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Dot &
Dr Legg

9 770966 849166







Issue 41 13 – 19 October 2018

ow, for all that
I love new
characters –
they’re the lifeblood
of soaps, and when
a fresh
really takes off it
oes give your
how a whole
new lease of
life – sometimes,
y just can’t beat
he old favouites.
Your heart will
warm when you

see this week’s episodes,
as not only is Dot back
from her extended trip to
Ireland, but she’s looking
up her old friend, Dr Legg.

Your stars
this week!

not forget – back together
and firing on all cylinders,
when the pair rekindle their
friendship in what will prove
to be an emotional new
storyline. Great stuff!
Talking of class acts,
Sharon Gless – aka Cagney
off classic cop show
Cagney & Lacey – is back
in Casualty this week,
as Zsa Zsa goes head-tohead with the formidable
Connie Beauchamp. This is
one clash of the titans
you don’t want to miss.
Steven Murphy, Edito


“You can’t beat
the old favourites!”
It’s wonderful to watch
these two veterans,
June Brown and Leonard
Fenton – who have a
combined age of 183, let’s


“Piper is nervous about
seeing Tyler again…”


Coronation Street

4 Sinead tells Ken her cancer secret
16 Peter fires Vicky from Underworld
28 Ali is grilled about Ronan’s death
42 Nick faces the wrath of his family
46 You Ask… Sally Carman (Abi)


8 Hayley is driven to the very edge
18 Ruby goes to the police station
24 Dot visits her old friend, Dr Legg
28 Robbie feels down as he turns 40
38 Keanu and Sharon are discovered!

I’m doing
everything I can to
distract from the
unconvincing painted



...and more!
Your clothes
smell so clean
and fresh

That’s because
I’ve used Daz for
three months


22 The WAGs get back at Glenn
29 Donna-Marie asks for money
31 Liam returns, surprising Jesse!
49 Kim decides to leave the village



27 Piper is reunited with freed Tyler
31 Paul walks in on Leo and Terese…
48 …and busts Amy and Gary too!


10 Inside Gossip
32 What Happens


6 Victoria is attacked!
14 Sarah has a heart transplant
20 Jacob lusts after Maya!
26 Bernice snogs Liam!
28 Chas plans Grace’s funeral
30 April bullies half-brother Leo

“Keanu wants to make
it work with Sharon”

34 Soapbox
50 10 Facts
About Jessie
Kat Moon)
53 Star watch
56 Style watch
92 Who’s In?
Who’s Out?
94 Puzzles
96 The Hot List
98 Hits & Misses

Ben Price

– they’ve always loved
each other…”


She Goes

29 Mason lashes out at Brody
30 Can Colby & Chelsea co-operate?


29 Holby City Hanssen investigates
31 Doctors Sid’s date goes wrong
44 Casualty Zsa Zsa returns

David Tennant
& Jessica Hynes
star in a new
comedy – turn to
p57 for more…


Home and Away

Sharon Gless

“It seems as if Zsa Zsa
is the only one who
can save Dylan!”



i t with
h the
h week’s
T headlines...
h dli



tells Ken her
cancer secret!


nother week of hell
sees Sinead turn to
an unlikely confidant
as she faces a
terrible choice about the
future of her pregnancy –
former arch-enemy Ken.
The Barlow patriarch finds
poor Sinead in a terrible state,
and she ends up blurting out
the heartbreaking truth. This
shocking moment comes after
Sinead is suspended from
work for taking a phone call to
get her biopsy results. With her
life in turmoil, and Daniel still
blissfully unaware, Sinead
needs a shoulder to cry on.
“Sinead’s tragic news hits
Ken like a ton of bricks,”
whispers our Weatherfield
insider. “He’s
devastated to
hear that she’s
so ill, and the
cervical cancer
will have on the
baby she and
Daniel are expecting.
They’ve been at odds in
the past, but now Ken just
wants to support Sinead
however he can. What she’s
facing is hell on earth.”
Life at Underworld is proving
tough for Sinead, and it’s not
just the morning sickness
that’s driving her mad. She’s
become a target for disruptive
Vicky, who is winding her up in
order to get at Peter (see p16).
After a mobile phone ban is
implemented by the fed-up
fella, Sinead is forced to break
the rules to take a call from the
hospital. Vicky tries to snatch
the banned device from her
hand, and Sinead sees red!

“Quite understandably,
Sinead goes nuclear – all the
pain and fury she’s been
feeling bursts out,” shares our
mole. “Neither Vicky nor Peter
knows why that phone call
was so important, and Sinead
doesn’t want to tell them. The
truth is that she needs to go
and see the doctor following
the results from her biopsy.”
While Sinead’s life is
spiralling, new husband Daniel
receives the news he’s been
waiting for – he’s been offered
a place to study for a Masters
degree. However, on talking it
over with Ken, he admits that
the timing is all wrong, and he
probably should turn it down.
When Sinead hears this, she’s
and tells him
to go for it
anyway, no
matter what.
But while
Daniel’s full
of joy at the
thought of a baby and a new
course, Sinead is still burying
the terrible truth.
Later, at the hospital, the
consultant sadly confirms the
cervical cancer diagnosis and
tells Sinead that she needs to
consider the possibility of a
termination. Devastated and
alone, Sinead goes home and
breaks down, only for Ken to
find her. As she relays her
news, she explains that she
doesn’t want Daniel to have to
choose between her and the
baby, so Ken must promise to
keep the secret. Will he agree,
or is it time Sinead broke the
awful news to her husband?
Kate White

Ken is surprised to
find Sinead in tears
– and she blurts out
the terrible truth

“Ken just wants
to support
Sinead – she’s
facing hell!”

Pregnant Sinead
is told that she has to
consider a termination

Sinead’s real-life alter ego has been
en away…
While Sinead has been having a
nightmare, actress Katie McGlynn
has been living the dream in Canada!
She’s been visiting the country
alongside on-screen auntie Lisa George
(aka Beth) to meet and greet the Street’s
devoted Canadian fans.
The duo’s whistle-stop tour
included shows in Winnipeg,
Kelowna, Calgary, Red Deerr
and Edmonton. One cheeky
fan showed Lisa a tattoo of
her on-screen BFF Tracy
Barlow positioned on her
backside. Now that’s what
we call a serious tribute!


Glen turns on Victoria
when he realises that
she can’t pay him





rantic Victoria finds
herself in big trouble
this week – when the
private investigator
looking for Adam attacks her.
She hires PI Glen to track
down her missing husband,
having finally discovered that
he didn’t kill evil Emma Barton.
Victoria doesn’t care what it
costs to find Adam, all she
wants is a reunion with the
man she loves. However,
Victoria soon finds herself in
a very dangerous situation…

6 lnsideSoap

“It’s panic stations for
Victoria!” admits Isabel Hodgins,
who plays the desperate wife.
“It’s all a bit sinister. Victoria
thinks, ‘Oh no, I’m alone with
this guy who’s not very nice.
He’s a lot bigger than me, so
he can definitely overpower me
or cause me some damage!’”

Following Moira’s confession
that she killed Emma and
Adam took the rap for her,
Victoria is in a bad place. She’s
willing to do anything to find
Adam, and can’t believe that
everyone around her has lied.
Alone and isolated, she begins
her search at the haulage

Victoria inds herself in
the middle of nowhere
with this sinister guy!”

office, where she trashes the
place trying to get some intel.
What’s her state of mind?
“She has no one to trust –
not even her brother because
of his relationship with Aaron,
Matty and Moria,” explains
Isabel. “She feels really lonely.
The one person that she
wants to speak to is her
husband, who is on the run
and accused of murder. So,
it’s a very tricky time for her.”
Although Robert promises
Vic that nobody knows where

Victoria hires a private
investigator to look for
Adam – but Glen is a con
man, and she’s in danger!

Adam is, she doesn’t believe
him. Throwing money at the
problem, she hires Glen, who
reports back to her that Adam
is in Portugal. Meanwhile,
Matty discovers that Adam
isn’t in Portugal at all – so he
takes the money from her bag,
to stop her from being swindled.
Sadly, Matty’s actions have put
Victoria in a deadly position…
“When Glen says, ‘Pay
me £5,000, and I’ll tell you
where your husband is’, it’s
a no-brainer for Victoria,”
explains Isabel. “But then she

realises that the money is gone!
The trouble is, Glen isn’t a real
PI, and now she’s completely
on her own in the middle of
nowhere with this guy. It’s just
gone from bad to worse!”
And Isabel reckons there’s
more pain ahead for Victoria.
“She’s been betrayed by
her loved ones,” she muses.
“Victoria is making some bad
decisions, but she’s not really
thinking about herself. Nobody
thinks all that rationally when
their heart is broken.”
Kate White


Victoria will
do anything to
find Adam – which
clouds her judgement

He might be incognito in the
show, but in real life Adam
Thomas – aka Adam Barton
– has had some choice
words for his screen
missus. Fun-loving Adam
took to Twitter on the
night of Victoria’s first kiss
with Matty to make his
displeasure known by
tweeting, ‘Nooooooooo’
and ‘Bitch’! It seems as if
Adam has some unfinished
business in the Dales – but
we’d like to see Vic and Matty
in a serious relationship befo
Adam returns. Imagine the firreworks
e to face!
when the brothers come face

lnsideSoap 7




ortured Hayley is
pushed to the edge
this week – the edge
of a tower block
balcony! Will she jump off
to try to escape her pain?
It’s been clear for a long
while now that the mum-to-be
is struggling to cope with the
idea of giving birth to her first
child. But as she contemplates
her bleak future, Hayley’s pain
becomes too much to bear.
“The one person who Hayley
has come to trust and rely on
is Jean,” our Walford insider
reminds us. “The kindly
woman has tried her
best to prepare Hayley
for her impending

Troubled Hayley
has leant on the love
and support of Jean

motherhood, and in a bid to
encourage her, she makes
a list of things that need to
be bought before the baby
arrives. However, on seeing
the daunting catalogue of
items, Hayley panics!”
Help is at hand, though, as
Mariam comes to Hayley’s
rescue and tries to reassure
her neighbour. The pair strike
up an unlikely friendship, and
after Hayley spends time with
Mariam’s foster child, little
Harley, her confidence starts
to grow. Sadly, Hayley’s

anxieties have only been
temporarily alleviated, as
when Mariam mentions that
she fostered a child with
foetal alcohol syndrome,
Hayley snaps and walks out.
“Hayley is still
drinking heavily,”

laments our snitch. “Of course,
she knows that she shouldn’t,
but she thinks it helps her to
cope with her stress. Poor
Hayley is trapped in a constant
cycle of depression, drink and
guilt – and unless she can find
the strength to change her

Hayley is trapped in
a cycle of depression,
drink and guilt…”

She reckons she
knows the identity of
the baby’s father…

ways, her unborn child
could be at serious risk.”
Spotting Keanu in the
Square, Hayley persuades him
to hang out with her in the
park. However, he is appalled
and disgusted when he sees
her drinking. He angrily tears
her off a strip, before realising
she needs some support.
“Hayley doesn’t know how
to ask anyone for help, so
she’s reaching out in whatever
way she can,” reckons our

Hayley is helped by
the kind actions of
foster carer Mariam

mole. “She subconsciously
wants Keanu to witness her
drinking, so he can intervene.
But will he understand just
how vulnerable she is?”
Later, back in Albert Square,
the other Slaters are growing
increasingly concerned for the
whereabouts of their pregnant
relative. When Keanu turns up
and tells them that when he
last saw her she was heading

‘home’, Jean is alarmed,
realising what this might mean.
Deeply worried Kat and
Jean race to an abandoned
block of flats, and are utterly
horrified to see Hayley sitting
high above the ground, on
the very edge of one of the
balconies. Will the pair manage
to get through to her, or are
they already too late?
Tom Spilsbury

Hayley’s anguish has
been heightened by
the fact that she’s been
keeping a shameful
secret about the father
of her unborn baby from
the rest of her family –
it’s Kat’s estranged
husband, Alfie Moon!
When Hayley tries to
open up to Jean about
her boozing, the older
woman attempts to offer
her some reassurance.
However, as Hayley
begins talking about
how she started drinking
heavily while she was in
Spain, Jean’s suspicions
are aroused about the
identity of the baby’s
father. Jean tries to
probe the matter further,
though her pointed
questions only result in
Hayley walking out.
However, as Jean and
Kat rush to the tower
block to try to prevent
the young woman from
making a truly terrible
mistake, Jean is certain
that she has worked out
who the mystery man is.
Has she guessed
correctly? And if so, will
she resolve to tell Kat of
her shocking theory?

lnsideSoap 9

Laura-Jayne snoops behind

the big soap headlines…


New Corrie boss Iain MacLeod lifts
the lid on his plans for the Street…


t’s been all change at
the top for the ITV
soaps recently, with
former Emmerdale chief
Iain MacLeod hopping
across the Pennines to take charge of
Corrie. Iain’s work will be seen on screen
from December, and he gives Inside
Soap a sneaky peek into the future…

Hi, Iain! What are your plans for
Corrie for the months ahead?
Corrie always needs to have big material
in it, and it’s at its best when there’s
comedy, too. My background in Corrie
[Iain was story producer from 2009 to
2013] is that I like the funny stuff – but
equally, I’ve worked on the tram crash,
Tyrone and Kirsty’s domestic violence,
Carla’s rape and Peter’s alcoholism.
The key is to achieve a balance.


Did you agree with some of the
criticism that Corrie has become
too dark in recent times?
Kate [Oates, Corrie’s previous boss] is a
friend of mine and during her time on
this show, told some massively socially
important stories that changed people’s
lives. That’s not perhaps the reason
people tune into Coronation Street, but it
shouldn’t be sniffed at and the viewing
figures speak for themselves. There’s
a risk that we have this nostalgic view
that Corrie has traditionally been people
wittering over the fence when, actually,
it’s always been quite challenging.

10 lnsideSoap

Who can we expect to see
at the heart of the drama?
We hear that the Barlows
have quite a lot coming up…



Our story conferences have been
brimming with ideas for a whole range
of characters and age ranges. In the New
Year we have a massive story that plays
to some of our older cast, but equally
we have huge new chapters for Daniel
and Sinead, at the younger end of the
spectrum. We have a big story for Amy
Barlow, and some funny stuff for Ken!

What can you tease about Christmas?
I want it to be a ‘Christmassy’ Christmas,
as opposed to acrimony, divorce papers
and vitriol. When you’re trying to digest
your sprouts, you need the stories to be
warm and light-hearted, and you need it
to reek of Christmas. So, it’ll have some
heartbreaking plots, a big shock at the
end and hopefully a surprising pay-off
to stories you’re seeing on screen now.

Is there a friendly rivalry
between you and Kate
Oates now that she’s
joining EastEnders?
I’ve already sent her a
message, jokingly saying,
“The gloves are off”!
There’s a healthy rivalry
between EastEnders and
Corrie – but we plough our
own furrow. There’s room
in people’s lives for both!

…as well as
comedy plots to
make you chuckle!

Corrie has room
for the darker

Violence erupts after she

ets a new fella…


ina’s forbidden feelings for
Tim propel her on a mission
to find a man of her own –
but it looks set to end in disaster!
Our paparazzi pictures show
Sally’s sister meeting a new fella,
Dave, who arrives for their date
with a bouquet of flowers. However,
dodgy Dave will soon show his
true colours when it transpires that
he’s only after one thing…
“Gina makes it clear that she
isn’t interested – but Dave refuses
to take no for an answer,” reports
our Corrie source. “He grabs Gina
when she tries to walk away, so
she knees him in the goolies!”
As Gina puts up a strong fight,
will she manage to escape the
scary situation unscathed?
And will the experience prompt
her to swear off other men in
favour of pining after Tim?

Gina tells Dave
to takes his
hands off her

But what brings
her before a judge?


Abi’s son
Seb is on hand
to support
his mum

ore filming shots
from another Corrie
location shoot have
revealed further drama for
Abi, who winds up at the
Weatherfield Court of Justice.
Flanked by son Seb and her
best mate Tracy, troubled Abi
looks to have cleaned up her
act since the last pictures we
brought you, which showed
her slumped in the street and
cradling a bottle of vodka.
“By the time these scenes
air, will the recovering drug
addict have sorted herself out
and launched another bid to
win back custody of her twins?”
poses our Weatherfield
insider. “Or is it Abi’s
bad behaviour that
results in her trip
to court? Where
Abi is involved,
nothing is ever
lnsideSoap 11

Who is getting married
at Christmas?




harity an
nd Vanessa are
hot favou
urites to tie the
knot before the year
ews of a Dales
is out, with ne
wedding this ffestive season!
Emmerdale’ss executive producer,
Jane Hudson, has revealed that
the soap is sett to crack open the
bubbly for two loved-up locals,
yet is keeping the identity of
for now…
the pair under wraps
“We have a wedding
ut we’re not
Christmas – bu
ou who it’s for!”
going to tell yo
Let’s just say
teases Jane. “L
g a different
that it will bring
flavour to the vvillage.”
Following a ttrying year
revisiting the hell of Charity’s
were elated when
past, viewers w
arity melted and told
ice queen Cha
Vanessa that sshe loved her. The
pair are one of the strongest couples
nd have proved that
in the Dales, an
can overcome anything.
their romance c
e married couple will
Whoever the
als another resident
be, Jane revea
he question in 2019…
is set to pop th
next year
“We have a proposal
between two of
o our characters,”
she hints. “It’ll be very romantic!”

n torture
2018 has been
for Charity – b
n joy?
could it end in

12 lnsideSoap


If ‘Vanity’ aren’t the pair
who end up getting wed,
then who else is in
the frame? Sam and
Lydia have been
engaged for some
time now, but are
yet to set a date
for their big
day. Is 25
free on their

They were the surprise pairing that no
one saw coming, but Pete and Rhona
really are a great match. Given the
disastrous wedding
days that they’ve
each endured in the
past, they have the
chance to redress
the balance!


e haven’t had a chance
to enjoy many classic
comedy capers from
Marlon and Paddy recently,
given the heartbreaking nature
of Paddy’s story with Chas.
But the hilarious duo will soon
be back in action together…
“We will be sending Paddy
and Marlon off on a little
adventure next year, around
February time,” reveals boss
Jane. “One of them will
make quite a big discovery.”
Meanwhile, the Dingle family
will be at war with each other.
“We have huge rifts coming
up in the Dingle clan that will
blow apart two of our most
loved characters,” grimaces
Jane. “Who
o knows if they
will ever ge
et back to where
they used to be?”



Ray’s secrets look
set to unravel…



isters will be doing
it for themselves in
the Dales next year
– with a special episode
devoted solely to the
show’s female cast.
“We’re doing something
rather special on 8 March,
International Women’s Day,”
head honcho
ng to
Jane. “We are goin
have an episode th
hat is
produced by a fe
directed by a fe
and written by a female.
The entire castt will be
ng all
female includin
background artists, and
ost an
we’ll have almo
e crew.
entire female
What they don’t
realise is we
e’ll be
giving som
me of the
men the trraditional
female roles for
the day, so we’ll
all be brin
nging in
our kids for
f them
to look affter!”

t seems as if determined
Mel will turn the tables
on sneaky undercover
cop Ray – and do some
investigating of her own!
Our sneaky snaps show
star Tamzin Outhwaite, who
plays Mel, filming on location
for scenes that will see her
knocking on the door of a
woman and presenting her
with Ray’s police warrant card.
But what is she fishing for?
“It’s no secret Mel is already
suspicious of Ray and has
even enlisted the help of her
ex, Jack, to dig for dirt on
him,” reiterates our Walford
insider. “However, by the look
of these pictures she is on a
mission – and receives more
than she bargains for!”
Viewers witnessed Ray’s
flirtation with a woman in
E20 recently – and in these
scenes, Mel appears to be
accompanied by a brunette
as she arrives on the doorstep
of a blonde lady. Will it
transpire that Ray is not
a one-woman man?


for life!


Debbie tries to
reassure young
Sarah, but no one
can be sure what
lies ahead…


ourageous Sarah gets
the news she’s been
dreading and longing
for this week – a new
heart has been found, and the
surgeons are ready to operate.
Following the madness of
her mum and Joe’s wedding
day, Sarah hasn’t been thinking
about herself much recently, so
the announcement comes as
a shock. Although she knows
it’s the only way to save her life,
Sarah goes into a total panic
when the transplant co-ordinator
tells her to prepare for the
operation. This is the moment
that will change her life forever.

14 lnsideSoap

“Sarah’s almost too scared
to believe it, especially after
what happened before, when
the operation was cancelled at
the last minute,” explains our
Dales insider. “She knows that
she could die on the operating
table and that the transplant is
risky. For somebody so young,
she’s been through too much
in her life. But Sarah’s a Dingle
– and Dingles are fighters.”

Debbie is beside herself
when she arrives at the hospital,
knowing it could be the last
time she sees her beloved
daughter alive. It’s more than
she can bear as Sarah is
wheeled into theatre and the
long wait begins. Debbie is
convinced that this could be
their goodbye, and the pain of
what’s ahead hits her like a ton
of bricks. Worse still, following

Sarah knows she could
die on the operating
table – it’s so risky…”

the op, the doctors are unable
to tell the family if the transplant
has worked or not, leaving
them in a world of torment.
“Faith and Charity are there
to support Sarah and Debbie,
but they feel utterly helpless,”
reveals our spy. “They are two
of the toughest women in the
village, but they are powerless
to do anything and are lost
for words. Although they are
praying for good news, both
of them are natural cynics
and their glances of concern
prove just how terrified they
are. Losing Sarah would
destroy the whole family.”


A long and anxious
wait begins for
the Dingles


It’s incredible to think that
Sarah is going through this
ordeal without her dad
Andy by her side. Sadly, he’s
been AWOL since going
on the run back in 2016,
and it doesn’t look as if he’ll
be back any time soon!
Andy was framed by his
vengeful ex, Chrissie White,
who planted the gun her son
Lachlan used to shoot and
almost kill his grandad,
Lawrence. Andy was forced
to abandon his kids and true
love Bernice, leaving a trail
of broken hearts in his wake.
In the real world, Andy’s
exit happened after actor
Kelvin Fletcher decided to
pursue other interests – such
as spending a lot of time
pumping iron, apparently,
as Kelvin is now sporting a
six-pack and guns that The
Rock would be proud of!
So, will we soon see an
even-buffer Andy back in
the Dales? It doesn’t seem
likely… “While Emmerdale
is in my DNA, it’s exciting
Kelvin recently. Boo!

With the operation
complete, all they can
do is wait to see whether
the heart transplant has
worked and if Sarah
recovers. She’s come
a long way to get to
this stage, and Sarah
has proved time
and again that her
condition won’t beat
her. Will she and
Debbie have cause
for celebration,
or are the Dingles
about to deal with
another tragic loss?
Kate White
lnsideSoap 15


Vicky pushes her
luck – so Peter
pushes back


eter has had enough
of troublesome
Vicky this week,
and fires her!
However, as she’s
the mum of teen thug Tyler,
will his decision cause
trouble for his son, Simon?
Tensions come to a head at
the knicker factory after Vicky
delights in winding up all the
other girls who work there.

16 lnsideSoap

Although Peter is annoyed
by the woman’s antics,
he is initially forced to bite
his tongue, fearing the
repercussions for his boy if
he makes an example of her.
“Peter never wanted to hire
Vicky in the first place,” our
Weatherfield insider reminds
us. “He felt forced into it by
Carla! Eventually he decided
that it was a case of ‘better

the devil you know’, figuring
that at least he could keep an
eye on her. But his patience is
starting to wear thin, especially
now that Vicky is upsetting
his staff! He’s caught between
a rock and a hard place.”
Tensions boil
over, though,
when Vicky
starts goading
– resulting
in Peter
a ban on all
mobile phones in the factory.
Sadly, it’s a decision that
causes bigger problems. After
the hospital calls Sinead (see
p4 for more), Vicky tries to
grab her phone, and reports
her rule-breaking to Peter!

“This woman really is a pain
in the backside,” groans our
sneak. “Vicky is just using any
excuse to cause chaos. Sadly,
she’s succeeding in her aim.
What on earth can Peter do?”
As a fight ensues between
the two
ladies, the
boss is left with
no option but
to suspend
both workers
for a week.
when Simon finds out what
his dad has done, he’s terrified
about what Tyler will do to
avenge his mother!
“The lad is certain that Tyler
will make his life hell – and he’s
probably right!” reckons our

“Peter never
wanted to hire
Vicky in the
irst place!”

You can say

that again!
“Eric, seriously, what
were you thinking? I thought
we had a strict policy on allowing
dogs in the rooms. At least your
son has had the guts to slam
the door in her ugly face.”
You’ve already lost your man,
Tracy. Don’t throw away
your dignity, too.

“Stop feeling
sorry for yourself
and taking it out
on everyone else!”
There’s tough love –
and then there’s Kevin
Webster love.

mole. “But that would
almost definitely have been
the case anyway. You have to
stand up to bullies, and Peter
has done the right thing. That
said, he still has to play by
the rules, so he’ll be back
to square one when Vicky’s
week-long suspension is up!”
As the other girls breathe
a sigh of relief that the
bothersome bitch is out of
their hair for a while, Fiz and
Izzy make it clear to Peter
that if Vicky returns to work,
they’ll walk out – and won’t
come back. Poor Peter is
at the end of his tether,
and doesn’t know to do.
Can he find a solution
to the problem before Tyler
makes Simon pay the price?
Tom Spilsbury

“If Tracy was an
animal, she’d be a cobra.
I mean, she’s got all the sexy
moves – like when they come out
of the basket thing – and then she’s
deadly when she wants to be.”
We suggest you lure her safely
back into her basket then put
a big rock on top.

sometimes I can
talk down to people.
Patronise them.
And ‘patronise’

“I’m not
that thick.”
“You just have to ask
yourself, WWBD. What Would
Beyoncé Do? She is literally the
Queen Of Everything, but I’m sure
B did have to put up with a lot of agg
from Jay-Z. And then she made
lemonade out of them lemons. So all
we have to do is make lemonade.”
One afternoon, we’d just like to take a
tour of Tiffany’s mind – and pray
to God we don’t get lost.

“All that stuf we
said – the photographs, the
handprints, the music, ticking all
them boxes. I feel like we should
be doing things, and then I feel like
we should just be here – loving her.
Oh, Paddy. I knew it was going to
be hard – but I didn’t know it
would be this hard.”

Ross insists to
Martin that Ruby
consented to




rave Ruby finds the
courage to go to the
police this week,
and with the support
of her friend Stacey, she tells
them she was raped.
Although she agreed to go
to a clinic to be examined
following the night she spent
with Martin’s friends Ross and
Matt, Ruby has refused to get
the authorities involved. She
just wants to move on from the
whole situation, but Stacey is
determined that justice must
be done and helps Ruby get
ready to speak her truth.
“What happened to Ruby
has rocked her world, and she’s
struggling to cope,” explains
our Walford insider. “She’s
terrified nobody will believe her
and is questioning everything.
Having Stacey by her side
means everything to Ruby,
especially as the men she
will be accusing are Martin’s
pals. Walking into that police
station takes all her strength,
but it’s the right thing to do.”
Following that terrible night,
Martin and Stacey are at

18 lnsideSoap

Stacey and Martin find their
relationship tested, due to their
friends’ differing accounts

loggerheads. She’s standing
by Ruby and is livid that her
friend is being trolled online,
telling Martin that this abuse
must be from his friends. For
him, it’s tough to believe the
boys could be capable of rape,
and he’s even more shaken

when he discovers further
information about the events
of that night. Taking what
he knows to Stacey, Martin
implores her to get Ruby to
talk her through exactly what
happened. Reluctantly, Stacey
does so, but her questioning

Ruby is terriied no one
will believe her – she’s
questioning everything”

rattles Ruby, who decides to
brush the whole thing under
the carpet and heads over to
E20. When Stacey finds her,
she recognises the deep
trauma Ruby is experiencing,
and tells her friend about
the attack she herself was
subjected to by evil rapist
Archie Mitchell. Stacey’s
harrowing story gives Ruby
the wake-up call she needs.
Following Ruby’s police
report, the officers ask Stacey

How to help
a victim of
sexual assault
With Martin and Stacey wondering how best to
help Ruby, charity Rape Crisis – which is advising
EastEnders on this storyline – says: “Supporting a
survivor of sexual violence can be daunting; many
people are afraid of saying or doing ‘the wrong
thing’, or of ‘damaging’ someone further because
they ‘don’t know enough’. But you don’t have
to be an expert. If you are prepared to listen,
the survivor who has confided in you will be
able to guide you in what they need.”
On the charity’s website
in the Getting Help section, it lists dos and
don’ts for people who are supporting a survivor.
If you, or anyone you know, needs help and
advice, you can call the Rape Crisis helpline
on Freephone 0808 802 9999 from midday to
2.30pm or 7–9.30pm, every day of the year.

and Martin to make their own
statements about what they
saw. After intense interviews,
they head off in separate
directions, which is when
Ross approaches Martin.
“Ross is a desperate man
and demands to know what’s
going on,” shares our spy.
“Martin’s first instinct is to
get away from him, but when
Ross shows him a text from
Ruby, he’s forced to pause.
For Martin, there are so many

question marks around what
Stacey’s mate is saying,
and the whole situation still
seems dangerously unclear.
He’s worried that his mates
could be innocent, and Ruby
might be misremembering
the details of what happened.”
Arriving at the Vic where
Ruby is waiting with a ‘thank
you’ drink for him, Martin is
in turmoil. What could this
mean for Ruby and her case?
Kate White

Stacey implores her
friend to go to the police,
but Ruby just wants the
situation to go away
lnsideSoap 19


Jacob lusts
after Maya!

chool lad Jacob
embraces the
Emmerdale tradition
of ‘keeping it in the
family’ this week – as he starts
to develop a crush on his
dad David’s girlfriend, Maya!
Initially Jacob was against
the new lady in David’s life
– but while he furiously leaps
to her defence in a showdown
with fellow pupil Noah, it’s
clear that his feelings run
much deeper. Is Maya aware
that her fella’s son has the
hots for her, though?
“Maya enjoys the adoration
of all the men in her life, and
I think she needs that attention
and love,” muses actress
Louisa Clein, who plays her.
“But I think that she’s probably
not aware at this stage
that Jacob has started to
develop feelings for her.”
Jacob’s true emotions reveal
themselves following an incident
involving Noah that lands Maya
in hot water with Jessie. When


teacher Maya offers Noah an
unarranged lift to school, the
headmistress is forced to
reprimand her for breaking
school safeguarding rules.
But Jacob doesn’t take too
kindly to Maya receiving a
dressing-down, and takes

Jacob lashes out
after Noah gets
Maya into trouble

his frustrations out on Noah –
resulting in a scuffle between
the two boys at the bus stop.
Meanwhile, after the drama
that stemmed from her shock
return to the village, Jacob’s
birth mother Leyla persuades
Maya that David really does
care for her. The pair resolve to
put their recent troubles behind
them, with Maya agreeing to
move back in with David.
But while he and Jacob
are over the moon, Leanna
isn’t too pleased, and angrily
confronts her stepmum –
prompting Jacob to intervene
and defend her honour again.
“Maya’s pleased when
Jacob leaps to her defence,”

shares Louisa. “As far as Maya
is concerned, she has moved
back in with the man she
really likes, and suddenly the
stepson is accepting her into
his world and it all looks very
good. She’s gone from a really
destructive relationship with
Dr Cavanagh and a really
angry stepdaughter – who did
everything she could to cause
trouble for her – to a reality
that is much happier.”
However, as Maya cuddles
up to David on the sofa for
a cosy night in, it dawns on
Jacob that he fancies his
dad’s girlfriend. But will Jacob
be so bold as to act on it?
Laura-Jayne Tyler

Maya enjoys the adoration
of all the men in her life – she
needs the love and attention!”

“People think
Maya is the big
new bitch!”
Louisa’s enjoying the speculation
surrounding her Dales alter ego…

aya is still a bit of a
mystery – and with
Dr Cavanagh and
Leanna not her biggest fans,
we just had to ask Louisa if
there is more to learn about
the tousled temptress…


Is there a chance that Maya
might end up entertaining
Jacob’s crush?
There is a lot still to explore
with this ccharacter. Maya hints
own the line that
later on do
she has sliightly dysfunctional
parents, or certainly a mother
figure that is lacking – which
has created more of a desire
o be adored and
in Maya to
here are things
needed. Th
in her past that have created
n she is now.
the person

Are you e
enjoying the
various th
heories that
Maya is bad
b news?
Leanna can’t believe
the boys are fighting
over her stepmum

Of course! As an actress it’s
always fun
n to play a character
that is ambiguous, and I like
that peoplle are having these
ideas. It means
that they are
investing iin the character
and taking
g an interest.
Whether tthey like her
or don’t lik
ke her doesn’t
matter – it’s always nice
to provokee opinion
in one’s au

What hass been
your favo
prediction so far?
There has been some
brilliant sp
that Maya is the new
p to
bitch to fa
ace u
Charity! I’d love the
opportunity to work
ma Atkins,
with Emm
who plays her.

Matthew Wolfenden
(David) hinted recently
that a huge story was
coming up for you
both. Were you excited
when you found out
what it was?
Absolutely. It’s always
interesting to play a strong
woman who has a complex
story, for sure. I think
that the viewers are going
to have a big reaction
to Maya. She is going to
prompt discussion!




he WAGs pull
together this week
to execute their
killer plan – but
will Glenn finally
get his comeuppance?
The village ladies – who all
have reason to hate Glenn
– think they have come up
with a foolproof plan to at last
snare him, and are ready to
put it all in place. But then,
Glenn does something none
of them are expecting, as he
releases a tape that suggests
Simone offered him sex for
cash! How will the WAGs react
to this new development?
“Simone has an image to
protect – all you have in the
world, really, is your good

name,” explains Jacqueline
Boatswain, who plays her.
“It’s everything she’s worked
for. She thought she and
Glenn had a connection, so
this is just awful for her.”
Glenn uses a recording from
their one-night stand weeks
ago, and hands it over to the
press. Soon, the story makes
headline news and leaves
Simone reeling, with her image
in tatters. Simone knows her
position in the community has
been shattered because of
this fabrication, and now she
feels as if there’s nothing to
lose – and she wants to get
even. So the WAGs decide on
a place to execute their plan,
and it’s a case of now or never.

Grace and Simone are
so different – but they
share an enemy…”
22 lnsideSoap

The WAGs have plenty
of reasons to seek
revenge on Glenn


Is the Lothario seeing three women at once?

“Grace and Simone are so
different,” Jacqui tells us. “But
they have a common enemy
and a common cause, and
Glenn doing all the things that
he’s done has come as a big
shock for the WAGs.”
As they hatch their plan, the
women resolve that Glenn has
escaped the firm hand of the
law one too many times – so
the only way to truly get their
revenge on him is to play dirty.
“Simone has considered the
consequences, but he’s ruined
so many people’s lives,” sighs
Jacqui. “She’s worked on the
right side of the law, yet this
man is like Teflon!”
All of the WAGs, along with
most of the village, gather at

the Dog for Glenn’s
birthday party. They begin
their last-ditch effort to finish
what they started, and get rid
of Glenn for good. But will
Glenn outsmart them and
continue to torment the women
of Chester – or have his crimes
finally caught up with him?
“I’ve loved this storyline,
it’s been so much fun!” teases
Jacqui. “One of my favourite
parts was breaking into the
Portakabin. Simone got to
indulge in criminal activity to
the point that she took it to
the 10th degree, looking like
Jane Bond! We’re Charlie’s
Angels, kicking ass – strong
women just having fun!”
Alice Penwill

Glenn is not the only thorn in
Simone’s side since her estranged
hubby Louis has arrived
back in the village –
with her sister,
Martine (Kéllé
Bryan), in tow!
“I’m sure Martine
will drop a few
clangers,” laughs
Jacqui. “And I’m certain
she’ll reveal some of their
childhood. She’ll let everyone
know exactly who she is.”
Louis wasted no time in falling
back into bed with Simone.
But it’s soon revealed that
something strange is
going on with Louis’
complex love life… Has
he been seeing Simone,
Leela and Martine all
at the same time?
“I don’t know how he
manages,” admits Jacqui.
“He’s juggling the three of
them. He must be having
a sort of mid-life crisis!”

Dot steels herself to
see her friend – but
why is she so worried?


Dot visits
Dr Legg!


ot returns from her
trip to Ireland this
week, but there are
soon grave concerns
over her health. So, wary of
the advice she gets from her
local GP, Dot goes to visit the
one man she trusts – Dr Legg!
Having being away from
Albert Square visiting her
grandson Charlie and greatgrandson Matthew, Dot’s
homecoming is a cause of
celebration among her family
and friends. However, Sonia
is soon feeling anxious about

24 lnsideSoap

Dot’s wellbeing. Sensing that
something might be wrong,
Sonia asks Dot straight out,
and the older woman admits
that she’s been having some
funny turns. After giving her
a superficial check-up, Sonia
advises Dot to make an
appointment with a doctor.
“Dot has always been a
bit stubborn,” chuckles our
Walford mole. “However, she
knows that Sonia won’t stop
worrying until she gets herself
checked out properly. Once
she’s sitting alone in the

doctors’ waiting room, though,
viewers will be able to see that
Dot is extremely apprehensive
herself. Is there something
she’s not telling everyone?”
After Dot is safely back
home, Jack stops by to check
in on his stepmother. Sensing
her unease, he quizzes her
on what’s troubling her so

much, and she makes
a startling confession…
“Just like everyone else in
Albert Square, Jack is so fond
of dear old Dot,” sniffs our
snitch. “She’s 83 years old
now, but she lives her life like
a woman several decades
younger. After she discusses
her fears, Jack gently persuades

Viewers will love seeing
these two Walford
icons together again!”

Sonia urges Dot to put
her mind at rest by arranging
to visit a doctor

Dot then invites him to join
her back in the Square for
Robbie’s birthday party. He
eagerly agrees, but he has
some shocking news for her…
“Viewers will love seeing
these emotional scenes
between these two Walford
icons,” promises our insider.

“Dr Legg and Dot both first
appeared in EastEnders in
1985, way back in the earliest
episodes – and stars Leonard
Fenton and June Brown roll
back all those years as well.
It’s going to be something
very special indeed.”
Tom Spilsbury

Dr Harold Legg was one of the original 23
characters created for EastEnders, and appeared
in the very first episode on 19 February 1985 –
remaining on the show for the first 12 years.

Family issues!

Dr Legg is on hand to reassure
Dot, though he has shocking
news of his own to deliver

her to go and seek further
advice from another doctor.
Dot isn’t at all convinced,
until she has an idea about
who she can talk to. Filled
with renewed hope, she
heads out to visit one of her
oldest and most trusted
friends – Harold Legg!”

When Dot arrives at Dr
Legg’s home, she’s overjoyed
to see him again – and the
retired practitioner couldn’t
be happier to see her too.
After telling him of her worries,
he does his best to reassure
her, and the pair are soon
reminiscing over old times.

As Walford’s GP, Harold was often called on to
treat the Square’s residents. In 1988, he was joined
by his nephew, David, who became a partner in
the practice. However, the two doctors constantly
clashed – and the tension between them reached
boiling point when Harold failed to diagnose
Michelle Fowler’s daughter Vicki with meningitis!

Doctor’s orders!
Disillusioned in his own abilities, Dr Legg took
early retirement. But after David’s methods proved
unpopular with the locals, his uncle was eventually
persuaded to return to work. Dr Legg retired for
good in February 1997, though has returned to
EastEnders on several occasions, most recently in
2007, when Dot last called upon her dear friend.

lnsideSoap 25

It seems that feet
really do it for
Dr Cavanagh!


pulse is


aughty Bernice
receives a house
call from hunky
Dr Cavanagh this
week, and the
lusty pair can’t resist their
feelings for each other.
Despite the fact that she still
hasn’t ditched Daz, Bernice
finds herself in a compromising
position when the smitten medic
tends to her wounds after she
gets too close for comfort with
the pointy end of a dart. But
as the doctor checks her over,
Bernice finishes up in a swoon.
“Pulling a handsome,
successful doctor is Bernice’s
dream, so it’s a mystery as to
why she can’t dump Daz,”

26 lnsideSoap

s our
“Liam has
been very patient so far,
though surely he’s at the end
of his tether with Bernice’s
dilly-dallying. All she has to
do is give Daz his marching
orders, and then she and
Dr C can be together.”
There’s no doubt it’s a bit
complicated – what with Daz,
Bernice, Liam, his estranged

wife Maya and her new fella
David all in the same village.
And Bernice is making it
harder by not letting go of Daz.
So this week, she tells him
that he has to move out and
back in with Kerry and his
brother Dan – because her
mum Diane wants him gone.
There’s no love lost between

Bernice has to dump
Daz – and then she
can be with Liam!”

Daz and Diane, but Bernice’s
awkward lie is easily rumbled.
Feeling terrible, Bernice offers
him a loan to cover his rent
at the Spencer house!
Despite being relegated to
his brother’s digs, Daz still
doesn’t catch on that Bernice
wants out – however, that
could be about to change
when Bernice is injured.
“After Dr Cavanagh hears
that Bernice has been hurt, he
rushes to her side,” whispers
our spy. “As he cradles her
sore foot, the electricity


Tyler back in


yler makes a s
return to Ramsay
Street this week,
following his release
from jail – but how will he
react when he comes face to
e Piper?
face with his old flame
Tyler, he
The last we saw of T
was cutting off all conn
ges were
to Piper after his charg
upgraded to murder.
However, now that he’ss
been released, it’s not
clear if his feelings will
be the same – or how Piper
will feel about her former
lover being back in her life.
“Piper will always have a
soft spot for Tyler,” explains
Mavournee Hazel, who plays
her. “She’s nervous to see him,
because she feels guilty about
moving on, despite him telling
her to do so. When they meet,
their intent is to work it out –
but prison has changed Tyler.”
After Tyler leaves jail, and
Mark explains what happened
between Cassius and Piper,
Tyler refuses to see her. Piper
decides to stay away – yet Bea
encourages her to see him. So
can they really leave the past
behind and look to the future?

between them is simply
undeniable. Soon, the
lusty medic is using some
unconventional methods
to treat Bernice’s dart
injury. The problem is that
Daz is on his way to see
his ailing girlfriend, and
even he might think that
using mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation is going OTT
for a scratched foot!”
The last time Daz had
an inkling that Liam had
his eye on Bernice, he
grabbed him by the throat

and threatened to beat him
up. That was his reaction
to seeing his girlfriend
calling Dr Cavanagh’s
phone, so imagine what
he’ll do if he spies the duo
in a passionate embrace!
One thing’s for sure –
Bernice needs to get on
with dumping Daz if she
wants any future with the
man she actually fancies.
But will Daz be willing
to move on without taking
revenge on the pair?
Kate White

Regardless, Mavournee tells
us how difficult it was to keep
Tyler’s surprise return under
wraps – the scenes were filmed
months ago to fit in with actor
Travis Burns (Tyler) returning
to Melbourne for a short time.
“I was out on location with
Travis, filming the scenes
where he’s coming out of jail
– then that afternoon, I was
in the studio filming my first
date scene with Cassius!” she
reveals. “When Piper and Tyler
were doing the rooftop and
the courtroom scenes, we had
no idea Travis would be back.
I thought that was the end of
him being on Neighbours!”
Alice Penwill

Tyler is eased back into
the real world by brother
Mark and lawyer Toadie

lnsideSoap 27


I’m out
of here!
Will Ali’s guilt force him
out of Weatherfield?


li has a terrible time
in store this week, as
the police arrive to grill
him about what happened
between his mum Michelle
and drug dealer Ronan on
the day of the car crash.
Forced to breaking point
while he answers the probing
questions of investigating
officer DS MacKinnon, Ali is
a desperate man. However,
while the rattled fella manages
to keep his cool under the

detective’s interrogation, Ali is
forced to lie once her questions
turn to the firearm that’s been
found in Ronan’s car – and he
denies all knowledge!
The intensity of Ali’s struggle
is made all-too clear when later,
as MacKinnon’s attentions turn
to Kevin and Tyrone at the

garage, Michelle returns
home to find her son with his
bags packed. But why is the
young medic so desperate
to leave – and can Michelle
manage to persuade her
beloved boy that he has
her unwavering support, no
matter what lies ahead?

Goodbye, Grace


has struggles this week,
as she begins to make
arrangements for the
funeral of baby Grace.
When Paddy suggests that
he and Chas need to be
practical and press ahead



irthday boy Robbie is
down in the dumps
this week, as he hits
the big 4-0 – so Bex and
her mum Sonia arrange a
secret birthday bash!

28 lnsideSoap

Robbie’s still reeling from
Donna’s departure – and the
fact he’s hitting 40 without
a career he’s proud of or a
partner, leaves him with very
little to smile about! But to
make matters worse, when
he arrives at his surprise do,
poor Robbie is distinctly
underwhelmed, despite his
family’s best efforts.
Will the celebrations end
in disaster, or is Robbie’s
luck about to change?

with all the preparations, Chas
feels that she just can’t deal
with the pressure. However, as
Harriet arrives to discuss their
plans, the grieving mum does
her best, and she and Paddy
set a date for the service.
Can the couple continue to
support each other as they get
ready to say a final goodbye?

The clock’s ticking…


ime is running out for
Gaskell this week, as
murdered Roxanna
continues to haunt him from
beyond the grave – and
Hanssen nears exposing his
old friend’s killer secret!

Meanwhile, disturbed
Professor Gaskell’s ethics are
put to the test once again
when a patient asks him to
let him die during surgery.
Having callously dispatched
his former friend Roxanna
just a few weeks ago, will
the medic think twice about
ending yet another life?

On the money


onna-Marie turns
up at Prince and Lily’s
flat this week – and
desperately asks them,
and Romeo, for money.
Meanwhile at the Bean,
scheming Marnie claims
that she’s taking James
out for a mother-and-son

Brody enjoys
spending time
with Maggie…



rody continues growing
closer to his new family
this week – however,
he’s horrified when Mason
accuses him of attempting
to replace their dead mother
with his mum-in-law Maggie!
It’s true that Brody has been
spending more time with Ziggy’s
mum in recent weeks – and as
he offers to give her cookery
tips so she can make healthy
food to help in her recovery
from cancer, the pair are
pushed together once again.

Following a fun day cooking
with Maggie, Ben and Ziggy,
Brody is buzzing – so as angry
Mason lashes out, Brody is left
feeling upset. And when Ziggy
mockingly refers to Brody as
Maggie’s ‘golden child’, the

fella snaps at his wife,
asserting Maggie could never
replace his own mother!
Have Mason’s words hit a
nerve? And will Brody have
to rethink his relationship with
Maggie going forward?

bonding day – when in
fact, she’s actually she’s
setting him up on a date
using a mobile app!
After being sent away by
Lily and Prince, distressed
Donna-Marie bumps into
the two of them – but will
Marnie recognise her?
And has Donna-Marie just
landed upon another way
of getting her money?

Angie’s secret date!




ngie lies to Jude this
week, claiming she
has a business
meeting – when in fact she’s
planning a secret date with
a guy she met online!
However, this turn of events
could oddly turn out to be the

catalyst for proving to the
husband and wife that their
marriage still has a spark. Roy
tells Jude he’s been shortlisted
for a Good Samaritan award,
so Angie suggests they all
celebrate together at the
Bistro, where she ends up
apologising to Jude for fibbing
about her date. So might the
couple yet have a future?

Battle of
the exes!
Channel 5 TUESDAY


he tension between
Colby and his ex,
Chelsea, gets much
harder to ignore this week,
after their boss partners
them up at work!
McCarthy has realised
that there’s something going

on between the pair, and
when he discovers their
previous relationship, he’s
furious they didn’t mention
it! As punishment, he forces
Colby to show Chelsea the
ropes – and insists that if
they can’t work together, one
of them will have to leave!
Can Colby put his feelings
aside for the sake of his job?

April bullies Leo?

Marlon’s kids appear to be at war…


oul play is afoot in the
Dales again this week
– and just for once,
the mischief isn’t down to
the dastardly Dingles or
the troublesome Tates!
On this occasion, the
culprit’s identity is even more
shocking, as it seems that
little April – usually so
sweet and kind
– is secretly
bullying her
younger halfbrother, Leo!
After she
and Leo
both receive

30 lnsideSoap

an invitation to a school friend’s
party, April deliberately hides
his invite from their father,
Marlon. Leo is unware of his
sister’s betrayal as he sits
happily, doing his homework –
so is April set to get away with
her trick? And what has driven
her to behave so unkindly?
Meanwhile, Rhona begins
to suspect that Leo is being
bullied, and will surely want
to get to the bottom
of her son’s
So what
is actually
going on
– and is
April really
to blame?

Caught in the act!

Paul interrupts Leo and Terese getting it on…
Channel 5 THURSDAY


aul walks in on Leo and
Terese this week,
catching them locked
in a passionate embrace!
Leo tries to explain to his
father just how he feels about
Terese – but Paul doesn’t want
to hear it. He can’t get
over his boy’s betrayal
and does everything
he can to scupper
his relationship
with Terese. Paul
offers Leo a job
overseas – hoping

to get him as far away as
possible – before trying to
convince Terese that she could
never please a younger man!
When smitten Leo and
Terese stand their ground
about their feelings, however,
Paul lashes out. He flings Leo’s
belongings over the balcony
and fires him – not only as
head of business affairs,
but also as his son!
Will Paul ever
forgive the couple
– and is Leo and
Terese’s romance
strong enough to
survive if he doesn’t?

Channel 4 TUESDAY

● Phoebe confronts
Will this week, after
discovering a picture
of him and Cristiano
in his wallet. How will
she react when she
finds out about them?
Elsewhere, Farrah
and Darragh fake a
break-up, while Decco
and Mondo establish
rules for work. Can they
tolerate one another?



iam surprises Jesse
when he arrives back
in the village this week
– and he’s there to stay!
Jesse has been stood up
by Courtney, so once Liam
arrives, he and Glenn take
Jesse to the Dog for a pint
to try to cheer him up. Later,
Liam decides to take matters
into his own hands and tells
Courtney that he has paid
Granny Campbell a visit.
But is Liam just trying
to be a good brother to
Jesse – or could there be
an ulterior motive behind
his meddling?

& RADIO...

Date with disaster


id is mortified this week,
after going on a date
that takes a wrong turn!
He first meets the attractive
woman, Keziah, when she
reverses into his car at the
supermarket. However, after
they exchange details, the two
of them end up arranging to go
on a date! Refusing to take any
romantic advice from Ayesha,
Sid is upbeat as he meets
Keziah at the Icon, where all
goes swimmingly – at first.
Even after Keziah says she’s
not looking for anything
serious, Sid is unfazed. But
when he suggests they go to a
weekend music festival, Keziah
is angry. Why is she so upset?

● There’s a shock at
Bob’s stag do this
week, when the
stripper is revealed to
be Gabriel’s niece,
Nicole! Elsewhere,
Caitlin discovers that
Pete has been found
– but why won’t he
agree to see her? Also,
can Scarlett forgive
Dougie for his part in
her sister’s death?

● Brian struggles this
week, as the fall-out
from Noluthando’s
overdose continues.
Meanwhile, Fallon
involves her family
in her reunion with
Kenton – will events
run smoothly? Also,
Lynda does everything
she can to recruit for
her Christmas show.
Will she get the cast
she needs?
See p93 for times
& channel details

lnsideSoap 31





● Rebellious Vicky enjoys annoying
everyone at the factory…

● Robert and Aaron arrive back in
the village from their honeymoon!





Dot is back – but Sonia senses
that something isn’t right.
● Sharon gets an anonymous text
– someone knows about Keanu!
● Ruby feels hurt when she receives
a torrent of abuse online…



Nick receives a frosty reception
from his nearest and dearest!



● Dot visits an old friend who she
knows she can trust – Dr Legg!

● April is invited to a party, but hides
Leo’s invitation from Marlon…
● Aaron admits that Adam
has already contacted him.
There are fisticufs between
Noah and Jacob at the bus stop!
● After April’s odd behaviour, Rhona
fears that Leo is being bullied.

● Stacey and Martin have to give a
statement down at the cop shop.

Bernice accidentally
grazes her foot on a dart!



● Jacob comes to a startling
realisation – does he love Maya?

Hayley’s life is in peril atop
a tower block balcony…

Martin feels conflicted – torn
between Ruby and his mates.

● Victoria is on a mission to
locate her fugitive husband…

● Jessie is unsettled about Maya’s
proximity to her students…

● Daniel reveals to Ken that he
has another chance at uni.

● Louise thinks that she knows
the best way to cheer up Sharon!

Debbie breaks down as Sarah
undergoes another operation.

Chas struggles to arrange baby
Grace’s funeral with Harriet.
● Faith and Charity are left fearing
the worst following Sarah’s surgery.

● Much to Peter’s despair, Vicky goads
Sinead, and the women fight…
Nick reels after learning what
his clan has been through!




● Intuitive Jean reckons that she
knows who Hayley’s babydaddy is!
With Stacey’s support, Ruby
heads to the police station…
● Mariam provides Hayley with
an unlikely shoulder to cry on.



● Ali is interrogated by the
police about Ronan’s gun.

Ken discovers that Sinead
has cervical cancer…



● Angie goes on a date with a
mystery man – how will Jude react?

● Will Bernice finally build up the
courage to end things with Daz?
● Leyla talks to Clive on the phone
about when he’s due to arrive.
Leanna is unimpressed that
Maya is moving in with David.

● Kat and Jean desperately try to
talk Hayley down from the ledge.

● Cathy and Brian’s plans for a
nice holiday are quickly ruined.

● Dot prepares to make a
photo album for Dr Legg!

● Audrey is baying for blood – but
who has managed to upset her?

● Rhona and Marlon have a lot to
consider regarding little Leo…

● Will Mariam and Arshad have to
say goodbye to baby Harley?

● Kevin is grateful when Jack
makes an inspirational friend…

● Rebecca is left with food for
thought by Ross’ bold idea!

● Carmel does another talk about
knife crime at a youth club…

● Cathy doesn’t hold a high
opinion of Brian’s new boss!

● Who admits that they’re not
looking for a serious relationship?






● Kim grows paranoid that Farrah
is sleeping with Grace again…
● …while Grace executes her
latest plan to destroy Glenn.
Lonely Joel and Goldie
bond over some karaoke!
● The WAGs regroup and strategise
a new plot to get rid of Glenn…

Aaron can’t contain his fury
as he visits Cassius in jail…
● …while Cassius seeks Sheila’s
help in making contact with Piper.
● After seeing a different side to Dr
Rob, Amy ends their relationship.
Chloe is unable to resist Pierce
any longer – and they have sex!

● Farrah implores Kim to believe
her – she’s not cheating again.
Liam appears, and reunites
with his family at the Dog!

● Tyler is a free man and returns
to his home on Ramsay Street.

● There seems to be chemistry
between Jack and Breda…

● Terese and Leo are mortified
when they’re caught out by Paul!

Will the WAGs finally succeed
in taking down Glenn forever?
● Donna-Marie swings by,
demanding cash from Romeo.

● Piper and Tyler rake over the past
– can they find a way forward?

Kim meets Rick Astley at a bus
stop, and he ofers her advice!
● It’s Dee Dee and Rose’s birthday
– but there’s more sorrow ahead.
● Harry warns James to keep his
mouth shut about their affair…

● The Rebecchis are run ragged
by childcare issues and work…

● Dean rejects Willow when she
confronts him about his attitude.
Irene’s heart breaks for
down-in-the-dumps Jasmine.
● Tori and Robbo are not sure where
to start in their IVF journey…
● It’s clear to Colby and Willow that
Dean is deeply scarred by his mum.
Mason’s insensitive behaviour
pushes Justin to the edge…
● Jasmine admits defeat and
abandons her pursuit of Robbo.
Mason lashes out at Brody for
disrespecting his mum’s name…
● …before Brody snaps at Maggie
for trying to replace his mother!

Despite Paul’s disapproval,
Gary and Amy share a kiss…

● Colleagues – and exes – Colby and
Chelsea finally make progress.

● Pavan reunites with Mishti –
but he has a new job in Sydney!

● Coco stops at nothing to ensure
her studying is uninterrupted.
● Ryder’s behaviour worsens as he
feels everyone is abandoning him.

Furious Paul disowns
Leo and insults Terese!
● Shane, Toadie and Ned make
some of Doug’s old homebrew!

Brody makes amends with
Maggie over some cooking…

● Leela realises that employee
Breda has been lying to her…
Diane and Tegan lock horns
in yet another argument!
● Harry is blackmailed by someone
demanding thousands of pounds.

● Paul continues to wreak
revenge on Terese and Leo.

● Having been so positive, Tori starts
to suffer some serious doubts…
Alf jets of to Hawaii after
receiving some bad news!

● The McQueens try to entertain
the punters during the storm…

● Elly doesn’t enjoy keeping
secrets from boyfriend Mark.

● Dean’s mum Karen wastes
no time in wreaking havoc…

● …while Lily can’t help worrying
about Romeo’s state of mind.
● Also, little Max makes a discovery
– while Sami gets into trouble!

● Aaron’s temper rears its
ugly head once again…
● Sonya is pleased to find a
new nanny for the children!

● Brody braces himself to satisfy
an influential food blogger!
● Can Tori convince Mason to
open up about his problems?

Dipi and the Rebecchis gather
to say a fond farewell to Mishti.
● Bea steels herself to visit Cassius
in prison – can Ned support her?

● Ryder patches things up with Coco
and Raffy, repairing their friendship.







Get in

before, though? I know it’s scary,
but it’s always better to be safe
than sorry. And she really needs to
tell Daniel what’s going on, as it’s
not fair to keep him in the dark.
| Monica
Poor Sinead! She has so many
people to support her, if only
she’d open up to them.

Drop our Sarah
a line and join in
the fun! There’s
£10 on offer
for every letter
and comment
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and £25 for the
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“Your hair smells
great, Sinead – what
shampoo are you using?”

EastEnders has absolutely ruined my favourite
couple, Mick and Linda Carter! This whole
Stuart story has been ridiculous from start to
inish, and now we’re supposed to believe that
Linda thinks Mick really did try to kill Stuart.
How could you do this to me, EastEnders?
| Nicola, Bradford

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I loved the scenes in Hollyoaks with
Nancy, Kyle and Sienna all hitting
the Loft together and trying to
make Darren jealous. Nancy and
Sienna have been at war for far
too long, and I’d love to see them
actually becoming proper friends
now. Also, putting Kyle and Sienna
together as pals is a stroke of genius!
| Lloyd
Straight-talking Kyle won’t be
taking any of Sienna’s nonsense!



I really hope that Sharon and
Keanu in EastEnders get over the
issues with their age gap. I like
how exciting their affair is. It’s
great to see Sharon back to her
fun, flirtatious self again instead
of being grumpy all the time.
I would love to see Phil’s face
when he finds out!
| Emma, Norwich
I think his face would be even
redder than usual if he discovered
what his missus has been up to!

Please tell me that Tyler will come
back to Ramssay Street now
the net is finally closing in
n Neighbours!
on Cassius in
I know that actor
Travis Burns has
relocated to LA,
so my dreams are
unlikely to co
true. But I lon
for a ‘Typer’
| Cece
Turn to
p27, Cece –
is making
your dreamss
come true!

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I feel really sorry for Sinead in
Corrie, finding out that she might
have cancer. Why didn’t she go
to get her bleeding checked out
34 lnsideSoap

Keanu and Sharon’s favourite
roleplay was Parker and Lady
Penelope from Thunderbirds

Joe didn’t want to be
anywhere near Connor – not
even in the same picture


I love, love,
love Ben
and Maggie
in Home and
Away! There’s
about their
that just seems so real, and I loved
the recent scenes where Maggie felt
ready to sleep with her husband
again after her cancer treatment.
| Joyce
Ben and Maggie might be my
aracters in the Bay!
favourite cha



Watching Emmerdale’s Chas and Paddy
welcome their daughter Grace into the
world, knowing the girl would only live
for a short time, was one of the most
tear-jerking moments in soap this year…

The wholee Cormac death
storyline in Corrie was a
litttle far-fetched! Ryan
is a complete moron,
he just keeps messing
up, and he’s never
going to learn his
lesson if Michelle
keep fixing his
| Annabelle
I totally agree,
nnabelle –
m ‘Team Dr
Ali’ all the way!

I would like to applaud Lucy
Pargeter (Chas) and Dominic
Brunt (Paddy) – I cried from
the first minute to the last.
I loved their imaginary fairy
tale, taking Grace to the
woods, where time flashed
forward and they watched
her grow to a teenager before
her life was cut short back in
real time. It was so beautifully
written. It’ll take a long time
for Chas and Paddy to recover.
| Louise, Leicester

I cried my eyes out watching
Chas and Paddy say hello, and
then a swift goodbye, to their
gorgeous little girl Grace.
I had never even heard of
the condition she had before
Emmerdale played out this
story, and it made me think
about how I would react if
I was in Chas and Paddy’s
position. I think they were
right to treasure what little
time they had with Grace.
| Shona


I’m so disappointed in Joe from
Emmerdale right now. I know he’s
always been a snake in the grass,
but I thought he at least had
some loyalty to Graham – so I was
devastated when he sold him out
to hit man Connor! I realise he and
Graham have had their problems,
yet I never reckoned Joe would
turn on his best friend like that.
| Julia, Manchester
Joe did come good in the end
– although it was probably too
little, too late in Graham’s eyes.

The scenes involving Paddy,
Chas and Grace were utterly
heart-wrenching, but I think
watching their grief play out
over the coming weeks will
be just as important. There
will be many people watching
at home who have lost a
baby – maybe not in the same
circumstances, yet it’s not
just something you get over
and move on from quickly.
| Mrs M Crawford
At least there was a glimmer
of joy among the sadness…
Emmerdale was definitely a
tough watch this week, so I’m
glad we ended the week on
a high note with Aaron and
Robert’s wedding. I needed
something to smile about!
| Kevin
I don’t think I could have
coped with any more drama!
lnsideSoap 35


Request SPOT
Please help – this is
driving me mad! There
was a patient in Doctors
recently with panic
attacks, and I really
recognised her. But where
from? Sorry… I know
that’s not much to go on!
| Ella, Swindon
Are you thinking of
actress Naomi Radclife?
Back in 2000, she played
Kevin Webster’s second
wife Alison – who killed
herself after the tragic
death of their baby.

Look at little
Rosie and Sophie!


This week’s question:
Which soap quote will you never forget?
Deputy Editor GARY GILLATT
Features Editor ALLISON JONES
Deputy Features Editor SARAH ELLIS
“Mine is: ‘I’ll be all right here with Hannah’.
Helen Daniels’ inal words, Neighbours, 1997”

Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer ALICE PENWILL
Acting Production Editor/Chief Sub BEN WHISSON

The best man
had to tackle
the worst woman

In Corrie, Liz said that her
other son Andy wouldn’t
come to his brother
Steve’s wedding because
he didn’t like Tracy. But
did they even ever meet?
| Marlene
Oh, Andy and Tracy
definitely met! They
knew each other as
teenagers, and even
though Andy left
Weatherfield to live

“I still remember, ‘You’re Norman Bates with a
briefcase’. Gail Hillman, Coronation Street, 2003”

Acting Senior Sub Editor MARK JAMES LOWE
“It has to be, ‘Hello, Peggy. Bet you never thought
you’d see me again’. Sharon Watts, EastEnders, 2001”

in Spain
in 1997,
he returned
to the Street
to be best man at
Steve’s wedding to
Karen Phillips in 2004.
However, this wedding
was royally sabotaged
by vengeful Tracy,
who wanted Steve for
herself. So you can see
why Andy might think
his brother is making a
mistake in marrying her!

But what if none
of this is real? What if
we’re just characters in
some kind of nightly
TV drama?

Tell us what you think is being
said in this EastEnders scene.
Post your idea to the Soapbox
address, email your entry to,
or put it on our Facebook page.
The prize-winning entry will be
announced in two weeks’ time!
36 lnsideSoap

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Writer/Sub Editor TOM SPILSBURY
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Miss Crawford.’ Donald Fisher, Home and Away, 1991”

TV Listings Sub Editor LYNN GIBSON
Deputy Art Editor RICHARD HOPE
Junior Designer MEGAN PENFOLD
Picture Editor JAY DYNAN
Picture Researcher/Style Writer RACHEL COPE
“My soap queen came out with this corker. ‘You’re
a dinosaur, Frank – and do you know what happened
to them?’ Kim Tate, Emmerdale, 1997”

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38 lnsideSoap


love withSharon
– he’s smitten!”
As Sharon and his alter ego battle with their feelings,
Danny Walters tells us why he believ
of love…
ves in the power o


he more Sharon
and Keanu try to
resist one another, the
more they end up falling
back into each other’s
arms…” sighs Danny
Walters, who plays Keanu, as he joins
us for a chat before starting work. It’s
a classic tale of forbidden passion
for Walford’s hottest couple, whose
unexpected romance has been going
down a storm with delighted viewers.
However, while the countdown’s
on for a corking face-off, should Phil
find out that his wife has fallen hook,
line and sinker for a much younger
bloke, Danny reckons Keanu is
currently too besotted to care…

The connection between Sharon
and Keanu is sizzling, Danny! But
when you found out Keanu and
Sharon would be getting it on,
how do you prepare for that?
Well, I just had to embrace it! Working
with Letitia Dean [aka Sharon] has given
me the opportunity to learn a lot – but
it’s also meant that we’ve been able to
make an amazing storyline together.
I knew Letitia and I would create great
chemistry on camera – and we have!

Keen Keanu: The
teenage lad doesn’t
care about the age gap

member. The more we’ve delved into it,
the more we’re finding out why Keanu
and Sharon make such a good match.

the clouds, he wants to make his life
work with her – he sees her as someone
who’s a potential partner. He’s smitten!

What’s it been like to work so
closely with Letitia?

What is it about Sharon that
Keanu has fallen for?

We’d only had the odd scene together
before, so this was my first opportunity
to get to know her better. As the scenes
have got more intimate, we’ve grown
as friends, and that’s really important,
to have that trust between fellow actors.
We’re great friends now, and that helps
for any worries or anxieties we might
have. She knows what she’s doing, and
we’re both feeling really comfortable.

He sees how beautiful she is, and she
brings out his positive side. Keanu is
a grafter, he provides for the family,
but where everyone kind of takes him
for granted, Sharon gives him that
attention. And vice versa – Sharon
is missing something in her own
relationship that Keanu is providing,
and there’s a real connection there.

How did you feel about the story
when you first heard about it?

Is it true love between them?

I felt very lucky to have such a great
storyline with such a great cast

Keanu is madly in love with Sharon!
Whether or not he’s got his head in

“Keanu sees how beautiful Sharon is
– she brings out his positive side”

Are you looking forward to a
showdown between Keanu and
Phil, should he find out?
Working with Steve McFadden [who
plays Phil] is amazing, so anything
I get to do with him, whether it’s small
or big, passive or massively dramatic,
I’m willing to embrace it all!
lnsideSoap 39




How would Keanu rule the
roost in Albert Square?

It’s too early to say if it’ll happen, but
if Keanu is smart – which he can be! –
then he’ll try his best to keep any secret
hidden. But it would be a great episode
if the two of them had a face-off…

Is Keanu at all worried?
He’s not paid too much attention to
the repercussions of his actions yet.
Love is blind, and you don’t think about
the consequences. He’s so emotionally
invested in Sharon, he’s not thinking
logically. Once he gets his head straight,
he might start thinking differently.
Sharon and Keanu’s relationship
is in jeopardy this week, as Sharon
receives a text from an unknown
number, claiming to know their secret.
While Keanu tries to reassure Sharon,
it’s clear that they’ve definitely been
found out by someone – so will that
someone go public? The paranoia
soon becomes too much for Sharon –
who feels she has no choice but to
call it off with devastated Keanu…

How concerned are Keanu and
Sharon about someone having
found out about their afair?
At this point Sharon is highly worried,
because she has a lot to lose – her
family, her home… Phil is a dangerous
man. Keanu is just as worried, and it’s
a big test for the two of them, of how
much they care for each other.

Keanu must be pretty gutted
when Sharon ends things…
He’s been constantly confused because
of the way she’s hot and cold with
him. He doesn’t really know where
he stands, or what she feels for him.
40 lnsideSoap

“If Keanu were
King of Walford,
he’d definitely
pass a law that
the rich must
give to the poor
– to make sure
the Taylors had
ome money!”

What’s been the reaction from
viewers about the storyline?
I haven’t really looked on social media
or anything, but hopefully they’re
enjoying Sharon and Keanu’s fun side.
Keanu sparks something in Sharon that
we’ve not seen in a long time – Phil has
kept her from having fun, I feel. We’re
also seeing a side of Keanu we’ve not
seen before! So I think it’s going well.

Have you been able to watch
back their steamy scenes?

“Sharon would be
Keanu’s Queen, of
course. I don’t need any
explanation for that one!
They’d be a powerful
force, ruling together. But
obviously Keanu’s mum
Karen would be trying to
the do…”
dictate what they

I try to watch those alone – as it’s very
awkward to watch with my parents or
my partner! They know I’m playing a
character, of course, but they also know
not to wind me up because I don’t take
it too well [laughs]! I don’t always watch
my stuff because I’m my biggest critic.
However, I catch up when I can.

You’ve had a big year this year –
you won Best Newcomer in the
NTAs – what diference has that
made to you, day to day?
It’s not changed me in the way that
I’m still grafting away to create a story,
develop the character – I was doing
that before. It’s an amazing feeling, so
I’m just carrying on and enjoying it on
a daily basis. It’s a very lucky position
to be in. There’s not a day I don’t wake
up and realise how blessed I am
a to have
won that award. It’s very hum

What advice would you g
give to
anyone starting on EastEnd
Just enjoy it. It’s a roller-coastter
ride, and the EastEnders team is so
professional, friendly and welccoming.
If you work hard and put the time in,
the enjoyment you have is am
Alllison Jones

“Everyone would
have to wear
overalls – Keanu
already wears
them all the time
in the Arches, so
he’d make them
compulsory for
everybody else!”
“Bronson could
be Keanu’s
court jester –
he’s the
Taylors’ family
dog, after all.
He’d have to
wear a little
jester’s hat!”
“Who would Keanu would
put in the stocks? There’s
a list! Jagger
and the gang,
Phil Mitchell,
and Keegan’s
dad, Mitch.
Keanu would get
through ’em all!”


“Nick has
another life –
but he loves
Ben Price discusses his
alter ego’s comeback –
and why it was time to
return to the Street…


ail’s golden boy usually gets
when he
a hero’s welcome
returns to Weatherfield, but
Nick bettter prepare himself
for a shock, as there are
few people waiting witth open arms this
time around. Instead, his
h family – doting
gusted with him
mum included – is disg
he past 18 months,
for being distant for th
while they’ve suffered a series of terrbile
k’s absence was a
ordeals. In reality, Nick
chance for actor Ben Price to spend some
quality time with his wife
w Alexandra and
their children Paloma and Max, who live
in Bath, Somerset. Thee commute to work
was proving tough, and Ben wanted a
y life – but now he’s
chance to enjoy family
back, and his alter ego means business.
“I didn’t want to work anywhere else,
I love Corrie,” enthusess the star, who joins
to leave was
us for a catch-up. “My decision
to say to my
purely a family one. I needed
wife and my kids, ‘I’m home and here’!
So I took them to school, made packed
David is less than
impressed with his
brother’s return

42 lnsideSoap

lunches and didn’t think about Nick or
the Street. They just wanted me to be Dad.”
What changed is that outgoing Corrie
boss Kate Oates offered Ben the chance to
return on a more manageable schedule. It
was a great opportunity for Ben to bring
Nick back to Weatherfield to cause a stir.
“Being at home was hard – I came back to
Corrie for a rest!” he jokes. “But seriously,
Kate was amazing, and now I have a worklife balance. I didn’t need to know the story
she had in mind for Nick – I’m happy to
say the lines, and see how it goes.”
Given how furious the Platts are with
him, Nick will have to hide the fact that
the real motivation for his return isn’t
his family at all. The sole
reason he’s home is to see
Leanne, and he has plans to
win her back. But where
has he been all this time?
“Nick’s been running a
restaurant in Nottingham,
and he has another life –
he’s back because he loves
Leanne, though,” says Ben,
cryptically. “This is Coronation Street, so it’s
complicated. Nick and Leanne have always
loved each other, yet it gets harder in life
when you grow older and kids are involved.”
Given that he abandoned her with baby
Oliver, it’s hard to believe Leanne would
give Nick the time of day. And he also has
to win over his family, partticularly David.

Nick left Leanne
holding the baby –
will she forgive him?

“We filmed some heartbreaking scenes
yesterday, because David isn’t just angry
with Nick, he’s really disappointed,”
explains Ben. “Nick wasn’t there when
David needed him, and after Nick finds
out about the rape, it hurts.
Then Nick’s not very nice at
all to Shona – they just don’t
get on and she’s suspicious
of him. He has a lot to find
out, and Nick is going to
be all about the family and
defending them again!”
So, now that he’s back,
can Ben be tempted to
stick around on the cobbles, no matter
what soap life might throw at Nick?
“I’m happy to stay as long as they want
me,” he grins. “But I only think week to
week. All of us know you’re only as good
as the story – no one is guaranteed to be
on t take it for granted
here, so I don’t
Kate White

David isn’t
just angry
with Nick –
he’s really

fight for
She and Leanne
hold a special place
in his heart…

Nick is focussed on Leanne, but we all
know how he felt about Carla, the one
who broke his heart. We asked Ben
to assess which of these formidable
Weatherfield women is Nick’s true love?
“They are both different, and Nick
would be happy with either of them!”
explains the actor. “Jane Danson [who
plays Leanne] and Alison King [aka
Carla] are both amazing, too. Nick gets
something different from each of them.”

That’s undoubtedly true – although
would Ben admit that Nick’s feelings
for one are stronger than for the other?
“I let the story people decide that,”
laughs the star. “Carla and Nick are
well-matched, but Leanne is his first
love. The audience is 50-50 on this, too
– they love Carla having a go at him,
while they reckon that Leanne is strong
but needs to be taken care of. I think
Nick just wants a happy-ever-after!”

lnsideSoap 43

A rough Dyl: Zsa Zsa is
back in Holby to offer
support to her protege



for good!

id I have to think twice
about coming back to
Casualty? Are you kidding?”
laughs Sharon Gless – aka
top surgeon Zsa Zsa – as the
US actress joins us on the
phone from her home in
the States. “I immediately told the show’s
bosses that I would love to do it. But the
problem is that now I have to follow my
own act. I have to see if they’ll invite me
back a third time – otherwise, oops!”

Drill sergeant:
Cagney & Lacey
star Sharon returns
as surgeon Zsa Zsa

If the drama of this week’s episode – in
which outraged Zsa Zsa swoops into the
hospital in a bid to track down troubled
Dylan – is anything to go by, it seems
unlikely that Sharon wouldn’t be asked
to return very soon. And she’d be
more than happy to oblige…
“I love it at Casualty,” she shares.
“I was so looking forward to
seeing everyone again – they
became such a family for
me last time, and everyone
treated me like their own.
I didn’t watch my previous
episode – I’m too critical of
myself to watch anything
that I do. I never watched
Cagney & Lacey, either. It’s
how my mind computes!

“The audience was so generous,
though,” adds Sharon. “I don’t understand
a lot of social media stuff, though the BBC
sent me all the comments that came in
after my last Casualty episode went out.
I was just astounded – what a treat!”
Viewers are set to be equally delighted
by Zsa Zsa’s presence this time around,
since her opening scene involves a furious
showdown with Connie, which Sharon
had a great time filming – once she’d
managed to brace herself, that is.
“I was nervous at first,” says the Emmy
and Golden Globe-winning star. “I could
tell while rehearsing with Amanda Mealing
[Connie] that I was up against a formidable
character, and she was on her home ground.
But I didn’t want to let down Zsa Zsa, so
I swallowed my nerve and went for it.

Sharon loved teaming
up with her close pal…

Furious that Dylan’s colleagues have
allowed him to go AWOL, high-powered
neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa is joined in her
efforts to find him by her able assistant,
Jeffers, and Dylan’s concerned colleague,
David. And there’s an
emotional roller coaster in
store for everyone involved…
“David and Zsa Zsa have
a very funny relationship,”
reveals Sharon. “Even though
the characters don’t know
each other, it’s as if they do.
David is aware of exactly who
to call when Dylan’s in trouble. It seems
as though Zsa Zsa is the only one who
can save him – and there’s no way she’s
going to give up until she does!”
Allison Jones

Zsa Zsa
won’t give
up until
she saves


“Amanda was so flawless in her
performance, and it was so much fun
to do those scenes with her,” continues
Sharon. “We laughed about what a great
match our two characters were, and it
was such a treat. I hope we
might be able to do it again
one day – Connie and Zsa Zsa
are quite the combination!”
However, there’s no way
that Connie can stand in
the way of determined Zsa
Zsa’s mission. The expert
medic jets in after David
contacts her to tell her that her former
protege, Dylan, has gone missing – with
the troubled alcoholic hitting the bottle
following the bombshell that the baby his
old friend Ciara recently lost was his.

In the 1980s, Sharon
was one half of a very
popular crime-fighting
duo in Cagney & Lacey,
the US cop show which
ran for seven series until
1988. Sharon starred
as Sergeant Christine
Cagney, with her
detective partner
Mary Beth
Lacey played
by Tyne
Daley – and
the close
friends were
thrilled to
present the
Best Soap trophy
together at this year’s
British Soap Awards…
“We had such a good
time,” says Sharon. “My
husband [TV producer
Barney Rosenzweig]
came with us – he’s the
man who put us together
on Cagney & Lacey – and
we had a lot of fun.
“Tyne always writes the
material for us, and she’d
get so upset with me if
I missed a word while
we were re ar ng o
speech. I was like, ‘Will
u stop
deliver!’ And we
out t re
and did it. We
ve wor ng









Corrie’s Abi Franklin

...faces your


he Street’s Abi will have a lot of talking
to do if Tracy ever finds out she snogged
Steve – but Sally Carman has plenty of
time to chat through your questions…

“Prior to Coronation Street, what’s
been your most memorable role?”
That’s very easy. I was in a Radio 4 play
called Lost And Found, written about
Julie Hesmondhalgh’s family life by her
husband, Ian Kershaw. It was
one of the best experiences
of my life. I was the
daughter of a character
played by Sir Tom
Courtenay, and he and
I ended up writing to
each other afterwards –

he’s wonderful. It was
one of those jobs that
you know is special.

Tracy love: Sally
enjoys working
with her cast
mate Kate

“Would you like Abi to be in
charge of organising a big
ocial event for you?”

“Do you
think Abi
is the best
match for

Absolutely not – under
no circumstances would
I want that woman near
anything to do with my
ocial life, quite frankly!
I reckon I’d go to the
Connors instead. Those
women are so together and
on it. I would have said Sal,
if she weren’t in prison. But the Connor
ladies would d
definitely be all over it.

“What’s the best thing about
working so closely with Kate Ford
[Tracy] and Simon Gregson [Steve]?”
I can make you Abi:
Will Sally’s alter ego
end up with Steve?

46 lnsideSoap

They’re the most beautiful, warmhearted, gorgeous, generous people you
could ever wish to meet. I adore the

pair of them. We laugh a lot –
we laugh too much! In fact,
it needs to stop… We had
a scene in the taxi office
just last week, and I got
slightly hysterical for a
good half an hour. You
can’t look Simon in the
eye without laughing!

“Who inspired you to act?”
Well, I told Barbara Knox [aka Rita] this
story when I met her – I remembe the
Rita and Alan Bradley storyline, be ng
quite young and watching this wo n
perform, and I got goose pimples. I just
knew I wanted to do what she did
mesmerised me – she’s an actual ving
legend, and I’m completely in aw of
her. It’s a privilege to work along ide
her on the same job, I have to pi
myself! I think she’s remarkable, an
she was such a massive influenc n
me for becoming an actor.

“Did you expect Abi to retur to
the Street after her initial run
I was ever-hopeful, and when th
call came through, I couldn’t st
smiling. I rang my mum and da ,
and they were delighted. After

Dog’s dinner: Figgy Pudding
is Sally’s beloved pooch

all the jobs I’ve done, this was the one
it – and
where they said, “You’ve madee it”
they’re kind of right! From thee moment
I started on Corrie, I felt at
home immediately. I’ve
never been so comfortable
in a job. I feel very grateful
and lucky to be here.

you to
become an

hih tzu but looks like
a terrier, and I’m sure
h knows he has an
embarrassing name!
He’s my bestest friend,
d I love him to bits.
I sometimes call him Mr Pudding if he’s
feeling grand, but normally just Fig.

I am a reiki therapist,
although it’s not something I do
any more. It was something that,
at the time, really helped me. I had
vertigo, and a friend of mine did reiki
and said it could help – and it did.
So I learned how to do it myself.

“Abi’s a really good mechanic –
have you managed to pick up
any tips while playing her?”

“Who do you think makes the best
match for Steve – Tracy or Abi?”

“Are y u a cat or
a dog rson?”

Court in the
act: Sally
worked on
a radio play
with legend
Sir Tom

g! I ave a dog
who I alled Figgy
dd g, and he’s
ver orgiven
f it. He’s a
oss between a
ih ahua and a

“Where would you say is the best
place you’ve ever visited?”
I went to see the open-air opera in
Verona, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime
event – it was magical. It’s a very

“What’s the best piece of advice
you’ve ever been given?”

…asks reader Laura
Burdock from London


estion at all…
Abi’s his soulmate, my opinion!
Steve likes a feis woman,
troubled feist soul who
tertains him nd keeps him
rested. And think there’s
definite spark between Abi
d Steve. I rec n that could
something lliant.

“What would people be most
surprised to learn about you?”
I’m weirdly strong. Simon Gregson
really can’t quite believe it, because
I drag him around all the time. I’m
rather spindly, but if you need some
boulders moving, I’m your gal!

“I’ve noticed you
follow Countdown’s
Susie Dent on
Twitter – are you a
big fan, and would
you like to appear
on the show?”

I’ve learned nothing through playing a
mechanic, but my dad’s so practical and
brilliant – and since I was small, he’s
taught me how to use a drill, put up
shelves, change a tyre, all that kind of
stuff. So I’m pretty handy actually!

romantic place. I went to see Carmen,
and they had about 30 horses on the
stage and a hundred cast. It was unreal!

Keep it in the moment. We like to
worry about the past and future, and
neither of those exist – so deal with
what you ccan in the moment, and
the rest wiill sort itself out.


I’m a massive
fan of Countdown
and Susie Dent, but I absolutely
would not like to be on the show,
because I’d come unstuck in an
instant! I can be looking at the
conundrum for three weeks and
still not know it – I’m hopeless.
I do appreciate a genius, though,
and Susie Dent is absolutely one.
I think she’s just so awesome.

Every week, we put your questions to a star of the soaps. Look out for requests on our
Facebook page, or email your questions to, putting the
actor’s name in the subject line. Our favourite question each week will win a £20 prize!

: E

“Is it correct that
you’re a qualified reiki
therapist, and do you
still get time to practise?

Acting inspiration:
Cast mate Barbara
inspired Sally to act


“I’d like to
think I’m a
bit smarter
than Gary!”


e have a pin board
in our cantteen,
and there’s alway
articles from Insid
Soap on there,” sa
Neighbours’ Damieen
Richardson (aka Gary), as he joins
us on the phone from Melbourn
“I walk past it every day, and I w
why I’m never on that board! H
now we’re doing this chat, nextt time
I walk past I can say, ‘Look, therre I am!’”
We assure Damien that we do
o indeed
write stories about Gary, as we love his
dodgy antics! But it’s not Gary’ss criminal
n about
activities we’re probing Damien
today – it’s his alter ego’s new rromance
with Amy. And the star tells us that he’s
in favour of this unexpected pairing…
“I actually pitched the idea off Gary and
ght they’d
Amy getting together, as I thoug
suit each other,” he admits. “I considered
Gary and Terese a total mismatch, because
she was this high-powered rolleer – what
she was doing with Gary, I’ll neever know!
But Amy’s a working-class character like
many ways.
Gary, so they’re more suited in m
“It’s also a great chance for drama, as
l ” adds
Amy used to date Gary’s son Kyle,
Damien. “The bosses are keen to get Chris
Milligan back to play Kyle, and there are
whispers that he may return. Think of
the soap gold that will come from that!”
48 lnsideSoap

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