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10 - 16 NOV 2018 | £1.85

ALFIE’S HOME big trouble!

Desperate Max





by dead Joe?

CHEMO save
her child

9 770966 849166


little Abi!

Issue 45 10 – 16 Nov 2018

t’s always fun to
catch up with our
favourite soap
stars, especially
hen their
ots are
etting rather
juicy – so it
w a joy to
chat to Jake Wood,
a EastEnders’
M Branning.
he told us
about the state
off Max’s twisted

Your stars

popularity with fanss.
Meanwhile, Danny
Dyer and Kellie
marriage to Rainie, he also Bright – Walford’s
revealed his own hope for
Mick and Linda
Max’s matrimonial future – Carter – tell us why
and it’s an interesting one! they’re over the
moon to
be named
Best Partne
And if that’s
not enough for you,
Elsewhere this week,
get yourself the Inside Soap
there’s part two of our
Yearbook 2019, out now,
Inside Soap Awards winners’ and packed with interviews
coverage, with Emmerdale’s and features. Enjoy!
Danny Miller revealing all
Steven Murphy, Edito
on Aaron’s – and his own –


“Get yourself the Inside
Soap Yearbook 2019!”


Sally Carman

“Abi’s kids are her heart
and her weakness –
she’s let them down”


I’ve made this
list of all the nice
things you’ve done
this year

Coronation Street

10 Abi is hospitalised – then arrested!
20 Audrey fights Claudia over Maria
28 Nick reunites with Leanne
29 Sinead continues lying to Daniel
32 Gina’s blind date is Duncan
35 Robert asks Michelle for a baby



4 Bev has plans for Hayley’s baby
24 Max has his hands on little Abi
30 Dr Legg gets upset in a graveyard
33 Tiffany meets a new pal, Evie
34 Keegan goes to see a counsellor
42 Martin says that Max has to go


“Victoria is in a lot of
pain, emotionally”

48 - 55



8 Debbie is evicted – and pregnant?
18 Victoria pushes Leon away
26 Jacob decides to seduce Maya
27 Clive plans to sell a fake painting
32 Rishi is shamed by his naked video
34 Bob realises he’s lost two women

Mick always
said I was a
trophy wife


16 Mercedes & Russ get married?
32 Harley quits Hollyoaks High
34 Lisa is threatened – with death!
46 Laurie seeks some legal advice


35 Paul punches Gary in the face!
47 Chloe worries about her romance

...and more!
14 Inside Gossip – the
latest soap headlines

36 What Happens When?
38 Soapbox
56 Star watch
92 Who’s In? Who’s Out?
94 Puzzles
96 The Hot List
98 Hits & Misses

Ben Price

“Nick feels like a knight
in shining armour –
he’s so naive!”


In Need

Home and Away

22 Holby City Hanssen learns the truth
33 Doctors Who’s survived the crash?

The stars of TV
come together
for this year’s
appeal – turn to
p59 for more…

Jake Wood


33 Raffy is told she has epilepsy
35 Robbo and Jasmine go on a date

“Max was a very lost
soul – and Rainie is a
very lost soul too!”

First with the week’s HOTTEST headlines...


Overhearing what
sneaky Bev is up to
Kat’s whiskers up

Hayley’s embracing
being a mum – but bully
Bev is after the baby



oung mum Hayley Slater
is manipulated by her own
callous mother Bev this
week, as the older woman
tries to persuade her own
daughter to give up her newborn child!
But why is she so keen for Hayley
to part company with her little girl?
Soon, it becomes clear that Bev has
something truly wicked in mind…
Bev’s machinations are particularly
cruel, because although Hayley has
spent months fearing the worst during
her pregnancy, she seems to have finally
turned a corner now that her baby girl
has arrived. Having got past a few dicey
moments when she abandoned her
daughter on the Ahmeds’ doorstep, Hayley
has taken some tentative steps towards
bonding with her little one. However,
spiteful Bev is keen to reverse any
progress that has been made.

“The last thing that
Hayley needs now
is Bev’s negativity”
“This woman is beyond belief,” spits
our Walford insider. “The last thing Hayley
needs right now is a drip-feed of Bev’s
poisonous negativity. And yet that’s
exactly what’s happening, even though
Hayley is trying her best. Bev is hell-bent
on criticising every effort Hayley makes.
She clearly wants to put her off the idea of
motherhood altogether – but to what end?”
Bev encourages Hayley to go outside
to get some fresh air. However, it becomes
obvious that this is simply a ruse to give
Bev the opportunity to put the next stage
of her plan into action, and once Hayley
has gone, Bev takes a photo of the baby.
When Hayley returns after her walk, she
comes back in to hear Bev speaking on
the phone – and is horrified by what she
overhears her mum saying…
lnsideSoap 5


“It’s clear that Bev thinks Hayley
would be better off without the baby,”
reasons our mole. “She reckons Hayley
ruined her life, and if she could turn
back the clock, she’d get rid of her.
So her attitude towards Hayley’s own
child is hardly surprising! Hayley isn’t
sure what to do, but she’s feeling so
vulnerable it won’t take much for her to
cave in to Bev’s demands.”
The next day, Hayley
Jean gets jumpy
when she’s told
secretly calls Jean to
to jog on
express her conflicted
emotions – and her kindly
relative tries to reassure her.
However, neither woman
is aware that they have
an eavesdropper… Kat is
listening in at No 31, while
Bev is keeping a watchful
eye at Hayley’s end.
Worried that Jean might
try to derail her plans, Bev
intercepts her target. But
while Bev warns jittery Jean
to keep her distance, Kat
they’re interrupted by Bev – and Kat
has taken a trip to talk to her cousin.
wastes no time in telling the awful
“Hayley opens up to Kat, and reveals
woman exactly what she thinks of her!
how Bev is pushing for her to give the
Bev might carry the surname Slater,
baby away,” reveals our sneak. “Before
but she’s unfit to be part of the family
they can finish their heart-to-heart,
as far as Kat is concerned.”

Alfie’s home!

Kat is floored to come face
to face with her errant ex…
After her troubles with Ha
ayley this
week, Kat has a bigger shock in
store when she receives a video call
from her estranged husb
band Alfie!
Kat’s at a loss at what to do –
but turns her attentions back
Hayley as she realises ho
ow much
orried about
the struggling mum is wo
orker. While
a visit from the social wo
she tries to help Hayley, Kat ignores
c calls.
Alfie’s increasingly frantic
However, realising she can’t carry
orever, Kat
on avoiding her hubby fo
finally gets in touch and ffollows his
ggered to
instructions – and is stag
find him waiting for her.
“It’s the last thing that Kat is
med Alfie
expecting, as she assum

6 lnsideSoap

As the two argue, Hayley storms out,
leaving them alone – which is when Bev
surprises Kat by changing tack.
“Bev offers Kat a cut of the money
from what she’s got planned for the
baby,” gasps our snitch. “It’s out-andout bribery! Is there no level to which
this depraved woman will sink? Surely
Kat won’t end up being tempted by
such a sick offer – or will she?”
Tom Spilsbury

honing from Spain,” reveals
was ph
uare informant. “When she
our Squ
on him, she dares to
claps eyes
dream she’ll have the chance to be
united with her children too
– but her hopes are dashed.
furious when Alfie tells
her he’s come alone and the
boys are still in Spain. So
why has he returned?”
Kat breaks down in tears
as Alfie tries to explain,
prompting Kat to make
a momentous decision.
However, there’s a time
bomb ready to explode…
Alfie is blissfully ignorant that
Hayley brought her pregnancy
to term, while Kat has no idea
that Alfie is the child’s father.
Surely all it will take is one
comment for the
house of cards to come
crashing down for the Slaters?


Debbie is evicted by
Graham – but she refuses
to take it lying down…


ebbie is left shocked
and angry this week,
as Graham evicts her
from her home. But
while she puts on a brave face
when Priya hands her the
notice, she’s hiding another
big surprise – she could be
pregnant with Joe’s baby!
The drama comes as Debbie
learns it was Graham who sent
the text message from Joe’s
phone, telling Debbie that he
was ‘sorry’. Meanwhile, her

8 lnsideSoap

guilty dad Cain, who thinks
he killed Joe, worries that his
secret is about to be revealed
– and his turmoil is made even
worse when he’s given reason
to suspect that Debbie is
pregnant by Joe…
“Debbie is full of fury, and it’s
all directed at Graham now,”
says our Emmerdale insider.
“He’s lied and meddled too
many times in her life. Now
she wants answers, and she’s
not going to stop until she

gets them. Graham has made
a big mistake in crossing her.”
After Priya hands Graham
the mobile belonging to Joe,
he knows the game is up with
Debbie. However, nothing can
prepare him for her reaction
when he apologises to her for
sending the text. Upon hearing
this, Debbie goes absolutely
berserk at Graham, letting out
all the pain and anguish of the
past few weeks. As Cain learns
of his daughter’s outburst, he’s

terrified and tells Graham that
they need to keep the situation
under control. Nevertheless,
the very next day, Graham
asks Priya to serve Debbie
with an eviction notice, and
it all kicks off again!
“Poor Debbie could be
facing a shock pregnancy and
being homeless all at once,”
whispers our snitch. “Cain
can’t believe that Graham
could be so callous and is
stoking the fire again. Worse

Debbie wants answers
– and she’s not going to
stop till she gets them!”

Cain is desperate
that Graham keeps
his mouth shut about
what he did to Joe


still, Graham
gets drunk out
of his head, and
Cain fears that
Will Debbie be able to force
the truth could
some explanations out of
Graham’s drunken mouth?
come out at any
moment. And if
that she might find a chance
that happens, they both
to get Graham to talk about
stand to lose everything.”
what happened to Joe, and
As Cain works overtime
for her to get the answers she
to get Graham sober again,
needs. She reasons that with
Debbie starts to formulate
a baby possibly on the way,
a new plan. Meanwhile,
Noah is worried about Graham none of them can afford to
airbrush Joe out of their lives.
and when he flounders in
Is Debbie truly pregnant?
Joe’s absence, he asks
And if so, can Cain live with
Debbie for her help.
himself believing that he killed
Despite her hatred of
his grandchild’s father?
Graham, she agrees to do
Kate White
what she can – believing

Cain’s secret could spell the end of his relationship
with his girl – much to the horror of Emmerdale
stars Jeff Hordley (Cain) and Charley Webb (Debbie).
The pair hope that whatever happens between dad
and daughter, the Dingles can find a way through it.
“It would be hard for me if Debbie hated Cain
and it meant that I wouldn’t get to work with Jeff
any more,” shares Charley. “We’re both like, ‘How
far is this going to go?’ because we love working
together so much. Jeff is one of my closest friends
– we have an amazing bond.
It will be good to explore
this secret, but we will
make sure that Debbie
and Cain always get
back together.”
They’ve worked
together for years now,
so has the dynamic
between Jeff and
Charley changed?
“I’ve become the
parent for him and
for Emma Atkins
[Charity],” laughs
Charley. “They
ring me for
advice now.
It used to
be the
other way


Star Charley Webb is worried about
Debbie’s relationship with her dad…



Abi is destroyed –
and Seb vows


bi’s world collapses
around her this week,
as Tracy finally
confesses that she
was the one who damaged
Michelle’s car – and left her
friend to take the blame!
Having lost her mechanic’s
job at the garage as a result
of police pointing the finger at
her after Michelle’s crash, Abi
is convinced that her twins,
who are already in care, would
be better off without her.
Heartbroken, she drinks herself
into a hospital bed – at which
point Tracy’s guilty conscience
finally forces her to admit that
it was her who sabotaged
Michelle’s motor. Horrified by
the awful admission, Abi sees
red. However, her loyal son

Tracy and Steve are
shocked when they see
Abi carted off to hospital

Seb is the one who ends up
gunning for Tracy, landing his
mum in even bigger trouble…
“Abi just can’t believe what
Tracy is telling her when she
admits to wrecking Michelle’s
car,” sighs Sally Carman, who
plays the falsely accused
woman. “Abi reacts with
anger – but she’s so hurt and
distraught. For a few seconds
she can’t actually register what
Tracy is saying. It’s the very
last thing that Abi would ever
have expected of Tracy!”
It was on Tracy’s wedding
day to Steve that – wrongly
believing that Abi had slept
with her husband-to-be behind
her back – Tracy broke into the
garage to mess with Michelle’s
vehicle and land her supposed

mate in serious trouble. Tracy
has felt terrible ever since
finding out that it was Leanne
who Steve really cheated with
– but it’s not until boozed-up
and broken Abi is rushed to
hospital that she at last finds
the guts to come clean.
“Abi lost everything she had
after Tracy interfered with
Michelle’s car,” admits Sally.
“Abi’s kids are her heart and
her weakness, and she knows
that she’s let them down.

So it’s a mixture of her shame,
her guilt, her fear and her
lack of trust in herself that
is always a catalyst for her
spiralling out of control.
“Abi doesn’t have the
strength to fight for her kids,
and because she can’t deal
with her head, she blocks it all
out by drinking. That’s as
much as she can do, because
she doesn’t know any better.”
Ironically, Tracy is the person
whom paralytic Abi eventually

When Abi regains
consciousness, Tracy
owns up to her crime

reaches out to. However, by
the time Tracy hears Abi’s
voicemail begging for help,
and she rushes to find her
mate, Abi is unconscious.
“When Abi comes round
in hospital, Tracy tells her the
truth about what she did,”

reveals Sally. “It’s like cold
water being chucked over
Abi, and she throws Tracy out!
But then Abi finds out that
her contact with the twins
has been suspended because
of her relapse – and she’s
utterly devastated.”

Abi can’t deal with her
head – and blocks it
all out by drinking…”

When Abi announces that
she intends putting the twins
up for adoption, her son Seb
snaps. Beyond disgusted by
what Tracy has put his poor
mum through, he lets himself
into the florists’ and sets about
trashing his target’s beloved
shop. Hearing the commotion,
Abi wades in to stop him – just
at the moment when Ken
arrives! He assumes Abi is the
one to blame, and she proudly
refuses to put him straight…

“Abi has already decided
that the best thing she can do
for the twins is to give them a
happy, stable life – but for Seb,
all she can do is protect him
from a life like hers,” explains
Sally. “Not dobbing him in for
vandalising Tracy’s shop is her
way of doing that. She doesn’t
want him to go down, because
she’s been to prison herself.
Although she can handle it, she
doesn’t want that for her son.”
lnsideSoap 11

Consequently, when the
police turn up at the florists’,
Seb runs into the back room
and Abi grabs cash from the
till, prompting her immediate
arrest. As she’s hauled away
by officers, Tracy tells Abi
that she won’t press charges
– but it’s too late, and Abi is
destined to end up in court…
“After everything that’s
gone on, Abi isn’t bothered
about getting arrested,”
shares Sally. “She’s so down
anyway, and part of her feels
as if she deserves it for being
such a bad mother. Yet the
fact she’s saved her son from
being arrested keeps her on
the right side of it.”
There’s even more family
trauma to come, however, as
Abi is dealt a 16-week prison
sentence for the crime.
Meanwhile, Seb announces
to social workers that he
wants to adopt the twins –
but when he’s informed that
he’ll need to cut Abi out of
his life in order to do so, will
he go ahead and break his
mother’s heart forever?
Allison Jones

Steve and
Tracy are
stunned by

Child’s play!
Amy has her parents just where she wants them…
While Tracy is busy wrecking
s life, her daughter Amy has
molition plans of her own.
of Steve and Tracy’s
ent marital reunion, the savvy
teen is determined to keep her
eless parents in line with a
ecial contract, which she asks
m to sign. Tracy is daft enough
to scribble on the dotted line
out even reading it, so she’s
horrified as Amy points out
at it covers – declaring that
e’ll divorce her mum and dad
hey break any of the terms!
if th

When the penny drops that solicitor
Adam has helped Amy to stitch her and
Steve right up, Tracy is fuming. However,
Adam insists that Amy drawing up such
a contract is simply her way of letting her
parents know that she’s worried about
their future – meaning Tracy is forced
to grin and bear her daughter’s rules.
Later, as Tracy prepares a home-cooked
meal for her daughter, Amy admits that
all she’s ever wanted is a normal family.
But with Tracy distracted by the
hell of her falling-out with former pal
Abi, is there any realistic hope that
Amy’s dream can come true?

Why wait for the shops to open to enjoy
j y your soap gossip?

ht to your favourite device every Tuesday!
T d !
Great deals on iPhone and iPad from

Laura-Jayne snoops behind

the big soap headlines…


She’s plotting
revenge on the
cheating fella…





t looks as though history
is set to repeat itself in
Walford as Mel prepares
for a New Year wedding!
EastEnders has been
busy filming on location
for her big day – but it
won’t be Ian Beale that
she ditches before
the ink is dry on her
marriage certificate!
While her fiancé Ray
waits patiently for
his blushing bride,
he presumably has
Ray looks dapper – but
no idea that Mel is well
is he set for a dressingdown at the altar?
aware that he has a
secret wife and child!
“Mel was seething when she
discovered Ray’s betrayal – and as
she later prepared him dinner with a
whopping big kitchen knife, there was
no telling how she was going to serve
up her revenge!” our Albert Square
insider reminds us. “It seems ludicrous
that Mel is really prepared to marry
Ray – unless of course, she wants him
to commit bigamy and bag himself a
Suits you! Keanu
one-way ticket to prison. Either way,
and Jay put on
the potential for drama is huge!”
their finery

14 lnsideSoap

Just as Kim has his baby…

Mel is seeing red – and
not just in wedding
guest Whit’s barnet!

Phil joins Louise
to witness his former
flame tie the knot

Will the Square locals
see Mel walk down the
aisle – or will she only
make it Halfway?

he answers that all
EastEnders viewers
have been desperate for
relating to Vincent Hubbard’s
disappearance will soon be
with us, according to actress
Tameka Empson, aka Kim.
Back in April, her hubby was
all set to go on the run from
gangster Aidan Maguire, when a
crooked police detective tricked
him into a car with the promise
of witness protection, and went
on to pull a gun on him.
What happened next remains
a mystery. Was Vincent killed?
Or was the corrupt cop simply
trying to scare him off? One way
or another, we’re set to find out
the truth in December…
“Where is he? Kim doesn’t
know,” says Tameka. “However,
there are lots of answers that
will come about at Christmas.”
For all we know, the truth
about Vincent could be what
sends Kim into labour! She was
stunned to learn earlier this year
that she is carrying their second
child – and the hilarious Walford
woman is ready to drop…
“Kim is pregnant, so obviously
the time is approaching for her
to have the baby,” Tameka
reminds us. “She had her last
baby, Pearl, in the Queen Vic
toilets, and this time it’s going to
be a very interesting location.
We’re keeping it local!
“So that all happens, and you’ll
see how she copes with being
a single mother – or not…”

Will Kim be back
in Vincent’s arms
once more?
lnsideSoap 15



Second time
Scorned Goldie
is a ticking time
bomb waiting
to go off!


ercedes gets
ready to walk
down the aisle
and marry Russ
for a second
time this week – but with
both bride and groom
harbouring massive secrets,
their big day is shaping up
to be filled with big drama!
Both are determined that
their marriage will work the
second time around, despite
the fact that Mercedes slept
with Sylver in Magaluf, while
Russ recently bedded Mercy’s
cousin, Goldie! So the scene is
set for an explosive wedding…
“Mercedes has convinced
herself that this is the right

16 lnsideSoap

thing to do, even though her
heart lies with Sylver,” reckons
actress Jennifer Metcalfe, who
plays the not-so-blushing
bride. “Russ is an amazing
dad, he has loads of money
– which is quite important to
the McQueens – and he was
Mercedes’ first love. It just
seems like the right thing.”
Yet while Mercedes has
vowed to put her fling with
Sylver behind her, little does
she know that her fiancé’s
jealousy drove him into
Goldie’s arms! Spurned Goldie
is rinsing Russ for all he’s got,
in return for her silence – but
when Goldie turns up wearing
a necklace that Mercedes

thought Russ had bought for
her, her suspicions are raised.
“Mercedes thinks that Russ
is acting really weird, and she
does wonder what’s got into
him,” Jen tells us. “But I don’t
think she would ever question
his loyalty to her. She just
thinks it goes without saying
that Russ would never cheat.”
So as their big day dawns,
both Russ and Mercedes go
all-out to make this the best
day of their lives. All their

friends and family are gathered
for the celebration, as well as
celebrity guests Linda Robson
and Janet Street-Porter – what
could possibly go wrong?
“There’s a lovely montage of
Mercedes thinking back to all
her previous weddings,” grins
Jen. “Everyone’s in good
spirits, and the church looks
so beautiful and extravagant.
“The setting is perfect,” she
adds. “But as with every other
McQueen wedding, we have a

Everyone else has a
birthday every year –
Mercy has a wedding!”

Will Mercy go
thrrough with
Russ again?

Star Jen tells us that she’s not
a fan of the meringues…

This will be the fifth time that Mercedes has
popped on a wedding dress – having been hitched
to Russ once before, married Malachy Fisher
and Dr Paul Browning, and jilted Riley Costello
at the altar! But after filming so many weddings,
Jen is in no rush to get frocked up in real life…
“If I did ever get married myself, I wouldn’t
wear anything like that – wedding dresses are
so uncomfortable!” reveals the star, who has a
17-month old son, Daye, with partner Greg Lake.
“You can’t sit down, you can’t eat – I’d have
the worst day of my life! I’d just want to wear
something comfy, like pants and a baggy top.”

Myra is all smiles as she
prepares to give her
daughter away – again!

number of secrets that could
come out on the day – it’s
just a question of who’s going
to spill the beans!”
Our pictures show Goldie
with a face like thunder, so
we’d lay bets on her revealing
her naughty night with Russ
before the day is out! And
Jen reckons that Mercedes
would be in no forgiving mood
if she discovered the truth…

“She would hit the roof!” she
predicts. “It’s one thing Russ
cheating, but him cheating on
Mercedes with her own cousin
is unforgiveable. She wouldn’t
be able to move past that.
“If it does go wrong, though,
it won’t put Mercy off getting
married again. Everyone else
has a birthday every year –
Mercedes has a wedding!”
Sarah Ellis

Marlon convinces Ellis that
he has a date with Victoria,
leading to embarrassment
when she meets up with Leon




till mourning the fact
that her estranged
husband Adam has
moved on without
her, Victoria runs into trouble
with new date Leon this week
– as he turns nasty in the
middle of their supposedly
romantic evening together!
Determined not to be pushed
around, Victoria stands firm
and demands that Leon leave.
But after Robert arrives in the
middle of their altercation and
throws Leon out himself, will
fragile Victoria be forced to
admit that she badly needs her
family’s support now her hubby
has left her high and dry?
“Victoria is in a lot of pain
emotionally,” sighs Isabel

18 lnsideSoap

o plays her. “She
Hodgins, who
had her sightss set on finding
ealising that he
Adam after re
ma, and then she
didn’t kill Emm
discovered that he’d moved
on with someone else. So
I think she’s still really hurting.”
Despite local drayman Leon
known wrong’un,
being a well-k
Victoria is determined to flirt
up a storm with him in the
Woolpack – even in the face of
oks from Diane
concerned loo
and her close mate Matty. But
es Leon home,
after she take
ets her decision.
Vic soon regre
“Victoria alrready knows that
Leon’s not one hundred per
cent gentlema
admits Isabel. “But
I think she jusst wants

The romantic evening starts
off well enough, but ends
with a bad taste in the mouth

While Adam Barton’s away,
Adam Thomas will play…
Victoria’s erstwhile husband has left her
high and dry, but Adam Thomas, who
played him, still keeps an eye on his
on-screen wife – and has been quite
vocal concerning her recent antics on
his Twitter feed! Back in September,
when Victoria shared her first kiss with
Matty, Adam tweeted “Nooooooooo” –
but Isabel reckons it’s all good fun…
“Adam’s not happy, is he?”
she chuckles. “But it shows
he cares about me, so that’s
nice. I think it’s funny. I miss
him every single day I come
to work, but we’re still in
touch. We have many a
phone call, because he’s
not so great at the texting
– so we know what’s going
on in each other’s lives.
And I like that he’s looking
out for Victoria!”

a bit of fun, a bit of attention,
and to feel good about herself.
She wants to forget about
Adam, and she thinks the way
to do that is to do move on.
“She takes Leon home to
get him away from Diane and
Matty’s prying eyes, where
they have a few drinks and
start fooling around,” she
continues. “Everything’s good
until he wants to take it
further and Victoria doesn’t
– and then the fun stops.”
Insisting she’s not
ready for anything
more, Victoria pushes
amorous Leon away –
which is when he
starts shouting the
odds. She’s

quick to tell him to leave, and
then Robert comes piling in…
“Victoria thinks she’s fine,”
claims Isabel. “She’s a bit
confused by the way Leon
reacts to her words, but she
feels empowered when she
puts him straight, believing
that she’s been able to make
a choice. She thinks she’s in
control, and can deal with
Leon until Robert turns up.”
While it remains to be seen
whether Victoria will thank
Robert for getting involved, it’s
clear that she’s still struggling
to cope without having Adam
in her life. So might this sticky
situation with Leon finally
force her to face facts about
her failed marriage?

When Robert turns
up, he tells Leon to
back off – but will
Victoria be grateful
for his intervention?

“I think it will,” agrees Isabel.
“In Victoria’s head, she’s just
having fun – but actions have
consequences. She’s still in
love with Adam, and she knows
he’s seeing someone else.
She’s had absolutely no closure
on their relationship, and she
needs to talk things through.

“Seeing Adam again would
make her feel better – to give
her some closure and to make
her feel safe. She’s been
through a lot, and doesn’t need
to fall into the arms of another
man – so I’d tell her that it’s
time she looked after herself!”
Allison Jones
lnsideSoap 19


for Maria!



tubborn Audrey
finally wises up
this week – and
makes a public
declaration of support to
estranged protégée Maria.
The women have been at
loggerheads from the moment
Audrey dismissed Maria
idea of buying

into the salon, provoking the
hurt stylist to quit her job. But
neither of them has been happy
since they started fighting, and
tipsy Audrey finally decides to
make amends by publicly
praising Maria at a hairdressing
awards show – which leaves
Maria wondering
where her
future lie
“The truth is
that Maria has
always been
like a da
ey, and
to Audre
they both miss
each other
terribly,”” says
our Corrie insider. “Audrey is
at the salon
really struggling
ut her top stylist on
board, and working with
Claudia isn’t exactly a bed
of roses for Maria. Both
of them said a lot of nasty
things, stuff they didn’t

really mean, but it’s not too
late to forgive and forget.”
Audrey’s misery is further
compounded when she has
to make an appearance at an
awards bash. As the recipient
of a lifetime achievement gong,
poor Audrey is worried she’s
going to feel like a dinosaur,
and Claudia is relishing the
chance to wind
her up. Quite
sensibly, Audrey
decides that
the only way
to survive the
whole sorry
affair is to drink
her way through it, so she hits
the wine. By the time the judges
announce her as the winner,
Audrey’s pickled, and all the
booze has loosened her tongue!
“The speech is really quite
something – especially if your
name is Maria Connor,” laughs

“Audrey is
without her
top stylist”

Sozzled Audrey gives a sizzling
speech at the awards do

How do you solve a problem
like Maria? By lavishing her
with praise, apparently…

our spy. “But it’s sweet to hear
Audrey talk fondly about Maria
– how talented and lovely she
is – and to wish her luck with
her new venture. That’s the
recognition Maria wanted in
the first place, so thank
goodness Audrey has finally
found the right words.”
Of course, Audrey doesn’t
realise how miserable Maria

Your soap story

Wish list!
“Is Nick drifting ba
towards Leanne, and Peter
to Carla? No! They sh
properly mix things up and
go with the only com
they haven’t tried y
yet –
Leanne with Carla a
Nick with Peter. I rec
the boys would ma
a cute couple!”
dreams reader C
“Mel in EastEnders
has it in her to become
soap’s next big serial
killer. She’s got that
whole psychopath thing
going on! I think that
would be a brilliant plot
for 2019 – and she can
clear out some of the
dead wood!”
…cackles reader Gary
“I think Clive
the con man in
Emmerdale will end
up tempting Frank
back to the dark
side. I want them to
team up to do a big
scam – taking the
Sharmas for every
penny they’ve got!”
…says reader Marie

is now she’s working with
Claudia. She blames her
old pal for making their rift
worse – but there’s a nasty
surprise in store…
Maria pays Audrey a visit,
and the pair agree that
they want to start working
together again, only now
on a more equal footing as
partners. However, when

Maria goes to break the
news to Claudia, she’s in
for a shock. The cash Rita
invested in the franchise
won’t be returned, meaning
Maria will lose £12,000 if
she chooses to go with
her new business partner.
Can Maria really afford to
leave Claudia for Audrey?
Kate White

“Now that Sinead
is back in Hollyoaks,
I think she should take
over local bar the
Duke Street Social –
she and Mercedes
c have a competition
to see who’s the
laziest landlady!”
…chuckles reader
Penny from Chester
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Check it out and join in the fun at
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lnsideSoap 21


The final


he terrible truth
dawns on poor
Hanssen this week,
as the Holby team
finally learns the true extent
of Gaskell’s corruption –
and that he murdered their
late colleague, Roxanna,
to cover his tracks!
While all the pieces of the
jigsaw fall into place, it’s the
professor’s oldest and
most trusted pal
Hanssen who
must confront
him in one final
battle – though
only one of
them will
Hanssen’s world
is destroyed as he
months of
realises Gaskell’s
denial, the truth
true colours
and Gaskell were
dawns on Hanssen
younger, it was
and he can’t let it go
Hanssen who was depressed
without challenging his old
and waded into water – and
friend,” explains actor Guy
Gaskell pulled him out. But
Henry, who plays him. “If you
can anyone be saved this time?
remember the flashback
You’ll have to wait and see!”
episode to when Hanssen
Jac confronts Gaskell –
and her life is plunged
into jeopardy soon after

Gaskell’s wicked web of
lies finally unravels after Jac
demands that he operate on
her, and remove the deadly
neo-conduit that has resulted
in the death of his other trial
patients. Meanwhile, as Essie
edges closer to discovering
the professor’s secret, he
drugs her and locks her in a
room just when her colleagues
slowly begin to work out
what Gaskell has been up to.
“Everyone is trying to tell
Hanssen what they believe
to be true, but he’s spent so
long in denial that when it
finally hits him, it’s absolutely
devastating,” shares Guy. “He

can’t believe that this friend
who he has admired and
loved for so long is so bad.
The fact of the matter is,
though, Gaskell is warped!”
While events spiral out of
control, it’s a race against
time to find Essie, apprehend
Gaskell and save Jac – who
faces yet another desperate
fight for life after the surgery
leaves her unresponsive.
Will Gaskell succeed in
silencing her in the same
way that he did Roxanna?
And what will become of him
and Hanssen as they face
off for the final time?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

After months of denial, the
truth dawns on Hanssen that
Professor Gaskell is warped”

“We’re best
friends in
real life!”
Guy reveals the secret behind his
on-screen chemistry with co-star Paul…
hen we chat, Guy
has a cold and
needs a real doctor
– but he’s still happy to wax
lyrical about his cast mate
Paul McGann, aka Gaskell!


Did you know from the
start what was planned
for Hanssen and Gaskell?
No – we were given the idea
that he wasn’t going to be a
goody, but I don’t think we
realised how dark it would be.
I was at the chemist in Tooting
the other day, and Jo from
behind the counter said, “It’s
been riveting – like so
out of a horror film”!

What can you tell u
about the location ffor
their inal showdow

Essie is left in a bad
way – will anybody find
her before it’s too late?

Well, let’s just say tha
at Paul
was up to his nadgers in wateer
– and I was up to min
ne in
duck poo! We filmed it in thee
height of the summerr, and it
was genuinely exciting to do
some real emotional stuff
with Paul, as he and I were
at drama school togetther
nearly 40 years ago.

there was no acting required
for this story. Well, apart
from the murdering aspect.
Paul is a perfectly nice
gentleman and has never
behaved as dastardly as
Gaskell has – not that I’m
aware, anyway. And if I was,
I would deny it, of course!

What did you think of
the actors who were cast
to play your young selves
in the lashback episode?
I thought the lad who
played me [Harley Viveash]
was really wonderful.
I thought it was quite
i that
Hanssen was
the one
smoking and
vodka – and
that he was
the naughty
one. The bosses
must have taken
from me!

Did Ho
y chiefs kno
when they castt
that w
Paul fo
or this story?
No! Wee were best
friendss and in the
same term at RADA.
I absolutely adored
him – h
he would comee
home with
me to my
parents’ house at
the weekend and we
would drink all of
my fath
In a

s de



The battle
for baby Abi
turns nasty!

Max confronts his
brother, Jack, when he
learns of his treachery



ax gets his hands
on granddaughter
Abi this week, as
the truth of Rainie
and Jack’s fling threatens to
scupper his custody battle!
The drama unfolds after
Cora issues her daughter with
an official statement from her
solicitor, having learned that
Rainie slept with her brotherin-law, and that her marriage
to Max is a sham. But of
course, he and Rainie have
now fallen for each other for
real – just as their dreams of
playing happy families with
baby Abi fall apart…
“When Max finds out about
Rainie and Jack, he is very
upset,” sighs actor Jake
Wood, who plays him. “The
Max and Rainie suffer a setback
when they read the evidence
that Cora has submitted

Brannings obviously have a bit
of a history with this sort of
thing – they are not the most
loyal people when it comes to
relationships! You’d think that
maybe Max would be more
understanding than most
considering his own track
record, but his feelings for
Rainie at this point are
genuine. It’s a huge betrayal.”
It was a sneaky video that
Jack’s daughter Amy secretly
shot of him and Rainie that
has been a ticking time bomb
waiting to explode. However,
viewers will have to wait and
see how the information ends
up in Cora’s possession.
However, the consequences
of the pair’s naughty night
were set in stone from the

moment Jack and Rainie
locked lips, and Max confronts
his brother, before reading
Rainie the riot act. But is Max’s
anger more to do with the
damage Rainie has done
to their custody case – or
because she has hurt him
more than he cares to admit?
“I think it’s a little bit of
both,” muses Jake. “I don’t
think Max believes it will harm
their chances in the long term
– at this point, his plan is still
on track. I think he just needs
to know that Rainie is fully
committed to their relationship
and getting baby Abi. He wants
to know where he stands.”
In a desperate attempt to
limit the damage, Max plans to
deny all of Cora’s allegations.
Meanwhile, Rainie is compelled
to find out how her mother got
hold of the damning evidence
against her – leading to a
furious showdown between
the pair in the Vic. All hell
breaks loose when Rainie sees
red, prompting Cora to lash
out and injure her daughter.

“There is an argument and
Rainie ends up getting riled
by her mother,” explains
Jake. “They have a very fiery
relationship and Max isn’t
happy that Rainie is getting
involved. It’s not an ideal
situation that they are fighting

When Max finds out
about Rainie and Jack,
he’s very upset!”

In his hour of
need, guess who
Max runs to…
How they manage to
clear it with her husband
Martin we’ll never
understand – however,
Stacey is back in the
thick of things with
ex-lover Max again this
week, when he flees the
Branning house to stay
with her at No 31!
“I don’t think that
Martin is very pleased,
to be fair!” winces Jake.
“But Max and Stacey
are always there for each
other when they need
to be, so it’s natural
that he gravitates back
towards her friendship.”
So will they
always be
more than
just good

A quiet drink in the Vic
soon descends into
blind, ugly violence

in public when they’re both in
the middle of a custody battle!”
Later, Max heads over to the
Beale house where Cora has
left little Abi, and picks her
up, intending to get her away
from the escalating situation.
However, while he is collecting
Abi’s things, the police arrive –
and heartbroken Max can only
watch his granddaughter being
taken away by social services.
As Rainie is rushed to
hospital following her violent

altercation with Cora, will Max
ever forgive her for the events
which have resulted in Abi
being lost? And what does
the future hold for the pair
if they can’t get her back?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Turn to our in-depth
chat with Jake on p42
where he gives his
opinion on what’s next
for Stacey and Max…


David’s in the doghouse
after failing to deliver
on Maya’s birthday


Will Jacob
make his move?
mitten Jacob
goes all out to try
to catch Maya’s
eye this week –
by throwing dad
David under the bus!
The teen mistakenly believes
he has a chance with teacher
Maya, but he first needs to split
up her and David. Jacob is a
sensitive, lovely boy, yet his
crush on Maya is making him
act out of character. So, when
he spots a chance to meddle
in her and David’s relationship
on Maya’s birthday, he takes it.
“It’s not hard to make David
look like a terrible boyfriend –
he’s always screwing things
up,” says our Dales insider.
“This is the first birthday Maya
and David have spent together
as a couple, and all he manages
to get is a bunch of half-dead
flowers. Even a teenager with

26 lnsideSoap

no clue about romance can do
something better than that!”
Not only has he got her a
rubbish present, David also
manages to be late for Maya’s
birthday meal because he’s held
up with estranged wife Tracy.
As Maya waits for her partner
to arrive, Jacob takes great
delight in telling her exactly
where David is and with whom.
Once David arrives, Maya
gives him an earful, and Jacob
lays into the stunned fella too.
While David’s happy that his
son and his girlfriend are getting
on so well, he’s a bit confused
by how Jacob is behaving. All
he knows for sure is that he


needs to turn things around
with Maya fast. He scrambles
to do something that will show
her how much he cares about
her – but, David being David,
he’s never going to get it right.
“David does his best, though
Maya’s still not happy,” shares

Jacob mistakenly
thinks Maya could
be interested in him”

our spy. “Then Jacob plays a
blinder when he gives Maya a
lovely, thoughtful present that
makes her feel really special.
She’s so delighted that she
decides to treat him to a glass
of champagne. To Jacob, it’s
a sign that Maya sees him as
an adult and therefore could
be interested in him, and he
begins to wonder if now’s the
time to make a move.”
While it’s one thing to have
a crush on Maya, it’s quite


Clive goes


riminal Clive gets set
to pocket a fortune
this week – and only
Frank can stop him.
The scammer has done a
great job of convincing smitten
Leyla that he’s a good guy but,
in reality, Clive’s working out
how to swindle his next victim.
When culture vulture Pollard
mentions an art exhibition is
being opened locally, Clive is
all ears and invites Leyla, Frank
and Megan to go to the event
with him. From the moment he
mentions it, Frank’s suspicious
of what Clive’s real intentions
are, and tries to dig deeper
into his former cellmate’s plan.
What Frank knows for sure
is that Clive has no interest
at all in the finer points of art
criticism, nor does he wish
to become a patron for local
creatives. So as he and the
rest of their party arrive at the
venue, Frank very carefully
watches Clive in action.
Everything becomes clear
when Pollard spots a buyer

Will Frank blow
the whistle on
Clive’s swindle?

he knows called Eleanor and
heads over to say hello. Clive
explains that Eleanor is his
target, and his plan is to flog
her a fake painting. Frank
can’t believe that the con
man would be so bold as to
operate this scam on their
doorstep, or that Eleanor – a
consummate art appreciator
– will even fall for his ruse.
Will Frank speak up and
reveal Clive to be the scammer
he is, or will he let his old pal
deceive Eleanor out of a lot
of hard-earned cash?
Kate White

b’s crackers if he
ks he can pull his
n schoolteacher!

another to make a play for
his father’s girlfriend! Not
only that, but she is also
Jacob’s teacher and many
years older than him. So,
will Jacob decide to go

make a play
ahead and m
y teacher, or
for the history
will he finally come to the
realisation that they can’t
enter into a relationship?
Kate White
lnsideSoap 27


Nick’s three


rafty Nick continues
to cause chaos with
his fibs this week
– as Carla clashes
with him over the
factory, mystery woman Elsa
stalks him, and former flame
Leanne remains oblivious
to his secrets. But for how
much longer will it carry on?
“Leanne is Nick’s Achilles
heel,” sighs Ben Price, who
plays the recently returned
fella. “He had every intention
of leaving Weatherfield, but
then all the feelings came back.
He thought he could just pop
to the Street to make sure
Leanne was okay – but when
he saw the state she was in,

28 lnsideSoap

he felt as if he was a knight in
shining armour. And when she
said she loved him, it triggered
him. He feels as though he
has a second chance, and
that he needs to grab it. He’s
very naive in some ways.”
Meanwhile, there’s more
conflict at Underworld. Nick
recently bought Peter’s share
of the undies business, leaving
him and Carla at loggerheads
over how the factory should
be run. Will Nick agree to be

a silent partner, or will he
refuse to play ball?
“Carla isn’t happy with him
being involved in the factory,”
reckons Ben. “She’s suspicious
of him, and he’s wary of her.
She’s convinced he’s up to
something. She knows that
Nick always has an ulterior
motive, and is hiding things.”
Back at Victoria Court,
Leanne tells ex-husband Peter
she’s reunited with Nick, leaving
him appalled. However, her

Leanne is blissfully
unaware of another
side of Nick’s life”

mind is made up, and
she’s not letting anyone
rain on her parade.
“Leanne’s ready to
give it another try, but
is blissfully unaware of
any other side of Nick’s life,”
sighs Ben. “She brings him
up to date with everything
that’s happened to her, and he
just crosses his fingers! He’s
wondering what he can get
away with. They keep coming
back to each other, believing
that things will be better.”
As the reunited couple plan
a cosy night in, Elsa – Nick’s
‘business associate’ from
Nottingham – is becoming
highly dubious. Having tracked


Sinead refuses



Elsa turns detective
on duplicitous Nick

him down in Weatherfield,
she spots Leanne buying a
bottle of wine in the corner
shop, before overhearing
her telling Tracy that she
and Nick have got reason
to celebrate. Wary of what
this might mean, Elsa
starts trailing Leanne…
“It’s all come together
for Nick and Leanne, yet
Elsa has spotted him with
Leanne and decides to
find out what’s going on,”
explains Ben. “This is the

point where Nick should
come clean – but he won’t!
He’s started to believe his
own version of events,
until he’s cornered!”
Later, as the loved-up
pair enjoy their night of
passion, they’re interrupted
by the door buzzer, and
Nick drops the shocking
bombshell to Leanne that
he hasn’t been entirely
honest with her. Soon, his
web of lies unravels…
Tom Spilsbury

regnant Sinead
decides she’s not
going through with
the chemotherapy for
her cancer this week, for the
sake of her child. However,
she lies about her decision to
avoid worrying hubby Daniel.
The headstrong woman
has decided that it’s not fair
to risk the health of her child,
so is put in a very awkward
position when the hospital
calls her to arrange her next
chemo appointment. After
Daniel answers her phone, she
agrees to attend, but secretly
tries to think of a way to get
out of it without him realising.
Later, Sinead goes off for
a homeopathic massage,
where she meets another
young mum-to-be, Steff.
Steff tells Sinead that she also
has cancer, but has decided to
ditch chemotherapy in favour
of homeopathy and a strict,
adapted diet. Keen to hear
more about it, Sinead invites
her new-found pal over for
a brew while Daniel is out.
Nevertheless, Sinead still
has to think of a way to stop
her well-meaning husband
from accompanying her to the

hospital for her next session.
She briefs Steff to ring her
mobile at an arranged time,
so she can pretend that it’s
a call from the nursing home,
telling her that Flora is upset.
The plan works perfectly, and
Daniel rushes off to see Flora,
leaving Sinead free to head
straight back home!
When Daniel returns, Sinead
tells him that the chemo was
fine, and that she has decided
to adopt a vegan diet to help
her and the baby. Oblivious
to her deception, Daniel says
he’ll change his eating habits,
too. However, as Steff tries
to persuade Sinead to come
clean to Daniel about not
having chemo, will she listen
to her friend’s advice?
Tom Spilsbury

New friend Steff has
turned Sinead against
traditional treatment

lnsideSoap 29


Dot’s thrown into
turmoil after reading
Dr Legg’s letter





ith the help of
his good friend
Dot, Dr Legg
starts making
preparations for the final few
months of his life this week
– but gets an
awful shock
when he goes
to visit his
own parents’
Dot and Dr
Legg recently
resumed their
close friendship following
her return from Ireland, and
she paid him a visit because
of fears for her own health.
Although the retired practitioner
assured Dot that she had no

reason to be concerned, he
then dropped a bombshell
of his own. After revealing to
Dot that he’s dying, Dr Legg
compounded his shocking
news by telling her that he
wouldn’t be
taking any
treatment for
his illness.
“Dr Legg is
98 years old,”
our Square
sneak reminds
us. “He knows
his time is drawing near, and
he wants to live out his final
days with dignity, rather than
lying in a hospital bed. Although
Dot is initially troubled by her
friend’s decision, she comes

“Dr Legg wants
to live out
his final days
with dignity”

30 lnsideSoap

to terms with it. However,
when she receives a letter
from Dr Legg asking for
her help this week, she has
reason to fear the worst.”
Panicking about the
meaning of the letter, Dot is
relieved as her friend calls
round to see her and explains
in more detail about what
he really meant. After talking
things over calmly with him,
Dot realises that she has to
respect his wishes. Later, she
invites Jay round to the house
so her dear friend can discuss
plans for his own funeral.
“We all have to face the fact
of our own mortality sometime,”
laments our insider. “Dr Legg
has lived a wonderful life,

albeit one tinged with tragedy
at times, but there’s no point
in him refusing to accept the
inevitable. He’s also come up
with a few ideas about what
he wants his funeral to be like.
Although it’s a very sad time
for Dot, she does have the
comfort of spending these
days in his company, and to
take a trip down memory lane.”
After the pair have finished
chatting with Jay, Dot urges

“My mother
went into labour
after taking a
long walk.”
Going down to
the well to fetch


“Well, I’ve booked
a front row seat to watch Gail cut
her toenails. Highlight of the week for
me. There’s no telling where those bad
boys are going to ly off to – could be the
staircase, kitchen, in me tea. They’re
like little ninja death stars, them.”
Richard Hillman may be long gone,
but you still risk your life entering
the Platt house.

“My mother
had an eight-bedroom
house. She took a
stroll in the grounds.”
We love Mariam – gently
smiling through Hayley’s
casual racism.

“I drank
through all my
pregnancies. Just a bit
of stout – for iron, you
know? I’m surprised
they’re not magnetic.”
Karen Taylor is
sponsored by the
Department Of

“I just
hope she’s not
expecting anything
too energetic. It’s
been a while…
Erm… six

“You’ll be ine,
when it really matters.
It’s like riding a bike,
you never forget.”
Though, in Rishi’s case,
it might be an idea to invest
in a pump and some

The friends discover
a devastating scene
at the cemetery

Dr Legg to visit to his parents’
grave, and the two of them
head out to the cemetery
together to pay their respects.
However, that’s when the
elderly doctor receives his
terrible shock. To their horror,
the couple discover that the
grave has been vandalised.
Dr Legg has so far remained
positive about his fate. But
how will he react to this?
Tom Spilsbury

“If you believed
everything that you heard,
read or saw on the telly,
you’d think that prison was
overlowing with lesbians,
and that is simply
“Why would
not true.”
it be true? Why would
there be more lesbians in
the criminal world than
anywhere else?”
“Well, that’s
the other thing about
prison. We’re not all criminals.”
Sally Metcalfe – exposing
the lies of Orange Is The New
Black one by one.

“Do you know? Last
time I visited Chester Zoo,
there were this old chimp. Grey hair,
battle scars… he’d lived a life. I don’t
know, Fiz – he looked straight at me
and I just felt a real connection.”
The chimp was probably thinking: ‘Is that
Sean from Corrie? Just my luck. First
I was locked up, and now this.’


with the
a date with the Devil…


ina receives the shock
of her life this week,
when she heads off on
a blind date – and the fella in
question turns out to be none
other than con man Duncan!
Sally’s sister resolved to
begin dating again after falling
for her brother-in-law, Tim –

although whether she’s
managed to bury her feelings
for him remains to be seen.
However, if it’s a distraction
Gina’s looking for, she ends
up getting just that, when
Duncan – who called himself
Ian while arranging the date
– sits down beside her!

As the pair go as far as to
actually have dinner together,
Gina tells Duncan that she
knows who he is, prompting
him to insist that he did indeed
have an affair with Sally, who
cajoled him into defrauding the
council. But will Gina let herself
be sucked in by his lies?

Harley quits school!
Channel 4 MONDAY

Rishi’s naked shame!


ishi is left red-faced
this week, after his
son Jai fills him in
on comments he’s received
in response to his videos
from the night of the
Woolpack’s strip party!
The embarrassing footage
is already a hot topic among

32 lnsideSoap

Rishi’s highly amused
employees at the factory, so
the fella is understandably
horrified when he finds out
the nature of the reaction.
While his girlfriend
Manpreet steps in to
offer him some words of
consolation, however, can
Rishi swallow his pride and
find a way to overcome his
enormous embarrassment?

arley admits her
jealous feelings to
Peri this week, as
well as dropping
the bombshell
that she’s left
Hollyoaks High!
Having made
her confession,
Harley is soon
embroiled in an

argument with Peri, and the
green-eyed youngster finally
admits that she’s envious of
Tom and his little girl Steph.
Later, Peri begs Tom to talk
to Harley, and he discovers
that the teenager can
barely read or write.
Will Tom be able
to convince Harley
to get back on track
with Peri – and with
her much-needed

Tiffany’s new pal


iffany makes a new
friend in the shape of
Evie this week – but is
the new girl to be trusted?
Tiff meets Evie in McKlunky’s,
where she’s immediately
impressed by the fellow teen’s
sassy attitude. The pair are

soon thick as thieves, and
head out shopping together.
Tiffany is in total awe of her
new bezzie, until she discovers
something about her that
leaves her in a moral quandary.
Evie asks Tiff for a favour
– she needs somewhere for
a friend to lie low for a while.
But will Tiff agree to help,
or listen to her instincts?

Life or death?


s word spreads about
the horrific accident
involving Mrs Tembe,
Dr Al and Heston, this week,
all three are cut from the
mangled wreckage of the
car, and rushed to hospital
to receive treatment for their
life-threatening injuries.

Welcome home,
But can she get
her head around
her diagnosis?
Channel 5 FRIDAY


here’s bad news for poorly
Raffy this week, as she’s
told she has epilepsy!
The diagnosis comes as a
shock to her family too, and
once the Morgans get their
heads around it, they realise
that they need to make their
little sister their priority from
now on. But as Tori and Justin
decide that Raffy should move
back in with them, where does
this leave John and Marilyn?
Raffy is discharged from
hospital later in the week, and

Tori takes her home. When the
Palmers pop in for a visit, they’re
relieved to hear that they will
still be involved in Raffy’s
ongoing care. However, while
the adults all seem to have a
handle on what Raffy needs,

she feels sidelined – and lashes
out at her family for making
huge decisions about her life
without consulting her first!
Can the grown-ups make
Raffy realise that they only
want what’s best for her?

Back at The Mill, when
Ruhma races to be by her
beloved husband’s side,
with devastated Zara
not far behind, the trio’s
colleagues are wracked
with worry. It’s a traumatic
time for everyone as they
wait anxiously for news.
Can any of the badly
injured victims be saved, or
will more than one perish?

Blackmail horror


Channel 4 TUESDAY


isa is back in Hollyoaks
this week – and no
sooner has she stepped
foot in the village than she
lands herself in big trouble!
It quickly becomes clear to
Simone that her daughter is
hiding a big secret. But it’s
when Lisa thanks her family
for sorting out her flight home
that the plot really thickens

– because nobody knows what
she’s on about! And later, Zack
receives a threatening letter
in the post, insisting that he
withdraw his statement against
Liam, or Lisa will be killed!
The fella and his mum
work feverishly to keep Lisa
out of harm’s way – but the
oblivious woman soon comes
home to find her clothes in
tatters. As Lisa demands
answers, will the Lovedays work
out who is targeting them?

Cry for help


aren supports her
tortured son Keegan
this week, as he
talks with a counsellor.
The poor teenager – still
haunted by his friend
Shakil’s fatal stabbing –
recently went so far as to

use a knife on another lad,
and even threatened his
brother Keanu with a blade.
It’s vital that he seeks
professional help, but
while his session gets
under way, Keegan’s
frustrations appear to
get the better of him.
Can he manage to
lay his demons to rest?

Bob’s wake-up call!

Alone and humiliated, it’s time to face facts…


eality hits hard for
Bob this week, as he
realises that he’s lost
both the women in his life!
The chastened fella
overhears his estranged wife
Brenda telling Doug that
she has no intention
of ever taking back
her husband, and
that it would be
better if Bob
left the village
for good.
that the

34 lnsideSoap

after exchanging their
wedding vows, when it was
revealed that Bob was having
an affair with Laurel, Brenda’s
attitude is hardly surprising!
However, with Laurel also
having unceremoniously
dumped him recently – in the
most public way possible –
it’s begun to dawn on Bob that
he’s made a mess of his life.
So will he beg either of the
women to give him
another chance,
or might he have
sufficient selfawareness to
realise that
he’s already

Paul punches Gary!
Is the Lassiters’ head honcho losing it?
Channel 5 FRIDAY


aul’s anger towards
his daughter’s new
boyfriend finally gets
the better of him this week
– and he smacks Gary
square in the jaw!
Paul has made it perfectly
clear that he doesn’t approve
of Amy’s new love match, so
when David urges him to focus
on the things in his life that
he can control, he decides to

ruin Gary once and for all!
Calling on Gary’s old criminal
associate, Jeremy, Paul pays
the crook to drag back Gary
into his dodgy dealings.
However, David gets wind
of what his dad is up to, and
warns off Gary – and when
Gary later gloats to Paul that
even David is turning against
him now, Paul sees red!
But as he hits Gary in
front of a shocked crowd,
what will Amy make of her
father’s violent actions?


& RADIO...

● Hayley assures
Robbie that she
doesn’t want a
serious relationship
this week, just as
Carol wrestles with
her own feelings for
the fella. Elsewhere,
Jake returns home,
causing tension
between him and Will.
Also, Wayne manages
to badly insult Orla.

Channel 5 MONDAY


ovebirds Robbo and
Jasmine finally arrange
to go on a date this
week – but their plans are
derailed by Tori’s IVF dramas!
After Robbo arranges
a romantic dinner cruise,
Jasmine turns up dressed
to the nines. However, just
as they’re about to leave,
Robbo gets a call from Tori,
asking if he can come to the
hospital as quickly as he can.
As apologetic Robbo
bails on Jasmine, will she
be understanding of his
situation? Or has he blown
his final chance with her?


Baby bother!


obert stuns Michelle
this week, when he
suggests the time is
right for them to try for a baby!
Michelle’s nearest and
dearest have been through
the wringer since being
targeted by bully Ronan – but
while Michelle’s son Ali was
responsible for Ronan dying
from his injuries after the car
crash, the family is relieved as
the coroner rules that Ronan’s
death was accidental.
Relieved to hear they’re all
in the clear, Robert takes the
chance to proposition Michelle
with his baby plan. Will she
agree that it’s the right time?

● Bob and Kim’s
wedding day arrives
this week – but after
Bob makes a shock
confession, will they
end up tying the knot?
Meanwhile, Ellie stops
short of revealing
her pregnancy to AJ
when he admits he
doesn’t to be a dad.
Plus, Lydia returns to
the site of the blast.

● Lexi’s strange
behaviour is explained
this week, as she
drops a big bombshell.
What could it be?
Across the village,
Peggy is excited for
her birthday tea, but
a confession from a
loved one leaves her
feeling heartbroken.
Finally, Lynda’s plans
for the Christmas
show cause chaos!
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 35









Max is gobsmacked when he
learns Rainie slept with Jack…
● …while Hayley is left flabbergasted
by Bev’s radical suggestion!
● Bernadette and Karen are
concerned by Keegan’s behaviour.


Abi is rushed into hospital after
drinking herself unconscious…

● Graham confesses that he texted
Debbie from Joe’s phone…
Marlon manages to make
a mess of Victoria’s date.
● Cain warns Graham to sort
himself out – and fast!
● Manpreet comforts Rishi as he
reels from the nasty comments…


● Simon declares that he wants
to join the Navy after school.
● Dr Legg sits Dot down to explain
what he meant in his recent letter!
● Tiffany discovers the unsettling
truth about Evie’s identity…

Jacob continues to lust
after teacher Maya…


Alfie is back – how will Kat TONIGHT!
react to her hubby’s return?



● …as Maya confronts David for
seeing Tracy behind her back.
Leanne discovers Nick’s huge
secret – what could it be?



● Victoria’s date with fella
Leon quickly turns sinister…
● …and Robert rushes in to help.
But will Victoria be grateful?
Debbie buys a pregnancy test
– is she expecting Joe’s baby?
● Frank grows more suspicious
of Clive and his exploits.




Bob hears Brenda slating him
to Doug – how will he react?

● Sinead makes a new friend
who likes homeopathy.
Abi gets arrested as Seb TONIGHT!
exacts revenge on Tracy!


● Jai reluctantly tells Rishi
that he’s been trolled online.

● Audrey and Maria miss each other
– will the old friends reunite?

● Kat finds out what Bev is plotting
– will she attempt to stop her?
Rainie ends up injured after
Cora lashes out at her…
● Tiffany meets feisty Evie, and the
two bond over some fried chicken.




● Amy’s contract leaves Steve
and Tracy feeling tricked! EPISODES

● Gina goes on a date, where she
bumps into a familiar face!
● Seb considers a drastic plan to
save the kids from foster care.


● More than one family is left
rocked by a big mistake…
● Following recent events, emotions
are running high in the village.
Frank is startled when he
learns about Clive’s art scam.

● Several residents of Walford
are captivated by a new choir!

● Which Weatherfield lass bags
a waitressing job at the Bistro?

● Tensions boil over between
grieving Paddy and Chas…

● Which former landlady is back
behind the bar of the Vic?

● Brian’s life is being made
a misery by his boss, Phil…

● Tracy comes up with a new
business plan at the café!

● The Carters confront each other
in a public slanging match…

● Mary reckons that she should
report Jude as a missing person!

● Rhona is rattled by an intruder
at Dale View – who could it be?






● Mercy wants answers after she
sees Goldie wearing her necklace.
● Harley admits that she’s jealous
of Peri’s closeness to Tom…
Laurie needs Sami’s legal help
– will the lawyer comply?
● Mercedes is on the warpath
again, as Goldie mopes around.
● Tom realises that Harley has hardly
any reading or writing skills…
Lisa returns to the village –
but what brings her back?
● Jesse rushes to help Courtney
as social services meet with her.
Simone and Zack fear the worst
– and lock Lisa indoors!
● Breda is stunned when she spots
Russ losing his temper with Max.
Jesse and Courtney lock
horns in a furious row…

Susan, Elly, Bea and Xanthe are
nervous wrecks after Finn’s fall.
● Chloe grows increasingly uneasy
– can she break up with Pierce?
● Amy vows not to let Paul destroy
her relationship with Gary…
Alice spikes Sonya’s shortbread
biscuits with codeine pills…
● Chloe feels trapped in her
arrangement with pushy Pierce.
● Leo tries to patch things up with
Paul, but his dad isn’t interested.
Paul and Gary annoy each
other, resulting in violence!
● Alice accidentally lets her
mask slip in front of Karl…
Aaron buys David a fish – but
things don’t go swimmingly.
● Gary gets a new job, which only
succeeds in winding up Paul more.

● …after he lies about being her
boyfriend to the social worker.

Desperate to escape, Chloe
disappears at a ski resort!

● Breda asks Jack to accompany
her to Mercedes’ wedding!

● Alice panics as Toadie visits Andrea,
who is feeling very talkative…

● Maggie writes up a list of things
she wants to achieve in life.
Raffy’s diagnosis causes
heartache for her loved ones!
● Robbo is forced to juggle his
love life and his family life…
● Justin and Willow struggle to
make more time for each other.
Robbo and Jasmine finally
enjoy their first date together!
● Dean is running away from his past
– can Colby help him see sense?
Colby and Chelsea make their
engagement oicial again!
● Alf stumbles across Ryder drowning
his sorrows in a bottle of booze…
● Dean declares that he is
going to do right by his mum.
● The Astoni family fails to
boost Maggie’s spirits…
● Marilyn and John fear what will
happen if the Morgans shun them.
Ryder feels unloved after
everyone forgets his birthday!

● Janet Street-Porter and Linda
Robson make an appearance…
…as Russ and Mercy’s big day
arrives! Will they tie the knot?
Liam holds the WAGs hostage
– and plans to poison them!

● …and all hell breaks loose as
Elly gets dragged into the mess.
● Paul spies an opportunity to
get the upper hand on Terese.

● Raffy returns home to the Bay –
but who will she be living with?
Everybody reels when they
realise they’ve ignored Ryder!

● Damon steals cocktail recipes
to spice things up at the pub!

● Who uses a rolling pin as a
weapon against themselves?

● Chelsea’s dad rocks up,
and clashes with Colby…

● Will James finally step up and
be a proper father to Romeo?
● It’s Lily’s 18th birthday, but
Prince’s mind is elsewhere…

● Pierce continues to manipulate
the people at Lassiters…
● One local considers smothering
their enemy with a pillow!

● …while Dean goes on a quest to
track down his long-lost father!
● Justin issues an ultimatum to
Willow – how will she react?

The Brennans are terrified
while they hunt for Chloe…

● Maggie finally decides
what she wants to do next…







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Corrie’s Steve and Tracy must have the most
well-balanced relationship in soap. He cheats
on her – then she nearly kills a car full of people.
And they’re back on a level playing ield again!
They really are perfect for one another.
| Kim


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I laughed when Cain in Emmerdale
suggested he could send Debbie,
Sarah and Jack off on the run,
and even put Sarah in a private
hospital in Belgium, with a whole
new identity. How does that work
exactly, given the untold folders
of medical notes Sarah must
have? Do us a favour!
| John, Brighton
And how might Cain pay for
all this? He only owns half
a small village garage!

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What a stroke of genius from the
Hollyoaks writers to put Sienna and
Brody together. I think bonkers
Sienna may have finally found
38 lnsideSoap

her match in lovely Brody, who
actually has just as much baggage
as she does. Sienna is my favourite
character, and I’d love to see her
be happy in love at last.
| Nas, London
It’s all fun and games until
she locks him in a basement!

Cain couldn’t for the
life of him remember
where he left his keys

When EastEnders announced
that it was bringing back Ruby
Allen, my first reaction was,
‘Why?!’ But I take it all back.
Louisa Lytton is an amazing
actress, and her consent storyline
has raised all kinds of interesting
issues – such as the conversation
with Stacey this week about
whether Ruby can ever enjoy
an ‘innocent’ night out again.
| Marcia, Nottingham
I liked it when Martin had
an insight into how women
are treated in clubs, when
Jay and Robbie were ogling
Bex. Meanwhile…
w staying
So Ruby is now
i with
Stacey in her house?
Big Mo, Kat, Jean, Hayley,
Martin, Lily, Arthur,
ney and
Tiffany, Whitn
bley and
Uncle Tom Cob
all? Where doees
everyone sleep
| Bea
Arthur does a
‘Harry Potter’
under the
stairs, and Mo
hangs upside
down from
the rafters.

Sinead’s story
has seen
the Barlow
family shine


I’m loving
Alice the
crazy nanny
in Neighbours!
I know I really
because she is
making Sonya
and Toadie’s
life hell, but
she’s like a
proper panto
villain! I keep expecting Nell to
shout out, “She’s behind you!”
| Hannah
Now we know where Andrea
gets her wickedness from!



It wasn’t what you might call an easy
birth. Poor Hayley Slater stumbled
around Walford while in labour, before
ending up on the loor of a local crack
den! Advice from readers looded in…

I love Em
mmerdale, though I wanted
to writee in to say that I think
the sho
ow has too many Dingles
in it! I mean, I like the Dingles,
but if you look at the list of
ors in Inside Soap, half of the
characters in the programme
are now Dingles! We need
me variety or else the village
willl be totally in-bred!
| Gill
on’t worry… I suspect
hat 2019 will be the
Year of the Tates!

Talk about being your own
worst enemy! I was screaming
at the TV (quietly!) telling
Hayley to just tell someone
and ask for help! It’s been
a few years now, but I can
remember going into labour
with my two, and I certainly
wasn’t up to steering a taxi
in a three-point turn as the
contractions came – let
alone deliver my own child
without help or pain relief!
| Lucy

I know EastEnders is famous
for being depressing, and it
certainly did nothing to shake
that reputation in this week’s
episodes where Hayley Slater
gave birth. It was almost
unbearably grim.
| Camille
For one reader, it really
was too much to take…
I watch EastEnders with my
daughter (12) because it often


The special ‘Barlow’ episode
of Corrie was fantastic. All
those characters have so much
history – they really know how
to push each other’s buttons,
and they truly come alive as real
people when they are fighting.
No soap can touch Corrie when it
has a big story for the Barlows!
| Anna
We loved that episode, too!
You’ll ind it singled out for
special praise over on p98…

leads us to having interesting
conversations about adult
issues. However, the amount
of blood shown on screen
this week was worthy of an
18-certificate horror film.
I know it was Halloween, but
I’m amazed the BBC allowed
this programme to be shown.
Hayley in her blood-soaked
dress was like a victim from
a slasher movie. I had no
choice but to switch it off.
| Mrs M Brown
Let’s end this discussion
on a happy note, though…
It’s taken a long time, yet
I actually really like Hayley
now. She deserves a break,
and some proper friends.
She should move in with
Masood’s lovely auntie –
who’ll be glad to have her!
| Cat G
lnsideSoap 39


Request SPOT
I’m sure I recognised
the oncologist who was
treating Sinead when she
was in hospital recently in
Corrie. What has he been
in before please, Sarah?
| Julianne
The actor in question is
Raji James, and you will
probably remember him
playing Ash Ferreira in
EastEnders from 2003 to
2005! He was also in The
Bill as DS Vik Singh.

Raji has been a cop, a
doctor and a gambling
addict – the full range!


MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM
This week’s question:
What’s been your favourite soap star swap?
Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS
“Ned Porteous swiftly going from being Mark Fowler
Jr in EastEnders to Joe Tate in Emmerdale – quite an
honour to play two very important, now grown-up,
soap ofspring in quick succession!”

Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer ALICE PENWILL
Acting Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON
“I really liked it when Claire King starred in
Coronation Street – although it took a while to get
used to an Emmerdale icon walking the cobbles”

Imagine what Nancy’s
life would’ve been like if
she’d stayed with Russ!


split when
There was a scene in
he told her
Hollyoaks recently where
his plans to
Nancy and Russ saw each kidnap his son Max
other, and she said she
from the McQueens
had been avoiding him
and lee the country
since he returned to the
– Nancy didn’t agree
village. What’s the history with what he was doing.
between the two of them? Just before Russ left, he
| Donna, Cambridge
begged Nancy to join
Nancy and Russ actually him, but she refused.
used to be romantically
The pair hadn’t been
involved! The couple
in contact since he left.




Acting Senior Sub Editor MARK JAMES LOWE
Writer/Sub Editor TOM SPILSBURY
TV Listings Writer/Sub Editor LYNN GIBSON
Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Junior Designer MEGAN PENFOLD
Picture Editor JAY DYNAN
Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE
“It’s interesting that Alex Fletcher now plays Diane
in Hollyoaks. I remember years ago, the show was
supposed to be set in the same universe as Brookside
– where of course, she played Jacqui Dixon!”

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Well, you say
he won’t cheat on
you – but I deinitely
saw him sniing around
Mercedes last night.

Tell us what you think is being
said in this Emmerdale scene.
Post your idea to the Soapbox
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40 lnsideSoap


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The perfect Christmas treat for you – or
a great gift for the soap fan in your life!


The inside story on
the biggest soap moments of the
past year. PLUS! Fun features,
puzzles and exclusive previews!




42 lnsideSoap


“Max and Stacey
should get married!”
As fate dishes out fresh agony for Max, Jake Wood reflects on his
alter ego’s past, ponders his present – and looks to his future…


ax Branning never
fails to surprise
us. Just when
you think there is
nowhere else to go
for a character so destructive and
damaged, there he is – setting our
screens alight as one of Walford’s
most watchable characters.
But what is it about the shameless
love rat that we can’t get enough of?
Star Jake Wood – who continues to act
his socks off as Max, while regularly
topping polls as the UK’s weirdest
crush – is extremely modest when
Inside Soap probes him on the secret
to his character’s success…

Lovely to chat to you again, Jake.
What is it about Max that has kept
you with EastEnders for so long?
I love playing him as much now as
I did when I joined the show 12 years
ago. Max has been through so many
changes, hasn’t he? And he’s not boring
to play, that’s for sure! You just never
know what he’s going to do next, and
I’m as equally intrigued as anyone else
to see what he’s going to be up to.

His time in Walford has been
one hell of a ride, hasn’t it?
EastEnders has been very kind to me –
I’ve had fantastic storylines over the
years. If you think back to everything
Max has done, right back to his and
Stacey’s DVD reveal, Max being buried
alive and then run over by his daughter,
there’s a whole list of dramas that
he’s been through. It’s been amazing.

Can you remember what you
thought when you found out

Yeah, I don’t think you can sustain a
character at that kind of intensity for
too long! They were amazing storylines
for Max last Christmas, so it’s been nice
to regroup the character a little bit. This
year has been quieter in comparison!

Slap and tickle: Rainie and
Max’s pretend union has
been a roller-coaster ride

that Rainie would return to the
Square and team up with Max?
Yeah, it’s one of those ideas that sounds
far-fetched, but actually just feels right.
Rainie came along at the right time
for Max, and they provided something
for each other that they both needed.
Max was very lost after last Christmas
following the death of his daughter, Abi,
and Rainie is a bit of a lost soul as well.

What is Tanya Franks (Rainie) like
to have as your new leading lady?
I love Tanya as an actress – I think she
is amazing, and it’s been great to have
her back. When [EastEnders’ executive
consultant] John Yorke told me, I was
excited. The audience has reacted well
to it, too – they like them as a couple!

Would you like to revisit Rainie’s
addiction story, and explore how
Max would cope with it?
I think that would be interesting. Max
can be very solid when he needs to be,
so I’d like to think that he would cope
if that situation ever presented itself.

Max went to some dark places
last year. Are you pleased he’s
gone in a calmer direction since?

“I love playing Max as much now as
I did when I joined EastEnders…”

Did it feel strange with Jacqueline
Jossa and Lorna Fitzgerald (who
played Max’s daughters Lauren
and Abi) no longer on set?
They were here so long, the pair of
them – especially Lorna, who had been
playing Abi since she was 10 years
old. There’s always people coming
and going on EastEnders – I’m lucky to
have been here a while and I’ve seen a
lot of changes, so you get used to the
revolving door. But I miss working with
Lorna and Jacqueline in particular.

It was great that Jo Joyner (who
played Max’s ex-wife Tanya)
returned for their exit. After
everything that has happened,
who’s the right woman for Max?
I’d say Tanya is probably the one he
should be with. He had the perfect
family there for about 10 minutes –
but the problem with Max is that he
can’t see what’s under his nose, can
he? So, what a shame that it didn’t
work out. But you know, it’s Max!

What about Max and Stacey?
After all this time, the chemistry
between them is still red-hot!
I’ve always thought that it would
be interesting if Max and Stacey
got married! I don’t know if that’s
something EastEnders has planned or
will ever do, but personally I think
that would be really interesting. On
a selfish level I hope they do more
together, as Lacey [Turner, who plays
Stacey] is a great actress. Maybe it’ll
happen sometime down the road!
lnsideSoap 43

Jake tells us that he’s hoping to
meet with the actors who played his
on-screen clan before Christmas.
Here’s what they’ve been up to…

Meanwhile, the future for Max
remains uncertain – but Jake is
busy with other projects that will
soon see him take a little break
from Walford. The 46-year-old, who
is married to wife Alison and has
two children, Amber and Buster,
will be touring the UK in January
with his boxing podcast, Pound For
Pound, for a series of live shows.

How are your plans shaping
up for the tour?
Very good, we have
some exciting guests
lined up. Boxing is
a love of mine, and
it’s a pleasure to get
people such as Tyson
Fury, Tony Bellew, Carl
Froch, Gary Lineker and
Ray Winstone involved.
People are loving the
podcast, so we’re looking
forward to getting it
out on the road.

How long do you expect to
be away from Walford?
Just a couple of months. I’m doing
Nativity! The Musical for a week in
December in Oxford, and then
the Pound For Pound tour. Another
reason to take a break is to regroup
and spend time with the kids.
That’s my favourite really, just
being Dad at home – and then I’ll
be back to Walford with a bang.

Have you managed to keep
up with your salsa dancing
after people went wild for it
on Strictly Come Dancing?
44 lnsideSoap

I haven’t – and I always get asked
to dance now! But unless you have
an amazing partner like Janette
[Manrara, who partnered Jake in
2014] teaching you, you’re not
going to do that every time you hit
the dance floor. I’m watching this
current series, though, and always
support my friends on the show.

Back to EastEnders, are you
excited for Max’s future?
I’m verry excited that
Kate Oates
new seenior executive
ucer] is joining us.
She’ss done amazing
gs at her other jobs
[as th
he boss of Corrie
and Emmerdale] so we’re
really looking forward
to what she brings.

Finally, did you
expect to be
o the show for
12 years wh
hen you started?
No I don’t
don t think you can, can
you? The Branning family signed a
three-year contract initially, so it’s
worked out very well. I live not far
from the studios, so in terms of a
stable family life it’s just been the
perfect gig, and I’m thankful every
day that I’m there. It’s a dream job!
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Rainie days: Scheming
Max got hitched to his
former sister-in-law

Tanya Branning
Never a day goes
by without another
rumour that Jo is
returning as Tanya. But
the actress has been busy this
year playing Mandy Carter in the
second series of Ackley Bridge.

Lauren Branning
Star Jacqueline is
living her best life
after giving birth to her
second daughter, Mia, and was
recently snapped looking lovedup with husband Dan Osborne as
they celebrated her 26th birthday.

Bradley Branning
Charlie returned to his
old stomping ground
at Elstree Studios
recently for a guest part in Holby
City, and is set to reunite with his
former EastEnders co-star Rita
Simons (Roxy Mitchell) in a new
play, The House On Cold Hill.

Abi Branning
After cutting her acting
teeth on EastEnders,
Lorna received rave
reviews for her recent stage
performance as Eve in Her Naked
Skin at the Salisbury Playhouse.
So, the Branning bunch are busy
bees – with plenty to catch up on
next time they see each other!




from Dr


’m trying to rope in
some of the other
Hollyoaks guys to
come surfing with
me!” chuckles
actor Kyle Pryor,
aka newcomer Laurie, as we
quiz him about how he’s settling
Full Ste-am ahead: Kyle
back into UK life. “I’ve found a
has thrown himself into
nice surfing spot in Abersoch in
this new role
Wales, but I don’t have any transport
– so the more people I can get, the more
likely it is that I’m going to be able to go!”
The former Home and Away star (who
played Hunky Dr Nate) might be in for
a rude awakening once he realises that
Abersoch isn’t as warm as the Sydney
beaches he’s used to! But when we sit
down for a chat about his first few months
at Hollyoaks, the Brit-born star tells us
he’s loving being back on home soil…

How are you inding life in Liverpool?
It’s a big lifestyle change, of course – a
culture shock! But I love this city, and the
weather’s been pretty kind to me since
I’ve been here. I’ve been amazed by how
friendly and welcoming everyone is. I can
definitely see why people stick around.


Your character, Laurie, arrived
last week. Tell us about him…
He’s Sinead’s husband – she just kind of
disappeared, so he ended up pursuing
her to Hollyoaks. And he arrived in the
village to find a scene that he wasn’t too
impressed with! There are fireworks from
the get-go – it’s a pretty exciting entrance.
46 lnsideSoap

Hot bod: We’re
delighted Kyle is
back on our screens!

Laurie load of drama: Will
Sinead’s hubby cause more
grief for the the Hutchinsons?

What’s their relationship like?
Laurie is a teacher, so he’s quite different
from Sinead. He really enjoys her nature
– even though she’s very dramatic in
her approach to life, he appreciates her
honesty. What you see is what you get.

Laurie seeks Sami’s legal advice
about something this week. What
can you reveal about that?
I won’t say exactly what the situation is,
but it’s someone from his past – a previous
school he has worked at. Basically, people
won’t know whether this accusation is
fact or fiction. Laurie speaks to Sami about
what his options are, because he doesn’t
want this to follow him to the village.




We sense that Laurie’s quite
different from Dr Nate…
Yes, he’s very different! That’s one of
the reasons I wanted to take this part in
Hollyoaks, because Nate was very much
straight down the line – you knew where
you stood with him. There’s definitely a
few more skeletons in Laurie’s closet, that’s
for sure! He sees moving to Hollyoaks as
a way to escape his past, get away from
some negative stuff and start afresh.

Will any Home and Away fans who
are watching be shocked by Laurie?
I hope so – if I’m doing my job right,
then they definitely will be! This is really
playing against type for me, but I think
these kind of characters are the most fun
to get into. You can stretch the boundaries
a bit further. And also it’s exciting to be
playing someone who causes lots of drama!

Who in the Hollyoaks cast have
you bonded with so far?
I share a flat with Jude Monk McGowan
[Liam], and he plays a villain on the show,
so we’ve been exchanging a few ideas
about that! But everyone’s lovely –
there are people that you go for a couple
of drinks with, some people you go for
training sessions with, yet pretty much
everyone hangs out together. I feel very
fortunate to be working alongside such
a great group of people.
Sarah Ellis

Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly tells us
that Chloe is in way too deep with Pierce…


ost women would jump at
the chance to be whisked
away on a romantic break
with a handsome, rich man. Yet
when charming Pierce insists that
Chloe accompany him on a business
trip to a snowy resort this week, she
doesn’t seem glad about the prospect!
“Chloe is surprised by the offer,
and not at all keen,” reveals April
Rose Pengilly, who plays her. “She
has just told Pierce that she feels
uncomfortable with the direction
the relationship is going, so this is
definitely not what she expects.”
Despite her reservations, Chloe is
forced to accept Pierce’s invitation,
knowing that Lassiters’ future
depends on her keeping him sweet.
However, he seems more interested
in getting closer to her than he does
on doing any big business deals!
“Chloe doesn’t feel ready for a
relationship with Pierce, but he has
completely fallen for her,” says April.
“And Pierce is accustomed to getting
what he wants. He’s probably
not too familiar with rejection!”

Hoping to deter Pierce from
thoughts of any long-term romantic
prospects, Chloe confides in him
about her Huntington’s diagnosis.
But that just makes him even
keener to look after her, forcing
Chloe to take drastic action – and
leave the cabin at the dead of night!
“Chloe only agreed to the trip
because she thought she could
get Pierce to sign the contract for
Terese,” sighs April. “So when it
becomes clear he’s not going to
sign on the dotted line, she feels
very helpless and overwhelmed.”
But as Chloe flees into the
dark and cold, is she putting
herself in terrible danger?
Sarah Ellis

Indecent proposal:
Things are moving
too fast for Chloe

lnsideSoap 47

Danny Dyer &
Kellie Bright

Mick & Linda Carter


Join us for the second part of our
Inside Soap Awards coverage
– with exclusive photos, interviews
and gossip from the winners…


his is the one
award that
Danny and I have
always wanted
to win, so we’re
thrilled!” grins Kellie Bright,
as she accepts Inside Soap’s
trophy for Best Partnership
on the night of our awards
party. “We’ve been working
together for five years now
– it was our anniversary in
October – and I’ve been
celebrating all day!”
With super-busy Danny
unable to make the Inside Soap
Awards bash, beaming Kellie is
thankful enough for the pair
of them – particularly since
this is the first time that they
have been voted most popular
on-screen couple. However,
we are able to catch up with
Danny the following day, to
find out his reaction…
“We have a special bond, me
and Kellie,” he says. “We came
into the show together, and
have been here since day one –
so this is something I cherish,
especially because the two of us
have never been acknowledged
for our characters’ partnership

in this way before. We’ve
worked really hard together,
so we’re happy to have won.”
However, with Kellie busy
celebrating the win with her
EastEnders co-stars on our big
night, she’s mortified to admit
– via a hilarious Twitter video
the next day – that the trophy
had unfortunately gone ‘astray’!
And Danny grasses his beloved
co-star right up…
“You’re all so lovely,
all of ya,” he declares
proudly. “And we’d like
to show you the award
in our hands, but
unfortunately… She
forgot it! Yeah, cos
she was… How
can I put it? She
was battered
last night…
She was
Inside Soap is
very happy to
report that the

missing award has since been
retrieved and safely returned
to its relieved and rightful
owners – and if you’re lucky,
you might soon be able to spot
it somewhere very familiar.
“Thank you to everyone
who voted,” gushes Danny.
“I know we were up against
some stiff competition, but
we never take your love
and affection for granted,
so thank you.”
“We’re going to be
a nightmare at work
now!” laughs Kellie.
“We’re genuinely
chuffed – it’s so
exciting. And
who knows?
The award
could just end
up making a
little cameo
behind the
Queen Vic bar…
It might do!”

“We haveaspecial
bond, me and Kellie!”
48 ln


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