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her baby!





9 77
70966 849166

at war!





Issue 44 3 – 9 November 2018

ell, the
Inside Soap
Awards are
er for another year!
nd while it’s
mazing to be
ble to hand
ut trophies to
he winners,
he most important
hing for me is
hat these are the
awards voted for
byy you – the loyal,
assionate, funny

Your stars
this week!

long as Inside Soap itself.
“It’s like the holy grail for us
guys – if Inside Soap says
Inside Soap readers. And
it’s true, then it’s true!”
that certainly rang true
Ah, shucks. Thanks, Dean!
to me on the night, with
But as the awards fade
various stars delighted that away (well, apart from all the
gossip, starting on p42),
there’s no stopping the
drama. This week, we see
baby agony in EastEnders,
romance in Corrie, and
these were the awards
Bob Hope in his pants in
that came from you.
Emmerdale. Perhaps we’ll
“Inside Soap is legendary,” need to introduce the Best
said Dean Gaffney, who as Strip award next year!
EastEnders’ Robbie has
Steven Murphy, Edito
been in soap almost as


“If Inside Soap says
it’s true – it’s true!”




“Rana wants to cement
her relationship…”


Have you
seen my

Coronation Street

6 Kate and Rana mutually propose
17 Who is Nick’s mystery woman?
22 Sally disowns her sister, Gina
28 Tyrone accuses Evelyn of theft!
30 Ryan dates Bethany and they kiss!

hard to miss,

Dominic Brunt


4 Hayley abandons her baby girl!
12 Is Cora in league with Ian?
16 Carmel says an emotional

goodbye to Kush and the Square
28 Mel calls out Ray on his lies
30 Linda joins forces with Stuart!
38 Louise’s party ends badly

“Paddy feels like a
barbarian and it’s
driving him insane”

42 - 58



8 Debbie receives a text from Joe
14 Paddy breaks down at work
20 Laurel dumps Bob – in his pantss!
29 Jessie is told Billy is in hospital
30 The community garden opens


26 Sinead tries to kidnap Hannah
29 Martine tries to expose Louis
31 Peri and Tom grow closer
40 Liam blackmails Courtney


19 Finn is pushed over a cliff-edge!
31 Evil nanny Alice poisons Sonya!

...and more!
10 Inside Gossip –

This is the first
bit of silverwear
I’ve had that wasn’t
nicked from
Home Farm!

all the latest soap
news headlines
32 What Happens When?
34 Soapbox
92 Who’s In? Who’s Out?
94 Puzzles
96 The Hot List
98 Hits & Misses

Rob Mills

“Although Finn is
psychotic, he has real
feelings for Bea…”


The Time
It Takes

Home and Away

29 Karen attacks Dean – and kills him?
24 Doctors Who dies in a car crash?
28 Casualty Louise and Jade clash
31 Doctors Daniel returns with Izzie
41 Holby City Essie is in danger

Find out all the
goss on this new
Saturday night
game show! See
p59 for more…

Tilly Keeper


“I think that Louise
is going to have
a bit of fun!”

i t



Bev is keen
for Hayley’s
baby to stay
with her

her baby


ew mother Hayley
returns to Albert
Square with her baby
daughter this week
– and then makes a spurof-the-moment decision to
give her tiny child away!
When the young mum
arrives back home in a cab,
she suddenly realises that she
doesn’t even have the money
to pay the driver. Fortunately,
though, Carmel spots what’s
happening and steps in to give
the cabbie his fare. However,
Hayley’s troubles are far from
over, and she starts to go
down a very dark path…
“Hayley has been frantic
with worry about having
this child for
months, but
now it’s finally
arrived, she’s
just in a daze,”
reckons our
Walford snoop.
“She’s not
thinking clearly, and she needs
some proper help. Of course,
Hayley is far too stubborn to
accept it, and no one really
understands the true extent
of her depression.”
While the rest of her clan
are out looking for her, Hayley
returns to No 31 and collects
some baby items from the
house. Panicking, she heads
over to the Ahmeds’ home,
where she leaves the little girl
on their doorstep, along with
a hastily scribbled note asking
the family to look after her!
She then runs off to find her
own mother, Bev.

“The fact that Hayley has
gone back to her mum is an
indicator of the strange place
she’s in right now,” reckons
our mole. “She can’t stand
Bev, but from her perspective,
this still seems like a better
option than looking after this
unwanted child and facing all
the questions about its father.
Bev even covers for Hayley
when the other Slaters come
looking for her. So can the pair
manage to heal the rift that
exists between them?”
A little later, feeling guilty,
Hayley returns to Albert
Square, where she runs into
Kat. Her relative wastes no
time in scolding her for
away, and
demands to
know where
the baby is.
The two
women soon
get into a
blazing row, which results in
Hayley running back to Bev.
Meanwhile at the Ahmeds’,
Mariam and Arshad notice
something worrying about the
baby, and they contact Hayley
telling her to meet them at the
hospital. Fortunately, the
little’un turns out to be fine,
but when a social worker
turns up too, there are some
worrying moments as she
demands to know what’s
really been going on. Mariam
and Kat fight Hayley’s corner,
and the young mother even
gives a few signs that she
might be bonding with her

“Now the baby
has arrived,
Hayley is just
in a daze…”

Kat lays into Hayley
for running away
from her problems

Hayley is struggling
– but she has the
support of Kat and
the Ahmed family

child. However, when Bev
also turns up at the hospital,
she insists that the baby
comes home with her!
“Bev was a terrible parent
to Hayley, so it’s worrying to
see her taking charge here,”
warns our snitch. “Despite
Kat’s pleas to come back to

the Square with her child,
Hayley instead follows Bev
home. Bev tries to encourage
Hayley and even tries to use it
as a reason to fix the mistakes
of the past. But can Hayley
genuinely trust her mum after
everything that’s happened?”
Tom Spilsbury

Is this child the gift that
she’s been looking for?
The Ahme
eds were recently forced to give up
baby Harley, when the little lad went back to his
biological mother. So when Mariam and Arshad
come to discover
that they’ve been left another
child on th
heir doorstep, might the pair attempt
e situation to their advantage?
to turn the
Having taken the little girl into their home,
nitially tells her husband that she’s
Mariam in
med the authorities. Arshad soon realises
that his
h wife is lying, though, forcing her to
mit the truth about the note left by Hayley.
then explains to Masood and
shad that they should give Hayley time
to come to her senses. However, could
her reluctance to hand the baby over be
n indication that she’s already thinking
bout the idea of caring for the child on
a much more permanent basis?
lnsideSoap 5


Engaged! Kate and
Rana ring each other
at the same time

here are tears of joy
in Weatherfield this
week – as Kate and
Rana reunite, and
opose to one another.
Things were fraught when
Rana left to go on a cruise
with her homophobic mum,
hoping they could rebuild
their damaged relationship
following her dad’s sudden
eath. Kate was heartbroken
and tried to stop Rana going,
but gave her blessing when
e realised just how much
it m
meant to her girlfriend to

mend fences with her family.
Their time apart has made
both girls recognise just how
much they mean to each other,
and that they want to spend
the rest of their lives together.
“I was really emotional when
I first read the script, I texted
Faye [Brookes, aka Kate] to tell
her I cried!” enthuses Bhavna
Limbachia, who plays Rana.
“Kate and Rana have had so
many hardships in their lives,
and they’ve lost loved ones,
which has brought them closer
together. Having time apart

Kate and Rana have
had a lot of hardships
in their lives…”

Are there brighter
days ahead for the
cobbles soulmates?

has made Rana realise she just
wants to get back and cement
her relationship with Kate.”
What she doesn’t know is
that Kate has the same idea.
She intends to greet Rana at
the port when the cruise ship
docks, and pop the question.
Unfortunately for her, Rana
arrives early and rushes to the
Rovers to surprise Kate. But
with the help of Johnny and
Jenny, the girls are eventually
reunited for their big moment.
“Rana returns early to surprise
Kate, but Kate wants to surprise
Rana,” laughs Bhavna. “There’s
a lovely moment when Rana
asks Johnny for permission to
marry Kate and he is over the
moon. I love how Jenny and
Johnny are in on the secret!”

What’s no surprise is that
the girls say yes to each other
– and it’s a beautifully romantic
moment for them both.
“When Faye and I came to
film it, we both got teary,” says
Bhavna. “This is the peak of
their relationship and makes
them feel confident, knowing
they are on the same page.”
We can’t imagine Rana’s
mum Saira will be too pleased,
but she’ll need to get on board
with the upcoming wedding.
What sort of occasion will it be?
“I think it will be important
for both of them to have their
identities put together,” muses
Bhavna. “It’s powerful to say
that it doesn’t matter where
you are from, love is love.”
Kate White

Kate wants children – but Rana is
in no mood for kidding around…
The proposal is a delight for both Kate and Rana
– but a big problem comes up when Kate tells
Rana that one of the reasons she wants to marry
her is because she’ll make a great mum.
It’s a conversation that the couple have never
had before, and what Kate doesn’t know is that
Rana doesn’t want to have children.
“Rana is keen to travel and see the world, so
the fact that Kate wants kids straight away throws
her,” shares Bhavna. “The more Kate talks about
it, the more the fear is embedded in Rana, and she
can’t shift it. She doesn’t want to disappoint Kate
because she wants to give her everything she
desires in life, especially after losing Aidan. They
are really happy together at the moment, and
Rana doesn’t want to burst that bubble.”
When Kate finds out how Rana truly feels,
could it be a deal-breaker in their relationship?

lnsideSoap 7


Charity fears for
her daughter’s
future following
recent events

Debbie’s new


here’s more misery
for Debbie this week,
as her financial and
legal troubles mount –
and she finally receives word
from runaway groom Joe.
Debbie has been living a
nightmare since her husbandto-be failed to show up to their
hospital nuptials, and the police
arrested her for ordering Ross’
acid attack. Worse still, she’s
had to watch from afar as her
ill daughter Sarah recovers
from a heart transplant. So,
although Debbie is out on bail
and trying to rebuild her life,
she’s in turmoil. Then she

8 lnsideSoap

gets a text from Joe that
simply says, ‘I’m sorry’.
“This is going to come as
a surprise to viewers since it
looked as though Joe was six
feet under,” muses our Dales
insider. “The last we saw, his
lifeless body was in Graham’s
boot, and the next thing we
knew, Joe’s former right-hand
man was crying buckets after
seemingly killing him. Debbie

doesn’t know any of this – she
just thinks Joe abandoned her
and the kids. So to receive
such a pathetic apology
doesn’t go down at all well.”
Seeing Debbie’s misery is
hell on earth for her dad Cain,
especially as he believes he is
responsible for Joe’s death. And
it’s not just Debbie’s heartbreak
that’s a concern – her bills are
mounting, and she has no way

Joe’s pathetic apology
doesn’t go down at all
well with Debbie…”

to pay them. Cain and
d Moira
try to step in, offering her work
at the garage, but they
y’re in
bits when she tearfully
y asks
them if they will take in Sarah
and Jack if the worst happens
and she’s sent to priso
“Debbie trusts no one
more than her dad, wh
makes Cain’s secret even
harder to bear,” says our
spy. “She had a life full
of happiness ahead of
her with Joe, despite
his deception over the
true owner of Home
Farm, and Cain feels
as if he took it all away

There’s some good
news for Debbie –
Sarah is doing well

As Kim’s manipulation of
Joe is revealed, she’s set
to become Debbie’s new
enemy. And there’s already
speculation that Debbie
might take her revenge by
using Kim’s son, James.
Fans are wondering if the
vengeful woman may use
James to punish Kim, and
in the process fall in love
with him, like Joe did with
her. But Dales star Charley
Webb, who plays Debbie,
thinks it’d be a bad idea.
“I’d find it interesting, but
I don’t think she’d go near
James, after what’s gone
on with this random woman
who’s come to the village
and destroyed her life,” she
muses. “To go for Kim’s son
would be stupid. Maybe she
turns it around and strings
p him.
him alon
And en maybe I die and
my nger twitches!

Desperate Cain hopes
that Debbie never
discovers the truth

If she finds out wh
hat he
e did,
their relationship w
will be
completely destroyed.””
There’s one ray of ho
for Debbie, though
h, when
doctors tell her tha
at Sarah’s
new heart is responding
g well.
Debbie’s elated, but
b she’s
later forced to tell S
Sarah that
she could be facin
ng yea
inside. Charity tries to
reassure her, yet Debbi
feels hopeless. The
en sh
gets the message from
Joe. Did he write the
text, or is somebo
else behind it?
Kate Wh

Laura-Jayne snoo





New EastEnders chief
Kate Oates lifts the lid on
what’s next for the Square…
oap superwoman K
t O
has steered both Emmerdale
and Corrie to tremendous
success – with the Street scooping
the coveted gong for Best Soap at
this year’s Inside Soap Awards (see
p42 for the cast’s winning interview)!
Now, just over a month into her new
job – overseeing EastEnders as well
as Casualty and Holby City – Kate
gives us a few sneaky hints on what
we can expect to see happen in the
Square, and teases some of her
long-term plans for the show…

Hi Kate! How are you settling
into life at EastEnders?
Good! I’ve hit the ground running,
and couldn’t ask for a nicer team. I’m
working with [executive consultant]
John Yorke, who I’ve admired for most
of my career, which is great.


Which Walford residents can
we expect to be involved in some
big storylines this winter?
Well… There’s going to be a great long
story for the Mitchell family, so that’s
going to be exciting, with the whole
Phil, Sharon and Keanu extravaganza
going on. I’m excited about the Carters
too, and I want to see them tested – but
that doesn’t mean not seeing them in
the Queen Vic. I like seeing them in

10 lnsideSoap

the pub, and I think Danny [Dyer, aka
Mick] and Kellie [Bright, who plays Linda]
are a brilliant soap pairing. What else do
we have? Tiffany is getting herself into a
whole lot of trouble, and things are going
to get sticky for Mel around New Year!

Can you tease any new plots
that are currently brewing?
There is a story I’m thinking of actually
that makes me a little bit nervous, but
I think I have the team behind me to tell
it. I believe that it will be an important
story, and it will offer what EastEnders
does best, which is a really gritty-butrelevant long-term arc. Time will tell!

Will we meet any new characters
in the coming months?

We’re already talking about some new
additions, so that’s exciting. Generally
there’s quite a good spectrum already, and
that’s as much as I’ll tease for now!

What sort of Christmas can we
expect in Walford this year?
That was all planned before I got here,
but I know what’s happening. It’s pacey
drama, and it’s all kicking off!

Is it bittersweet that Corrie just
scooped our Best Soap gong?
I sort of feel a bit jammy really, as I can
enjoy Corrie’s success and be proud of it
– and I’m also hungry for us to do well
on EastEnders. When I pick up a copy of
Inside Soap and flick through it, I feel
as though I kind of know everybody!



He bites
of more than he can chew…

Roy leads a
mission to find
Evelyn’s dog…


Kate promises plenty of
drama in the coming
months in Walford

orrie’s Roy Cropper
is to be at the heart
of a new Street
scandal, after the police
pull him over for engaging
in suspicious activity!
Our sneaky snaps show the
cobbles stalwart out driving in
his car with Tyrone’s meddlesome
grandmother, Evelyn, when the cops
confront the duo. However, what
exactly are the unlikely pairing up to?
“Rumour has it that Evelyn’s precious
pooch, Cerberus, is to be dog-napped!”
exclaims our Street spy. “She enlists Roy’s
help to track him down, and they embark
on a stakeout to catch the thieves. But
they end up drawing more attention to
themselves than the culprits in question!”

Various Corrie filming pictures show
stars David Neilson (Roy), Maureen
Lipman (Evelyn) and Alan Halsall (Tyrone)
on location in what looks like a park.
Whether Evelyn is eventually reunited
with Cerberus or just another hound
that looks like him remains to be seen –
yet it’s during Roy and Evelyn’s covert
mission that the windows of his classic
Morris Minor steam up and attract
uniformed officers in the area.
Will Roy convince them
that he is simply on the hunt
for pet poachers? Or is
Weatherfield’s most
upstanding resident
about to suffer the
ultimate humiliation?

…and it appears she’s
reunited with her
beloved pooch!

Max and Rainie are
concerned about
Cora’s movements




he fight for custody
of baby Abi takes a
new twist this week,
as Cora pays a visit
to Ian. Is she asking for help,
to hold off the threat posed
by her daughter Rainie and
son-in-law Max?
Ever since the death of his
daughter, Abi, at the start of
the year, Max has been fiercely
determined to win the battle
for legal custody of her baby
girl. Vowing to make up for his
past mistakes by being the

12 lnsideSoap

perfect guardian for his
granddaughter, Max has even
gone as far as marrying his
former sister-in-law, Rainie, to
convince the authorities that
he can provide a stable family
environment for the little’un.
However, as Rainie tells Max
that they finally have a date for
the custody hearing, the pair
are deeply unsettled to see
Rainie’s mother, Cora, visiting
Max’s old nemesis – Ian Beale!
“Right from the start, Max
and Rainie have been worried

that Cora could derail their
plans,” notes our Walford
snitch. “So when they see her
visiting Ian, their paranoia
levels go into overdrive! After
all, even though Max is little
Abi’s grandfather – don’t forget
that Ian is too! Max knows
all-too well how much Ian

hates him. If there’s any
potential for Ian getting his
own back, Max is certain
that Ian will take it!”
Unable to resist their
suspicious feelings, Max and
Rainie burst into the Beale
house, demanding to know
what Cora is discussing

She wouldn’t admit it,
but Cora is struggling
to cope with a baby”

Cora is up against it,
but w nts baby Abi
out of Max’s clutches

to cope with a young baby,”
sighs our mole. “She’s damn
sure that Max won’t get his
grubby hands on Abi, though!
However, an unfortunate
episode with the youngster
in the street does lead her to
realises that she might not
be up to the task herself.”

When she realises Martin
has seen the incident, Cora
begs him not to tell Max. As
no fan of Max himself, Martin
promises to keep her secret –
but could this prove to be the
chink in Cora’s armour that
Max and Rainie can exploit?
Tom Spilsbury

He might seek involvement in his
granddaughter’s upbringing…
with Ian. And while the
accusations fly back and forth,
the situation seems to be in
danger of turning physical…
“Max had an affair with
Ian’s daughter Lucy, murdered
his son Steven, broke up his
marriage to Jane – and to top
it all off, he even attempted to
strangle him!” chuckles our
insider. “It’s not as though Ian
doesn’t have good cause to
want revenge. If anything,
he’s been quite restrained
for the past few months!”

Max’s fortunes go from
bad to worse when he finds
out that his solicitor has been
fired. However, he is given
renewed hope when he meets
his new lawyer, who’s much
more positive about the
couple’s chances of being
successful in their battle for
custody of young Abi.
But elsewhere, the cracks
are slowly beginning to show
for exhausted Cora…
“Although she wouldn’t care
to admit it, Cora is struggling

While Ian isn’t baby Abi’s biological grandfather,
he still has reason to think of himself as such –
given that Abi’s father is Steven Beale, Ian’s
adopted son. So, might he decide to put in a
claim for custody of little Abi himself?
It’s fair to say that Ian has made a mess of things
with his kids. Not only did Steven tragically die
before Abi’s birth, but Ian’s daughter Lucy is dead
too, murdered by his son Bobby, who now resides
in a young offenders’ institute. Although now the
Walford businessman is alone once more, with a
string of failed marriages behind him, it’d come
as no surprise if he considered atoning for his
previous mistakes by trying again with baby Abi…

lnsideSoap 13




umb Paddy’s
nightmare gets
worse this week –
as he looks set to
lose his business and the
woman he loves.
He’s keen to get back to
work so he can escape the
terrible grief of losing baby
Grace, but discovers the vet
practice is facing some serious
financial problems. Determined
to fix things, Paddy digs in
– however, in
doing so, the

between him and Chas widens.
Soon, she’s wondering if there
is any future for them at all…
“In trying to be strong for
Chas, Paddy has stunted his
own grief, and he’s showing
nothing in his emotions,”
explains Dominic Brunt, who
plays the troubled vet. “Chas
feels as though she’s grieving
alone, because he refuses to
open up. The grief for Gracie is
there, but it frightens the life out
of Paddy. It’s a vicious circle.”
His colleagues Rhona and
Vanessa are doing everything
they can to support Paddy, yet
the truth about their business
issues comes tumbling out. It
transpires that a rival practice
has opened up, and it is a
whole lot cheaper than the
Emmerdale village surgery.
“They were hoping to fix the
problems before Paddy got

Paddy is facing
diiculties with his
vet business

back, though he tells them,
‘I’m an adult, and I can help fix
this’,” shares Dominic. “He
feels pressure, because he
helped build this business up.
It’s also a way for him to take
his mind off his grief and loss.”
Chas is less than impressed,
but Paddy ploughs on. An

There is a definite risk
that this could break
Chas and Paddy…”

mmerdale’s decision to
show the complicated
aspects of grief is one of
e most important parts
of Paddy and Chas’
ory. For Dominic, it’s
been enlightening.
““It’s fascinating to find
out how human beings
grieve, because it’s
essy and clumsy and
ere’s no straightforward
ay to do it,” he shares.
here are no textbooks
to tell you what to do,
and so many things like
our backgrounds and
everything we’ve been
thrrough feed into it.”
The truth is that plenty
of people go into a state
of numbness and shut
down emotionally when
ey lose someone – and
ominic insists that
action isn’t wrong.
““As an actor, you want
of sympathy, so
a degree
you think, ‘Oh, do I want
to be doing that?’” says
e actor of Paddy’s
behaviour. “But it’s true
to life, and so I’m glad to
be servicing that story.”

Chas is finding
Paddy’s actions
tough to handle

issue occurs, though, when he
operates on a poorly cat and
the beloved pet dies. Rhona
finds him in tears after the
traumatic procedure, and it’s
evident that he’s not coping.
“The cat’s death is not in
any way Paddy’s fault, he
wasn’t medically negligent,”
insists Dominic. “But he
makes the mistake of saying,
‘I want to speak to the owner’,
which he didn’t need to do.
Paddy ends up making a mess
of that because he handles it

badly, and this cat’s death
affects him more than an
animal death usually would.”
Paddy’s inner turmoil is
eating him up inside, but for
Chas it’s utterly maddening.
She feels as though she
can’t go on trying to cope
with her pain and feeling so
estranged from Paddy.
“There is a definite risk that
this could break them,” admits
Dominic. “They have a rocky
road ahead. Paddy has been
articulate about the fact that

he can’t feel emotional and
hasn’t shed a tear. It makes
him feel like a barbarian, and
it’s driving him insane. I’m
delighted Emmerdale has
kept going with this story,
or else it would have
done the people
who’ve really been
through this a
disservice. It’s
but it needs
to be done.”
Kate White

Carmel has
kept a close
eye on her
son’s best




t’s an emotional week
for the Kazemis this
week, as Carmel says
a tearful goodbye to son
Kush and Albert Square.
She’s decided to start a new
life in Dubai, where she can be
close to son Darius and try to
move on after Shakil’s horrific
murder. However, her other son
Kush, although understanding
of her reasons and supportive
of her decision, is still bereft
at saying farewell to his
mum. But before she goes,
Carmel has some unfinished
business to take care of.
“Ever since Shaki died,
Carmel has been on a mission
to stop knife crime, so no other
parent has to go through this
unbearable loss,” our Walford
insider reminds us. “It’s been
very tough, especially given

Shakil’s teen friends have
almost been torn apart
by his untimely death

16 lnsideSoap

the resistance she’s faced,
yet the hardest part of it was
trying to get Keegan back
on an even keel. And following
his behaviour on Halloween
night, that task has been
harder than she thought.”
With the events of the week
before still fresh in her mind,
Carmel busies herself by
handing out some of Shakil’s
possessions to those who
loved him. He was such a
huge part of their lives, and
Carmel wants the people who
mattered to her son to have
something to remember him
by. The effect his
death has had on
the community,
particularly all
of Shakil’s
friends, has

been profound.
Carmel doesn’t
have much
to console
Carmel is a changed
woman from the one
herself with,
who arrived in
but knowing
his life made a
difference is something.
All she can hope is that Keegan
learns this lesson about himself.

“She’s all set to head off,
yet it’s vital to her that she and
Keegan have some closure,”
reveals our spy. “Not only was
Keegan her son’s best friend,
but obviously he was involved
in the incident that led to
Shakil’s death. She hates
the thought that this trauma
could plague his life forever.”

Carmel hates that this
trauma could plague
Keegan’s life forever”






eanne decides
d id she’s
h ’
ready to give Nick
another chance
this week, despite
warnings from Carla that
he’s not to be trusted!
Carla has already grown
very suspicious of the fella’s
business commitments in
Nottingham, especially given
how evasive he is on the
subject. And after Carla digs
around, she gets answers to
some of her questions – he
co-owns a restaurant with
a woman called Elsa.
Carla tells Nick that she’s
going to Nottingham to take
a look at his business, so he
tries to stop her, promising
to explain all. He says he did
a favour for a mate – purely
for tax reasons – and became
a joint business partner with
the friend’s wife, Elsa.

What does Carla discover
from her conversation
with mysterious Elsa?

Once alone, Nick phones
Elsa and lies to her, claiming
that his mother is ill, so he
needs to stay put. But he’s
later horrified to spot Elsa
heading towards No 8, so
he very quickly steers her
towards the Bistro, to avoid
an awkward confrontation.
Carla witnesses the entire
interlude, however, and is
further intrigued by what
she sees going on.

Later, when Nick has
missed their scheduled
business meeting, Carla
grabs his car keys off the
desk and lets herself into
his vehicle in order to find
out his address from the
sat-nav. But what she finds
instead comes as a huge
shock. Could it end up
throwing further doubt on
all of Nick’s
Nick s claims?
Tom Spilsbury

Whatever happens with
Keegan, Carmel can leave safe
in the knowledge that she and
Kush are solid. They have
been to hell and back in recent
months, but their love for each
other has only got stronger.
While Carmel is concerned
about how he’s coping, she
knows Kush has Denise to
care for him. But as Kush
continues to hide his one-night
stand with a waitress from
his fiancée, will this really be
the last time we see Carmel?
Kate White
lnsideSoap 17

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Finn has Bea
right where he
wants her


The four women
are left reeling
by what unfolds


eranged maniac
Finn Kelly is back
this week, and
ends up pushed
over the edge of a cliff!
But who is responsible for
the deadly shove – Susan,
Bea, Elly or Xanthe?
Finn makes his comeback
when Bea returns to the
remote cabin where the
villain had previously been
hiding out. Searching for
closure, Bea is horrified
as she comes across the
twisted psychopath himself!
“Finn has had some time
out,” explains Rob Mills,
who plays the tormentor.

“Obviously, you can’t lock
three people in a shipping
container and expect to get
away with it! The police are
looking for him, so he’s been
waiting for the heat to subside.
Now he’s back for revenge!”
As Bea tries to stay calm,
Finn toys with her, claiming
he wants to
make amends.
Trying not to
inflame the
situation, Bea
plays along,
saying she
never stopped loving him.
“Finn tries to woo Bea
again,” Rob tells us. “He’s
so creepy! Although he’s
psychotic, he has definite
feelings for her. He loves
her, but he’s dreaming of
both Elly and Bea. That’s
the thing he can’t let go.
He’s such a weird guy.”

In Ramsay Street, Susan,
Elly and Xanthe realise where
Bea has gone, and set off
to find her. So after she
hits Finn and flees, Bea is
relieved to find the others. It’s
only a temporary reprieve,
though – and soon they’re
all confronted by Finn on a
cliff’s edge!
“Finn is
like a kid in a
candy store!”
chuckles Rob.
“It’s the four
girls who’ve
been the most important
people in his life – and he’s
got them all together!”
The perilous situation that
unfolds results in Finn lying
at the bottom of the cliff. But
as the women resolve to keep
quiet about what happened,
is Finn truly dead?
Tom Spilsbury

“Finn is so
psychotic –
he’s back for

FINNRob says that he loved
shooting these exciting
clifftop scenes…
“They had nine
cameras, and we
usually have two,” he
grins. “It was really well
shot. Before the stunt
guy came in, I nearly
fell off that cliff – and
all the girls freaked out!
I mean, I was a good
30cm away, yet I still
got pretty close to the
edge, so their fear is all
real. But I didn’t have
to do the actual stunt
where Finn goes over.
“The stunt guy
was amazing – it was
terrifying. It was a
good couple of days
filming, though it was
absolutely freezing!”

lnsideSoap 19


we’re over!”


aurel sensationally
tells her fella Bob
that their romance is
finished this week, and
she does it in the most public
way – in the Woolpack, as
her lover is parading around
in nothing but a pair of
Union Jack boxer shorts!
At the start of the week,
Laurel is struggling with her

feelings for Bob, telling her
dad Doug that she’s planning
to end things with her lover.
Shocked by her revelation,
Doug tells his daughter to have
a good long think about what
she really wants before rushing
into something she’ll regret.
“Doug ultimately just wants
Laurel to be happy, but he’s
stunned that she’s talking

Marlon and Charity’s
faces say it all when Bob
suggests his bright idea!

about ending her romance with
Bob already,” says our Dales
snitch. “After all, it was her
affair with Bob that wrecked
his marriage to Brenda before
it had even begun – and now,
six months later, Laurel wants
out! However, she listens to
her dad’s words and agrees
to take a few
days away to
think things over
before doing
anything rash.
Although she’s
going to wish
that she had
never listened to Doug…”
Elsewhere, Bob is oblivious
to Laurel’s concerns over their
future. Instead, he’s celebrating
his return behind the bar of the
Woolpack. Eager to make a
big impression, he suggests
throwing a strippers’ night

– and when the event is a
sell-out, he’s even more
pleased with himself.
However, disaster looms
when the strippers cancel.
Although he tries to find a
replacement act, no one’s
available, but Bob refuses to
admit defeat – and comes up
with a plan to
make sure the
punters get what
they’ve paid for.
“Good grief,
this is pitiful,”
groans our spy.
“Bob ropes in
Jimmy, Rishi and Doug to join
him as the evening’s headline
act. Let’s face it, Chippendales
they are not. Chumps-inDales is more like it!”
As the big night arrives,
Laurel returns from her short
retreat – and the poor woman

“This is pitiful
– they’re like

Your soap story

Wish list!
“Nick and Shona’s
hatred in Corrie is so
charged, I wouldn’t
be surprised if the
Christmas shocker
this year is them
ripping each other’s
clothes of!”
…muses reader
Anna from Acton

“I wish they’d bring
back Fatboy to
EastEnders. He was a
good double act with
Dot – much better than
Robbie. Fats and ‘Mrs
B’ had a very special
chemistry together. It
wasn’t ever proved he
was dead, was it?”
…says reader Suze
Bob tries pleasing the
crowds – but his leading
lady is not impressed

is given the shock of her
life when she walks into
the Woolpack to see Bob
in just his underpants,
wiggling his hips!
“Any lingering doubts
over whether she’s doing
the right thing disappear
in that moment,” declares
our mole. “Bob even tries
to grab Laurel’s arm and
pull her up on to the stage
with him! She can’t believe

“I’d love to see
James accept
Romeo as his son
in Hollyoaks.
Maybe they could
team up for revenge
on Mac? What
better father-son
bonding activity!”
…pleads reader
Jas from Wakefield

that he could be so
lacking in self-awareness
that he’d humiliate her like
this – so she dumps him
on the spot, in front of
everyone. Cringe!”
As Laurel’s stinging
words hang in the air, Bob
looks a pathetic figure in
his kecks. Is there any
possible way back for
the couple after this?
Tom Spilsbury

“I think Liv and Jacob
would make a really
cute couple in
Emmerdale. She
deserves someone kind,
and he needs someone
with a bit of an edge
– to stop him being such
a goody-two-shoes!”
…suggests reader Bobby
from Margate
Each week, we invite readers to share their dream
soap storylines on our lnsideSoap Facebook page.
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insidesoap. Or you can email your idea to us at There’s a £10 prize
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lnsideSoap 21


Sally isn’t at all happy
with Gina’s comments
during her prison visit


at war!



ailed Sally lashes out
at Gina this week –
and tells her that she
never wants to see her
again! However, what Sal
doesn’t realise is that her
smitten sister is falling harder
by the day for Tim – who
finally realises with some
help this week, that Gina
has a twinkle in her eye…

Tim declares
his love for Sally
in front of Gina

“Sally’s love really means
the world to Gina, but is Tim’s
affection starting to count for
more?” wonders our Coronation
Street spy. “If Sally continues
to push her away, Gina might
not feel so guilty about going
after her sister’s man!”
Horrendous as her prison
situation is, Sally is making the
best of her time behind bars
when she rallies her fellow
inmates to stand up for their
rights. But after Gina points
out that Sally’s leadership
days as the Weatherfield
mayor are over, her sister
takes offence and sends her
away – leaving Gina gutted.
Meanwhile, Gina’s former
flame Dev convinces himself
that there is still a spark
between them, and he invites

her out for dinner. However,
the meal just confirms for Gina
that she and Dev have nothing
in common – prompting her to
ditch Dev and cosy up beside
Tim at home on the sofa. What
on earth would Sally say?
The following day, Gina’s
on cloud nine as the factory
girls poke fun at her and Tim,
suggesting that they are like
an old married couple. Over
at Weatherfield nick, though,
Sally is on the receiving end of
good news when she learns
that Paula has new evidence
to discredit fraudster Duncan
– leading Sal to excitedly begin
making plans for her release,
including transforming Gina’s
bedroom into a yoga studio! Is

Dev tries to win back
Gina – but his charm
doesn’t do the trick

she on course to burst Gina’s
bubble playing happy families
with brother-in-law Tim?
“Gina’s really hurt when she
hears what Sally has planned
– but her disappointment
quickly turns to joy after Tim
tells her that she is needed
more than ever, and is going

Gina is delighted when
Tim says she’s needed
more than ever…”

As Sophie and Paula fall out, will it
scupper Sally’s bid for freedom?
As Sally’s lawyer Paula pulls out all the stops in
order to secure her client’s freedom this week,
her hard work is threatened to be undone in an
instant by her sneering other half Sophie!
Sally’s daughter is narked when her lover
arrives for lunch at Speed Daal with some fellow
legal eagles, and coolly treats Sophie like a
waitress. But as it transpires, one man is in
possession of the crucial evidence that could
free Sally – and the other is a judge who could
preside over her mum’s trial! After Paula scolds
Sophie for being so rude to both gentlemen,
has she managed to cost Sally her freedom?

nowhere!” despairs our mole.
“Of course, it’s a completely
innocent remark, but for Gina
it’s as if all her Christmases
have come at once!”
While Tim is blissfully
unaware of Gina’s crush,
others have begun to spot
that she obviously has the
hots for him. After noticing
the dreamy look Gina gives
whenever Tim’s name is
mentioned in conversation,
Fiz shares her concerns with
Geoff, who is later alarmed

to witness first hand Gina’s
flirting with his son.
With that, he takes Tim
to one side and warns him.
But is Tim simply too dim
to see the truth for himself?
It seems as though Geoff’s
words have definitely made
an impression on him when
he and Gina go to visit Sally
together, and Tim makes a
point of telling his wife how
much he loves her in front of
her sister. Gina is mortified as
it dawns on her that Tim is
now well aware that she has
feelings for him, prompting
her to inform him that she
plans to join a dating site.
Gina’s admission leaves
Tim confident that she most
definitely doesn’t fancy him,
and he jubilantly reports back
to Geoff. However, is that
the end of the matter as far
as Gina is concerned?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Fiz is worried about
her pal Gina’s feelings
for her brother-in-law
lnsideSoap 23

If Dr Al lives, he’ll certainly
regret ever getting behind
the wheel of his pal’s motor


death crash


un in the country takes
a terrible turn this week,
when Dr Al, Heston and
Mrs Tembe are involved
in a terrifying car accident.
The incident occurs as Al
gets behind the wheel of
Heston’s beloved Jaguar. He’s
driving home the tipsy medic
and Mrs Tembe after lunch in
the pub, and unused to the

speed of Heston’s motor,
loses control of it. It flies over
a hedge before plunging into
a field – leaving a pile of
crumpled wreckage, and the
seriously injured trio fighting
for their lives inside. And not
all of them will survive…
“Mrs Tembe is unconscious
and in a really bad way, and Al
has broken his leg – so it’s left
to Heston to try
to help them,”
Mrs Tembe is knocked
reveals Ian
out cold – can Al and
Heston save her?
Midlane, who
plays Dr Al.
used to be a
surgeon, and
talks Al through
how to help
Mrs Tembe.
no medical
though, and

they’re in the middle of
nowhere without phone
reception, so they have
to improvise and adapt.
“Heston is actually more
badly injured than he’s letting
on, but he and Al must think
on their feet – because if they
don’t, Mrs Tembe will die
right there in the car.”
The three spend a jolly
afternoon together at Al’s
insistence, after Mrs Tembe
and Heston fall out over the
type of biscuits to offer
a guest from the Clinical
Commissioning Group. While
Heston and Mrs Tembe bury
the hatchet over a bottle or
two of wine, Al is forced to

Heston is injured, but
still leaps into action
to save his friends!

stay sober because his
favourite ale is off – ending
up as designated driver.
“Heston and Mrs Tembe
are sozzled in the back of the
car, while Al drives round the
country lanes,” shares Ian.
“Heston’s car is very fancy,
and Al’s not used to such a
powerful engine. He hits a
sharp bend in the road and the
tyres skid on mud, sending the
car spinning out of control…”

If Heston and Al don’t
think on their feet,
Mrs Tembe will die!”

“We’ve really
pushed the
Inside Soap was lucky enough to be out on location
with the Doctors crew while they shot this major
episode, and we grabbed actor Ian behind the scenes…
We’ve just watched
the car crash being ilmed
– it was very impressive!
It’s extraordinary. The car’s
windscreen is broken in,
there are wires hanging out,
but the worst thing is the
smell of burned plastic and
petrol. It’s a properly crashed
car, and we’re all squeezed
into it. So there’s not been
much acting required!

because Lorna Laidlaw [Mrs
Tembe] and Owen Brenman
[Heston] are in the car!

Has it been a nightmare,
keeping the secret of
who is set to die?
You do have to be cautious
talking to people. There’s
been lots of conjecture online
about who will leave the
show and how it’ll happen.
It’s nice that it’s not out

there exactly what happens
– because it’s worse than
anybody seems to think
that it’s going to be…

Will the team get
together to watch
the episode when
it’s on screen?
We definitely will. We’re
talking about getting
together and having a
little lunch when it’s on.

This is a pretty big
deal for Doctors…
With all three passengers
in a bad way, viewers are
already aware that at least
one of them is set to lose
their life. And regardless
of which character dies,
the repercussions of this
dreadful accident are set to
be felt for a long time yet.
“Life will never be the same
again,” sighs Ian. “It’s a
learning curve for everyone
involved, and some will be
completely, utterly and horribly
changed by what happens.
It’s already out there that
someone will die – but it might
be more than one person…”
Allison Jones

It’s certainly the biggest
stunt we’ve done on Doctors
for about 10 years – it’s huge.
We’re really proud of it. We
always work hard, but this
is extra special, and we’ve
really pushed the boat out.

Have you ilmed
many stunts before?
My first driving stunt on
screen was in an episode of
The Bill, in a really expensive
Audi. I was playing a nasty
villain, and it was a bit
scary as the car was worth a
quarter of a million pounds!
But this time I have more
valuable things with me,

No expense was
spared for this
particular stunt

lnsideSoap 25

Sinead is back
in Sami’s arms
once more

a hero!



repare for more
raunchy scenes in
Hollyoaks this week
– as Sami and Sinead
pick up where they left off!
The randy pair had the ride
of their lives
after Sami
came across
Sinead during
Chester’s freak
storm, and
they ended up
getting it on in
the back of his car! And the
spark is clearly still crackling
between them, when he comes
to her rescue once again…
“I was watching our scenes
from ‘Storm Week’ with my

mum and she said, ‘Gosh,
this is a bit steamy, isn’t it?”
blushes Stephanie Davis
(Sinead), as she joins Inside
Soap for a catch-up. “When
I got my scripts I couldn’t
help but laugh,
because it
was only the
second scene
I was down
to film after
coming back!”
ahem, kept
each other warm through some
adverse weather conditions,
Sami and Sinead are at it again
this week, as he unexpectedly
gets involved in what looks like
her daughter Hannah’s kidnap!

“Sinead and
Sami end up
going back in
for seconds!”

26 lnsideSoap

“Sinead keeps receiving
and on the way bumps into
these calls,” Stephanie tells
Sami, who gives her a lift.
us. “Someone has Hannah,
“He’s quite cocky and
and Sinead wants to find
arrogant at first, but Sinead
out how she is yyet feels
tells Sami,, ‘Just drive!’ and
a bit awk
they go to a nurse
kward about it,
so she doesn’t answer
where she picks
s up
her phon
Hannah,” continues
ne. She lies to
Tony and
the actress. “T
The next
d Diane that
Hannah iis with a
thing Sami knows,
friend in Spain, but
Sinead is runn
ning to
actually her
h daughter
the car with h
is in Englland.
daughter in her
Sinead th
arms, and
d loads
‘Right –
of people
I need to do
are runn
after he
about this’
so she
will havve to
goes to get
wait a
and see
It’s a nail-biting
time for Sinead!

You can say

that again!
“Ken would have
been advised to stick to his
earlier writing style – gritty realism.
Kitchen-sink drama. It’s a fascinating
British cultural movement: social
realism. The urban proletariat in the
industrial north that is A Kind Of
Loving, Billy Liar and Saturday Night
and Sunday Morning.”
…and, of course – as Roy is not quite
saying – the early years of
Coronation Street.

“I want to be a
Paralympian. Footballers
are pampered millionaires
who roll around crying
when they’re tackled.”
When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade.

“It’s a slippery
slope. One minute
you’re sat there with a
box-set and a take-out… The
next, the ire brigade are trying to
haul you out of the sofa you’ve
been glued to by your own tears.
No man’s worth that.”
Leyla knows how important
it is to move on after a
messy break-up.

“I haven’t got
a leg to stand
on, have I?”
“Lo J h Sil
had double what you’ve got.”
By our calculations, this means
Bernice has half a leg
to stand on.

“Don’t play the
innocent with me, Robbie
Jackson. I know you’ve been
ingering me Garibaldis.”
Well, everyone has their
own name for them.
Sinead has actually gone
as far as to abduct Hannah,
and what trouble that brings
to her door. In the meantime,
she has knight in shining
armour Sami for distraction…
“He ends up being her
hero again,” grins Stephanie.
“Sami is a bit snappy at first
as he just wants to know what
the hell is going on, but she
confides in him and he realises
there is more to the situation.
And then, yeah, they end up
going back in for seconds!”
Is this the beginning of a
sizzling love affair for Sinead?
And what drama could be
following the troublesome
mum to Hollyoaks village?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

“You’re at it,
ain’t ya, with the oldest
swinger in town! She’s not that far
of your nan’s age. There should
have been enough candles on that
birthday cake to start a bush ire.”
Karen was a little harsh on Sharon.
If you ask us, she’s still got it –
and clearly Keanu agrees!



Tyrone catches
Granny Evelyn in
Fiz’s earrings…



ensions rise inside No 9
this week, as Tyrone
confronts his Grandma
Evelyn after discovering she’s
been rummaging about in his
girlfriend Fiz’s jewellery box!
It’s not exactly been a
happy household ever since
Evelyn came to live with the
couple, given that the old lady
took an instant dislike to Fiz,
and doesn’t seem to be that

fond of Tyrone, either. The
atmosphere is made even
more toxic, though, when
Tyrone comes to realise that
his granny’s ‘new’ earrings
look suspiciously familiar.
And as he discovers Fiz’s
jewellery box stashed under
Evelyn’s bed, he furiously
confronts his elderly relative
to demand an explanation!

Realising she’s in danger of
outstaying her welcome, Evelyn
uncharacteristically tells her
grandson how grateful she is
that he’s provided a roof over
her head. Not to be deterred,
Tyrone tells his gran that their
living arrangements aren’t
working out – but will the fella’s
resolve weaken when Evelyn
resorts to emotional blackmail?

Ray’s ring ruse


el and Ray shop for
an engagement ring
this week, and of
course, she has her eyes set
on a band with a suitably
large diamond at its centre.
Mel is annoyed, however,
as she finds out that Ray has

Not a great start


ouise spends a shift
on the obs and gynae
unit in order to expand
her skillset this week –
however, the recently
appointed charge nurse
is appalled to cross paths
with workshy student
nurse Jade Lovell (who

28 lnsideSoap

is played by Casualty
newcomer Gabriella Leon).
Louise is stunned as Jade
ignores urgent orders to
send a patient’s blood to
the lab because she’s
distracted by her phone.
But when Jade later wades
in to help after the patient’s
condition deteriorates,
will she manage to prove
her mettle to Louise?

lied to her about not having
the money to pay for it – and
when she calls him out on his
deceit, Ray panics and tries
to cover his tracks.
But given that Mel already
knows that he’s been fibbing
about his secret wife and child,
will she manage to believe
anything that comes out of
her husband-to-be’s mouth?

Brotherly shove


essie is told that her son
Billy is in hospital after
getting into a fight in
prison this week – and the
horrified mother fears that
the altercation could affect
his impending release.

Jessie is left further upset
when she breaks the bad news
to boyfriend Marlon and Billy’s
brother Ellis – who is outraged
by Billy’s behaviour. Distraught
by Ellis’ clear lack of empathy,
Jessie just wants her boys
to get along. But as Marlon
insists that Ellis apologise to
his mum, will he back down?

Name and shame
Channel 4 TUESDAY


artine attempts to
reveal that she’s
married to Louis this
week, after walking in on a
romantic moment between
him and his lover Leela!
Despite lying low in the
village, Martine decides that
the time has come to unveil

Karen kills
Disaster strikes
as she returns
to the Bay…
Channel 5 TUESDAY


roubled Dean has a
run-in with mum Karen
this week, following
an attempt to convince her
to get psychiatric help.
Dean returns to the Bay
without his mum after she
hitchhikes out of town. But
Karen soon turns up at the
caravan park causing trouble
for her son. As he talks her
into lying low, Karen hides
in Dean’s van, where he’s
determined to persuade
her that she desperately

needs professional care.
However, when a row breaks
out between the two, Karen
smacks Dean across the
head with a frying pan!
Karen continues to accuse
unconscious Dean of ruining
her life, as she turns on the

gas hob and searches for
matches to start cooking.
Unable to find them, she
returns to the bedroom –
leaving the gas on while Dean
is bleeding on the floor. Are
the two of them about to be
blown to smithereens?

her cheating hubby. But
when she sends flowers
to Leela’s house addressed
to her ‘Yogi Bear’, Leela
believes they’re for her, to
offer condolences following
Tegan’s death. Louis quickly
realises what Martine’s
done, however, and rips
up the incriminating card.
Will Martine find another
way to out love rat Louis?

Sealed with a kiss!




yan and Bethany share
a tender kiss this
week, after Michelle
sets them up on a date!
Ryan has been struggling
with nightmares since the
horrific car accident in which

he, Michelle and Ali were
involved. When Bethany calls
round thanks to Michelle, he
confides in her about the
trauma and she assures Ryan
that it’s nothing to worry about
– making him feel a little better.
So as they move in for a
kiss, can Ryan start coming
to terms with his troubles?

Gerry’s garden


urdered teen Gerry
Roberts gets a
community garden
dedicated to him this
week, as the villagers gather
for a special ceremony
to pay their respects.
Laurel and Bob are among
the residents who attend the

heartwarming occasion,
along with Bob’s children
Heath and Cathy, and Laurel’s
children Arthur and Dotty.
Gerry was one of the victims
of serial killer Lachlan
White, whose awful crimes
were recently exposed.
With the village
still reeling from Lachlan’s
crimes, might this garden
help to unite the locals?

Linda’s shock betrayal!
The Carters are outraged at her behaviour…


ailed Mick’s bid for
freedom goes from
bad to worse this week,
as his wife Linda does the
unthinkable and joins
forces with evil Stuart!
The Carter clan is
flabbergasted when lawyer
Ritchie arrives at the pub with
an update on Mick’s
case and Linda
turns her away,
insisting that
her services
are no longer
needed. Tina
can’t believe
that she would
be so reckless,

30 lnsideSoap

and enlists the help of
Halfway and Whitney to
nab Linda’s phone and
attempt to work out what
the hell she is playing at.
However, Tina is outraged
after she makes a discovery
– and is later horrified to have
her suspicions confirmed as
she spots Linda and Stuart
seemingly in cahoots at the
café. Struggling to contain
her fury any longer,
Tina interrupts the
pair and lashes
out at Stuart.
But will
Linda back
her up – or
continue to
align herself
with the enemy?

Alice poisons Sonya!
She creates more chaos for the Rebecchis…
Channel 5 THURSDAY


icked Alice ups the
stakes in her plan to
cause mayhem at the
Rebecchi house this week,
after she poisons Sonya!
The bogus nanny pays
Yashvi to mind Nell while she
secretly spies on Sonya at her
AA meeting. Delighted to have
found out more about Sonya’s
addictions, Alice ponders what
she’s going to do with her new

intel. Having discovered that
Sonya is wary of taking pills
or tablets when she has a
headache, the evil au pair
comes up with a new corrupt
scheme – and she’s keen to
put it into action immediately!
As Sonya returns home
later, Alice prepares a lovely
nutritious smoothie for her.
But Sonya is unaware that
the vile woman has laced
the drink with painkillers!
Will poor Sonya realise
what Alice has done?

Peri back
with Tom?

& RADIO...

● Jackie and Hughie
play peacemakers this
week, as Renee and
Bob continue to lock
horns. Meanwhile,
Carol’s reaction to
Hayley and Robbie’s
relationship is cause
for concern for Yates,
who soon makes a
huge decision. Plus,
Jane and Oisin’s
feud rumbles on…

Channel 4 FRIDAY


om invites Peri to
spend time with Steph
this week, and the
mum soon realises just
how much of their little
girl’s life she’s missed.
With Steph now living with
him at the Osbourne’s, Tom
gives mum and daughter the
chance to get to know one
another. However, as the
day rolls on, former couple
Tom and Peri get closer.
While jealous Harley
observes the perfect family
picture, will she push the
two apart? And how is Peri
set to deal with being a
part of Steph’s life again?


Step by stepmum


here’s a surprise in
store for Zara this week,
when Daniel returns
from Nottingham with his
daughter Izzie in tow.
As Daniel explains that
Izzie and her mother Lisa
haven’t been getting on, Zara
struggles to work out how
they’ll cope. Meanwhile, Izzie
rocks the boat further by
shamelessly stirring the pot
between her dad and Zara.
However, Daniel reckons
they can still make it work
if Izzie agrees that she wants
to stay with them.
So how will Zara feel
about being a stepmum?

● Nicole resorts to
dirty tricks this week,
when she engineers
an argument between
Bob and Kim – before
trying to blackmail the
groom-to-be! Also,
Lenny and AJ suffer
an awkward encounter,
before Lenny chooses
to mess with Lydia’s
head! Elsewhere, Suzie
wants new lodgers.

● The Bull is on the
hunt for new bar staff
this week, while Toby
remains busy with his
gin enterprise. Across
the village, Emma is
on the warpath as
Elizabeth goes too
far with her actions.
Finally, Jim manages
to upset Lynda, and
a new face appears
at Brookfield. But
who is this stranger?
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 31





Carmel prepares to leave
Albert Square behind…

● Sally fights for the rights
of her fellow prisoners…

● Ellis is furious after his brother
Billy is involved in a fight in jail.

● …as she says goodbye to her loved
ones and sets off for pastures new.

● Ryan shares his fears with
Bethany, who kisses him.






● Hayley abandons her baby, leaving
her on the Ahmeds’ doorstep!



● Laurel confides in Doug that she
wants to break up with Bob!

● Bob is thrilled to be back working
behind the bar of the Woolpack.

● Rana is floored after Kate
suggests they have a baby.



● Chas recognises that she and
Paddy are drifting apart…
● Bob frets when his stripper event
at the pub is thrown into jeopardy.
Aaron broaches the subject
of having a baby with Robert.
● Debbie struggles to cope
with Joe’s disappearance.

● Tina makes a worrying discovery
before following Linda…
● The cracks start to show as
Cora struggles with baby Abi!

Laurel publicly announcess
that she’s dumping Bob!
● Robert desperately tries to
make amends with Aaron.

Hayley is horrified when her
daughter is rushed to hospital.
● Tensions are running high among
the Carter clan at the Queen Vic!

Rhona tells Paddy about the
vet surgery being in trouble…

Paddy breaks down after a
feline patient passes away.
● Marlon insists that Ellis apologise
to his mum for his outburst…

● Sophie makes a mistake that could
have dire consequences for Sally.
Gina’s burgeoning feelings
for Tim are revealed!



Rana and Kate both propose to
each other, and get engaged!

● Mel revels in picking out a large
diamond for her engagement ring!
Cora returns to Walford, and
stops by No 45 to see Ian…
● The Ahmeds look after Hayley’s
baby while she hides out at Bev’s.





Amy fumes after learning her
mum and dad have reunited…

● Debbie receives a text from
Joe – but is it really from him?
● Bob nurses his broken heart
following his humiliation.

● Kat is stunned that Hayley is
accepting Bev’s help over her own.

● …while Claudia is also mad that
her new salon still isn’t readyy!
● Carla snoops through Nick’s EPISODES
car – but what will she find? TONIGHT!

● Much to Bernie’s chagrin, Tifany
befriends mysterious girl Evie!

● Sinead is keeping another secret
from Daniel – what could it be?

● Debbie tries desperately to
get through to Graham…

● Who is overjoyed when they
bag one of Jack’s flats at No 5?

● Things go from bad to worse
for long-sufering Abi…

● Frank continues to keep his
beady eye on scheming Clive!

● A big return rules feathers
for one local in Albert Square…

● Aud and Claud lock horns again
– with Maria in the middle!

● Poor Rishi starts being
trolled online – but why?

Hunter and Louise’s birthday
party at E20 ends badly…




The factory workers ridicule
Rishi after his pub antics.






● Martine reveals that she’s moving
to the village – how will Louis react?
● Liam throws his weight around,
which startles the WAGs.
Nancy kisses Darren – before
cruelly dismissing him…
● Martine is furious when she
realises that Louis has been lying.

Sheila spills the beans about
Piper’s possible pregnancy…
● Paul continues to push
his children further away!
● Chloe knows that she should
break things off with Pierce.
Evil Alice carries out the next
step of her plot – poisoning Nell!

● The WAGs video-call Kim to help
them talk sense into Maxine…
…and tensions rise between the
women as Liam lurks nearby.

● Piper visits Cassius one last time,
and finally finds some closure.

● Sinead has well and truly
outstayed her welcome…

● Piper attempts to channel her
feelings into her latest vlog.

Darren looks after Charlie and
Oscar, but they’re not happy!
● Liam blackmails Courtney for info
about Glenn – will she confess all?

● Alice has the Rebecchis wrapped
round her little finger…

Sinead and Sami wind up
in a passionate clinch…

● Bea runs for her life, before
locating Xanthe, Susan and Elly…

● Leo and Terese re-airm their
commitment to each other…

Bea visits Finn’s hideout cabin
– where she finds Finn himself!

● …after she collects Hannah from the
airport. But has she kidnapped her?

…and the ladies face Finn
in a clif-top confrontation!

● Peri and Harley skip school for the
day, which isn’t a good decision.

● Alice spikes another food item
– this time, Sonya’s smoothie.

● Hospital medics carry out a
series of tests on poorly Raffy!
Robbo is torn over what
to do about Jasmine…
● Roo returns from the US to
support Ryder through his ordeal.
● Irene despairs – she’s had enough
of Jasmine, Robbo and Tori…
Agitated Karen unwittingly
puts her life in jeopardy!
● Ryder wrestles with his guilt – and
turns to booze to numb his pain.
Cop Colby confesses his
twisted history with Dean…
● …as Colby tries his best to help
his pal cope with erratic Karen.
● Maggie faces her first day back
at work – but how will she fare?
● Colby suggests he and Chelsea get
engaged again – what will she say?
● Maggie finds returning to work
more diicult than she expected.
Brody films a cooking
segment for Leah’s vlog!

● Tom invites Peri to spend
the day with little Steph.
Russ buys Mercedes a rather
charming necklace…
● …though he’s later forced to give
it to Goldie as she blackmails him.

● …while Finn languishes in a coma
in hospital. Will he ever awake?
● Paul has another scheme up
his sleeve to destroy Terese.

● Brody wants to do his vlog piece
again, but Leah kindly disagrees.
The doctors work flat-out as
Rafy sufers more seizure!

● Liam executes his plan for
revenge against the WAGs…

● Which ragged resident decides
to escape Erinsborough?

● John and Marilyn feel left
out following recent events…

● Who uses a child’s illness as an
excuse to ask out a woman?
● Two celebrities make a surprise
appearance in the village!

● Aaron buys David a thoughtful
gift, but things go awry…
● Gary gets a new job, which
leaves Paul baying for blood!

● Robbo struggles with his
commitments to various women!
● Dean is haunted by the past
– can he ever move on?

Everybody reels following
recent dramatic events…

● Maggie feels unfulfilled with
her role as head teacher…







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It’s been interesting to watch the Emmerdale
episodes showing Rhona struggling to decide
what’s best for her son Leo. I’m facing exactly
the same dilemma with my son Joshua –
whether specialist schooling is best, or to keep
him at the local primary. It’s wonderful to
see the issue presented so sensitively. I hope
it helps the parents of Joshua’s own school
friends to better understand our situation.

You hear a lot about soap
characters you love to hate, but
I have a character I hate to love.
Brian in Corrie drives me round
the bend with his constant
mithering, yet I can’t help finding
him endearing. It’s probably
because he reminds me of my
husband! And like Cathy, I never
get a holiday either!
| Maggie, Shrewsbury
It’s better your husband is
like Brian than almost any
other Weatherield man –
they’re all cheats!
34 lnsideSoap


If looks could kill,
poor Sharon wouldn’t
stand a chance

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“I’ve booked us a holiday,
Cathy! Summer Bay is the
place. It’s meant to be quiet…”

I can’t remember when I last
laughed as much as during the
scenes where Sharon and Karen
managed to convince Louise that
she was wrong about Sharon’s
affair with Keanu. Especially when
Sharon had to play the ‘sex tape’
while insisting it was just the
sound of her doing exercises!
However, I bet Sharon’s promise
“on the life of her son” will come
back to haunt her…
| Wendy, London
We had many letters this week
on the subject of Sharon, and
this next one was my favourite…

Email us at

| Name withheld



I’m not sure how Letitia Dean
feels about Sharon constantly
being called a “washed-up old
slapper” or “old enough to be
your grandmother” – or
worse – but I have to
say I hate it! I’m the
same age as Sharon,
and I am certainly
not a washed-up
anything, thank
you very
much. It’s
all so rude
granny? Not
me, darling!”
tell ’em,
Lock up
your sons,

“Leyla, I’m telling the
truth – I was a doctor
at Holby City Hospital!”


Thank goodness that Mary’s lying
son Jude has left town – he was
such a wet blanket. Now Angie
is free to get
together with
Adam Barlow.
Imagine Mary’s
face when
she comes
each morning
to find Adam
wearing just a
towel – she’s been in love with him
since she first laid eyes on him!
| Rebecca
We will all be happy to see
that scene, Rebecca.



Hollyoaks pulled of one of its biggest
stunts to date when a killer storm ripped
through the village – leaving destruction
in its wake! And with Sinead back too,
there was carnage all over the place…

How could Neighbours do this to
me? They brought Tyler back
from prison and gave me hope
that he and Piper might finally
be reunited – then they
cruelly snatched it away by
splitting them up again!
I can’t believe that Tyler
has left for good.
| Joanie
You’ll have to blame
actor Travis Burns
(Tyler) for wanting to
pursue a career in LA!

I know that actress Steph
Davis has had a hard time
in the press for her real-life
antics, but bringing her back
to Hollyoaks as Sinead was a
stroke of genius! I’d forgotten
just how good she was in
the show. The scenes with
her and Sami getting steamy
in the back of his car were
brilliant! I can’t wait to see
what other mischief she’ll
cause now that she’s back.
| James

I can’t believe that Hollyoaks
killed off Tegan! I know that
it usually does kill someone
off in its big stunt week, but
I honestly did not see that one
coming. And just when she,
Tony and Diane had finally
come to an agreement over
the kids. I wonder who will
get custody of Rose now?
| Rita, London
The underwater sequence
with Romeo trying to rescue


So Leyla in Emmerdale went to
Greece and fell in love with a con
man who also happens to be the
ex-cellmate of the con-man dad of
her friend Vanessa? What are the
chances of that happening, eh?
| Mark
It’s a bit of a coincidence,
isn’t it? Well, unless it’s all
part of her new fella’s plan…

Lily was so tense, I could feel
myself holding my breath
watching it! I’m so glad that
Lily didn’t die at the end – but
was anyone else willing James
to jump into the water and
save his son? I can’t believe
he just left him in there!
| Jenny
But not all of you were
impressed with the show’s
special efects…
I love Hollyoaks’ big stunts,
though I did have to laugh
at the ‘twister’ that came
hurtling towards Sinead and
Sami! It was all a bit Wizard
Of Oz, wasn’t it? And the bit
where the Hollyoaks sign
crashed through the roof of
their car was just hilarious!
| Meena, Bolton
Hollyoaks can’t be accused
of taking itself too seriously!
lnsideSoap 35


Request SPOT
At her party in the Vic
the other day, Sharon
was wearing a dark top
with a lovely glittery
sleeve. Do you know
where I can buy one?
| Rachel, Preston
You can pick up
Sharon’s top from the
Wallis website, where
you need to search
for ‘Embellished Cuf
Layered Top’. It’s also
able in berry!

Sharon certainly
has her hands full!



MEET THE lnsideSoap TEAM
This week’s question:
What Award category would you create?
Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS
“I would give Neighbours’ Rob Mills (aka evil Finn)
a prize for Best Boy-Band Dancing, as he was
busting out some great routines on the dance
loor at the Inside Soap Awards!”

Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer ALICE PENWILL
“There were a lot of ladies rocking the LBD (little black
dress) at the Inside Soap Awards. But I’d give the Best
Dressed In Black Award to Doctors’ Ali Bastian”

The only thing not
forgotten from Redwater
are Kat’s extensions

I’m confused! I watched
every episode of the Kat
and Alfie show Redwater
– but what happened in
that series never seems
to have been referred to
in EastEnders. Has it been
written out of history?
| Bob
It’s a tricky one.
There were certainly

in EastEnders to Kat
being in Ireland before
Redwater, but since then,
it does seem as if Walford
bosses are trying to
quietly draw a veil over
the whole thing! The
‘new’ history tells us
that the Moons split up
while in Spain – and no
one is mentioning Kat’s
murderous Irish son!




Acting Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON
Acting Senior Sub Editor MARK JAMES LOWE
Writer/Sub Editor TOM SPILSBURY
TV Listings Writer/Sub Editor LYNN GIBSON
“I can’t possibly reveal who this refers to, but
I’d introduce Best Pap Shot – for one of my slightly
drunken colleagues who was caught on camera at
the end of the Inside Soap Awards!”

Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Junior Designer MEGAN PENFOLD
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Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE

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is growing
up – you’ll
see her begin
to explore
adult life”

38 lnsideSoap


ouise Mitchell proved that she
was her father’s daughter last
week, after she was revealed as
the blackmailer tormenting Sharon
over her affair. However, it soon
became clear that she was still in the
playground when it came to being a
fully fledged Mitchell – with Sharon
deftly pulling the wool over her eyes,
by lying that her and Keanu had simply
been engaged in some exercise!
But while we join Tilly Keeper, who
plays Louise, for a catch-up about her
character’s recent dramas, she tells us
that she’d like Louise to go maximum
Mitchell – though reckons it may be
a while before she is ready…
“I don’t know if I could handle that
kind of responsibility,” she chuckles.
“Sharon is an amazing matriarch, and
I think over time that Louise will learn a
lot from her. Louise is all about loyalty,
so if you wrong the head of the Mitchell
family, as is happening with Sharon
and Keanu, then she is going to have
something to say about it. But I’m
not sure if she gets it all just yet.”
However, whatever Louise might
reckon about recent events, Tilly
has adored playing out the dramatic
scenes in the Mitchell household…
“I love the storyline with Keanu and
Sharon – mainly because I love Letitia
Dean [aka Sharon] with all my heart,”
raves the star. “That woman is such an
incredible actress, but also such a lovely
person, and I love that she’s getting
this story. It’s fun Sharon – just Sharon
having a good time. I really like it, and
it’s been great to play a part in it.”
Of course, all the Mitchell family
dramas aside, one of the other major
events in Louise’s life this year has been
the return of her ‘auntie’ Mel, along
with her son Hunter, to the Square.
“Well, obviously Louise started off
her year with Hunter and Mel coming
back,” explains Tilly. “She’s very
pleased to have her Aunt Mel in her life,
as she adores her. She’s someone Louise
really looks up to. But then obviously
she got into that toxic relationship

Party pooper: Louise
and Hunter’s event
doesn’t go to plan

Caught out: Louise rumbled
Sharon’s affair, but her stepmum
convinced her that she’s innocent

with Hunter, which was a massive
learning curve for her.”
Although they split up a while
back, this week they throw a party
together for their mates, to celebrate
each of their birthdays. With the
night destined not to end well,
it doesn’t look as if there
will be any reconciliation
between the pair any
time soon. However, Tilly
does reckon that Louise
has learned something
from the romance.
“It was just such a
turning point, because
she finally found that softer and more
intimate side to her,” muses the actress.
“She revealed her burns for the first
time to a significant other, which is a
big thing – even if it didn’t end well.”
Of course, another huge event in
recent months was Louise losing her
close pal Shakil – but off screen it hasn’t
been quite as big a wrench for Tilly.
“I probably see Shaheen [Jafargholi,
who played Shakil] more now than
I did when we worked together!” she
laughs. “He’s moved 10 minutes round

the corner from me, so I’m always at
his house. He’s phoned me about seven
times today, even though we knew we
were going to see each other tonight!
“But I think the loss of Shakil has
really hit Louise hard,” adds Tilly. “It
was one of her best friends passing
away. I might be biased
because Shaheen and
I are best friends, but
Louise and Shaki – while
you maybe didn’t see it
in all episodes – really
were best friends. She’s
had so many losses in
the past few months,
so she’s kind of trying to roll with it!”
With everything that’s happened
this year, we reckon Louise deserves
a bit of light relief – and Tilly reveals
that this might well be in the offing.
“I think she’s going to have a bit of
fun!” teases the star. “We’re filming New
Year episodes now, and Louise might
have her eye on someone… I can’t say
much, though. She’ll be having a lot of
fun, and we’ll see her exploring her new
kind of adult life in an interesting way.
way ”
en Murphy

with Hunter
was a turning

As Louise grows up, Tilly has
an idea for how her Walford
character could come to
expand her horizons…
“Kellie Bright [Linda] and
I were saying the other day
that it would be so much fun
if Linda took Louise under
her wing,” she says. “I love
Linda, and Louise is a real
girlie girl, so I think they’d
get on. That would be so
much fun, and I’d get to wear
pink and work in the pub!”



A new


hen Hollyoaks viewers
were reunited with
Liam Donovan a
couple of months
ago in Magaluf, they
realised this wasn’t the same man who’d
left the show last year. Not only has Liam
changed his ways, but the actor who
plays him has changed too – with Jude
Monk McGowan taking over the role
from Maxim Baldry. We caught up with
Jude to find out how he’s getting on…

Hi Jude! How have your irst few
months at Hollyoaks been?
I’ve absolutely loved it! Everyone’s been
so kind, considerate and helpful. I feel so
settled and the character’s been so much
fun. There’s been a big shift for Liam – it’s
almost like a completely new character!

What’s been your favourite part
about playing Liam so far?
He can do things and justify anything.
Liam gets to behave badly with no
repercussions, and that’s not something
you usually get to do. When
[executive producer] Bryan
Kirkwood told me about my
entrance, I couldn’t have
been more excited! Revenge
characters are always the
best – it seemed perfect.

Are you happy Liam’s
going down a dark path?
Absolutely! We’re always
fascinated by how good
people can do seemingly bad
things. His justification for it
is the fact that these women
40 lnsideSoap

Court in a trap:
Liam is out
for revenge


Psychological warfare:
Liam blackmails

The truth
will out!

Kaye Wragg, aka Essie, teases the beginning
of the end for killer Gaskell…

killed his dad, and one of them killed the
love of his life [policewoman Eva Falco] and
his unborn child. We’d all seek revenge in
that set of circumstances. That storyline with
Grace will definitely come back into play…

How has it been acting with your onscreen brother, Luke Jerdy [aka Jesse]?
Great! Luke’s brilliant – he’s so funny and
his work is always so deep. It feels as if you’re
in good hands. It always helps if you like the
person you’re working with – it helps you do
a better job. Jesse is the only thing that roots
Liam in some form of reality.

Will Liam still torment the WAGs even
if he inds out who killed his dad?
Well, his family won’t ever be repaired.
So if he does achieve vengeance, I think
he’ll still be scarred by it, certain
nly. And he’ll
always have trouble trusting any
yone with
any relationship he has in the fu
uture. At the
ogical warfare
moment, Liam’s using psycholo
on the WAGs – he hasn’t gone all out
to shoot them. He’s just waiting
for them to reveal themselves.

Do you th
hink there
will eve
er be
ance on the
ds for Liam
in the future?
Hiis one and
nly shot
was Eva.
He has a new
perception on
and affection.
IIt feels as if
tthat part of
him died. So it
coould happen,
but it would
depend on
he woman.
Alice Penwill

he clock is
ticking for
Professor John
Gaskell this week, as
his colleagues finally
learn the truth about
his unethical use of
embryonic stem cells.
But what does that
mean for all of our
favourite characters
who know too much
about the murdering
prof’s corruption?
Kaye Wragg, who plays
Essie, warns us that viewers will
be livid with what happens next!
“Gradually all the key
characters involved with the
Gaskell story begin to see what is
going on – and it becomes a race
against time to see who can stop
him,” shares the star. “There’s
going to be quite a few people
queuing up to give him a piece
of their mind, but various others
are taken out of the picture for
different reasons. It’s going to
drive the audience mad!”
The penny drops for Jac
when she works out that Gaskell’s
implant could kill her, while
Essie faces danger when the
nutty professor realises that

she knows
too m

Pawns in the game:
Fletch and Essie
have a lot to lose

Ethical dilemma: How will
Henrik react as the truth
about Gaskell comes out?

“Gaskell does something to her –
and in a sense Essie becomes one of
his victims,” explains Kaye. “When
she finds out that he has abused
her trust, it’s heartbreaking.
Not just because of her late
husband Raf’s money
that she invested in
his project, but for the
patients involved.
“I was desperate for
Essie to be the one to take
him down,” adds the star.
“It doesn’t quite happen
like that, unfortunately –
but rest assured,
he will receive his

The stars joined
Inside Soap for a
night to remember
– and we have a
host of exclusive
pictures, interviews
and tons of gossip,
just for you…



n a year that saw
hard-hitting plots such
as Phelan’s killing
e an
spree, David’s rape
Aidan’s suicide, Coronation
ed of
Street has been accuse
being ‘too dark’. But the
voters don’t lie – and the
cast might as well be
walking on sunshine wh
they learn that you, the loyal
and passionate readers
of Inside Soap, have
named them as your
absolute best of the bes
“It has been Corrie’s yea
– and I don’t think anyon
else in the room at your party
tonight would complain,””
grins actor Connor McInttyre,
who played Pat Phelan.
“Everyone is entitled to
their opinion and we resp
them greatly, but some
of our episodes have been
as strong as everything else
on television. And it’s unusual
to see anything that intense
that early in the evening.”
There have been a lot of
laughs along the way, too,
with the high jinks of fake
psychic Rosemary Piper (played
by Sophie Thompson), the
returns of con man Lewis


year – no one
can complain!”



Archer and super--diva Claudia
Colby – not forgettting Steve
hable inability
McDonald’s laugh
to keep it in his pa
“People have beeen talking
plots, but the
about the darker p
uch woven
comedy is very mu
through it too,” points out
ka Shona.
Julia Goulding, ak
“I feel like we arre in a really
solid place at the moment,
ally exciting
and it’s rea
ple have taken
that peop
the timee to vote for
nk you all
us. Than
so mu
The stars are
mant that this
awarrd is the
perfecct leaving
present for their
former boss Kate
Oates – new chief of
nders – who
was sitting with
her Walford
colleagues, but
couldn’t resist
going up to
pt the Best
Soap trophy with her
pals from the cobbles!
Meanwhilee, the Street
g to kick off
is preparing
a new chaptter now that
e boss Iain
MacLeod is at
a the helm,
and the cast iis excited
to be launching
launchi his era
while on a high.
“It’s special to
me as obviously
I’m new to
the show in
comparison with
other people,”
explains Victoria
Ekanoye, who
plays Angie. “In
August it was a
year since I was
first on screen,
and I know it’s
been a few years
since we have
won this award.
I’m lucky to have
joined when the
show is so great,
and I just hope
it continues!”



Jack P Shepherd
David Platt

“I don’t take
this win for

fter more than 18 years
on the cobbles, Corrie star
Jack has finally scooped
the coveted Best Actor
gong – and given the year that
David’s had, it’s hardly surprising
that Inside Soap readers voted for
talented Jack in their droves…

Congratulations! Best Actor is
the one everyone wants to win…
I suppose it is the one that everyone
wants, yeah. I would love to have
won Funniest Male, but I wasn’t
nominated for that award! This is
great, though – it’s so nice that
people voted for me. I don’t
take that for granted.

How would you sum up
your past 12 months?
David’s had a terrible year full
of darkness and drama, but
I’ve had a great year, getting to
do this brilliant storyline. Our
lives are very different, so it’s
nice to go home and live my life.

What’s your home life
like right now, then?
I live with Colson [Smith],
who plays Craig – and that’s a
challenge! I have to teach him
about life and things, and I do
his washing. He’s like my little
project – my nickname is ‘Dad’!

Who have you most
enjoyed working with?
I have to say Julia [Goulding,
aka Shona], because last
time I won an award
44 lnsideSoap

I forgot to mention her, and that
didn’t go down well! We have a
great relationship off screen too.

Can you tell us what you
have been ilming recently?
I’ve been doing a bit of
comedy – I think they’re
trying to keep things light
for David at the moment.
And I’ve been told that
something big happens at
Christmas for the Platts…

Where will you
keep your award?
Well it’s quite weighty,
so it might be good for
keeping the balcony
door open!


harity has had a rollercoaster 12 months – she
met Ryan, the son she
believed had passed away,
watched crooked cop Bails go to
jail for raping her as a teenager, and
fell in love with her new partner
Vanessa. And while Charity’s been
enduring this emotional time, we’ve
been gripped by her heartbreaking
story. So it’s no wonder that Emma
scooped our Best Actress gong…

Congratulations, Emma!
How do you feel?
It’s really flattering and
overwhelming when
you get a lot of great
edback. I just find
i humbling that
ople invest in
u to that

level, and there are no words. I’m in
a bit of a cloud and a dream! We’ve
worked so hard, and I’m delighted.

Do you know yet where you
might keep your trophy?
I won another award recently – to
have won two in row is ridiculous,
because I never win anything! – and
my son Albert said, “Can I put it in
my bedroom and look after it for
you?” So both of them will go on the
mantlepiece in his room. He’s very
excited that Mummy has awards.

What’s the secret to Charity’s
success, do you reckon?
Her diversity, perhaps. The fact she
can be vile one minute, then crack
someone up the next. She has a
wicked sense of humour, and I love
how cutting and caustic she is. But
she has the ability to be a broken
child, too. When she opens up, it
gives you more to work with.

Can you pick a
standout scene
from the past
12 months?
That’s a hard
question, as there
have been so many.
But I really loved the
stuff that I did with
James Moore [Ryan] when
Charity and Ryan first met.

Do you enjoy Charity’s
argumentative scenes?

Emma Atkins
Charity Dingle

I love them! The last thing that
I filmed was a huge row between
Charity and Ryan, and James
giggled because I went hell for
leather. But when you have a
really good relationship with
somebody, you have to let rip!

“I feel as
if I’m in a
lnsideSoap 45

“We’re thrilled
to have made
an impact”
t’s not just big stunts
that qualify for our Best
Show-Stopper Award.
When real and important
issues are handled as expertly
as Shakil and Keegan’s knife
attack in EastEnders, soaps
have the power to change
and save lives. And some of
the main players of that plot,
Shaheen Jafargholi (Shakil),
Zack Morris (Keegan) and
Lorraine Stanley (Karen),
are utterly thrilled to be
crowned your winners…

What does winning this
award mean to you all?
Shaheen For this story to have
received so much recognition
is amazing. The main thing is
that we have made an impact,
and the award is a lovely bonus.
Zack It’s a real problem that
you hear about all the time,
but to see it on EastEnders
has helped raise awareness.
Lorraine It’s been the
highlight of the year for us.

Was it tough working so
closely with the families
of real-life victims?
Shaheen We were told
months ahead that we would
work closely with the Brooke
Kinsella Trust. Zack and I met
Brooke [who played Walford’s
Kelly Taylor], who is an amazing
person and so helpful – which
made us even more determined
to get the story right.
46 lnsideSoap

Lorraine I was there when

they filmed the documentarystyle scenes with the real-life
families of victims of knife
crime, but when I watched it
at home, I still just sobbed and
sobbed. I have so much respect
for all those families who put
themselves out there. It’s every
mother’s worst nightmare.

Shaheen, you’ve joined
the cast of Casualty –
but are you still haunted
by Shakil’s death?
Shaheen I remember finding
out that Shaki would be killed
and my first thought was, ‘I’ve
never died before – how do
I even think about doing
that?’ But a huge sense of
responsibility came with it,
so I was conscious of not
playing it up too much
just for the sake of drama.

Keegan is struggling
to cope. Will he ever
be the same again?
Zack He’s made some
bad decisions – but
when does he ever
not? He’s bad, yet
we still love him!
Lorraine You are going
to witness how Keegan
and Karen navigate
this. You don’t often see
the aftermath of how
this affects people, so
I’m glad EastEnders
is doing it.

Shakil and
Keegan’s attack


t was the soap death that
no one saw coming, but
Shayne Ward’s triumph in
our Best Exit category just
goes to show that the memory of
Corrie’s Aidan Connor continues
to live long in your hearts…
“This award means so much to
me,” insists the star, returning to
the world of soap for one night only.
“It’s not easy going to places that
you hope never to go to in real life,
and that last scene where Aidan was
in the pub, staring into space and
completely zoned out – we all know
what that feels like. The public got
behind it, so this award is for them.”
Shayne looks very different now
that he has a thick head of hair and
has grown a beard – after signing up
to appear in psychological thriller
film Stairs, which is due out next
year. Meanwhile, his Inside Soap
award is to take pride of place at
home, where he lives with other


Shayne Ward
Aidan Connor

“I’ll always
be one of
the Connor
half Sophie Austin – best
known for playing Hollyoaks’
Lindsey Roscoe, aka the
‘Gloved Hand Killer’ – and
their young daughter, Willow.
“I recently built a cabinet
for my mum – but now that
we’ve moved into our new
home, I’ve had to break the
news that I’m taking it back
to put my award in!” laughs
Shayne. “The thing that I’m
most proud of is doing this
story for Coronation Street.”
This isn’t the first time
that Shayne has won an Inside
Soap award, of course – he
was crowned your Best
Newcomer in 2016, so it’s

rather fitting that you’ve
sent him off in style, too.
“I couldn’t come to the
awards that year, so this is
my first time at the party,”
grins the actor. “Sophie has
been before with Hollyoaks
and told me that I would
love it, so I’ll be the first on
the dance floor, just you
try and stop me!
“I’ll have a couple of drinks,
and then loads of coffee
tomorrow on the train and
I’ll be fine,” adds Shayne.
“I have Irish blood running
through my veins, so I can
handle it. I’ll always be one
of the Connor family!”



atty’s return to the
Barton family fold – after
moving away from the
village as Hannah – took
a lot of guts. Star Ash Palmisciano
has embraced his new Dales role with
positivity and respect, as both he
and Matty have been welcomed with
open arms. So, for delighted Ash,
being voted the winner of our Best
Newcomer trophy is the icing on the
cake following a fantastic year…
“I was surprised enough just to be
nominated for the award!” grins the
28-year-old. “Coming into Emmerdale
has been completely amazing, and I wa
so happy to see my name with all those
other brilliant people. So I’m absolutely
chuffed to bits to have won. My mum
was with me when I got the call, and s
had a little cry. I’m over the moon!”
Having transitioned himself, Ash
was well aware of the responsibilities o
playing such a groundbreaking role –
it’s not a challenge he’s taken lightly.

Ash Palmisciano
Matty Barton

“I want Matty
to take over the
“This job is a dream come true for me
– I know that sounds cheesy,” he beams.
“But having a platform, and using it for
a positive purpose, means that I get the
opportunity to make changes and help
people. I’m just getting started, but it’s
something I’m passionate about.”
While it’s already been a massive
year for Ash, as well as Matty, the actor
assures us that there’s plenty more drama
to come, and he just can’t wait for it.
“Matty’s on a journey, and he’ll be
taking the audience with him,” shares the
star. “He’ll have to start making some
serious changes with his transition,
and going through some stuff with
acceptance. But also, with Matty workin
in the Woolpack now, I’m hoping t
48 lnsideSoap

he’ll end up taking it over! I don’t think
it’ll happen any time soon, but that
would be absolutely amazing…”
Bar wars aside, Ash can’t thank Inside
Soap readers enough for their continued
support – and admits that his loyal fans
mean everything to him.
“Being accepted and supported means
such a lot to me – so a massive thank
you to everyone who voted,” he grins.
“I really couldn’t do this job without
them. I read everyone’s messages, and
I just want to say that it’s that regular
encouragement that keeps me going,
and encourages me to work hard every
day. Thank you so much – I promise
that I’ll buy you all a drink one day!”

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