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BACK! win


Watch ill have her re
wife w

9 770966 849166


24 – 30


to Debbie?

Issue 47 24 – 30 Nov 2018

his week,
I’ve had quite
a problem
working out
hat to talk to
ou about. You
ee, I’m already
really excited
about 2019 in the
soaps – especially
he amazing news
hat Mandy Dingle
iss heading back to
Emmerdale (see
14) – but that

Your stars
this week!

the anticipation to fever
pitch! Meanwhile, Corrie
sees poor Sal discover her
fate as the trial drama comes
to a head (see p18). Over in
Emmerdale, Graham is well
and truly on the edge
– and on the verge of
revealing the terrible
truth to Debbie about
Joe’s death (see p8)!
I’ll just have to remember
we’ve got a whole year to
talk about 2019 – and we will
– but first, let’s give 201
the send-off it deserves
Steven Murphy, Editor

makes me get ahead
of myself, which I really
shouldn’t do, because


“There’s still so much
to enjoy this year…”
there’s still soooo much to
enjoy in this year’s soaps.
We’ve got EastEnders’
baby secret primed to
explode, with this week’s
return of Alfie to Albert
Square (see p4) bringing



“Graham is distraught


Goodness, my drink
tracker app is telling me
I’ve already exceeded
my daily units

Coronation Street

10 Jenny suspects Johnny & Liz
of carrying on with their affair

18 Sally’s trial starts – will she get off?
28 Kate & Rana clash over baby plans
30 Jack walks with his prosthetic leg
33 Mary & Angie must identify a body
40 Gina takes to the witness stand



– and Alfie arrives back in Walford!
22 The locals hear about Ruby’s rape
32 Mel befriends Ray’s wife Maddie

16 Misbah faces her tribunal –

I said I’d
crowbar my way
into this issue

and Ste can’t contain his fury
31 Tom plants a kiss on Harley
33 Darren battles Nancy for custody
46 Sinead thinks Laurie is cheating


“Misbah’s main
strength is the love
she has for her family”


12 Inside Gossip – all the



Harvey Virdi

...and more!

4 Kat’s bike crashes into an old man

8 Graham threatens to expose Cain
20 Leanna wants to stitch up Bernice
30 Charity asks Vanessa to move in
32 Jacob tries to get Maya’s attention
32 Leyla realises Clive’s treachery
44 Marlon tells Jessie he loves her

Stop your

latest soap news headlines
34 What Happens When?
36 Soapbox
48 Ultimate Christmas
Countdown: 40-31
54 10 Totally True Facts
About… Samia
(Corrie’s Maria)
56 Star watch
58 Style watch
92 Who’s In? Who’s Out?
94 Puzzles
96 The Hot List
98 Hits & Misses

Louisa Lytton

“The last thing Ruby
wants is for people to
know about her rape”



26 Wicked Alice hits Piper over
the head with a crowbar!


30 Casualty Dylan leaves with Ciara?
31 Holby City Serena snogs Leah!
33 Doctors Daniel struggles with Izzie
52 You Ask… Sarah Moyle
(Doctors’ Valerie Pitman)

A new comedy
about two
wannabe tycoons
drops on BBC3
– turn to p59…


31 Jane returns – to date Paul?

Faye Brookes
“Kate has become
completely blinded
by this baby idea”


e ee




Kat crashes – and an
old man is left looking
worse for wear!


Kat is concerned,
but soon makes
her escape


at is responsible for a
disastrous road smash in
Albert Square this week, as
she careers her motorbike
into an elderly gentleman –
leaving him lying in a crumpled heap
and Kat herself unconscious!
The calamitous collision occurs after
Kat resumes her challenge of trying to
learn ‘the Knowledge’, so that she can
memorise the roads of London and begin
a new job of driving her dad’s old cab.
Feeling the pressure of committing so
much information to memory, Kat gets
on her moped and visits Charlie’s former
cabbie tea hut, hoping to be struck by
inspiration. However, she ultimately ends
up striking a pedestrian instead…

“Tony and Kat go
to one of Charlie’s
former haunts…”
“While at the tea hut, Kat encounters an
ex-cabbie, Tony,” explains our Walford
informant. “After she initially gets off on the
wrong foot with Tony, he realises that Kat’s
dad is Charlie Slater, and is thrilled to meet
the daughter of his late chum! Delighted
to have found something in common, the
pair head off to reminisce over old times
at one of Charlie’s former haunts. But
that’s when the day takes a wrong turn…”
At the pub, Kat and Tony run into another
of Charlie’s ex-pals, Maurice. And although
Kat gets a bad vibe from Maurice, she’s not
prepared for what happens next. After Tony
heads off, she’s left alone with Maurice –
and that’s when he sends her reeling with
a revelation about her father’s past.
Maurice’s bombshell prompts Kat to
make a hasty exit – and with her mind
distracted by his chilling words, she takes
a corner far too sharply in Albert Square,
resulting in her crashing into an old man!
lnsideSoap 5

Despite hitting the old man, it’s Kat
who comes off worst after the crash,
being knocked off her bike and sent
flying. She’s out cold for a few moments,
but fortunately regains consciousness
a little while later.
“Kat is dazed, though
when she comes round, she
soon realises that she’s hit
somebody, causing her to
panic,” reveals our source.
“She hops on her bike, and
drives back to No 31, without
even exchanging details!”
Once she’s home safely,
Hayley realises that
something is up with her
cousin, and demands to
know what it is that’s got
her so rattled. However,
Kat brushes off the whole
incident as a minor scrape
and storms off, leaving
Hayley feeling equally
bemused and concerned.
Later on, Stacey and Hayley come
to discover Kat drinking alone at E20,
and the two women try to convince
their distressed relative to come home.
Nevertheless, Kat isn’t in the mood
to listen to what they have to say…

As usual, Kat tries to
seek solace at the
bottom of a bottle

“Let’s be honest, when is Kat ever in
the mood to listen?” chuckles our mole.
“There are certain laws of nature that
can’t be broken! And as sure as day
follows night, Stacey lashes out at Kat
with a reality check, before leaving her
to it. Something Stacey says clearly

Birthday surprise!

Guess who gatecrashes
Hayley’s celebration?

Hayley has a birthday party this
week – despite the fact that she’d
rather her family just ignored it!
While Kat has her own troubles,
Hayley is struggling with bringing up
her baby daughter. So despite all the
tensions at No 31, Jean tries to lighten
the mood. But will she regret it?
“Hayley doesn’t react well to the
card that Jean presents her with, but
the older woman isn’t deterred,” says
our sneak. “She arranges a surprise
party to lift not only Hayley’s spirits,
but everyone else’s too…”
Having got Kat to help her and Ian
to bake a cake, Jean’s plan is coming
together – but once the time comes

6 lnsideSoap

strikes a chord with Kat, though,
because when she returns home later,
she breaks down in tears. Just what is it
that’s playing on her mind so much?”
Whatever it is, Kat is still in a dark
place a couple of days later, as she
turns up in the Vic steaming drunk, and
causes a scene in front of the locals.
After Stacey and Hayley exchange words
about Kat’s unruly behaviour, is there
anything her family can do to help?
Tom Spilsbury

to spring her big surprise, Hayley is
horrified to see what’s waiting for her!
“After taking one glance at the
gathering, Hayley scarpers,” sighs
our snitch. “Kat follows in hot pursuit,
yet with both these women dealing
with their issues, will they help each
other, or just make things worse?”
Later, there’s a ring on the doorbell,
and Kat paints on a smile to answer
it. Her expression soon drops, though
– when she realises that it’s Alfie!
With Hayley still hiding her baby
secret from him, are we set for one
massive Slater showdown?

Hayley is not at all
pleased with the party
Jean has arranged




ortured Graham goes
on a drinking spree
this week, culminating
in him taking Noah to
Butlers Farm and implicating
Cain in Joe’s disappearance!
But with Debbie there too, are
secrets about to be spilled?
Consumed by guilt, Graham
drowns his sorrows and starts
acting up all over Emmerdale,
even trying to seduce former
lover, Megan. But nothing can
shift Graham’s torment, and
it looks as if he might confess
to Joe’s murder. Will he admit
he killed his surrogate son?
“Graham is on the brink of
exploding – he’s full of booze
and finding it very difficult to
keep it all inside,” admits
Andrew Scarborough, who

plays the Dales killer. “He was
almost about to tell Debbie
everything last week, but then
shied away from it. Yet because
he’s drunk, he’s pushing it.”
While he drinks, scheming
Nicola tries to get Priya on side
to help her send alcoholic
Graham over the edge so they
can take control of Home
Farm. However, Graham barely
cares about the Tate estate, as
he’s so haunted by what he did.
“Graham is coping pretty
terribly – he’s distraught and
bereft and misses Joe a lot,”
shares Andrew. “I think that
he needs to talk to a priest
or something. He’s in need
of a few Bloody Marys! The
burden of keeping a lid on it
is weighing heavy on him.”

When he runs out of
booze, Graham grabs his car
keys and Megan is shocked
to see that he’s about to drive
drunk. Although their fling
ended in disaster, it’s clear
that she still cares about him,

At Butlers Farm, Graham
tells Noah and Debbie
that this is where they’ll
find answers about Joe

so she tries to help him
as he flails about.
“Megan talks Graham
out of driving – she looks out
for him because I think she
still has feelings for him,”
speculates Andrew. “She

Graham just wants
someone else to know
how he’s feeling…”



Graham and Kim’s
future is uncertain…
It was Graham’s boss –
and lover – Kim who
ordered him to kill Joe,
and going through with
it has destroyed him. So
how will Graham feel
when Kim returns to
the village next year?
“Oh, that relationship
has changed because of
what Kim asked of him
– there’s a lot of tension,”
muses Andrew. “They
both have something
over each other now!”
But could there be
another twist in the tale?
Fans reckon Graham
didn’t go through with it,
which would put a whole
new spin on things…
“That’d be wonderful!”
enthuses Andrew. “After
all, Graham knew Joe
like a son, and I don’t
think Graham would kill
his own son. Viewers
don’t trust me at all any
more – not that I think
they trusted Graham
before. But they’re more
wary of what he says
and does now!”

takes pity on him, and then
he lunges at her for a kiss,
although Megan isn’t at all
interested. I think that’s
because he’s so drunk, but
also because she’s just left
Frank and isn’t ready for it.”
Mortified by the rejection,
Graham stumbles into the
countryside and chances upon
Noah, who is worried by his
reaction to Joe going missing.
Noah convinces Graham to

Graham misinterprets
Megan’s kindness
and tries to make
a move on her

walk with him, but Graham
leads them to Butlers Farm,
where he starts making cryptic
comments to the lad and
Debbie about Cain.
“Graham hints that Cain
knows more than he’s saying,”
shares Andrew. “He wants to

have someone else
know how he’s feeling.
There’s more
turmoil to come!!”
Can Cain silen
Graham before
Noah cottons on


Jenny’s trap
for Liz!

behind the
bar of the
Rovers. And
Jenny is struggling to
her growing
let go of her doubts
feeling of
about Liz and Johnny
unease is
about to
enny’s jealousy ends
push her to do something very
up getting the better
sneaky indeed…
of her this week – as
“You can hardly blame
she suspects that
Jenny for being suspicious
her hubby Johnny is
– her husband’s bit on the side
still up to no good with his
is there all day, every day,”
floozy, Liz McDonald!
mutters our Coronation Street
Despite the fact that Johnny
insider. “Talk about rubbing it
has assured his missus that his in her face! Now that Johnny
night with Liz was a one-off,
has confessed all, and Jenny’s
Jenny is utterly consumed with given him another chance, he
paranoia while she watches
should be doing everything he
the two of them work closely
can to prove to his wife that


10 lnsideSoap

she’s the only one he wants.
Instead, she has to witness
Johnny and Liz cavorting
around behind the bar together
on a daily basis!”
That would
be plenty
to send even
the sanest
of women
round the
bend – and
Jenny isn’t
low-maintenance! So when
she spots her husband and
Liz exchanging a flirtatious
smile during the quiz night,
it’s enough to send her into
a jealous rage… and she
steals Liz’s phone!

Desperate to catch the
pair of them out, Jenny
surreptitiously scrolls through
her employee’s messages,
looking for evidence that Liz
and Johnny
are still at it.
She’s almost
after her
search comes
up empty
– however,
her secret
sleuthing doesn’t stop there.
Jenny’s next move is to
‘accidentally’ drop Liz’s phone
in some water! When Liz finds
her mobile and realises it’s
kaput, Jenny kindly offers
up her own phone to Liz,

“It’s sad that
Jenny has to
resort to these

She’s injured after taking a tumble…
Adding to Jenny’s worries this week is the fact
that she has a houseguest staying at the Rovers
– in the shape of her injured loved one Rita!
The newsagent comes a cropper when she
slips on some wet paving stones outside the pub,
and twists her ankle. Jenny feels responsible,
seeing as she was cleaning the path when the
accident happened, so invites her foster-mum
to stay at the boozer while she recuperates.
However, while Jenny’s only too happy to play
nursemaid to the poorly pensioner, Johnny’s
sick of Rita cluttering up the Rovers living room
– which is what prompts him to seek solace in
the Bistro. Has Rita’s presence sent him into Liz’s
arms? And how long will the Street stalwart be
out of action thanks to her impromptu injury?

explaining that she’s due to
upgrade to the latest model
anyway. Liz gratefully accepts
the kind offer – but what
exactly is Jenny up to?
“You can bet your bottom
dollar that Jenny isn’t doing
this out of the goodness of her
heart!” insists our mole. “While
it’s not quite clear yet what her
motives are, Jenny is definitely
up to something. Despite
Johnny’s protests that he only
has eyes for his wife, the trust
has clearly gone between
them. It’s sad that Jenny feels
as though she has to resort to
such measures just to keep
her hubby in check!”
Later in the week, Jenny’s
suspicions are raised again

when Johnny announces
that it’s too noisy in the pub,
and he’s heading over to the
Bistro in order to find some
peace and quiet. Jenny
doesn’t believe him for one
second, and decides to
storm over to the local eatery,
certain that she’s going to
catch her other half having a
secret rendezvous with Liz!
So, as the paranoid landlady
bursts into the restaurant to be
confronted with Liz, will we
discover that she really is up
to no good with Johnny? Or
is Jenny about to make a
complete fool of herself, as
she accuses Liz of something
she hasn’t actually done?
Sarah Ellis

Liz and Johnny’s
one-night stand has
caused trust issues

Laura-Jayne snoop

the b



Her revenge revealed
as Ray is arrested on
their wedding day…




ere’s the moment EastEnders’
Mel Owen gets her revenge on
her lying fiancé Ray Kelly – as
he’s arrested on their wedding day!
Despite Mel knowing that Ray has
a secret wife, it’s been full-steam
ahead towards their wedding. And if
reports are to be believed, she’s set
to go through with
marrying Ray – before
having him nicked for
bigamy straight after!
While Mel may look
smug as she carries

The bride and groom
are all smiles – but the
joy won’t last long

12 lnsideSoap

out her plans, has she
underestimated her
new husband?
Hunter looks
“It looks as if Mel
furious with
has won when Ray is
his mum’s
twisted games
bundled into a police
car,” says our Walford
insider. “But this may
only be the beginning of the story – Ray
has proved to be a clever manipulator.
And with time in the force, he may be able
to persuade the police to drop the charges,
leaving him free to carry out his revenge!”
Whatever happens after, the wedding
day – expected to be screened on New
Year’s Day – looks eventful. Ray’s wife

Maddie is in attendance, along with a
third woman – rumoured to be another
of Ray’s secret lovers. There’s no solidarity
on view between the wronged women,
though, as Mel delivers a cracking slap!
While the day certainly brings great
entertainment value to the assembled
residents of Albert Square – who have
put on their glad rags for the big event
– one person who appears distinctly
unamused is Mel’s son Hunter.
“Hunter idolises Ray,” our source
reminds us. “Before the drama, the two
arrive at the ceremony together, so it
seems certain that he’s Ray’s best man
on the day. So after he realises what Mel

Her bad-boy ex Mitch is returning…

Will Keegan be pleased
or peeved to see his
father again?


Slap that! Mel
gives Ray’s
other women

is up to, he won’t be happy. Things have
been strained between Hunter and his
mum, especially when it comes to her
choice of men – he plotted against his
mum and Jack getting together – so
what Mel does could lead to big trouble.”
New EastEnders boss Kate Oates
promised that Mel’s New Year story
would give actress Tamzin Outhwaite
a chance to “flex her acting muscles”
– and judging by these pictures, this
plot is certainly going to do that!

fter a hellish six mon s,
EastEnders’ egan Bak
has needed h father more
than ever – so it’s b tt late
than never that his
ard dad
Mitch is coming ba to Walfor
It’s been revealed hat actor
Roger Griffiths will b reprising his
role as the slippery ustomer –
who we last saw sli king off wit
his tail between his l s after Karen
found out that he w
“It feels great to b returning to
Albert Square and
rking with t
wonderful cast and crew again
– especially the fan stic Taylor
family,” grins Roger. “I’m excited
for the viewers to le rn mor
about Mitch and see what
kind of trouble he g
himself into this tim …”
Upon Mitch setti
foot back in Walfor , it
will appear that th
schemer has a few
tricks up his sleev .
But will he be able to
charm Karen and
family once more?

“I want a word with him!” jokes
actress Lorraine Stanley, who
plays Karen. “He’s the love of
her life. He’s broken her heart,
but she still adores him.
“Roger is such a
brilliant actor,” she
adds. “I love
working with
him. He’s a
lovely bloke
and so natural.”
Roger has
already started
filming again
– meaning
Mitch will rock
up at No 23B
just in time for

Despite his many
faults, Karen
can’t help loving
lnsideSoap 13

Twenty years
ago, Mandy was
marrying her cousin
Butch Dingle – what
drama lies ahead?

Is there
business for
Mandy and


There’s going to be an Emmerdale
family reunion in early 2019…



he news that Mandy
Dingle is to return to
Emmerdale has been
greeted with enthusiasm
by fans, leaving actress
Lisa Riley, who last played
the role 17 years ago,
“Thank you, thank you,
thank you, for all your
incredibly gorgeous,
positive messages
regarding my character
Mandy coming back to
Emmerdale – I am blown
away!” she tweeted.
“To share my news with
everyone has been so
exciting, and then to get
this reaction, has made my
day – I’m beyond giddy.”

14 lnsideSoap

The actress will make her
on-screen return to the
soap where she made her
name in the new year, in
what’s described as a short
‘self-contained’ storyline.
She was last seen in 2001,
where she tried to reunite
with husband Paddy after
her affair destroyed their
marriage. So what brings
her back after all this time?
“Mandy returns to the
village carrying a secret that
turns lives upside down,”
says producer Kate Brooks.
“She’s a character bursting
with fun who certainly
ruffles a few feathers during
her short stint back in the
village. She clearly hasn’t

lost any of the joie de vivre
that made Mandy so popular
and enjoyable to watch.”
Since leaving Emmerdale,
Lisa has made a name for
herself as a TV presenter
and personality – particularly
as a competitor in 2012’s
Strictly Come Dancing – and
has continued acting in
dramas such as Fat Friends,
Three Girls and Age Before
Beauty. But she still admits
to having some nerves…
“My biggest thanks goes
to my fellow cast members
who have welcomed me
back with open arms and
helped me find my way –
being the new girl at school
again!” she laughs.

Does Mandy perhaps contact
her family because she’s
suffering from a condition
that means she needs some
Dingle DNA? In which case,
is she searching for a donor?

Lisa herself has said before
that Mandy slept with Paddy
before they ultimately parted
– so could she possibly have
a 16-year-old in tow who
looks distinctly familiar?

Perhaps she needs cash
desperately, and has come
up with a way for the dodgy
Dingles to help her out – but
at what risk to themselves?

Jen’s gown
and out!


Her return could
mean bad news for
Gary and Sarah…

hey’ve had a rocky
year or two, but
Corrie’s Sarah and
Gary are back in a good
place – or so they think…
The news that Nicola
Rubinstein – mother of
Gary’s baby Zack – is
returning to the cobbles
means there’s trouble ahead
for the pair. Although Nicola
and Gary parted on good
terms back in June, when
she returns to visit Eileen
in January, the mood might
be an awful lot frostier.
“Nicola has
a great heart
– especially
she’s Pat
says our
cobbles spy.
In real life, actress
“But she’s a
Nicola Thorp is dating
feisty one and
her Corrie co-star
Charlie de Melo (Imran)
will always
speak her
mind, so it’s
easy for things to flare up.
Plus, although Sarah has
moved on from Gary and
Nicola having a baby behind
her back, has she truly
forgiven them both? It’ll be
interesting to find out!”

Reports suggest
terror will rock
Weatherield as
Dev’s shop is
the target of a
robbery, leaving
him determined to
ind the
the culprits.
cu p its.

Jack n
the doc

Could Nicola create
a new rift between
Sarah and Gary?

Former EastE
Ender Ja
J ck
Ryder (Jamie Mi
is set to appear in
Holby City. He lll
play consulttan
surgeon Evan
Crowhurst wh
will arrive in 20
“I’m delighte
to be joini g,”
he grins.

Soap SPY...
How heart-warming!

Can a behind-the-scenes soap shot
get any better? Here’s Hollyoaks’
David Tag (Sylver) keeping the
little beauty who plays Carmina
McQueen warm, during a night
shoot. We’re not sure who’s
cuter – the content tot or her
on-screen uncle (or whatever
relation he is – with the McQueens
we can never be entirely sure!).




Hollyoaks’ Jennifer
Metcalfe didn’t let
ilming Mercy’s big day
keep her from lunch
– she went to the pub
for pie and chips in
her dress! “It takes so
long to get of, and
you only get an hour,
so you have to make
the best of it!” she says.

Maaliks in

Yaz is
threatened by
her brother


ollowing the
devastating storm
which took the life
of Tegan Lomax,
the day of Misbah’s
tribunal arrives this week –
but while the hospital board
decide she’s not guilty of
manslaughter, her abusive
son spirals out of control…
Despite allegations of
manslaughter, Misbah is
cleared, with no charges
upheld against her. To
celebrate, Misbah and her
family decide to go for drinks
at the Dog. Unfortunately,
that’s where Tegan’s wake
is being held – and soon
all hell breaks loose!

16 lnsideSoap

“For Misbah, her work is her
life,” explains star Harvey Virdi,
who plays her. “It’s something
she’s always wanted – to save
people. So to be at a hearing
and to have her work under
scrutiny, is huge for her. But in
the joy of not losing her job,
she completely forgets. If she
actually stopped for a minute
to think about it, she might’ve
gone into that situation with a
different energy. The last thing
that Misbah should be doing
is celebrating when Tegan’s
whole family is there.”
Misbah comes face to face
with the distraught Lomaxes
– and in his fury, Ste throws
a glass of wine over her!

Of course, the tribunal and
Tegan’s death are not all that’s
on Misbah’s mind. Her home
life is hardly peaceful, as she’s
being terrorised and abused
by her son, Imran.
“Imran’s behaviour has got
progressively worse,” Harvey
tells us. “Misbah is really
frightened of him. He’s got to
a stage where he just loses it –
he’s in a red mist and he’s off!”
Unbeknown to Misbah, Yaz
tries to come to her mum’s

rescue before the tribunal with
a confession tape from Imran.
However, her brother catches
her in the act and turns on
her. Later, shaken Yaz shows
her bruises to Misbah.
“Misbah’s been in denial for
a long time,” reflects Harvey.
“It’s the realisation that Imran
has now started on his sister.
Where will it go from here if she
doesn’t put her foot down?”
Misbah’s concern also lies
with the other members of her

The last thing Misbah
should do is celebrate in
front of Tegan’s family”

The day of the tragic mum’s funeral
has arrived – but will Ste be there?

Leela is distraught as the residents of Hollyoaks
arrive to pay their respects to her late sister, and
throughout the day, she leans on boyfriend Louis
for support. Meanwhile, Ste’s mind is elsewhere…
After receiving a letter stating that there is no
evidence to support Misbah’s manslaughter
charge, Ste decides to protest outside the hospital
while Misbah is in her plea hearing. But despite the
Lomaxes’ opposition, Misbah still believes that
she did the right thing in trying to save Tegan.
“It’s the doctor’s dilemma,” Harvey tells us. “If
Misbah hadn’t done anything, there would have
been consequences – and even though she did try
to help Tegan, there are consequences for that too.”
With Tegan’s funeral about to begin, can Ste find
the strength to attend and say goodbye to his sister?

The tense situation
escalates, and Misbah
is covered in red wine

clan, Sami and Farrah, and
their reactions. Will they stand
by their mum – or turn against
her if the secret gets out?
“Misbah is frightened,”
confesses Harvey. “It’s the
fear that if she tells anyone
– whether it’s Farrah or Sami –
that they’re going to think
she’s a bad mother. She
ultimately doesn’t want her
son to be taken away.”

Could Imran starting on
Yaz be the wake-up call that
Misbah needs to get him help?
“Misbah’s main strength is
the love she has for her family,”
sighs Harvey. “But it’s the same
thing that makes her weak. She
just wants to give Imran another
chance because he’s her little
boy, and she feels that she
needs to look after him.”
Alice Penwill

Ste is unable to
contain his rage at
his sister’s wake

lnsideSoap 17





errified Sally faces
the jury’s verdict
this week, as the
prosecution paints
her as a manipulative,
money-hungry seductress.
Sally is in a terrible state
when she prepares to take
the stand, especially as her
lawyer Paula is threatening to
tell the prosecution that she
deliberately put herself in the
hospital in order to buy time.
She knows that her and Abi’s
stupid plan could cost them
dearly, and any damage to

18 lnsideSoap

her credibility could destroy
her chances of convincing the
jury she’s innocent. So, when
Sally takes to the stand, she’s
under serious pressure.
“It’s Sally’s word against the
mountain of evidence that
Duncan created to frame her,”
warns our Weatherfield source.
“She’s desperate and delivers
a heartfelt testimony, telling the
jury that she never entered an
affair with sleazy Duncan,
never stole money from the
council and is deeply in love
with her husband. But even

Tim doubts what really
happened, and if he can’t
believe Sally didn’t betray him,
she’s facing an uphill battle.”
One person she’s counting
on is Gina, who has agreed to
act as a character witness for
her sister. It’s a mystery as to
why Sally would rely on Gina
– who is a wildcard at best –

to take such an important role
in her trial. But no matter what
everyone else makes of Gina,
Sally believes that she can rely
on her sister to come through
for her. Is Sally right?
Once everyone has said
their piece, it’s time for the
prosecution and defence to
sum up their cases. While

By the time she gets
out, Sally might have
lost everything…”

Tim is having some
doubts about his wife’s
version of events

the time that she’s freed,
there’s a chance that Sally
will have lost everything.”
When the court resumes
and Sally waits to hear which
way the jury will go, everybody
is terrified for the future. But
what she doesn’t realise is

that having listened to all the
evidence, Tim is formulating
his own verdict on his wife’s
conduct, and he’s far from
convinced that Sally is the
innocent party. Will her worst
nightmare come true?
Kate White

Lawyer Paula has had enough…

Sally puts her faith
in Gina to deliver a
character reference

the evidence against Sally is
reiterated and she’s talked
of as a scheming criminal
fuelled by lust, Tim struggles
to cope. Paula does her
best to consolidate Sally’s
defence, yet it’s a nail-biting
moment as the jury retires
to consider its verdict.

“If Sally is found guilty, she
will be facing a long prison
sentence and the devastation
of being sent down for a crime
she didn’t commit,” muses our
insider. “Meanwhile, Tim will be
left alone and, given how close
he and Gina are becoming,
they might get even closer! By

There’s heartbreak for Sophie this week, as her
girlfriend Paula calls time on their romance.
Things have been tricky since Paula found out it
was Sophie who told Sally that she should fake an
accident to stall the trial – which wasn’t the first
time that Sophie had done something criminal to
protect a loved one! Paula had to order her to tell
the police the truth about what happened with pal
Ryan and overdose victim Cormac, then there was
the shame of her behaviour against the judge at
Speed Daal, where she put Sal’s freedom at risk.
All things considered, Paula decides that Sophie
isn’t the woman for her and dumps her, leaving
Soph in despair. Can she convince Paula to give
her another chance, or is their relationship over?

lnsideSoap 19


go to
the ball,


iam and Bernice’s
romance looks set to
be scuppered by their
conniving kids this
week – as Liam’s daughter
Leanna and Bernice’s
teenager Gabby join forces!
While Bernice prepares to
attend a gala with her dishy
doctor, Leanna informs her
that she’s chosen an unsuitable

outfit. So in a rush, Bernice
picks up an unflattering dress
in the hope that it will be much
more appropriate – but the
Dales lady is left with a face as
red as the monstrosity she’s
wearing! Will her humiliating
wardrobe malfunction leave
Bernice back on the shelf?
“The poor woman!” wails our
village insider. “Bernice is so

Gabby and Leanna
team up to prise
apart their parents

20 lnsideSoap

excited about the prospect
of a glamorous night out on
Liam’s arm, yet Gabby and
Leanna are determined to
rip their parents’ relationship
to shreds. While Leanna is
dishing out supposedly helpful
fashion advice, Gabby is
insisting to Liam
that her mother
is looking for
some serious
from him. By
the time Bernice
turns up at the
Woolpack looking like a poor
man’s Princess Bride, it looks
as though those pesky girls are
getting their wicked way…”
Prior to their kids cooking up
this shameless scheme, Liam
and Bernice’s partnership is
blossoming nicely. Having

finally binned off her hapless
other half Daz, Bernice is
smitten with the handsome
local medic – but Leanna and
Gabby are having none of it…
“Bernice is finally feeling
happy again after a serious
blip in her love life – though
after Gabby
claims Bernice
is after all or
nothing, Liam
starts to feel
uneasy,” shares
our spy. “And
it’s almost too
easy for Leanna to trick Bernice
into taking a trip into town to
buy a ridiculous red meringue!
Liam’s face says it all as she
meets him in the pub – and
Leanna is positively gleeful…”
It doesn’t take long for
Bernice – or her fuming pal

“Liam’s face
says it all,
and Leanna
is gleeful!”

Your soap story

Wish list!
alcoholic Graham
needs someone to
get him out of his
slump. He needs
the love of a good
woman! And
who better than
Laurel? She’s had
her own battle
with the booze
and – gosh – is
suddenly single…”
…says reader Dee
“I’m sure I spotted a glint
in Mercedes’ eye when
she irst spotted Sinead’s
hubby Laurie in the pub!
Surely it’s only a matter of
time before those two fall
into each other’s arms –
they’d be the best-looking
couple on Hollyoaks!”
…predicts reader
Margaret from Bath
“With Peter Barlow buying the
snooker hall, what’s the betting
that one of his neighbours is a
secret demon player? I nominate
Kirk! He’d seem a pushover, but
then would clear the table in one
go. The ultimate hustler!”
…laughs reader Jim from Slough
Luckily for Bernice,
Kerry has her back when
she’s embarrassed

Kerry – to work out what
Leanna’s been doing,
though. While Bernice
points out what the teen
has done, she only feels
worse when Liam sides
with his daughter.
But when Leanna gets
up to more mischief later
in the week, might Bernice
be given the chance to
save her flailing relationship
before it’s too late?
“It seems that Leanna’s
cruel capabilities know no

bounds,” tuts our sneak.
“A matter a days after
landing Bernice in hot
water, she sets her sights
on Noah, claiming that
she’s undertaking dares to
outdo a local school gang
– and goads him to steal
a bottle of vodka.
“However, will she get
away with these latest
shenanigans? Or will her
father realise that she isn’t
so innocent after all?”
Allison Jones

“Mariam and Arshad
need to get out of their
living room and
connect with more
characters. How about
they take over running
the community centre?
They could get mixed
up in everyone’s
…suggests reader Anika
Each week, we invite readers to share their dream
soap storylines on our lnsideSoap Facebook page.
Check it out and join in the fun at
insidesoap. Or you can email your idea to us at There’s a £10 prize
for every suggestion we publish in the magazine!
lnsideSoap 21





The truth comes out
following a confrontation
at the Queen Vic

22 lnsideSoap

Martin is conflicted over the
situation involving his wife’s
best mate and his own pals


he Queen Vic is the hub of
intense debate this week, as
Ruby’s rape ordeal becomes
public knowledge. The local
residents are forced to
challenge their own perceptions on the
subject of consent after Martin’s mates,
Ross and Matt, are charged by the
police for Ruby’s assault – putting her
in a very uncomfortable position when
people realise that she is the woman
who reported them…
“Both boys are charged, which is a
shock for Ruby at first,” explains star
Louisa Lytton, who plays
her. “In Ruby’s mind she
was raped by Matt, and
she doesn’t think that
Ross had anything to do
with it. But actually, Ross
was complicit in what
Matt did to her, and
enabled it to happen. It’s
a lot for Ruby to take in.”
Guilt washes over Ruby as she
shares the news with Martin, who does
his best to support her while still feeling
conflicted over his old school pals.
“There a twinge of uneasiness on
Ruby’s part as Ross and Matt are Martin’s
friends, and she’s worried that it’s going
to create a problem for her best mate
Stacey’s husband,” shares Louisa. “The
fact that they’ve been charged means
there could be a court case – and Ruby
knows that’s the right thing, but she just
wants to put it to the back of her mind.”

However, this being Walford, that is
the complete opposite of what Ruby
is able to do, after the local newspaper
runs a story on the rape.
“Ruby bumps into Jay – as they are
striking up a bit of a friendship – and he
drops the Walford Gazette down in front
of her,” reveals Louisa. “She knows that
it’s gone to the paper and that her name
hasn’t been reported – but the last thing
that she wants is for people to know, or
even be talking about it.
“I think for Ruby she has a lot of
self-doubt, and that’s one of the main
reasons why some
women don’t come
forward,” adds the
actress. “She knows
what happened didn’t
feel right, yet for a while
she’s not sure that it’s
rape and if she could
have done anything to
stop it. She’s worried that people won’t
believe her when they find out, and feels
as though the whole world is looking at
her. They’re not – it’s all her own paranoia,
but then it all comes out in the Vic.”
The drama unfolds after Ruby and
Stacey head over to the pub, unaware
that Martin is already there with Ross and
Matt. The scenes that follow form what
is a special episode for EastEnders – with
Ruby’s story the sole focus as the other
characters realise that she, Ross and
Matt are the people being talked about
in the newspaper article…

“Ruby is
worried that
people won’t
believe her”

lnsideSoap 23

“The episode is entirely set
in the Queen Vic with a smaller
amount of characters that
I wouldn’t usually see,” explains
Louisa. “Ruby walks into the
pub and everyone has seen
the article, and they’re all
speculating over the case. She
thinks everyone will work out
it’s her when she hears things
such as, ‘These young girls
who go out in short skirts…’”
As Ruby desperately tries
to ignore what everyone is

Local residents Denise
and Kush give their
opinions on the hot topic

talking about, Stacey spots
Martin across the room with
Ross and Matt – and that’s
when Ruby’s secret explodes.
“Stacey is about to fly off the
handle, but Ruby is anxious for
her to keep quiet so as not to
expose her,” says Louisa. “And
then Glenn – the third guy at the
club that night but not involved
in the rape – storms over and
blurts out stuff, and everyone
realises the girl in the paper is
Ruby. She thinks, ‘Oh my God,
everyone knows it’s me’.”
With the truth out, Ruby tries
to put on a brave face – but
the following day it’s clear that
she’s struggling when the stress
overwhelms her in the market.
Its Whitney who ends up
coming to Ruby’s aid – no
doubt as a result of her own
history with sexual abuse.
While the women share a
meaningful heart-to-heart, can
Ruby stay strong in the face of
intense scrutiny? Or will the
pressure cause her to crack?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

“It was scary
filming in the Vic!”
Louisa talks us through her
EastEnders return so far…
It’s the first opportunity
that we’ve had to speak
with Louisa since Ruby’s
hard-hitting plot aired –
and the star tells us that
the storyline has been a
real eye-opener for her…

What has the response
to Ruby’s ordeal been
like from the viewers?
So many women have
messaged me on social
media and sent emails to
my agent to personally say
thank you for doing the

24 lnsideSoap

story. When I was in the show
before, there was no direct
contact other than fan mail,
so to receive that response, it
just goes to show that people
have really bought into it.

Did you feel pressure when
ilming the big reveal
episode in the Vic?
Everyone in the show
will tell you that
filming in the Vic is
scary – even people
that I’m in awe of
like Steve McFadden

Ruby is anxiouss fo
Stacey to keep uiet
and not expose h
[who plays Phil] and Letitia
Dean [aka Sharon] say it.
Everyone is staring at Ruby
at the end, and my knees
went weak. I was so nervous –
but some people don’t really
understand ‘the Vic fear’
when everyone looks at you!

Has doing this storyline
made you reassess your
own views surrounding
the issue of consent?
It’s led my own circle of
friends to talk to me about
their experiences, and now
they’re asking me questions
about things we’ve been
through. It’s not something
you discuss – you’d think our
generation would be
the one to discuss it,
but we don’t. I’ve
never had those
conversations with
my friends before.

Jay has his heart set on his new friend…
Prior to Ruby’s secret being revealed in the Vic,
there’s the sweetest little spark flickering between
her and Jay. Star Jamie Borthwick (who plays Jay)
recently hinted at the Inside Soap Awards that he
and Louisa have been filming together of late –
and this week, Jay plucks up the courage to ask
Ruby on a date. But with everything that she has
going on, will Ruby ever see Jay in that way?
“The friendship that develops between Ruby
and Jay becomes her safe place,” explains Louisa.
“Initially she doesn’t want to go near anybody, and
men are the last thing she wants. However, at the
same time, Ruby needs the comfort of a man, and
she likes that Jay is around rather than that she
likes the attention. It’s a bit ‘will-they-won’t they?’.
He’s a very soft, tentative and loving guy.”

Will Ruby be
sticking around
in Walford?
I’m there for a
while. We have
our new boss
[Kate Oates] now,
so after Christmas
it will be all her
stuff. I’ve met
with Kate and
she’s lovely – everyone is
excited and there is a really
good atmosphere. John
Yorke [EastEnders’ executive
consultant] brought me back,
so I’m very grateful for that.

If Ruby’s father Johnny
Allen was still around in
Albert Square, do you think
things would be different?
There would’ve been a few
more murders, I’m guessing!
My first EastEnders experience
was me and Billy Murray

[aka Johnny],
and of course
Lacey [Turner,
who plays
Stacey]. Being
here without
him at first
was really
strange. But
I don’t think
that they can
bring another character
back from the dead!

Are you looking forward
to having some time off
over Christmas?
I’m going to Hawaii on
Boxing Day, which I booked
before coming back to
EastEnders. I want to see lots
of the island and I’m hoping
to do some watersports and
hiking – so I’ll probably be
really tanned in March
when I’m on screen!

lnsideSoap 25



asty nanny Alice
comes close to being
rumbled by Piper
this week – and is
forced to silence her!
Alice panics when she hears
that some information about
Andrea’s mother is being
delivered to Toadie’s office,
and she sets out to intercept
it before the Rebecchi family
discovers her true identity. But
after her plot is interrupted by
Piper, Alice has to take drastic
action to cover her tracks…
“Alice sneaks up behind
Piper with a crowbar – this
woman isn’t messing around!”
gasps Mavournee Hazel, who
plays the injured party. “It’s a
surprise to Piper, who takes a
pretty hard knock to the head.”
Viewers will know that evil
Alice – aka Andrea’s mum –
has been secretly trying to

26 lnsideSoap

drive a wedge between Toadie
and Sonya, hoping that will
leave the path clear for Toadie
to be with her daughter. So the
last thing she needs is them
finding out who she really is!
After hitting Piper over the
head, Alice swipes the vital
documents, which have been
delivered courtesy of Paul’s
private investigator. But as
she’s about to make a run for
it, Alice spots Ned coming
towards her – so is forced
to pretend that she’s just
foiled a break-in!
“Piper is lucky, as
she’s not badly injured
– it could have been
a lot worse,” says
Mavournee. “She’s
not suspicious at all
about Alice, she sees
her as a guardian
angel at this point.”

in another
nasty act

While Pipe
er iss checked over
at the hospita
al, no one is any
the wiser as to what evil Alice
was up to. But how long can
she continue
with her cruel
vendetta beforre someone
o her? And will
cottons on to
e that something
Piper realiise
he supposed
about th
k-in’ just doesn’t
m to add up?
Piper thinks it
was probably just
ds, because she

You can say

that again!

cheating cow!”
Kat found the perfect
description for
Bev Slater.

“How are you
feeling? I didn
sleep very well at
all last night.”

“You knew what you
were getting when you lured
him away with your tousled
updo and your big green eyes.
Was it worth it, Laurel?”
It’s awful to see women fight.
But to see them fighting over
Bob Hope is an utter

“I blame that
prosecco. Tell me, when
did all that start? In my day
we used to drink Asti Spumante.
We thought we were the height
of sophistication.”
At Inside Soap, we prefer a glass
of cava. Is that more or less
classy than prosecco?
“A drop of
whisky always
helped with you.
Rubbed it on your
gums and you
went straight

Piper is out cold
following evil Alice’s
brutal attack

saw some hanging around
Lassiters,” reveals Mavournee.
“But then she wonders why
kids would break into a law
firm when Harold’s is next
door – and she begins to do
a bit of digging of her own…
“I’d love Piper to be the one
who finally rumbles Alice, as
Piper is pretty cluey,” she
adds. “However, Alice is a
champion at deception, so
it could be a challenge!”
Sarah Ellis

I’d much rather be
here with you than watch
your dad rearrange
his olive display.”
That’s a euphemism
we’ve never heard

“So, you
got any dates

“Well, that
explains a lot.”
Having met Bev,
we think it’s perfectly
reasonable for Hayley to
blame her for every one
of her troubles.
Poor girl.

“I have as
it happens. Ian,
mid-40s, bit of a blurry
photo, but he’s not one
for technology. Probably
means he looks like Shrek.”
Well, if she’s lucky. With
internet dating, there’s a
good chance he’ll look
more like Donkey.


Johnny’s gesture paves
the way for his daughter
to pursue IVF treatment


ate and Rana
take their first
tentative steps to
becoming parents
this week, after
Johnny offers to pay the bill
for their IVF treatment. And
as Kate pushes forward with
her plans, she makes a big
suggestion herself – and asks
Robert to father the baby!
When Rana and Kate look at
their options, they’re shocked
to discover the process of IVF
will set them back several
thousand pounds. However, as
Johnny learns of their financial
woes, he comes to their
rescue. It’s fantastic news for
both Kate and Rana – or is it?
“Kate is desperate for a
baby, and when she mentions
it to her dad, you can see how
she’s trying to fill that void
since her brother Aidan’s
death,” says Faye Brookes,
who plays her. “She misses
that family unit, and this baby
could be something that she
takes care of and protects.
Johnny then has a conversation
with Rita that suddenly ignites
something in him, and there’s
a possibility he will be able to
fund it. It’s still a lot of money!”
Kate is too caught up in her
own excitement to notice that

28 lnsideSoap



her lover isn’t nearly as
overjoyed – because unseen
by either Kate or Johnny, the
look on Rana’s face isn’t one
of genuine joy!
She’s not as
keen to be
a mother, and
while she
doesn’t want
to burst Kate’s
bubble, she’s
secretly been
hoping that the high price of
IVF might put off her eager
partner for a while.
Nevertheless, Rana paints
on a smile, and the two

women are soon at the fertility
clinic to take the next step.
While Kate is practically
hopping up and down with
Rana does her
best to seem
thrilled too.
“Kate tells
Rana that she’ll
be the one to
carry the baby,”
reveals Faye.
“I don’t think anything will faze
her right now. She’ll just beg,
borrow and steal it. That’s how
much she wants it. She’ll go
the whole way, with no turning

“Kate is
desperate and
determined to
have a baby!”

back. Throughout this
whole process, she’s seeing
something that will make her
happy, and I don’t think she
realises that Rana is what
will really make her happy!
She’s become blinded by
this baby idea, and will stop
at absolutely nothing.”
Later, Kate enthusiastically
tells her dad about the trip to
the clinic, and Johnny can’t
hide his delight about the
prospect of another grandchild
arriving soon. However, Rana’s
smile is beginning to crack,
and she confesses to Kate
that she’s not happy about the

“Kate can’t
wait for her
dad to walk her
down the aisle!”
Faye reckons that her character is
most definitely taking charge…
With Kate obsessed with babies, and Rana having
doubts, will the couple make it down the aisle?
“They’ve spent so much time apart, love is in
the air completely,” reckons Faye. “They are just
infatuated with each other, and they can’t wait
to start making plans for the future.”
But will those plans be made jointly –
or will Kate be the one taking charge?
“Because Rana has been married
before, she’s slightly reserved,”
suggests Faye. “Whereas Kate
is the opposite. This is the first
time, and she knows she’s
marrying the woman of her
dreams. She wants the
perfect dress, and can’t wait
for her dad to walk her down
Rana doesn’t seem
quite as excited
the aisle. So I think she’s far
for marriage
more excited than Rana…”
as Kate

idea of a complete stranger
fathering their child.
“It puts a spanner in the
works for Kate,” admits Faye.
“She is really determined,
though. She thinks, ‘Well, if it
can’t be a stranger, let’s search
elsewhere’. She has so many
options spinning around her
head – and even thinks about
adoption. So while Rana is at
work, Kate storms into the
medical centre and drops this
bombshell that they’ll adopt!”
Angry at being disturbed,
Rana sends her fiancée
packing. Wounded, Kate
drowns her sorrows, and then

drunkenly asks Robert
to donate his sperm!
“Everything Kate says is
to do with babies,” sighs
Faye. “Robert lets his guard
down and confides that he’s
always wanted to be a dad.
That’s when the penny drops
for Kate, and she thinks
that Robert could be the
answer to everything!”
Robert tells Kate that her
suggestion is ridiculous and
turns her down. However, with
Kate hell-bent on being a
mum, will she grind him down
and force him to agree?
Tom Spilsbury

Kate is inspired after
Robert shares his
fatherhood desires


Will he leave the
country with Ciara?


ylan has a big decision
to make about his
future this week, after
he and Ciara are involved in
a terrifying car accident!
In the wake of the dramatic
crash, Dylan must choose
whether to stick around and
treat the injured patients –
who include Ciara’s abusive
husband Joel – or flee the
scene with Ciara, who’s
desperate to escape her
nasty hubby’s clutches.

Ultimately, Dylan knows
that he can’t leave the site
while people are hurt, so the
consultant quickly swings
into action. By the time the
paramedics arrive, Ciara has
decided to head home and
pack a bag, knowing that
her wicked husband will be

at the hospital being patched
up for a little while at least.
But as she prepares to leave
the country in a bid to get
away from Joel once and for
all, will Dylan decide to go
with her? Or has their rocky
romance already caused them
both enough heartache?

Move in with me!


here’s a major
development in
Charity’s relationship
with Vanessa this week, after
a childcare disaster prompts
her to suggest the idea of
them getting a place together!
When Charity is left in charge
of her young son Moses and

big step!


rave Jack makes
Kevin proud this
week – by launching
a charity fund-raiser and
taking his first steps with his
new prosthetic leg. The

30 lnsideSoap

kind-hearted youngster
seeks advice from mentor
Greg when he has the
idea of doing a one-legged
race to raise money.
Everyone agrees that
it’s a great idea, but Kevin
struggles after Jack falls
and hurts himself during the
event. However, Jack rallies
and is soon ready to start
using his new prosthesis,
impressing his doting dad.
Despite small setbacks, can
Jack continue to flourish?

Vanessa’s boy Johnny, she
is mortified after plastering
permanent paint on their faces
instead of the washable type
– and then the kids go AWOL!
Thankfully, they’re found safe
and sound by Marlon, which is
when Charity moots the idea
of her, Moses, Johnny and
Vanessa moving in together –
and Vanessa agrees! But will it
be happy families from now on?

Tom 4 Harley?
Channel 4 MONDAY


arley’s in for a big
surprise this week –
when Tom launches
himself at her!
The schoolgirl has been
jealous of the fact that her
girlfriend Peri has been
spending lots of time with her

ex and their daughter, Steph,
and accuses Tom of still being
in love with Peri. However,
she’s got the wrong end of
the stick, and it’s actually her
who Tom is interested in!
So how will Harley react
when Tom plants a smacker
on her? And once she’s over
the initial shock, will she tell
Peri about the kiss?

snogs Leah!


erena attempts
to email her longdistance lover Bernie
this week. But in between
hot flushes brought on by
the menopause, a patient’s
severed fingers going

missing, and a huge
investigation at the hospital
following the John Gaskell
scandal, Serena can’t
quite find the words.
However, a tough day on
the ward ends with her and
Leah sharing a passionate
kiss! What on earth will
Serena say to Bernie now?

Is there still a spark
between Paul and
his ex-secretary?
Channel 5 MONDAY


ith dad Paul
constantly trying to
sabotage their own
relationships, Leo and Amy
take matters into their own
hands regarding his love
life this week – so give
his old pal Jane a call!
Jane believes she’s
been summoned on
business – but when
she arrives at the
hotel, she’s told that
there’s an ‘electrical
problem’ and her

room isn’t available.
Luckily, Paul steps in
and lets her stay in
his penthouse…
But just as the
set-up seems as if
it’s going to work,
Paul gets suss. He

realises the issue with the
electrics is just an excuse,
and angrily confronts Terese
about meddling in his affairs!
Can his kids convince
him to give romance with
Jane a shot? Or will Paul carry
on with his revenge plan?
lnsideSoap 31

Mel befriends Maddie!




cheming Mel gets
closer to Ray’s wife
Maddie this week, by
booking some personal
training sessions with her.
Maddie has no idea that Mel
is engaged to her husband,

and that Ray is preparing
to commit bigamy. Having
rumbled Ray’s deception, Mel
is secretly plotting – and asks
a jeweller to make a replica
of the ring he bought her.
Once the fake is ready, Mel
goes to Jack for some advice.
What does she have planned
for her love-rat fiancé?

Kiss this!


acob struggles to hide
his emotions this week,
following his kiss with
Maya – and deliberately
spends more time with Liv
in a bid to get a reaction
from his dad’s girlfriend!

David is puzzled by his
son’s odd behaviour after he
tries to give him advice about
relationships. Meanwhile,
Maya knows why he’s playing
up, and realises that Jacob’s
feelings for her are growing
stronger by the day.
Does his developing crush
on her risk being exposed?

Leyla’s dilemma!
Will she lose the man she loves?


eyla must battle
her conscience this
week, when she realises
that her fiancé Clive is
planning to stitch up Frank
and flee the country!
As Frank and Clive put their
plot into action, they load the
forged painting into Megan’s
car. Leyla agrees to
be the getaway
driver, but she’s
furious when
she realises
that Clive
is really
plotting to
his partner in

32 lnsideSoap

crime. Nevertheless, she has
a hard choice to make – if she
listens to what her inner voice
is telling her, she will almost
certainly lose Clive completely.
Given that Clive has declared
his undying love for her,
and even brought her in on
the sting, her loyalties are
seriously torn. Will Leyla do
the right thing, or stay quiet for
the sake of her engagement?
Meanwhile, when
Megan finds out about
the con, she tells
Frank that it’s over
between them.
Will there be any
winners at the
end of all this, or
will the gang end
up behind bars?

Is Jude dead?

Mary and Angie must identify a body…


oor Mary is put in a
situation that no mother
should ever face this
week, as police ask her to
identify a dead body, believing
that it could be her son, Jude.
Mary is initially encouraged
after a man called Darren
contacts the ‘Find Jude’
campaign to say that he saw

the missing fella in Withington.
However, any hope that Jude
could be alive and well is all
but extinguished when the
police get in touch. Jude’s wife
Angie accompanies Mary to
the mortuary to see if they can
make a positive identification.
As they enter the small
room, both women are full
of trepidation about what
they will see. Will their worst
fears be confirmed?


& RADIO...

● This week, Wayne
is left reeling at the
sour idea of Orla have
a ‘saviour sibling’ with
Tommy. Meanwhile,
Phoebe is thrown as
Mairead proposes
a move to Dublin, and
Damien is dragged
into the mix. Also,
Decco agrees to
Ritchie’s dodgy job –
will he be caught out?

Channel 4 FRIDAY


arren and Nancy’s
separation turns a
whole lot nastier this
week, as Darren files for full
custody of their children!
Since the revelation of
Darren and Mandy’s affair,
the Osbornes have tried to
be civil for the sake of Charlie
and Oscar. But now, Darren
wants to hire an expensive
lawyer to fight his corner.
Kyle hires James for
Nancy – and the lawyer tells
her that she should stop
her cheating husband from
seeing the kids altogether.
Who will win this battle?


Teenage tantrum


aniel discovers that
his daughter Izzie is
struggling to settle
into her new school this
week, after he and Zara
are called in for a meeting.
Determined to discipline
Izzie, Zara reckons it’s time for
a few house rules. But when
she suggests that use of her
mobile phone should be strictly
limited, all hell breaks
loose! Zara’s mortified
as Izzie tells her to
shut up, prompting
her own son, Joe, to
wade into the mix.
Can Daniel bring
his disobedient little
girl into line?

● Maggie is feeling
the pressure this
week, as she tries to
keep Ruby’s abortion
a secret. But when
Ruby collapses, will
she reveal the truth?
Elsewhere, Kim
receives a worrying
phone call about her
mum – Isabel has
gone missing! Can
she be tracked down?

● Jazzer proves
himself to Hannah
this week, but Fallon
worries that Jazzer
will just get his heart
broken. Also in the
village, the stress
continues for Lily as
she tries to make up
for a terrible year –
will this help clear
her head? Finally,
Kenton’s secret looks
set to be exposed…
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 33









After a traumatic day, distracted
Kat falls of her moped…
● Clever Mel makes contact
with Ray’s wife Maddie!
● Ruby is filled with relief – only
to then be hit by more dread.



● Pollard and Rodney begin to
bond – much to Faith’s chagrin.

The jury delivers its verdict
– is Sally going down?

● Marlon professes his undying love
for Jessie – how will she respond?

● Rita twists her ankle while minding
her own business outside the pub!

Leyla volunteers herself
to be a getaway driver!
● Megan is mad when she discovers
that Frank has been conning again.
Sad Jessie scatters her
late husband’s ashes…
● Gabby stirs up trouble in
Bernice and Liam’s relationship!

● Jack hits upon the idea of a
one-legged race fund-raiser!
● Angie is determined to
move on with her life…
Kate and Rana take a trip to the
IVF clinic to meet the consultant.




● Mel starts to squeeze information
out of unsuspecting Maddie.
Kat breaks down after
drowning her sorrows…
● Jay asks out Ruby on a date – are
they more than just good pals?




● Mary and Angie identify a
body – is missing Jude dead?

Bernice sufers a very public
humiliation in the Woolpack!
● Graham knocks back the booze
– leaving Priya concerned…
● Rodney fakes an illness so he can
continue hanging out with Pollard.

● Kat struggles to come to terms
with recent events and lashes out.

● Cain’s secret is in terrible
danger of being exposed!

Ruby’s rape ordeal is made
painfully public in the Vic…
● …after the locals debate among
themselves on the topic of consent!

● Charity is stung as Vanessa
insults her parenting skills.

● Whitney reaches out to
support vulnerable Ruby.
It is Hayley’s birthday, and
she’s rewarded with a cake…
● …but the celebrations grind to
a halt once Alfie turns up again!



Drunken Graham swoops in
for a smooch with Megan.
● Robert contemplates whether
to be Kate’s sperm donor.


● Kevin feels emotional as
Jack tries his prosthetic leg.

Evelyn goes too far while
babysitting Hope and Ruby…

● Devious Leanna leads Noah
astray with antisocial behaviour…
Vanessa and Charity are at
odds about motherhood!
● Maya overhears Jacob asking
Liv to go to the cinema with him.

● Tifany sinks deeper into the
murky underworld of teen gangs!

● Which Weatherfield woman
receives an unexpected windfall?

● Cain’s guilt intensifies – leading
to a stunning admission…

● There’s comedy chaos in the choir
for Karen and co – how come?

● Tracy and Steve are bemused
to think that Amy fancies Aadi…

● Nice guy Noah looks set to
go down a much darker path!

● Alfie’s return certainly sets
the Kat among the pigeons…

● There’s a canine catastrophe at
No 9 – and Evelyn isn’t happy!

● The fight is on between Doug and
Bob – who will win Brenda’s heart?



The perfect Christmas treat
for you – or a great gift for
the soap fan in your life!

● Tom leans in for a kiss with Harley,
who is quick to push him away!
The village comes together
for Tegan’s funeral…
● …but furious Ste causes drama
as he throws a drink over Misbah.
Simone tries to reject Louis,
yet they end up kissing!
● Sinead has an interview for a job
as a nurse – how will she fare?
● Ste hears a noise and goes to
investigate – what will he find?

Plain Jane Superbrain is
back on Ramsay Street…
● …and Paul is rattled when he
realises it’s because of Amy.
● Elly is disappointed after she
doesn’t get promoted at work!
● Aaron and David are at loggerheads
about their parent journey…
● It transpires that Jane is in
charge of Erinsborough High!
Terese and Leo declare their
love for each other at last.

● Yasmine reveals to Misbah that
Imran has been beating her up too.

● Chloe finally tells her relatives
that she has Huntington’s disease.

● Tony is suspicious of Laurie – and
it seems that he has good reason…

Alice is about to be rumbled
by Piper – so she attacks her!
● Jane wastes no time in cracking
the whip at the school…

Simone and Louis are caught
in a compromising position!
● Sally is forced to decide whether
to be honest or keep quiet.
Sinead loses control and rips
up all of Laurie’s clothes…
● …after becoming convinced
that he is cheating on her.

The Brennan brothers reel
following Chloe’s health news!
● Piper is rushed to hospital, while
Alice is quick to play the hero.
● Toadie and Sonya are flabbergasted
to hear that Andrea’s mum is dead.

Darren vows to destroy Nancy
and get custody of the kids…
● …so Kyle ropes in James to
help Nancy fight tooth and nail.
● Meanwhile, Mandy just wants
peace – but will she get it?

● Sheila prepares for her trip to
New Zealand, but ignores Xanthe.

● Laurie and Sienna are both
desperate to impress Sally!

● Who does Dipi land in trouble
with her loose tongue?

● Which villager is surprised when
they win £200 on a scratch card?
● Farrah is eager for Misbah to
help Grace redecorate her flat…

● Gary and Amy navigate the issue
of money in their relationship…
● Sonya’s health deteriorates
thanks to Alice’s sick games!

● Bea and Ned finally quit playing
games and become a couple.
Sonya begins to grow
increasingly unwell…

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My favourites in Corrie at the moment are
‘Aud and Claud’ – they have me in stitches with
their constant bickering and one-upmanship
(upwomanship?). They’re the Street’s answer
to Alexis and Krystle in Dynasty. I hope that
I’m half as up-for-it when I’m their age!
| Jessie, Belfast

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Why is the normally strong Cain
so worried that he’s going to be
implicated in the murder of Joe
by Graham? Yes, I know that he
thinks he did it, but there can’t be
a scrap of evidence, and there were
certainly no other witnesses when
Cain hit Joe. And if the body does
turn up, all the evidence will
point squarely at Graham. So
come on, Cain – call his bluff!
| Ellie, Huddersield
And that’s if Joe is even dead at
all. I deinitely don’t think he is!

I know it’s not good to support
violence, but I really laughed
when EastEnders’ Rainie and Cora
36 lnsideSoap

walloped each other in the Queen
Vic. It was just the shock of it.
And then even that seemed like
nothing by the time Cora brained
her daughter with a frying pan.
That family… The police were
right to whisk Baby Abi away!
| Simone
It’s time for Tanya to come back
to look after that poor kiddie!

Let’s hope this
violence is just a
flash in the pan

Following on from the letter in
your last issue about Tori and
Mason in Home and Away treating
members of their own family at
the hospital, I’d also like to know
how Mason has time to study for
a medical degree and work at the
gym full-time. If I’d realised that
training to be a doctor was so easy,
I would have done it myself!
| Ben, Widnes
Those rippling muscles must give
him some kind of superpowers!

Join our
community at

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on twitter
Cain tried hard to remember
the bad boy he was when he
first arrived in the Dales

It’s really sad that Tracy has
caused so much trouble for
Abi in Corrie – but the idea of
them putting Abi in prison
with Sally is soap genius!
| Anna
I agree. I think Abi and Sally
will bring out the best in
each other – eventually!

One of the funniest scenes this
week was when ‘Nanny Alice’
in Neighbours went for her secret
night out to the pub, and tried
to crack on to Karl – hilarious!

Alice is in wonderland
while causing trouble
in Erinsborough

Especially as he was too dimwitted
to realise what she was up to.
I hope we get to see more of her
wild side before she’s rumbled!
| Rebecca
I can’t believe Karl thought she
was genuinely interested in his
stories about bicycle lanes!


Thank God that Hayley is
away from her mum
again and back with
the Slaters. I loved it
when Kat came to the
rescue. And Hayley
shouldn’t worry
so much about
how to bring
up her baby.
She has
a whole
of other
mums and
| Maggie
All will be ine
as long as Alie
doesn’t turn up…
Oh (see p4).



Hollyoaks’ Mercedes truly believed that
her sixth attempt at getting hitched would
end happily ever after – but it turned out
to be her most disastrous wedding yet,
after the groom was murdered by Breda!
I’ve watched every single
one of Mercedes’ weddings
in Hollyoaks, and I didn’t
think anything could top her
nuptials to Dr Browning. But
I have to say that this one
was my favourite yet! It had
everything you could want
from a McQueen wedding –
outrageous outfits, insults,
punch-ups, Nana – and to top
it all off, Breda was unmasked
as a serial killer! I loved it.
| Hannah, Essex

Oh my God, I can’t believe
that Breda is a murderer!
What a brilliant twist. And
you know what? I kind of
agree with all of her crimes!
Obviously horrible Glenn
needed to be bumped off,
and Carl wasn’t very nice
either. Russ was a dirty cheat,
and didn’t deserve Mercy or
Goldie. So I reckon Breda did
everyone a favour by getting
rid of those scoundrels!
| Kelvin


Despite the fact
that I totally
accept why
Brenda isn’t
willing to give
house room to
her cheating
ex Bob, I really
hope that this
storyline isn’t
going to end up with him homeless
and out on the streets. It would
be too much like what Coronation
Street did with Sean this year – and
I reckon that we’ve had enough
story repeats recently!
| Chris, Wimbledon
He should move into the pirate
ship – it looks very cosy!

I’m not sure you should be
encouraging murder, Kelvin!
However, you’re not the
only one backing Breda…
Breda’s just been plodding
along in the background
since she arrived in Hollyoaks,
which makes this bombshell
even more delicious! What’s
the betting that Sylver didn’t
really kill his stepdad – he
was covering for his mum?
| Hardeep, London
I really hope that this latest
disaster of a wedding hasn’t
put Mercedes off getting
hitched again. She’s simply
the best character in soap,
and Jennifer Metcalfe plays
her so well. I really can’t
wait for the next wedding!
| Penelope
I give it a year before she’s
planning another ceremony!
lnsideSoap 37


Request SPOT
I loved the episode of
Corrie where Audrey got
drunk at the hair stylist
awards do! But do you
know where her lovely
dress was from, please?
| Maureen
Weren’t those episodes
just hilarious? Audrey’s
‘black and scarlet grace
rose dress’ is from Phase
Eight – you can pick it up
from www.debenhams.
com for £99 right now.

Audrey came out
of this situation
smelling of roses


I’m quite a new viewer
of Emmerdale, and I just
happened to wonder
which characters/actors
have been in the show the
longest. Has anyone been
there since the start?
| Kelly
The last appearance by
an actor who appeared
in the very irst episode
(broadcast in 1972) was

This week’s question: What’s been your
best (or worst!) soap babymaking plot?
“When EastEnders’ mad Dr May Wright decided
that she wanted the baby that Dawn Swann had
conceived with May’s hubby Rob. She kidnapped
Dawn, tied her to a bed and was all ready to cut
the baby out herself! The whole thing was totally
over-the-top – but great entertainment!”

Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS
Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer ALICE PENWILL
Acting Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON
Acting Senior Sub Editor MARK JAMES LOWE
Writer/Sub Editor TOM SPILSBURY

Could we fit any more
Emmerdale legends
in this picture?


MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM

by Sheila
Mercier, who
played Annie
Sugden (Robert
and Victoria’s grandma)
in a cameo appearance in
2009. The longest-serving
current cast member is
Chris Chittell (Pollard)
who’s been around
since 1986, followed by
Zak Dingle star Steve
Halliwell, who joined
Emmerdale in 1994.




“I was very moved by Neighbours’ Gail Robinson
trying to fall pregnant, back in the 1980s. That was
an education, as I’d never heard of IVF before! She
eventually gave birth to triplets, but left Ramsay Street
– and husband Paul – before they were born…”

TV Listings Writer/Sub Editor LYNN GIBSON
Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Junior Designer MEGAN PENFOLD
Picture Editor JAY DYNAN
Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE

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Dad, you can’t put
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‘Come and taste my
chocolate eggs’

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38 lnsideSoap


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40 lnsideSoap


“Gina didn’t mean
to fall for Tim!”
Corrie’s Connie Hyde tell us that her alter ego isn’t making
waves on purpose – but we’re not sure Sally would agree…


’m off for lunch with
Julie Hesmondhalgh
[formerly Corrie’s Hayley
Cropper] after this – she has
something lovely planned!”
grins Street star Connie Hyde, aka
Gina, as we sit down for a natter with
her about her character’s crush on her
sister’s hubby, Tim. “Julie and I have
been friends since we were 14! It’s
weird having her not here, but here –
she’s sort of like a ghost, walking the
corridors! Mind you, we couldn’t have
worked together, because we were
such a nightmare at drama school –
you’d get no sense out of us!”
It’s a shame Gina and Hayley were
never actually friends, as we reckon
that Gina could do with a good pal to
offer her some much-needed advice
at the moment! Because, as Connie
tells us, her alter ego has got herself
into quite the predicament…

So Connie, Gina’s only gone and
got herself a crush on her sister’s
hubby! What is she thinking?
I don’t think that she’s considering
the consequences of her actions,
unfortunately. She and Tim have a lot
in common – she likes that he enjoys
having a beer and watching the football
– he’s not a complicated man! If his
tea is made, then he’s happy. And he’s
quite kind to her, which she’s not used
to. The problem is that he’ll give her a
hug, and she’ll misconstrue it.

Meanwhile, poor Sal is languishing
in jail for something that she didn’t
do! Does Gina think she’s guilty?

While Sal’s away: Gina has
been enjoying domestic bliss
with her sister’s family

gets really nervous about doing it. But
she thinks what she’s doing is the best
thing for Sally. Her sister is the closest
person to her, so Gina’s the star witness.
Sister act: Gina has been
through a lot with Sally since
she arrived in Weatherfield

At first, absolutely not. She’s horrified
by what’s happened. However, then she
meets Duncan, and he’s actually very
plausible, so she falls for his lies. Gina’s
not the sharpest tool in the box! Also,
he says to her that Sally told him that
Gina was thick, and that confuses Gina.
So she does eventually start to believe
that Sal and Duncan had an affair.

Gina is asked to give a statement
at Sally’s trial this week. Is that
something she wants to do?
She tries to back out of it. She’s not
very confident or articulate, so she

“I don’t think that Gina is considering
the consequences of her actions…”

Does Gina want Sal to go to prison?
No, she doesn’t want her to go to prison
at all! But it’s quite convenient for Gina
that Sally’s not there. She’s enjoying the
fact that she has a ready-made family,
and she’s getting very comfortable. And
Gina loves that they think she’s more
fun than Sal is! She lets Faye do things
that Sally wouldn’t, and she watches
zombie movies with Tim, which Sally
wouldn’t be interested in. She’s happy
and stable right now – it’s just a shame
that it’s with Sally’s family, not hers!

Does Gina feel guilty that she has
feelings for her sister’s mister?
Yes, very much so – and that will go
on for a long time. She didn’t mean
to fall for Tim, and she doesn’t intend
to do anything about it. She has good
intentions. None of it is pre-empted,
it’s all in the moment for Gina.
lnsideSoap 41



The star sp
the beans on
her cobble
cast mates…


Slam Duncan: The con
man has even given Gina
doubts about Sally

Gina may not have meant to fall for
her brother-in-law, but everything
could change if Sally was to end
up going down for this crime! With
Sal out of the way, the path would
be clear for Gina to finally make
a move on Tim. However, Connie
is hoping that won’t happen…

What was your reaction
when you irst found out that
Gina would fall for Tim?
I love Sally [Dynevor, aka Sally]
so much – we’re best friends! So
we both went, “Oh no!” Actually,
though, the way it’s been done is
clever. It’s not been Machiavellian,
which was my fear at first, but it’s
been the opposite of that, and the
storyline will run for a long time.
There’s been different peaks and it’s
very subtle, so I’m pleased with it.

Last time we spoke to Sally, she
told us how well you two get on…
Ah, bless her! She is the best actress,
and a beautiful person. Even after
all these years on the show, she’s
still so passionate about it. She can
do comedy and tragedy, which
you’ll see in the court scenes this
week – it’s just heartbreaking.

What does she think of you
making a move on Tim?
Ha ha! Well, we were just worried
that it would affect our relationship
as sisters, but actually there’s
42 lnsideSoap

something that happens down
the line that will rectify that…

Do you enjoy playing the scenes
where Gina and Sal bicker?
I love those scenes! What I enjoy
about that dynamic is that they
were brought up in the gutter, so
Gina has seen Sally as a real foulmouthed scally. And Gina likes to
make fun of the fact that she’s now
all posh, and remind her where she
came from. That’s something that
no one else knows about Sally.

What do the Coronation Street
viewers make of Gina?
Do you know what? I don’t look on
social media – I didn’t want to, as
I thought she’d be hated because
of this story! From what I’ve heard,
though, people actually feel sorry
for her. Everyone that I meet in the
street just thinks Gina is funny. She
gets away with a lot because of that!

Do you reckon you would be
friends with Gina in real life?
She’d be great to go for a drink
with – but my God, you couldn’t
live with her! While she has a good
heart, you wouldn’t want to get
drawn into all of that chaos!
Sarah Ellis
Green-eyed sister:
Gina is very fond of
Sally’s hubby Tim

is hilarious!
She’s just a
funny, intelligent girl. I think she’s
a good role model for young girls,
actually. She’s very self-effacing.”


“My best
pals on set
are Sally, Dolly,
and Jimmi
[Dev]. They’re
just such great people. I would
love Gina to get back with Dev –
I liked those two as a couple!”


“I’d love to
have more
scenes with
Lipman, who
plays Evelyn.
I’ve always really admired her –
and I don’t think Gina would be
afraid to square up to Evelyn!”


“There was
a lovely
scene between
Fiz and Gina
recently, where
Gina opened up
to her. Those two could be good
pals – well, if Jennie McAlpine
wasn’t on maternity leave!”


“I’m in awe of
the older cast
at Corrie. I love
Barbara Knox
[aka Rita] – she
wears threeinch heels! I can’t even walk in
heels. It’s those iconic characters
who really make Corrie what it is.”


“Jessie needs to
find closure from
her tragic past!”



here was a time when we
thought unlucky-in-love
Marlon would never smile
again, but thanks to lovely
Jessie Grant he’s positively
beaming these days. She’s changed
his life for the better, and both he and
daughter April have fallen in love with
her and her son Ellis. They’ve reached
that point in their romance where
Marlon wants to say the ‘L’ word, and
this week he takes the plunge. However,
Sandra Marvin – who plays Jessie – tells
us her alter ego’s reaction is going to
make him wonder if he’s been reading
their situation all wrong…
“Jessie is really happy with Marlon,
but she’s floored by what he does – she
isn’t expecting it at all,” insists the star.
“I reckon she’s a bit shocked, because
I don’t think she’s been in that position
for a while, nor did she expect to be.
Since Ellis moved in, she’s been a bit
distracted by the situation between
them fighting over her other son, Billy.”
Of course, Marlon declaring his love
is the brainchild of April – the truly
adorable member of the family. She
encourages her dad to make a grand
gesture to show Jessie what she means
to him – but the moment doesn’t
end how they expect it to.
“Marlon gets the idea from
April about being romantic
and setting up fairy lights
that spell out ‘I love
you, Jessie’ on the
wall of Tall Trees,”
explains Sandra. “As
soon as she walks
through the door,
Marlon pounces on
her, covers her eyes,
and then does the big
reveal. Her first instinct is
that she’s on the spot and
doesn’t know how to react.
She retreats to settle herself a

Light of his life:
But poor Marlon’s
romantic efforts
appear to fall flat

Having a

When one door closes:
Could this be a turning point
for Jessie and Marlon?

bit and speaks to Ellis about it. He tells
her it’s time to move on with her life.”
Jessie’s hesitance comes from her
unresolved grief at the death of her first
husband. The tragic loss changed her
life, and while she went on to have a
relationship and another child with Ellis’
dad, Jessie didn’t deal with her demons.
“When Billy’s dad died, it was a shock
because he was the love of her life, and
Jessie thought that she’d be with him
forever and ever,” shares Sandra. “At
the time, she was pregnant, so she just
got on with life, but there were tell-tale
signs that she never properly moved
on. She needs to find closure, and she
didn’t do that when she was with Ellis’
father, and it caused problems.”
A widower himself, Marlon is
the perfect person to help Jessie face
things. Will his understanding help
cement their relationship?
“Yes, it’s Marlon who gives Jessie the
courage to open up and they connect
on a different level,” says Sandra. “She
finds a way to finally say goodbye,
and I’m excited to see how their
relationship changes from there.”
There’s lots of potential for Jessie,
so what’s the story that Sandra would
most like Emmerdale to tell?
illy arrive,
“It’d be exciting to have Bill
and Ellis’ dad is out there
too!” she muses. “Jessie
would be delighted to have
all her babies back around
her. Even though Billy
hasn’t turned up yet, we’re
hearing lots about him.
Jessie really believes in that
strong family unit, and
it breaks her heart a little bitt
that she doesn’t have that.”
She could have if she settles down
here’s the
with Marlon – but initially, th
first Christmas for the couple to enjoy
together. What does it hold for
f them?
“Jessie has an interesting Christmas
coming up,” teases Sandra. “I don’t
mas to go
think she expects her Christm
ot of twists
where it does – there are a lo
ge her life!”
and turns. It’s going to chang
Kate White

Sandra loves singing
with big showbiz
Talented Sandra has
a career as a backing
singer, as well as acting.
One of the big names
she’s worked with is
crooner Michael Ball.
“Michael is lovely –
I worked with him on a
production of Hairspray
for many years – I was
Motormouth Maybelle,
and he was my Edna!”
laughs Sandra. “He was
brilliant, and I ended up
doing a couple of his
tours as a guest vocalist.”
As much as she enjoys
the spotlight, Sandra says
her childhood dream was
to be a backing singer.
“The first time I decided
I wanted to do that was
when I was watching Live
Aid in 1985,” she tells us.
“I was about nine, and it
was David Bowie’s set
that got me. He had two
backing singers, and
they were belting out
his songs and having
so much fun. They were
loving their lives, and
I thought,
ht ‘I wantt that!’”
th t!’”




ife is really good for
me right now,” grins
Hollyoaks actress Stephanie
Davis, as we sit down for
our first in-depth natter
with her about reprising
her role as Sinead. “I did so much growing
up when I was away from the show, and
I appreciate this job so much more now.
It’s only when you lose something that
you realise how much it means to you.
Now I’ve got my son Caben, I’m doing
what I love, and I feel that I’m in a very
lucky position. Karma’s been good to me!”
It s really great to see the star so happy
and relaxed. Her turbulent personal life

Good to Ste you again: Steph is
delighted to be reunited with
some of her former cast mates

Sami again?: Sinead
can’t resist the
fella’s charms

has been well-documented
in the media over the past
few years – but Inside Soap
has known Steph since
she first joined Hollyoaks
as Sinead back in 2010.
And we’re
that she’s
back on
our screens
where she
belongs, causing
maximum drama
in the village!
“When I left the show, I felt as though
I had morphed into Sinead!” she chuckles.
“So I had to get the balance back. I’m a lot
different now as a person, and Sinead has
a different side to her as well. But deep
down, the old Sinead is still there.”
You can say that again – it’s been one
catastrophe after another since Sinead
arrived back in the village, very closely
followed by her secret husband, Laurie.
And this week, the suspicious woman
is given reason to believe that her other
half is doing the dirty on her!
“She really does love Laurie, but there’s
something that you can’t quite put
your finger on with him,” teases Steph.
“Sinead’s just desperate to be loved, and
she thinks if she has a good job and a good
husband, and her family is all together,
then it means that her life is good.
“There’s a different side to Laurie,
though, and that’s why Sinead keeps
finding herself drawn back to Sami,” she
adds. “Kyle [Pryor] plays Laurie so well,
because you want to love this character,
yet there’s some stuff that will play out
that will also make you want to hate him!
And that’s all that I can say right now.”
Sinead and Laurie’s relationship is
fiery, to say the least! However, Steph has
nothing but praise for her screen hubby.
“Kyle’s a new person for me to work
with, and he’s been absolutely amazing,”
she grins. “I’m so glad he’s my on-screen
husband, because he cares so much about
the character – he gives it 110 per cent,
even when the camera’s not on him. Not
everyone does that. It’s been a big change
for him too, moving from the other side
of the world [Kyle was previously living
in Sydney, starring as Home and Away’s
Hunky Dr Nate]. He’s recently rocked up
here and been landed with me, although
he’s taken everything in his stride. He’s
an absolute dream to work with.”
Steph’s also thrilled to be back working
with her old friends on the show again,
including Kieron Richardson (Ste), Alex
Fletcher (Diane) and Nick Pickard (Tony).

“We’ve always stayed in touch,” she
grins. “We’re all dead close in real life.
Me and Kieron have a similar kind of
relationship off screen to the one that we
have on screen – and we’re closer now
than we’ve ever been. I’m very lucky with
everyone I work with, as
they’re a great bunch.
“Coming back to
Hollyoaks was like riding a
bike – as soon as I stepped
back on set, I felt dead
calm,” she continues.
“I do think the writers
are having a laugh with
some of the things that
they’ve been doing with Sinead, though.
Sometimes I read the scripts and think, ‘Is
this the character? Or is this jjust me?’!”
Sarah E

Sinead keeps
drawn back
to Sami!

Steph’s biggest role is
playing mum to her
little boy Caben…
Coming back to Hollyoaks has
been a challenge for single mum
Steph, whose son Caben turns two
in January. And she says the only
way she’s been able to make it work
is with the help of her own mother…
“I’m in a routine now, but it’s been
hard,” she admits. “I put Caben in
nursery three days a week, while I’m
at work. My mum has been a huge
help, though – she has him on the
days he’s not in nursery. I wouldn’t
have been able to do it without her.”
And Steph tells us that Caben is
getting used to her being on TV…
“He watched Hollyoaks last night
– he pointed to the screen and said,
‘Mumma?’!” she shares. “He looked
really confused. Then the scenes
with Sami came on and I was like,
‘Right, time to go to bed now!’”

lnsideSoap 47




If you loved the irst instalment of our countdown of soap’s
50 greatest Christmas plots, part two will have you in a
winter wonderland of festive soap drama…


“You’re a

you are,
Our Christmas cracker
Jim Branning’s slow, shy
courtship of Dot was one
of EastEnders’ most heartwarming plots. And the best
wonderful moment was as
he popped the question…

Festive fireworks Jim was
at the top of the London

Our Christmas cracker Sally
fell for the charms of smooth
would-be business tycoon
Greg Kelly. But really, all Greg
wanted was the cash Sally had
been left in her mum’s will.

“When you were

Festive fireworks Greg went

frightened, you
needed me!”

Our Christmas cracker
Desperate to be loved,
Louise Appleton fell for a
real wrong’un when she
responded to the ‘charms’
of sleazy Ray Mullan – con
artist and sometime trafficker
of illegal immigrants. And
after Louise attracted the
attentions of a stalker, Ray
was there to comfort her…

Festive fireworks Louise
was ready to leave the country
with Ray, but was stopped
in her tracks when she left a
48 lnsideSoap

for the tormentor
who had plagued her for
months, and Ray’s phone
rang! They fought, she hit
him with a vase, and he fell
down the stairs and died.

Not just for Christmas
Louise was helped to cover
up the murder by her friend
Terry Woods, and (rarely for
soap) she got away with it!
Louise now lives in Australia
– but she did recently
donate money to Sarah
Sugden’s healthcare.

head-to-head with Underworld
boss Mike Baldwin. But Greg
was no Mike, and as his plans
unravelled and he blew all of
Sally’s money, he became
resentful and violent. Finally,
on New Year’s Eve, he brutally
attacked sobbing Sally.

Not just for Christmas Our
Sal gave Greg a firm knee
to his Brussels sprouts and
escaped. We wish we could
say that Sally never again
fell for a cunning con man…

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