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Corrie boss Kate Oates explains why
she felt compelled to tell Aidan’s story…
Every week in the UK, 84
men take their own lives –
with suicide the biggest killer
of males under 45. Meanwhile,
only 55 per cent of men who
have experienced depression
will tell anyone about it, hence
why Corrie has teamed up
with mental health charities
Samaritans and CALM to
encourage people suffering
from depression and suicidal
thoughts to speak out.
“With 84 men taking their
lives each week, we can’t
afford not to talk about it,”

As the locals raise a toast,
Aidan hands Johnny a farewell
gift – and while his family and
friends are ignorant of the fact
that Aidan’s mind is made up,
he has decided in himself that
this will be the last time he
ever sees them. But just when
Aidan thinks he is ready to say
goodbye, life throws him an
unexpected curve ball as it

Aidan says an emotional
goodbye to Eva before
returning to the Street

says Street boss Kate Oates.
“Aidan’s story, bravely and
brilliantly tackled by Shayne
Ward, is designed to give
people who hide their feelings
of desperation the chance to
start a conversation – letting
someone know what they
are going through. We want
to tell people that, however
bleak they are feeling, there
is always another way.”
For more information,
support or advice, visit or
dawns on him that he is
the father of Eva’s baby.
“Toyah has been acting
awkward around Aidan with
regards to Susie [whom Eva
has secretly given birth to and
given to Toyah],” shares Shayne.
“He knows that Eva has gone
away to have a baby that he
believes to be Adam’s, so as
far as Aidan is concerned, that
door is shut. However, when

Susie arrives, Toyah starts
acting weirdly around him. He
can’t work out why, but there
is a moment when he tells Toyah
the baby is beautiful, and she
gives him a strange look.
“Aidan thinks that’s a bit odd,
then there’s a scene in the pub
when someone goes to pass
Susie to him, and Toyah steps
in to break up the exchange,”
continues the star. “That’s the
second time she has acted
weirdly around him with the
baby, and when she returns
to the bar, there is a moment
when their eyes lock, and it’s so
revealing. The truth dawns on
Aidan that Susie is his child.”
With so many conflicting
emotions whirring around in
his mind, Aidan battles to make
sense of the situation. He is
compelled to reach for Susie,
whom he cradles in his arms
while piecing together the
jigsaw of Eva and Toyah’s ruse.
“He feels the need to find
out if he senses a connection
to Susie, and it’s heartbreaking
when he holds her,” sighs
Shayne. “She is the most
beautiful thing in the world, but
you see the sadness in Aidan’s
eyes as he realises that he
can’t be there for her. He loves
his daughter, though ultimately
he doesn’t want to let her
down. In his mind, Aidan has
let everyone else down and he
doesn’t want to do the same
again. He feels that everyone,
including this child, would be
better off without him.”
In light of his realisation,
Aidan feels compelled to seek
out Eva and say
his goodbyes.
So even as he’s
still struggling to
make sense of
things, Aidan
secretly swipes
the details of her hideaway
cottage from Toyah’s handbag,
and heads there to see his
former fiancée one last time.
“Eva doesn’t know why Aidan
is there, but it’s not so he can
have it out with her – he just
wants to see her,” says Shayne.
“She’s confused, and when
he tells her he has seen Susie,
Eva panics and apologises

– but Aidan insists she has
nothing to apologise for.
“Aidan knows that Eva did
everything she did because of
how he treated her, and as she
breaks down, he tells her she is
doing the right thing,” he adds.
“Johnny breaks the moment
between them by
ringing Aidan, so
he tells Eva he
loves her and
says goodbye.”
After Aidan
leaves, Eva is
confused when she realises he
has left behind her engagement
ring. She hopes it’s a sign he
wants to give their relationship
another try, but her optimism
couldn’t be more misplaced.
“Aidan heads back to the pub
where we see him completely
numb while sat with his family,
who are unaware of his state
of mind,” reveals Shayne.

“We see
Aidan numb
while sat with
his family”