the role
J nn
ny Lee
t to Je

Funny g rl!
Corrie viewers can ex
rib-tickling scen s to
mark Rosie’s up om
departure from the
cobbles, as Helen
Flanagan goes on
maternity leave.
“I’m going out in
very much ‘Rosie
style’,” she grins.
“The storyline
is hila


Little and large!


ollyoaks is set to
welcome new girl
Brooke Hathaway,
who joins Hollyoaks High
next month after being
fostered by the Osbornes.
The character will be
played by newcomer Talia
Grant, who identifies as
having high-functioning
autism – and is the first
female actress who has
autism to land a mainstream
role in British television.
“Brooke will bring a new,
different voice to the show
– we are excited by her
arrival into the Osbornes,
where she’ll bring a secret
from the past,” explains
Hollyoaks executive producer
Bryan Kirkwood. “Brooke
is a strong, independent
character who has a solid
handle on what it means
to be a teenage girl with
autism – and we have
worked with Talia on
developing her character.”

Cop this!

Now, is Hollyoaks’ Haiesha Mistry
(Yasmine) just really, really diddy
– or is her co-star Jacob Roberts
(Damon) mega-tall? The actress
couldn’t help but point out the
height diference between them
when she posted this picture on
social media, captioned: “Imagine
if we had a scene together?”
Let’s put it to the test, Hollyoaks!






David finally
“I’ve been


rave David finally
speaks out about his
rape ordeal this week
– as he tells horrified
Shona that Josh attacked him.
En route to his court
appearance, David jumps out
of solicitor Imran’s car and
disappears, unable to cope
with the fact that he may go
to prison for beating up Gary.
Desperate Gail begs Shona
to help find her son, and
she chances upon David

16 lnsideSoap

in the park. But nothing can
prepare Shona for what her
traumatised ex has to say…
“David blurts out that he
was raped by Josh, and it hits
her like a brick wall,” explains
Julia Goulding, who plays
Shona. “David is at his lowest

ebb, to the point of having
some very dark thoughts. He’s
isolated himself from everybody
he loves, and the reality of
being sent to jail is hitting him,
too. Then something happens
that really rocks David, holding
up a mirror to his own life and

If Shona did what
she wants to, she’d be
on trial for murder!”

what could happen if he
doesn’t talk about what
has happened with Josh.”
Understandably, Shona
tries to convince David to
report the rape to the police.
However, David insists he
can’t, as he could never deal
with the shame. Shona knows
the only shame should be
felt by wicked Josh – but she
cannot convince David that
he must act, or even see a
counsellor to talk it through.

“Shona respects that it’s his
choice,” says Julia. “However,
because she loves him, the
injustice and frustration over
what has happened – and the
fact that he’ll never heal if
something isn’t done – makes
Shona take matters into her
own hands, which personally
I think is wrong. The next time
she sees Josh, her emotions
get the better of her…”
Shona confronts Josh
outside Audrey’s salon, telling

him that she knows he’s a
rapist. As ever, the mechanic
tries to manipulate the story,
insisting he and David had
consensual sex – but he’s not
fooling Shona for a moment.
“Josh knows Shona has
rumbled him and she knows
he’s lying, but she has to
control her anger,” reveals
Julia. “If she did what she
wants to do to Josh, Shona
would be on trial for murder!

Josh knows that
he can’t pull the wool
over Shona’s eyes

lnsideSoap 17

“Instead, what Shona takes away
from the encounter is that justice must
be served. She becomes ‘Sherlock
Shona’, determined to dig up some dirt
on Josh to potentially prove he’s done it
before. She’s waiting for him to slip up.”
Now that David has been honest with
Shona, he’s taken his first step towards
healing – but there’s a long road ahead.
For Julia and co-star Jack P Shepherd,

it’s been an important story, and they
wanted to get this pivotal moment right.
“The scenes where David tells Shona
were really emotional,” the actress
tells us. “Jack and I get on really well,
and we usually have a laugh when the
cameras aren’t rolling. But this was a
very sombre environment. The crew
were amazing, and gave us space and
time – because with such raw emotion,
you need something that is very real.”

However, Julia reckons that she
doesn’t have to dig too deep to play
Shona’s scenes with David’s rapist.
“I find myself getting very frustrated,
because Ryan Clayton is doing such a
fantastic job playing Josh!” she shares.
“The anger and frustration are easy to
play because it’s such a horrific subject.
Getting worked up isn’t too difficult, but
shaking it off is a little bit harder.”
Kate White

Josh makes his MOVE!
Knowing David could reporrt him
at any time, wicked Josh cy
seduces Alya this week!
In the weeks since he ass
David, the skilled manipulator has
tried to convince his victim that no
one will believe it was rape. Part of
Josh’s plan is to ingratiate himself
with the local community, a
a relationship with Alya would
strengthen that even furthe
So after weeks of flirting,
Josh heads over to see Aly
s in
with flowers, and she melts
dea of
his arms. But she has no id
Josh’s true colours – only that he
ent out
was the kind fellow who we
of his way to organise a boxing

18 lnsideSoap

fund--raiser for her tragically
deceased boyfriend, Luke.
In the
t months since Luke was
murdered, the boxing match has
kept Alya going, and she trusts
Josh implicitly. How will she feel
n she discovers the horrifying
truth of what he did to David?

On the surface,
Josh seems like
the perfect guy


Sonia has loved
ng her ex under
her roof again


The battle
for Martin!


artin Fowler is a
man in demand
this week – as both
his ex-wife Sonia
and estranged wife Stacey
try to win him back!
Martin and Sonia have been
under the same roof ever since
Stacey kicked him out, and
they’ve fallen into a comfortable
routine. In fact, Sonia has even
started cooking for her ex, and
is miffed when he rejects a meal
in favour of a night out with
Robbie. But things get tasty for
the fellas after they bump into
Stacey and Whitney in E20…
“It all kicks off because
Stacey and Whit attract
the attention of some drunk
blokes,” explains our Walford
sneak. “Martin sees things are
getting out of hand and wades
in, determined to protect

20 lnsideSoap

Stacey, but ends up hurting his
back in the ruckus. Although
it’s a bit of a pitiful sight, Stace
believes that his actions show
Martin still loves her, and she
wants him back. So she takes
her chances and leans in for
a kiss. Will he reciprocate?”
The next day, Martin is in
agony thanks to his bad back,
and Sonia enjoys stepping in
as his nurse. Bex can’t help
but notice the fun and games
her parents are having, and
is convinced that her mum is
feeling that old spark again.
When she teases Sonia, the
embarrassed woman dismisses

it and insists that she and
Martin are just good friends –
but a couple of days later, she
betrays her true feelings as she
kisses Martin while he’s asleep
and whispers about the happy
times they shared as a couple.
Is Martin feeling it as well?
Bex is determined to help
out by giving Sonia a stunning
makeover and sending her
parents to Kathy’s birthday bash
together. And it works like a
charm as Martin is bowled over,
and he and Sonia have a lovely
time – till the Slaters arrive!
It doesn’t take Stacey long
to notice the warmth between

Stacey knows what
Sonia is up to, and
she’s not having it!”

Martin and Sonia, together
with her love rival’s efforts in
the make-up and wardrobe
department. However, Martin
can’t take his eyes off Stacey
once she turns up, and it’s
getting quite embarrassing
for all concerned. That’s when
Sonia makes a move to get
Martin to focus on her again…
“It’s a big mistake to take on
Stacey!” gossips our spy. “She
knows what Sonia is up to,
and she’s not having it. Stacey
marches over and confronts
her, giving her a piece of her
mind about her antics. Soon
there’s a massive slanging
match, and Kat and Mo pile
in too. But what really matters
is whose side Martin is on.”
Although he must be loving
all the attention, Martin is quick
to break up the fight before

Stacey would do
anything to have
her husband back

the claws come out. However,
now he knows that both of his
wives want him back, it’s quite
a dilemma. Martin has had his
heart broken by each woman
– and whereas the love he felt
for Stacey hasn’t died, he feels
nothing but warmth for Sonia.
Given how confused the
poor fella is right now, anything
is possible – so will Martin pick
Sonia, Stacey or singledom?
Kate White



Mother to kids Arthur and
Hope. Exciting and fiery.
They have a whole lotta
chemistry together.

Mother to his daughter
Rebecca. Kind and lovely.
They have a whole lotta
history together.


Cheated on him with Max.
Had a secret baby with
Kush. Comes in a package
with Kat, Jean and Mo.

Cheated on him with Naomi
Julien when she became a
lesbian. Chose Tina over
him. Whinges a lot.

InsideSoap says…

InsideSoap says…

Everyone knows
Stacey is the girl for you,
Martin. Who cares if she
accidentally sleeps with
Max from time to time?
It don’t mean nuffink!

Sorry, Sonia, we were
against this relationship
from the start. It started
when Martin ran over your
true love Jamie, but now
you’ve run your course!

lnsideSoap 21


Alan is on the receiving
end of a very dirty look
from seething Yasmine


Alan Carr:
Soapy Man!


here’s a familiar face
in the village this
week, as Yasmine’s
big argument with
Diane and Tony is overheard
by a passer-by – who bears
a suspicious resemblance
to TV funny man Alan Carr…
“Yes, it is him in the scene,
and he was really funny and
down to earth,” confirms
Haiesha Mistry – who plays
Yasmine – as we grill her about
the celebrity guest star. “He’s a
lovely, lovely man. It was great,
and we had a good laugh.”
Not that there’s much for the
actress’ on-screen alter ego to
laugh about this week, though,
as the domestic abuse plot for
the Maalik clan takes another
dramatic turn – prompting
Yasmine to launch into a standup row with Tony and Diane.

22 lnsideSoap

“She’s ready to go and
shout at them, and there’s this
heated discussion,” explains
Haiesha. “And as that’s going
on, Alan Carr is walking his
two dogs – then he comes
across what’s going on, and
he stops to earwig! Yasmine
notices him, and gives him a
dirty look and he walks away.”
We can’t say that we blame
him – after all, feisty Yasmine
possesses a killer death stare!
However, we wondered how
Haiesha felt about a hugely
dramatic scene being stolen
by the Chatty Man himself…
“It was quite a surprise when
I found out,” admits the actress.
“I’m a big fan of Alan Carr,
though – I watch him on TV
all the time, so I didn’t mind!”
Telly host Alan was in the
area filming for Channel 4’s

coverage of Crufts dog show
– and decided to drop in on
Hollyoaks for a look around the
soap’s set. But while he’s an
old pro in the world of TV, how
did his two gorgeous dogs (a
pair of Irish Setters called Bev
and Joyce, fact fans) behave
themselves in the village?
“They were really great, you
know!” Haiesha assures us.
“I think that at one point the
pair of them stole the show.
They were very well behaved.”
For once, Alan Carr is lost
for words in his non-speaking
appearance – but it’s clear
from our chat that Haiesha is

Star Al has reason to
think the village has
gone to the dogs!

having the absolute time of her
life playing gobby Yasmine.
“She’s so funny and sassy
– it’s always a joy!” enthuses
the star. “The lines, and the

Alan comes across
Yasmine’s argument,
and stops to earwig!”

“I love my job,
but if I ever fancied doing
something diferent, I really
fancy doing what Jude does. It
would be so exciting, swimming
with sharks every day – and I’d
have a little wetsuit cut up at the
thigh, a knife, a spear gun.”
It’s a strong look. Has there ever
been a Bond girl from

“It really is a joint
d I’
e, and
I’m very llucky
to have so
omeone like Ian. It’s all
about trusst in business. There are
people ou
ut there who would stab
you in th
he back as soon as look
at you. Small, spineless little
n… With no wife.”
We’re gllad Masood and Ian are
finallyy becoming friends. But
we love the sniping, too.

“My nan’s a mardy
old battleaxe that smokes like
a chimney
and drinks like a ish.
Itt’s a miracle she’s made 80.”
an we meet Shona’s grandmother,
please? Get her cast, Corrie!

“What gets
me is, how can
Frank pull a beautiful
girl like Megan, and
I’m still sad and

“My guess is –
well – you’re a tiny
bit annoying.”
Poor Rishi. It’s cruel,
b so true.

“I got married
this morning.”

storylines, are so amazing
g. I’m
very grateful. The fans seem
to love Yasmine as well, sso
that’s a massive bonus.”
With the Maalik family
secrets mounting, Alan may
be kicking himself that he
didn’t linger a little longer on
set to get the latest gossip
from a very dramatic storyy!
Michael Cregan

“You were
a great dad.”

miss you.”
Sob! If only
Aidan’s family
had spotted
the clues.

“Were? Hold up,
I’m only going to Spain.
m hoping to be giving
ou advice for many
years to come.”

“Yeah, who’s
the unlucky lady?
And what’s her
guide dog called?”
Blimey, we’ve
missed Kat.

lnsideSoap 23


for real!



ebbie just can’t
fight her feelings for
Joe any more – and
this week the pair
finally get back together.
Although Joe hurt her more
than anyone ever has – and
Debbie knows he’s capable
of terrible things – she is still
in love with him. Over the past
few weeks, Joe has tried to
prove that he feels the same
way, and wants them to give
their relationship a proper
chance this time. However,
given the bad blood between
Joe and the Dingles, is Debbie
in for more heartache?
“This is a huge gamble for
Debbie, and it could wreck
her relationship with her family
forever,” warns our Emmerdale
spy. “But there’s a connection

24 lnsideSoap

between these two that won’t
go away. The level of hate
Debbie felt for Joe after he
revealed who he really was
and why he seduced her was
scary – but that was because
of how hard she’d fallen for
him. It’s clear he loves her
just as much, and they could
have a real future together.”
Debbie has been softening
towards Joe ever since he
released her from the bizarre
blackmail where she’d been
forced to pretend they were
a couple again. Not only did
Joe call off the whole sordid
arrangement, but he told

Debbie that he genuinely
loved her and was begging for
another chance. Since then,
she’s been spending time with
him every now and again – but
Debbie can’t believe it after he
invites her over, presents her
with a model aeroplane kit
and asks her to help build it!
Before long, the cheeky
flirtation works and the pair
start to kiss – prompting
Joe to lead Debbie upstairs
to the bedroom. But have
they thought about how
young Noah will cope if he
discovers that the two of
them are together again?

It’s clear that Joe genuinely
loves Debbie, and they could
have a real future together”

“Joe and Noah have
developed a close bond, and
it’s special to both of them,”
muses our snitch. “There will
now be competition for Joe’s
attention, and it could drive
a wedge between Noah and
Debbie, who’ve always been
close. The question is: will they
tell Noah they’re back together,


Ross plays
with fire!



engeful Ross
is dancing with
danger this week
– and he’s not the
only person getting hurt.
Thanks to his quest to
track down acid attacker
Simon, Ross has been
paying drug addict Dawn to
gather information on the
violent lad’s whereabouts.
He’s confident that he can
find Simon – who’s gone
into hiding since the court
case a
– and that he’ll be able to
take his revenge. But when

Debbie has foun
nd it
difficult to close
the door on Joe

or will the reunion be reve
by somebody else?”
What the adults don’t know
is that somebody has see
them in a passionate clinc
ch and
realised they’re together again.
Can this person be truste
ed, or
are Debbie and Joe heading
for another Dingle drama?
Kate White

Dawn turns up in the village
battered and bruised, Ross
begins to realise that there
could be real consequences
to his reckless actions…
It’s a shock to see Dawn
so badly hurt, even though
he knew she was taking a
risk by accepting money
to spy on Simon and his
cronies. Desperate and
shaken, she asks Ross to
pay her more money so she
can score, and blames him
g she took at
the hands of Simon’s mate
Connor. Guilty Ross accepts
that he’s responsible and
hands over some cash
– with the proviso that

he expects more information
on Simon in return.
What Ross doesn’t realise
is that his worried brother
Pete has spotted the two
of them in conversation and
is now wondering what on
earth they’re up to. He’s
been hoping that Ross had
turned a corner, especially
now he’s started wearing
the facial conformer mask
to help heal his scars
– but seeing Ross with
Dawn, Pete realises his
brother is still hell-bent on
revenge. Can Pete
convince Ross
to let it go?
Kate White


good deed


Daniel goes to Sally in the
hope that her position of
power will help his cause


aniel is on a mission
to make an old lady’s
life more bearable
this week, as he
asks local mayor Sally to help
find Flora a better place to live.
Flora is the elderly mother of
Vinny Ashworth, one of Phelan’s
murder victims – and although
Daniel explains how isolated

26 lnsideSoap

she is, Sally proves reluctant
to get involved. So the fella
takes desperate measures…
“Daniel got to know Flora
while investigating Phelan and
Vinny’s Calcutta Street property
scam for the Gazette,” recalls
our Corrie sneak. “Since then
it’s transpired that Phelan killed
her boy Vinny, and Daniel feels

a responsibility towards the
lonely pensioner now that her
loved one is no more. But
coming to Flora’s rescue isn’t
quite as straightforward as
Daniel might have hoped.”
Having realised how down
Flora is in her care home,
Daniel is determined to help
– and he hopes to convince
Weatherfield mayor Sally to
pull some strings to find Flora
somewhere better. However,
disappointment lies ahead.
“Sadly, it soon transpires
that Sally doesn’t have enough
sway – or she’s not prepared
to use her influence – as she
tells Daniel there’s nothing

that she can do,” shares our
spy. “But while Daniel finds
himself back at square one, he
remains loyal to Flora’s cause.
His flatmate Adam isn’t happy
when he later finds out about
Daniel’s plan B, though!”
Refusing to allow Flora to
spend another day in distress,
Daniel moves her into his own
home. But that idea is headed
for trouble after he fails to fill
Adam in on what he’s done.
“Adam’s not having the best
of weeks,” sighs our insider.
“He’s been knocked for six by
Aidan’s death, and spends an
afternoon drinking in the Bistro.
While there, he starts chatting

It soon transpires that
Sally doesn’t have
enough sway to help”

Your soap story

Wish list!
“EastEnders’ Sharon
deserves a bit of fun
– so how about a fling
with hunky Keanu?
As Inside Soap
recently pointed out,
he does look a bit like
a younger, itter
version of her hubby
Phil – and I bet
he could really rev
her engine!”
…suggests reader
Kate from Norwich
“I’d like Aaron from
Emmerdale to do a
soap swap and take
up with David from
Neighbours. Aaron
would enjoy the
sunshine – and
David likes blokes
called Aaron!”
…dreams reader
Esther from London

to Niamh – and the pair get
to know each other better
back at his. But their plan
for a spot of afternoon
delight is thwarted when
they bump into bemused
Flora on the landing!”
Unimpressed by Adam’s
new housemate, Niamh
makes a rapid exit – and
Daniel is left with lots to
explain to furious Adam.
“Daniel didn’t think it’d
be a problem to put up
Flora until he found her

somewhere new,” mutters
our mole. “But Adam has
other ideas! He’s outraged
Daniel would do this without
consulting him – and stung
by Niamh’s departure, he
wastes no time making his
feelings perfectly clear.”
With the responsibility of
Flora’s well-being weighing
heavy on his shoulders,
can scolded Daniel come
up with a new way of
improving her situation?
Allison Jones

“With poor Alfie in Hollyoaks
convinced that a meteorite
is heading for the village,
wouldn’t it be fun if it turned
out to be true? If anyone can
pull of a story as far-fetched
as that, it’s Hollyoaks!”
…reckons reader Rose
“With Lee Ryan leaving
EastEnders and Duncan
James departing Hollyoaks,
maybe it’s time a member
of Blue rocked up on the
cobbles of Weatherield?
Better still, they could all
turn up – they could be
the special guests at the
opening of Speed Daal!”
…muses reader Grace
Each week, we invite readers to share their dream
soap storylines on our lnsideSoap Facebook page.
Check it out and join in the fun at
insidesoap. Or you can email your idea to us at There’s a £10 prize
for every suggestion we publish in the magazine!

Will the mayor of Weatherfield be
willing to help her neighbour?

lnsideSoap 27




28 lnsideSoap


n enigmatic vehicle
with blacked-out
windows strikes
terror into Mel’s
heart this week, as she spots
it prowling the Square and
instantly fears for her son
Hunter’s safety. Is he in danger
from the unknown lurker?
Her fears over Hunter come
while Mel isn’t in the best
frame of mind, as her on-off
romance with Jack continues
to occupy her thoughts…
“Jack injures his hand in
an altercation at the club,
so instinctively
Mel rushes to
his aid – and
it’s obvious
that she likes
him more than
she’s willing
to let on!”
gossips our source. “Although
Mel likes to play it cool, it’s
also clear that she might be
open to romance. However,
Jack doesn’t like to be made
a fool of, and he’s certainly
not going to keep running after
Mel if it means putting up with
all her game-playing.”
With the outcome of the
encounter playing on her mind,

Mel is further wound up when
she spots the suspicious
car staking out the Square.
Initially worried for Hunter’s
safety, she’s sent into a blind
panic after she finds out that
he hasn’t turned up at school.
Fearing the worst, she speaks
to her neighbours – including
Sharon and Max – and even
gets in touch with her exhusband Ray, the brother
of Ciara Maguire.
“Mel’s worst fear is that
Ciara’s ex-husband Aidan
Maguire could be back,
looking for
notes our
she’s been
through with
Aidan, she knows what he’s
capable of – and she also
knows his style. Any time a
car with blacked-out windows
turns up in the area, alarm
bells start to ring loudly!”
So, is Aidan really behind
Hunter’s disappearance? And
if that’s not the case, who is
inside the mystery vehicle?
Tom Spilsbury

Sharon can’t give
Mel the good
news she craves

“Mel’s worst
fear is that
Aidan Maguire
could be back”

Jack and Mel have
been dancing around
each other for weeks


The mystery stalker propels her into action…
The blacked-out car also has a big effect on Kim
this week. Wondering if it’s something to do with
her hubby Vincent’s disappearance, she becomes
determined to get some answers. What she
doesn’t know is that Vincent was driven away by
two thugs on Phil’s instructions – and with Phil
acting out of character, will she uncover the truth?
“Phil has already given Kim money, saying it was
from the sale of Vincent’s car,” shares our insider.
“However, the altruistic gesture got Kim thinking
– it’s not like Phil to be so considerate, after all!
“Kim has a reputation for being an airhead, but
she’s not stupid,” adds our snitch. “Even though
Vincent tried to hide it from her, she knows that he
was tied up in all sorts of dodgy business deals
with the likes of Phil and Aidan. So she wonders
if Phil knows more than he’s letting on…”
However, when Kim meets up with Phil again,
he does his best to put her off the scent.
“Phil thinks the best way out might be to lend
Kim a sympathetic ear,” reveals our sneak. “He
suggests that Vincent didn’t have a choice about
leaving, and perhaps he simply couldn’t cope.”
Phil’s words seem to work – and despite the
mystery involving the skulking newcomer, Kim
decides it’s time to move on, declaring that it’s
now just her and daughter Pearl against the world.
But will her niggling doubts about Phil go away?

lnsideSoap 29

Will Karl &
Susan die?


Susan has words
with Poppy over her
bullying ways…


oth Susan and Karl’s
lives are left hanging
in the balance this
week, after they get
lost out in the bush!
Susan is supervising a
school camping trip when
she and pupil Kirsha get
separated from the rest of the
group and lose their bearings.
And it soon becomes clear
that their situation is very
perilous indeed…
“Kirsha is getting bullied
by her classmate Poppy,
and Susan steps in to shut
it down,” explains Jackie
Woodburne, who plays the
head teacher. “Kirsha is left
deeply upset, though, and
refuses to continue the hike.
Susan tells the others to go on,
and stays behind to calm her
down – but she and Kirsha

30 lnsideSoap

…but her solution
to the problem
creates new issues
for her and Kirsha

become hopelessly lost! It
later dawns on Susan that the
magnet on her phone cover
affected the compass reading.”
As the light fades, Susan
realises their chances of making
it back to camp are rapidly
diminishing. So the pair have
no other option but to bed
down for the night, and pray
they’ll be found in the morning.
“Susan tries to downplay
her concerns to Kirsha to keep
her anxiety at bay,” reveals
Jackie. “But with the light
failing, there’s no way they’ll
make it out before darkness
hits. Susan has some trail mix
in her backpack, and there’s
still water in Kirsha’s bottle.”


Gerry turns



his week, Gerry
finally retrieves
the voicemail that
Lachlan left him on
the day of the White family’s
fateful car crash. But will
it reveal the truth behind
the horrific accident?
Ever since the day of the
crash, which claimed the lives
of both Chrissie and Lawrence,
Lachlan has been trying to bury
all evidence that the collision
was his fault. He’s even gone
so far as to convince his Aunt
Rebecca – who was the only
other survivor of the accident
– that she was the one who
caused the whole thing!
However, the pressure is
clearly getting to the twisted
teen, and he recently hinted to
pal Gerry that there may have
been more to the crash than
meets the eye. But when Gerry
presses Lachlan for more info,
Lachie clams up, and Gerry
is forced to drop the matter
before things get out of hand.

While Susan and her
young charge are putting
their survival skills to good
use, little do they know the
commotion they’ve caused
back at camp. After Xanthe
and Yashvi realise the pair
are missing, they raise the
alarm – and when news
gets back to Ramsay
Street, poorly Karl ignores
medical advice and heads
out to look for her!
“Susan would be
shocked if she found out
that Karl had been foolish
enough to head off alone,”
reckons Jackie. “I think
that would soon turn to
worry, frustration and

anger, though, considering
the state of his health.”
Given that he’s currently
suffering from deep vein
thrombosis, Karl’s actions
are rash, to say the least.
And his heroism comes
back to bite him as his
health takes a turn for the
worse, causing him to
have a nasty fall – so by
the time Xanthe finds him,
he’s in a terrible way.
With Susan still missing
and Karl now in deadly
peril himself, will there be a
double tragedy on Ramsa
Street as both Kennedys
suffer a terrible fate?
Sarah Elllis

Lachlan was
for two deaths

With Lachlan refusing to
talk, Gerry knows that the
key to finding out more info
is retrieving the voicemail his
mate left for him on the day of
the crash. At the time, Lachie
persuaded him not to listen to
the recording, which contained
his mum and grandad’s final
moments – but now Gerry
reckons the message could
hold some vital clues.
However, as the lad fires
up his laptop and successfully
retrieves the voicemail, will it
reveal the horrific truth about
Lachlan causing the accident
that wiped out half his family?
Sarah Ellis


robs the Vic?

Has Whitney got her
boyfriend all wrong?



hitney is upset when
Halfway gives her the
cold shoulder this
week – just as it transpires he
might be a thief! And when
Mick is jumped by a balaclavaclad man in the Vic’s barrel
store, is Halfway to blame?
Whit and Halfway have
managed to make a go of it
since she found out about
his shrapnel injuries, which
he sustained while serving in
the Army. When the Carters

discover Halfway’s bravery,
they decide to throw him a
party – but he’s uncomfortable
with all the attention. And after
Whitney tries confronting him
about his odd behaviour, he
ignores her calls and texts.
Could there be more to his
injuries than he’s
he s letting on?

Suspicions are raised further
once Linda notices £50 is
missing from the Vic till – and
Halfway is the only possible
culprit! So, as Mick is set upon
in the store, can Whitney
explain away her boyfriend’s
actions – or has Halfway been
hiding a much darker side?

Red faces all round


here’s a shock in store
for the Brennan siblings
this week, when mum
Fay turns up unannounced!
Her arrival takes them all by
surprise, but especially Chloe
– who’s getting steamy with

for Daz!


here’s trouble in
paradise for Bernice
and Daz this week, as
she realises he’s keeping
a secret from her. Bernice
doesn’t know that Daz

32 lnsideSoap

could be the biological
father of Dan’s daughter
Amelia, explaining why he’s
been so distant – and he’s
less than enthusiastic when
Bernice drunkenly asks him
to move in. After she starts
digging, Bernice overhears
snippets of conversations
between her boyfriend and
Kerry, and jumps to some
worrying conclusions. Can
Daz explain the truth before
Bernice calls things off?

boss Leo when her mum busts
them! Fay is not impressed with
her daughter, and announces
she’s having to sell her house
to help cover Chloe’s debts.
Chloe is sheepish as she
promises to stop messing
up so badly – but are there
more past mistakes ready to
come back and haunt her?

‘X’ on the spot!


askell is all set to
perform his next big
stem cell operation
this week – but he’s feeling
the pressure after Abigail
insists on keeping a close
eye on the project.

Gaskell secretly knows
that the only other person to
undergo the procedure in the
UK died from an infection
caused by his implant, while
we as viewers finally learn the
truth about his mysterious
‘patient X’ in Lisbon.
Could the cover-up stretch
further than we think?

Going the extra Kyle
yle ramps up his
revenge plot against
James this week –
by starting a video diary
documenting the ‘abuse’
he’s been suffering! Kyle is
scheming with Sami to fake
his own death and frame

James for murder – so
when Nancy catches her
pal recording his heartfelt
log of James’ supposed
cruel actions, he has a lot of
explaining to do. Later, Kyle
plies James with wine and
sleeping tablets, causing
the lawyer to collapse! Is
Kyle about to end up with
blood on his hands?

disorder, which makes Roo
very worried,” explains Georgie.
“She doesn’t understand why
Martha chose to run away
instead of getting help.”
It may be a turbulent time for
Roo, but Georgie has relished

the opportunity to play out
such a dramatic storyline.
“I was immensely excited
when I first heard about this,”
she grins. “And the audience
has loved it – they’ve found
it very satisfying to watch!”



There’s a reunion
in store for Roo…

Channel 5


oo gets the mother of
all shocks this week,
when she comes face
to face with her mum Martha
– more than 30 years after she
was supposed to have died!
“Roo recognises her mum
straight away,” reveals Georgie
Parker, who plays her. “She’s
stunned when she sees her
– she’s nervous and afraid.
There’s so much at stake
because Roo hasn’t had the
chance to have a normal
relationship with her mum.”

Roo’s world has been turned
upside down since her dad
Alf revealed that Martha faked
her own death. But how will
her mother explain herself?
“Martha confides in Roo that
she has borderline personality

lnsideSoap 33

Of the Ingrid!




anny Ingrid says her
goodbyes to Albert
Square this week, as
she prepares to go travelling
– leaving behind boss Jack
and his kids, Amy and Ricky.
However, a few tears are
shed before she leaves. Ingrid

saves her most emotional
farewell for on-off boyfriend
Keanu, with whom she’s
enjoyed a romance since
discovering him working as
a nude model at her art class.
While she’s in two minds
about leaving Walford, Ingrid
decides to follow her head
rather than her heart – but
how will Keanu take the news?

Kiddie in the middle
Channel 5 TUESDAY


illow makes an
effort to bond with
Justin’s daughter
Ava this week – but Justin is
unimpressed when he finds
that she’s left Ava alone!
After Justin is called upon
to help Tori, he reluctantly
leaves young Ava with his

girlfriend. The pair get on like
a house on fire, and Willow
steps outside for a moment
while they’re cooking lunch.
But when Justin walks in to
find his daughter seemingly
abandoned with a pan of
hot water and some sharp
knives, he’s furious!
Can Ava persuade the
grown-ups to kiss and make
up? Or is it over for good?

Bethany gets jealous!





ethany realises she
still has strong feelings
for Craig this week –
but it transpires that she has
competition for his affections!
After Bethany confides in
mum Sarah that she’d like to
be more than just friends with
the special constable again,
Sarah encourages her
to make a move. But
when the teen tries
to tell Craig at
Speed Daal,
she’s interrupted
by the waitress,
Kayla – who
mocks Craig!

34 lnsideSoap


However, once the lad
explains about his OCD, she
apologises, and the pair strike
up a conversation. Craig finds
himself attracted to Kayla’s
eccentric personality, which
annoys Bethany – and she’s
left seething with jealousy
when she sees how well her
ex is getting on with the
young waitress. In fact, they
hit it off so well that Kayla
gives Craig her number!
For months it’s
been clear Craig
only has eyes for
Bethany, but has
she left it so long
now that he’s
been stolen from
under her nose?

Don’t leave me!
As Lisa visits home, can Zak make her stay?


ak is delighted when
other half Lisa arrives
back in the village this
week – but is she planning on
sticking around long-term?
After Liv was sent to prison
for helping Gabby spike Lisa’s
pint with ketamine, Zak treated
his missus appallingly for
grassing up Liv to the police
– so distraught Lisa left home.
While walking away from her

loved ones was heartbreaking,
Lisa believed that she was
doing the best thing for
everyone by taking a break.
With her health in crisis, and
Zak having heartlessly blamed
her for Liv’s incarceration, Lisa
has a lot to consider about her
future. But as her man pleads
with Lisa to give him another
chance, will Zak succeed in
persuading her? And how are
he and their troubled daughter
Belle set to cope should Lisa
decide that she’ll leave again?


& RADIO...

● Decco is deeply
concerned this week,
as Kerri-Ann appears
stressed, disorientated
and not herself. What’s
wrong? Meanwhile,
Jim enjoys dancing
with Miriam – and
leans in for a smooch!
How will she react?
Also, Jake and Farrah
flirt up a storm, but the
fun doesn’t last long…

Channel 4 THURSDAY


ilo has some big
trouble to deal with
this week, as Cindy
is adamant that hunky Theo
is exactly what she needs
to brighten up her life. She
won’t stop begging her
lodger to contact his brother
– so she can have Theo
back in the village and in
her bed! But Milo is terrified
that his sibling could blow
his secret, so instead spends
the day trying to keep Cindy
distracted. Will he be able
to keep up the pretence?
Or could Theo appear again
to carry out his threat of
revealing his brother’s lies?


Read all about it!


he arrival of a letter
leaves Zara in a terrible
state this week – but
why does its delivery send
her into such a spin?
Though Sid isn’t surprised
when Zara snaps his head
off while they’re discussing a
patient, he reckons there could
be more to her bad
mood than meets the
eye. And after Zara
later ends up paralysed
by a panic attack in her
back garden, it’s clear
there’s something
badly wrong.
Can Sid convince
his troubled colleague
to open up to him?

● There’s tragedy in
Shieldinch this week,
after Scarlett returns
from prison. She plans
to publicly humiliate
her sister Theresa –
but her scheme has
grave consequences…
Elsewhere, Lockie stirs
the pot between Pete
and Caitlin – but why?
Plus, Angus launches
his coffee business.

● Lydia continues to
audition dogs to serve
as a replacement for
Scruff this week – can
she find the perfect
pedigree? Across the
village, Will begs for
help from Brian as he
declares war on the
Grundy family. Finally,
disaster strikes when
another unsuspecting
local is victim to a
shocking attack…
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 35





Martin and Jack both get injured
at the club’s bank holiday party.
● Jack’s nanny Ingrid says goodbye
to him, Keanu and Albert Square…
● Stacey swoops in and lands
a kiss on her estranged hubby!

● Maria confronts David about
his relationship with Emma.
● Waitress Kayla wastes no EPISODES
time in ruffling feathers! TONIGHT!
Eva is overcome with emotion
when Aidan visits her…

● The police warn Charity to steer
clear of Bails – will she comply?
Gerry finds Lachlan’s voicemail
from the day of the crash…
● Lisa returns to Wishing Well
Cottage – but for how long?








● Mel spots a sinister-looking vehicle
on the Square and fears the worst…
Mick is ambushed by a stranger
in a balaclava – who could it be?
● Sonia has rose-tinted glasses
on as far as Martin is concerned.

Charity reaches breaking point
– how far will she go for justice?
● Having control of Debbie means
Noah goes mad with power!
● Misty and Lydia fight over the
organisation of Brenda’s hen do.
● On his stag night, Bob talks to
David unburdens himself
dearly departed Ashley…
and tells Shona everything!
● The Connors are shattered
EPISODE! ● …while Laurel is forced to grin
and bear it at Brenda’s hen party.
after Aidan takes his own life…
Charity emotionally opens up
● …and everybody reels as they
to Harriet about her tragic past.
try to comprehend the tragedy.





● Rainie flirts with Robbie – what is
the recent returnee playing at?
● Phil comforts Kim – which could
only raise her suspicions more…
It’s Sonia’s turn to take
advantage and kiss Martin!


● Max and Rainie maintain the
facade that they’re madly in love.
A slanging match ensues
between Stacey and Sonia!
● Kathy celebrates her birthday
with a shindig in the café…

● Nicola is perturbed as she spies
● Jenny feels useless while she
Bernice flirting with Dr Cavanagh…
attempts to comfort Johnny… EPISODES
TONIGHT! ● …while Bernice reckons she knows
Shona warns Josh that she
why Daz has been acting strangely.
finally sees his true colours.
Pete voices his concern for
● Adam’s plans for some afternoon
brother Ross – will he listen?
delight are quickly thwarted!

● Hayley creates bedlam for
Stacey, Kat, Mo and co!
● Which two Walford chaps team
up for some boozy escapades?
● The Square locals prepare for
the Royal wedding festivities…

● Which horrified lady accuses
Sinead of trying to poison her?
● Liz makes an intriguing discovery
about one of her colleagues…
● Tyrone gets people’s backs up with
his wind-powered dancing man!


● Bernice asks Daz to move in
with her – what will he say?
There’s big drama on Bob TONIGHT!
and Brenda’s wedding day!
● Arthur gets upset when he fears
that he has lost Doug’s medals.



● Nicola and Bernice are left
upset by Laurel’s secrecy…
● Moira and Cain celebrate their
anniversary in their own way!
● There’s chaos at the vets’ –
can Vanessa restore order?






● Kim’s cut becomes infected – and
she is getting increasingly weaker.


● Ash is on the mend and keen to
ofer an olive branch to Tori…

● Imran’s mum learns he has been
Misbah-aving and skipping school.
Scared Leah and Lucas come
across Ryan in the woods!

It’s diicult for Leo and
Chloe to resist each other…
● Shane confronts Dipi about how
her pride is ruining everything.
● Mark and Amy show their disdain
for Elly’s relationship with Liam.

● Harry turns to James for his
assistance – but what for?
● An education welfare officer
visits the Maalik family.
Poor Dee Dee is diagnosed
with encephalitis…

Mishti contemplates whether
to give Leo another chance.
● Elly breaks things of with Liam
– but it all gets very awkward!
● Business is slow at the cofee shop
– has Dipi wrecked her livelihood?

● Ash is served a subpoena – he
must testify for Robbo in court.
Ava is left alone with boiling
water and sharp knives!
● Roo and Martha begin to bond
– but Alf rejects his ex-wife.

● Harry is trying to win over Ste
– but could the pair reunite?
Misbah has an injury that causes
her to struggle with her sight.
● Kyle steps up his game in his
bid to get revenge on James…

● Rita is after dirt on the Kennedys
– just what is she plotting?
● Fay is back, and it seems that
Chloe has a massive secret.
Sheila’s big gob gets her in big
trouble with training at work!

● Willow and Justin make amends
– and Ava couldn’t be happier!
● Mason gets false hopes about
his relationship with Jasmine…


● Maggie paints on a smile for the
guests at Ziggy’s birthday bash…
● …and everyone is glad after
the party is a huge success.
Jasmine enjoys spending time
with Colby – and they kiss!


● Milo is frantic when Cindy has
designs on his brother Theo.
James faints after Kyle spikes
his drink with sleeping tablets…

● Sheila has a tough task trying to
get her position back at the bar.
Susan and Kirsha are terrified
when they’re lost in the bush!
Liam reveals that he has been
ofered a job in New York…

Marnie makes a shocking
confession to Buster!
● Milo is hell-bent on forcing Theo
out of the village for good.
● James feels terrible and goes
to visit Mac at his home…

● Night falls – and Susan and Kirsha
are stranded in the darkness.
Karl searches for his wife, but
the poorly fella collapses!
● Elly wonders whether Jimmy
would want to go to Manhattan.

● Maggie’s worst fears are confirmed
– could a stem cell transplant help?
● Ash thinks up a terrible plan
after Dean sows the seeds…
Olivia and Hunter finally accept
that they should both move on!

● Tom grows increasingly worried
about Alfie’s state of mind!
● Can Goldie and Myra really give
up the booze? Or might pigs fly?
● Zack, Damon and Glenn lock
horns at a tense poker match…

● Which villainous fella enjoys
blackmailing Leo and Chloe?
● Steph and Terese each have a
very diferent Mother’s Day…
● Elly’s attention is drawn to a
mysterious woman at Lassiters!

● Colby grows closer to Jasmine,
but he’s haunted by his past…
● Justin’s world falls apart when
daughter Ava goes missing!
● Alf arranges crisis talks with
Martha – how will they get on?

Yazz, Tony and Diane lock horns
– while Alan Carr watches on!

● …while Tori herself faces a moral
dilemma – should she help Robbo?
There’s a massive showdown
between Martha, Roo and Alf!

Maggie is crushed when she
realises her cancer has spread.







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The look on Gail’s face when David emerged
from his bedroom with Emma in tow in Corrie
was priceless! Could her jaw have dropped any
further? But I do like Emma’s nickname for
Gail: ‘Grail’, a cross between Gail and Granny.
It’s hilarious, and actually really suits her!
| Vanessa

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“I’m out” – but
moral Graham is no
dragon in the Dales

Chloe loved hearing
about the time Jane dated
Hollywood’s Guy Pearce


If Emmerdale’s Graham has to be
paired up with anyone (and he
doesn’t!), wouldn’t it make more
sense to pair him with Harriet,
not Megan? Harriet is single and
Graham has shown he has morals,
so he wouldn’t go with someone
who’s already taken. Harriet is
an ex-cop, Graham is ex-Army –
plus she’s Cain’s ex, so it would
really irritate Cain if she teamed
up with Graham. Perfect match!
| Sharon, Doncaster
I think Graham is just the right
amount of bad boy for Harriet.

other soaps, I hope he would start
with EastEnders and the appalling
Kim Fox-Hubbard. She’s vain,
lazy, selfish, delusional, stupid
and totally obnoxious. As someone
old enough to have watched the
soaps from day one of Corrie,
I find her the most unlikeable
character in any soap ever.
| Pearl, London
Well done on your soap dedication,
Pearl! I did wonder for a moment
if you were Kim’s daughter…

I know that many residents of
Ramsay Street have taken against
newcomer Chloe, but I think she’s
a really great addition to the show.
She’s feisty and full of energy –
and with a brother like Mark, she
can’t be that bad. I reckon she’d
night out!
be great fun on a n
| Mandy
Just don’t introdu
uce her to
your boyfriend – she’d
your back!
snog him behind y

I was intrigued to see
former Corrie star Rupert
Hill [Jamie Baldwin
n] pop
up in Hollyoaks as Josh –
especially as he’s m
to be the son of Ben
Bradley! I looked itt up
online and there’s only
seven years betweeen
Rupert and actor Ben
Richards, who play
Ben, in real life. Do
the Hollyoaks castin
department really think
gh to
we’re stupid enoug

Tyrone’s facelift
had mixed results

not notice that? Why didn’t
they just make the character
into Ben’s brother instead?
| Carla
There’s only a small age gap
between Nicole Barber-Lane
(Myra) and her eldest screen
kids Niall and Jacqui, too!


What a treat to see
Emma Samm
ms back in
Doctors after 12
1 years.
Her character Amanda
will certainlly ruffle
some feath
hers at the
surgery,, especially
those off her exhusband
d Jimmi.
Emma iss a great
actress – I adored
her in Thee Colbys
all those years
| Darre
How I’d love to
see Emma pop
up in the Dynasty
reboot ne



Max’s surprise return to the Square was
a big enough shock for his neighbours
– but the revelation that he’d married
his former sister-in-law Rainie really
did send viewers into a tailspin…


Are we
ever going
to find
out what
to poor
Vincent in
At least Vincent
I really
avoided Fat
Boy’s car fate!
hate this
thing that
soaps do now where they hedge
their bets on characters – if
you never see their body, then
they’ll probably turn up alive and
well at some point. Why can’t
EastEnders just follow through
on a storyline, kill off Vincent
properly and be done with it?
| Amber
But I don’t want Vincent to be
dead! I’m sure he’s just having
i rest somew
a nice

until the end of the episode.
I was trying to figure out
who it could be all the way
through – my money was on
Janine Butcher – but I never
would have guessed it was
Rainie. What a shocker.
| Jillian, Newcastle
But some of you think
Max and Rainie’s marriage
is perfectly ine…

OMG! I cannot believe what
I’ve just seen on EastEnders!
My jaw dropped when it was
revealed that Max’s secret
woman is none other than
Rainie – what a cliffhanger
that was! But why bring
poor Robbie to witness the
ceremony? I dread to think
what Tanya and Cora would
say about it. Max has never
changed his ways when it
comes to women, has he?
| Louise, Leicester

What on earth is Max playing
at, getting hitched to former
drug addict Rainie? It’s clearly
some kind of scam! They’ve
always despised each other
in the past, so there’s no
way I believe that they’ve
suddenly fallen in love.
| Niall

Why does everyone think
it’s so weird that Max has
married his ex-sister-in-law?
Have they forgotten that his
ex-wife Tanya got together
with his brother Jack? This is
no more twisted than that!
| Joshua, London

Max’s secret wedding was
brilliant! I loved that they
kept the identity of his new
wife under wraps right up

I don’t care if Rainie is married
to Max, it’s just brilliant to
have her back in Walford.
| Hardeep
lnsideSoap 39


Request SPOT

MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM
This week’s question:
Who has been your favourite celeb cameo in soap?
“I loved it when Karl and Susan bumped into Baby
Spice. I’m a big Spice Girls fan and a bigger Neighbours
one, so I loved seeing the two become one (so to speak!).”

Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS
Production Editor/Chief Sub PETER GRIFFITHS

Laurel was seeing
spots again

“The one that never was! Back in 1983, Sammy Davis Jr
visited the Prisoner: Cell Block H set – there are photos
and all. Imagine Mr Show Business in Wentworth!”

We’d like photographic
evidence of Sean’s
well-being, thank you!



Laurel in Emmerdale was
recently wearing a nice
blouse – a black-andblue floral pattern.
Do you know where
I could get one, please?
| Miranda
Laurel’s patterned
blouse is from H&M, and
it’s in the sale for £6.99
right now. It comes in
two other patterns, too.

I was sad to read in Inside
Soap that Emmerdale was
killing off Ali Spencer –
but it got me wondering
what happened to her son
Sean? Can you remind me
why he left the village?
| Julian
Teenager Sean (played
by actor Luke Roskell)
left the village in 2014
to join the Army, and

briefly for
his mum’s
wedding to Ruby. News
later reached Ali that
Sean had been involved
in a serious car accident,
so she moved to Liverpool
to look after him. Since
little has been mentioned
about his injuries, we
can only assume he’s
fully recovered now.


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40 lnsideSoap


Deputy Chief Sub Editor BEN WHISSON
Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Picture Editor JAY DYNAN
Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE
“I loved it when Status Quo turned up in Coronation
Street – I wonder if Candice is still their stylist?
Sarah never mentions her old pal these days…”

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“Bob should leave
women alone and
become a vicar!”
As his character’s wedding day dawns, Tony Audenshaw
gives his hot take on where the story should go…


eople were shouting
at me when I was
out at the Brighton
Marathon recently!” Tony
Audenshaw feels chastised
as he joins us to discuss
Bob’s bad behaviour –
but he insists his cheating alter ego
deserves the flak. “They were yelling,
‘Bob’s horrible, he should stop sleeping
with Laurel and be nice to Brenda’ and
they’re right – he is horrible!” declares
the 53-year-old Dales veteran. “So it’s
fair enough, isn’t it? It’s nice that
people are feeling so angry with him,
though, because it’s important that you
play these kinds of stories properly –
and Bob is doing some terrible things.
“It’s actually been quite enjoyable
and liberating to say some of the
things he’s said to Brenda and Laurel.
He’s told both those women that he
wants to be with them – twice!”
Despite all the awful things that
Bob has done, and the fact that she
knows about his affair with Laurel,
Brenda still seems prepared to be his
wife – even though it’s not clear which
of the two ladies Bob is more in love
with. But while she’s in a state of
denial, he’s drifting along in his own
dream land – and it’s only in the hours
prior to the ceremony that reality
finally starts to bite…
“He’s at his stag do, which is a quiet
affair because he’s still a bit confused,”
explains Tony. “Nothing is right, and
he feels wrong. People don’t know that

Loose lips sink pirate ships:
Arthur locks up Bob as revenge
for playing away with Laurel

he’s been having an affair with Laurel,
and because he feels bad about that, he
doesn’t want his stag to be a big fuss.
But Rishi organises a bit of nonsense
with Bob’s ‘man club’ mates, and they
end up in Ashley’s pirate ship. Bob
doesn’t think it’s right they’re in there,
though, because he’s missing Ashley.”
As Bob persuades his friends to
leave him alone in the pirate ship, he
feels compelled to open up to Ashley
– his late best pal and husband of his
mistress. His guilty conscience is laid
bare in that vulnerable moment, but
Tony insists we shouldn’t credit Bob
with having seen the error of his ways.

“Bob isn’t complex, he’s just such a
selfish person – all he can see is sex!”

“Bob hasn’t thought about the
consequences of what he’s been doing,”
sighs the actor. “What an idiot! He’s
been incredibly blinkered and selfish.
If he could keep Brenda and Laurel
happy at the same time, then that’s
what he’d do – without thinking about
what it would mean in the long run.
Bob isn’t a complex person, he just does
what he’s told. But he’s such a selfish
person and all he can see is sex!”
It looks as if fate is about to intervene,
when Laurel and Ashley’s son Arthur
– who’s angry about his mum’s fling –
locks Bob inside the pirate ship. Once
Bob’s panicked mates realise he’s gone
AWOL, there’s a race to get him to
the church on time – but even if he
makes it, there’s still a chance betrayed
Brenda might get cold feet.
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Which one of Bob’s many
loves has been ‘The One’?

“Bob and Val had a
brief little fling after
he and Viv had split
up – I think after all
the stuff with Paddy. It
was only for a couple of months,
though, and it didn’t really work
out. They weren’t well suited!”


Hen don’t: Is Brenda having
second thoughts about
marrying cheater Bob?

“Brenda knows about Bob’s affair,
but he’s told her that it’s over, and
Brenda has just sort of let it go,”
reveals Tony. “It really freaked Bob
out when he learned Brenda had
known for ages beforehand. Bob has
claimed it’s no more, though, and
Brenda says she’s fine about it. And
now Bob’s thinking that as long as
he doesn’t talk about it, then it’s all
okay. So they haven’t talked about it.
I don’t know…it’s weird, isn’t it?”
Adding to this already complicated
situation is that, unbeknown to Bob,
Laurel has been fibbing – and still
cares about him a great deal. After
a heart-to-heart with her dad Doug,
she could spill the beans to Bob at
any moment – but would it stop him
from marrying Brenda if she did?
“That’s difficult to answer,” mulls
Tony. “Bob’s just been rejected by
Laurel, and she shut the door on
him – which is why he’s focused
on sorting things with Brenda. And
despite his awful behaviour, he wants
to do the right thing – sort of!
“It’s a different kind of love he
has for Laurel,” continues the star.
“Just like there’s different sorts
of snow, there’s different sorts of
love. He’s more at the ‘falling in
44 lnsideSoap

love’ stage with Laurel, while with
Brenda it’s more long-term.”
It’s anyone’s guess whether Bob
and Brenda will end their wedding
day as man and wife. And Tony has
his own opinion on what the future
should hold for his hapless character.
“I think he should be with Brenda
– but she shouldn’t have him back
because of the way he’s behaved!”
he hoots. “Can Bob ever settle
for just the one woman anyway?
Evidently not. Yet he’s one of these
people who needs a relationship
because he’s not good on his own.
I don’t think he’d cope with being
single. He’d be straight on Tinder,
looking for someone new!”
It’s ironic that somebody as
untrustworthy as Bob is rarely
without a partner. However,
as we ask what he’d tell Bob to
do at this point, even Tony believes
that it’s time for his character to
change his ways – for the sake of
unsuspecting females everywhere.
“What advice would I give Bob?
That he become a man of the
cloth!” he chuckles. “He should
leave women alone, and go off to
seek redemption somewhere!”
Allison Jones

Doug herself a hole: Laurel has
got herself in this mess – only
she can get herself out of it

“Bob and Brenda
have been through
a lot together – but
they’ve been great
and had a warm,
loving relationship. Brenda is
wonderful, and Lesley Dunlop,
who plays her, is fantastic to work
with – I’ve been very lucky.”

“I think that Viv
was the one who
Bob was most suited
to, really – no offence
to any of the others,
obviously! Viv and Bob had a
good, strong connection and
I think the relationship worked
well for both characters.”

“Bob’s affair with
Laurel came as a bit
of a surprise – but
I think their friendship
while Ashley was ill
was the nucleus. And Brenda
was away in Canada for a while,
so Bob and Laurel were both in a
strange place at the same time!”

“The thing with
Gennie happened
while Viv was in jail,
and she’d told Bob
that she never wanted
to see him again. So
he and Gennie got together and
then – soap’s law! – Viv pops out
of prison the very next day…”

Hidden pain: Aidan
kept his feelings
g to
himself during his
nsplant ordeal



“I could
have said
no to this
story, but
I wanted
to do it...”
46 lnsideSoap


alking could have
turned Aidan’s life
around,” laments actor
Shayne Ward, as he joins
Inside Soap for what
is his last Coronation
Street chat. “It could have brought
him relief from whatever he was going
through, which is what his loved ones
would have wanted. Suicide is a very
permanent response to what are
usually temporary problems.”
Certainly some viewers will watch
Aidan’s story and think, ‘But he seemed
fine’ – and that is exactly why Street
bosses chose a character who, on the
surface, appeared to be so grounded
and ordinary. Likewise, writing out a
likeable and popular media figure such
as X Factor winner Shayne seemed odd
at first, yet now it all becomes clear…

How did you feel when you heard
Aidan would die from suicide?
When you’re given a storyline like this,
it is a decision that is not taken lightly
– and I have played it with as much
truth as I could. It’s
an honour to have
been trusted with
it, and it shows the
confidence the Corrie
team had in me to be
able to play it. Aidan
is an ‘everyman’
figure that men can
identify with, which is important. We
have all heard stories like Aidan’s when
it was too late, when people looked
back and wished they had spotted the
signs, but it isn’t always possible. If we
can encourage someone who is feeling
low to realise they need to talk, then we
have achieved what we set out to do.

Dart of gold: Aidan
loved his family, but
felt he’d let them down

Was it sad for you knowing that
Aidan’s death would mean a
permanent exit from the Street?
As an actor I was honoured to be given
the responsibility of this storyline. The
bosses sat me down and said they were
thinking of exploring this issue – and
I could have said no. But after talking
it through, there was a greater pull to
want to do the storyline. I will miss
playing Aidan and
working with the
fantastic people on this
show, but it is a hugely
important story to tell.

I will miss
playing Aidan
– but this is
an important
story to tell…

For how long has Aidan been
experiencing these feelings?
He had planned to do it sooner, though
when Carla needed a kidney, he saw a
chance to do something good. By that
point Aidan had decided he was going
to take his own life and posted a letter
– but after he found out about Carla, he
intercepted the letter the next day from
the postman outside his dad’s flat.

After his kidney transplant, viewers
saw Aidan break down in hospital…
Yes, there was a moment when he was
in bed after the operation crying, but
he kept all of that from his family.
There were no telltale signs. Everyone
around him was so happy that it had
been successful, and he didn’t want to
burden anyone with his thoughts.

Was it hard to switch
of after ilming your
inal scenes?

I had a few emotional scenes, and it was
important to get out of that mindset and
shake it off at the end of a day’s filming.
I have always been able to deal with a
lot of pressure, which goes back to my
singing days. I was 21 when I did The
X Factor and I had been working from
the age of 16, so I was prepared for the
pressure it brought. It helps being part
of a big family, too – I’m one of seven,
and the one the others take advice from.

Are you good at opening up and
talking about your feelings?
With Aidan I brought a lot of myself to
playing him, but he is different from
me. I believe in talking, and encourage
my friends and family to talk to me if
they are going through a hard time.

Will you watch your inal episode?
Yes, and my family have said they want
to watch it, too. And that is the point: if
they didn’t want to watch it, they’d be
falling into the bracket of ignoring the
issue. Hopefully it’ll spark conversations
among viewers. They may be difficult
conversations – but they are important.
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Shayne takes us to
his happy place…
Away from
is happily
to former
star Sophie
Austin – who
played Lindsey
Roscoe – and
together they are
the proud parents
of one-year-old
Willow, who the
actor says helped
keep his spirits
up while playing
Aidan’s story.
“You can do scenes
like the ones I played
and remain in that dark
place,” shares Shayne.
“I could have stayed
feeling very down and,
knowing how serious
the storyline was, I could
have added pressure
on myself. However,
I believed in what I was
doing and hopefully it will
be so helpful to people,
and be something that
my daughter will be
proud of. For me, it was
all about looking to the
future with her at the
forefront of my mind.
She’s my happy place.”

lnsideSoap 47




t’s no secret that Inside Soap loves
a man in uniform, especially
when he’s a hot doctor working
in Holby City ED! So given that
trainee medic Rash Masum
has been reporting for duty for over
six months now, we realised that an
inaugural chat with the man who
plays him was long overdue.
Luckily for us, actor Neet Mohan isn’t
quite as shy as Rash, and is only too
happy to have a chinwag – even on his
day off. But as he explains, the Casualty
set is such a jolly place to work that he
can’t stop beaming from ear to ear…
“I have absolutely no complaints –
it’s such a lovely bunch of people to
be with,” gushes Neet, as we ask him
how his first few months have been.
“Everyone is just so nice. You stand
in the room and look round, trying to
work out which one of them is the idiot.
And then you reflect on it and go, ‘Is it
me? Am I the one everyone hates?’. But
I guess a show like this is such a machine
that if everyone didn’t get along, the
whole thing would fall apart.”

Operating at peak efficiency:
It’s taken a while for Rash to
find his rhythm in the ED

48 lnsideSoap

It hasn’t been such an easy start to
hospital life for poor Rash, who was so
scared of resus that it took him months
to even step foot inside! He may have
found his mojo with the patients, but
Rash is still hopeless when it comes
to romance – which is why, following
weeks of lusting after
colleague Gem, he’s
only just got round to
asking her on a date.
“Rash is out of his
depth when he’s talking
to women anyway, but
when he’s got a crush on
someone, it just spirals
out of control!” chuckles
Neet, who’s engaged to actress Amber
Rose Revah in real life. “Rash and
Gem are such opposites, both in their
personalities and their upbringings,
that he finds her intriguing. Plus he
really fancies her, which is why he just
can’t bring himself to ask her out.”
However, Rash is forced to take action
when a hot new porter arrives
es in the ED!
“He sees Gem talking to th
his new
guy, who’s tall and good-loo
oking –
she’s all smiles and playing with
her hair,” reveals Neet. “Theen
Alicia and Robyn also start ttalking
about how attractive the guy is,
and it prompts Rash to go, ‘W
hold on, I need to do someth
about this!’. So he finally sp
peaks to
Gem and they arrange a lun
nch date.”
n, things
In typical Casualty fashion
go horribly wrong when Connie
orders Rash to do some reseearch
for her, and the jumpy F1 is too
scared to tell her that he alrready
has plans! The result is that poor
Gem spends her lunch hourr
waiting for him in the pub – and

when she finds out why he stood her
up, she’s not impressed.
“Rash and Gem’s romance will be a
slow burn, but I think it will be worth
it in the end,” teases Neet. “They’ll get
together eventually, but what happens
next will be interesting to watch. I do
wonder whether they
are actually compatible!”
Neet tells us he has one
cast mate in particular
that he gets on with like
a house of fire – and it
sounds as if it’s turning
into quite the bromance!
“Jason Durr [David] is
just such a darling man!” he grins. “He
really took me under his wing when
I first started. There’s a table-tennis
table hidden away among the props, so
between takes we’ll often have a game.
Jason really played down his abilities,
though, so I went in thinking that I had
it in the bag – and I got totally hustled!”
Sarah Ellis

Rash and
Gem will be
a slow burn,
but worth it
in the end!

There’s a
time for
Neet talks us
through his big
Casualty moments…

All over her like a Rash: The
medic finally plucks up the
courage to ask out Gem

“The first person I told
when I got the part
was my fiancée. I knew
I’d have to go to Cardiff,
but we’d only just
moved into a new place
in London – so I’m
doing a lot of travelling
back and forth.”

“My first scene was
with Mike Stevenson
[Iain]. He lives up in
Birmingham – and
it turns out he’s two
streets away from my
childhood home! He
gives me a lift back to
my parents’ house.”

“The first medical
procedure I had to
do was stitching a leg.
I practised for ages and
nailed it – but when it
came to doing it on the
prosthetic leg, it was a
struggle. We had to use
some camera trickery.”

“The first stunt I had
to do was when Rash
jumped on the bonnet
of a car to save Gem.
I had to be tied on as
someone drove it and
I slid from side to side!”

“I was quite
nervous about my
first episode being
on, so I just watched
it at home with my
fiancée. We cooked
some dinner and had
a glass of wine – it
was very low-key!”

lnsideSoap 49

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